Galactic Vision:  Full Moon READINGS

Galactic Vision: Full Moon READINGS

Dream all the layers from bottom up. Envision your dream life and dream it up right now. … You are in some busy fun times with ideas galore! Its seems that if you are hooked up to doing something you love to do that it is just on fire with new possibilities at this time. This is that jazzed up energy of, gonna change this and gonna change that. NEW SLATE time. And you will be in the fine details of what you would like to offer the peoples as your service to give. You are focused on the biggest expression of your gifts! You want to LOVE your life, due to LOVING how you are living it in the day-to-day way. So you are focused on the daily aspects of life and with getting all things nice and healthy, balanced and in order. This is director energy too because you are putting it out there and making the lists. FORTUNately this energy is FULL of forward speed accelerations into all that you are playing around with right now. You are sitting on a vortex. So DREAM this miracle into reality. Let go of all thought processes that diminish your value or having you questioning your brilliance. Your brilliance is to be respected. Cocoon yourself with those who see you and sing your praises. You will grow at the speed of light with who you are surrounding yourself with.

Aquarius Nation Readings:  New Moon in Libra

Aquarius Nation Readings: New Moon in Libra

So much is set to change for you! There is going to be a new movement in your life that will feel kind of dream come true. And it is all because of the intense spaces you have been in where you HAVE felt very wounded and not good enough and flawed to the core. Who knew that there was actually a light at the end of the tunnel! And who knew that focusing on our wounds is actually what brings about the healing and the NEW DAY in our lives. So this month you are still going to be focused on facing some insecurities and facing the whole comparison thing. And I do want you to remember that something about your life is just starting to take off and blossom and this means you must not compare your Chapter 1 to another persons Chapter 20. So this means keep your nose on your own business and give it love and sweetness and allow it to thrive in its own organic timing. This is an important message coming through! Now there also is something with you needing to forgive someone and let go of a wound from the past. This does not mean that you have to be in their life, but you do need to let go of the pressure and friction. You may want to write them a letter, or even reach out, and then if you must, let it go. It is different when we let something go from the base of giving love. It doesn’t really work to let something go when we are still in that place of anger or resentment. But that is what most people try to do and then those wounds stay around or come back in no time flat. So give out some forgiveness with love, even if you get no response. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you release this with love in your heart. There is a gateway for you right now to release these painful situations with others where you were not heard, or seen or honored.