Aquarius Nation Readings:: Lunar Eclipse in Aries: The Collective Reboot

Aquarius Nation Readings:: Lunar Eclipse in Aries: The Collective Reboot

Oh my sweetheart tribe! There is SO MUCH illusion in the air right now. Many people are in a very foggy and frightening space, while equal amounts are in a very future minded optimistic space. And it feels like most people are on the opposite spectrum as far as you can go! So there is a big gap in the middle where we actually need to be. I am not saying the optimistic ones are too much in that space, but there is the element of putting excitement onto something that maybe wont really come to pass. There just is so much illusion in the air right now and twists and turns that are yet to play out.

So my advice is to stay grounded in the moment, in the moment, in this moment now. Don’t try to predict anything because illusion rules the world right now. Instead be okay with not knowing how things are going to play out, but DO hope for the best!! KNOW that something good is on the way, but do not try to shape it with words or expectations. Many expectations are going to be shattered in the next few days. This can be like thinking that you KNOW this person will show up to this event and then you get there and they do not and then you are let down. Or, expecting that you will get this new job because it feels so perfect, but then finding out that someone else got it. So that sort of thing. Don’t expect something to happen because things are fluid and still forming. It really is still a mystery how this will come together and actually look!

Just be open and allow the magic to play out in its own perfect ways and with its own perfect timing. This time now and with the Lunar Eclipse in Aries that comes on Sunday is about us FINDING OUR POWER and recognizing our place in the world. So this means we are inwardly thinking about all the things that are out of balance in our lives and how we DEMAND that they change and align in ways that make us feel NEEDED. So this energy coming up is GREAT for initiating start overs and a time of really taking control of our choices, thoughts and actions.

High Vibe Guide PREVIEW!! How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Each Sign?  September Equinox Issue 2

High Vibe Guide PREVIEW!! How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Each Sign? September Equinox Issue 2

Since Mercury Retrograde hits a few days before we launch Issue 2 of the High Vibe Guide, I thought it would be fun to give you a SNEAK PEAK of the magic my partners Sarah Wilder of the Fifth Element Life, Jo Klima of the Darling Tree and I have created for you! We are so in love with this project! And so excited to bring you our next seasonal issue!

And we heard you, so this time we have it available in DIGITAL OR PHYSICAL Magazine form!

You will be more still at this time and focused inward. This almost feels like when you are home alone at night and suddenly hear a sound in another room that draws your attention to a pinpoint focus in order to listen completely. You will be doing this in all areas of your life as you feel out what is NOT supposed to be there. This means you will be going through a HUGE purging period of letting go of people, thought patterns, old wound issues and outdated ways of viewing how life should be. You also will grow in strength as you will clearly be defining new boundaries with others. This means you will draw the line in the sand and make it very clear that no one is to cross this boundary unless they are invited to do so. You may come off as harsh during this time because others will not be so used to the strength coming forward in your voice. NO will come out loud and clear. They may even try to make you feel bad for finally speaking up, but just understand that you held back for so long and they just got used to you taking it all on without a peep. And just as they got used to the “pleasing you,” they will also get used to this side of you that says NO without any hesitation. You are creating a new balance in your life between giving and taking. You also are going to be very focused on sexual expression and sexual healing.

Aquarius Nation ENERGY UPDATE:  Jupiter/Neptune + Mercury Retrograde + Saturn in Sagittarius. EXPLAINED!

Aquarius Nation ENERGY UPDATE: Jupiter/Neptune + Mercury Retrograde + Saturn in Sagittarius. EXPLAINED!

Okay here we go! I tell you what, my loves. This time is DIFFERENT. This energy is not some mainstream, flat and Midwestern plains sort of road we are traveling down right now. This is instead a road like you would see in Western Colorado around Silverton. And if you have been there, you know what I mean!

This is like a switchback, and one after the other, with no guardrails, on the edge of a cliff, and with SO MUCH beauty and brilliance to feast your eyes on. This is where there is so much to take in, so much that brings surprises, so much that feels very important so that you know you need to be attentive and aware, so much unknown that is only a few steps into your future, AND with things moving so quickly so you won’t even remember where you just came from. It may feel like a blur. But when all is said and done, you will walk away from this time in history feeling inspired to dream all of your “impossible” dreams. Your focus is gaining clarity.

So, as you know with me and astrology, over a decade ago I needed to look at the chart to interpret what was going on in the World. But now, I first feel the energies, and then how I interpret them just naturally matches up with what is going on in the chart. It means I rarely look into my ephemeris and only tune into the true expression of the energies floating around us. It feels more valuable. It means I get the information from my higher chakras and not from my mind, or mental data base.

Aquarius Nation:  Solar Eclipse Season in Virgo 2015 READINGS

Aquarius Nation: Solar Eclipse Season in Virgo 2015 READINGS

This one is about as intense as they come and many of you for weeks now have been feeling very unsure, uncertain, uncomfortable, depressed, negative, hopeless, ultra critical and judgmental of others, with mouthing off or putting people in their place.

Virgo is one of my favorite signs, BUT with Jupiter here too, ALL THAT IS OUT OF BALANCE and in need of healing is LOUD AND CLEAR and blindingly large. This means many people have been feeling awakened by something that must be changed in their lives. We are all waking one day to feeling that MANY things are unacceptable. They can even make you sick! This means the majority of humans are in this negative vibration with focusing in on all that is wrong. This can make for a world of bitching!

There also is the potential to feel like you are losing your mind because the confusion feels so heavy but it doesn’t really have a home. It is not just this or that…. it is a feeling. And since so many of us are in these negative vibrations right now, there is a paranoia or suspicious quality with looking even MORE into things being something to fear or to want to hide from.

This can lead to humans being VERY FEARFUL of the state of Earth. Be warned. This Earth and the Universe it resides in are MUCH bigger than you! Your piece adds up to a whole that IS as big as Earth, though, which is why it is MOST important to monitor your piece! To watch your thoughts. To watch what you put out there. To watch how you treat people and how you talk to them when you are not getting your way. To watch how you talk to yourself and the words you use to break yourself down.

What is important is YOUR PIECE. Please don’t waste your time worrying about the state of this planet. If you can do something about it, then do it. If you are one of the souls who is called to heal this planet, then do it. If you were environmentally born and destined to bring things back into health, then do it. BUT if you are like me and here to affect this world in different ways, then LET ALL THAT GO. You are only adding to it by worrying about it.