Aquarius Nation Readings || Full Moon in Capricorn July 2016

I actually only shared these on Instagram this time and thought maybe these will be perfect for you to read RIGHT NOW!! Enjoy!


Pisces ||

You are in a great position to really align to your tribe through releasing whatever is not working, while opening to the awareness that you CAN find what empowers you and has you feeling right at home. You are to NOT SETTLE at this time as you are holding this faith in your heart that the correct matches WILL find you. You can expect that people or things are falling away from you currently, but they are making a beautiful space to fill in resonating aspects to your life! Do not question who is needing to leave as you will be happy in one month time with who is taking over from those empty positions. TRUST THIS. You also will want to do SO MUCH right now, but you need to slow down and allow this new space to BUILD. Your new tribe, or the one that really lights you up is coming in to help amp you up so that you feel BEAUTIFUL, GIFTED and ON PURPOSE. OTHERS are helping you to realize dreams that WILL be reaching more people very soon, and the song I am hearing being sung is one of you combining with the mystery to express in ways that help to purge or release what is no longer necessary or to your advantage. Things will be leaving you – allow them. These are energies, people, places, thought forms or possessions that do not ADD to the whole of your visions. You need a place that is CLEAN ENERGY all around! THAT is forming for you right now!


Aquarius ||

Oh, your inner world is alive with WAYS to improve or upgrade your energetic system so that you can have CLEAN ENERGY towards the path of your true life visions. You have much that you are thinking of that feels like shackles or things that have held you back in life. I see you releasing SO MUCH and tears may be a big part of this. You just feel DONE with manifesting things that are coming from your sadness or disappointment in life and not from YOU as the true power source that you are. That is all changing right now. Your STRUCTURE is changing and this means MUCH is falling away that can not HOLD you in authenticity of your true essence. This means, NO MATCH? Goodbye. But I also am feeling that something is still coming together that will be a match later in time, even though right now it is a bit contrasting. This also may deal with an old dream that never could come together, but in the next few months there will be another chance where all parties or thought processes will NOW allow this to come together and RISE in a magical sort of way. And whatever just came to your mind is probably what this is about. Now you also are in a GREAT time to think through some ideas that deal with your career expanding and taking off in new ways. You are set to GROW with things but you also are cutting back weeds that are keeping it from taking flight. So for now you RELEASE and then very soon you EXPAND from that position. Allow all doubt and negativity for things not moving quick enough to leave you now. Things are coming together FROM what is releasing, so there is a gap between the two processes. But you are RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! I give you permission to feel excited for what is to come because you ARE onto something! You just have to practice patience and TRUST.


Capricorn ||

Oh you will love this! You are experiencing changes with your career or with your offerings that are going to be PULLING YOU out more and getting you to STEP INTO more powerful shoes. This does feel very much related to those who are around you, so pick your tribe carefully! The energetic space of now is VERY much about the whole picture, as each piece plays a part in how the whole of the project/dream/career manifests. If energy is down, the group space is not clean, or in correct and equal alignment. Currently you are releasing some people who are not true matches for the group vision. This feels pretty effortless though so I don’t feel you needing to exert any energy in getting things aligned. I am seeing things fall away as if by gravity and things falling into place as if by divine magic! So your intention is important and the vision of you creating something is essential. You also will be releasing this need for affirmation or validation of your gifts or presence. THIS IS IMPORTANT. That need is ego based and it tends to keep people a bit anchored like a hot air balloon that is yet to take off. Releasing the need to be respected, adored and seen as something high and mighty will release the ties that will allow your balloon to sail to great heights. Opportunities are coming and they deal with surrounding yourself with those who are ON YOUR PAGE, EXACTLY. But again, curb the ego that needs so many things!! Just BE YOURSELF and allow that to cut the cords that are keeping you from really LAUNCHING yourself out into the solar system with streaks of blazing rainbow colors!


Sagittarius ||

Long held dreams are manifesting for you STEP BY STEP. So much of what you have dreamed of doing is VERY CLOSE to falling into place so that you will be much more immersed in a life of YOUR making and where you also are feeling SEEN and respected for your contributions. Now, you are being asked to keep moving through the clutter and all the lists of there being SO MUCH TO DO because you are in an active release mode energy where it may feel like things are flying off of you as you are spinning, much like in a washing machine. I see a body with arms outstretched and darker things are releasing, but at the same time, rainbow colored things are attracting to you. So through your process of keeping it real and getting VERY CLEAR on what you are no longer willing to accept, something else is magnetizing towards you that empowers you and lifts you in spirit. This feels alchemical! You also are being asked to release the fears of not having enough or that there is not enough to go around. You are to embody TRUST and patience with how your life is unfolding but with the intentions of building something very important. GROUPS are also tied into this as you are coming together with others to do more than you could on your own. There is also harmony here so you may have been playing around with puzzle pieces trying to get them to fit where you actually had to wait for this Full Moon for them to FALL INTO PLACE. Go figure! You didn’t need to work for it at all! It was destined to happen around THIS Full Moon and from here on out things really start moving in an upward fashion to the point you will be feeling much more alive and vibrant and effective with your individual piece of the puzzle.


Scorpio ||

Okay you are so ready and so about to shift into a new space but FIRST you are clearing out some fears and negative talk from your mind space. This is important because the work you are doing around this Full Moon with purifying your thought by not allowing them to limit you is going to determine how far you go on this next leg of your journey that actually WANTS to take you pretty high! This means all negativity and all those thoughts that actually have your energy going down need to be abolished. You need to STOP looking at all the future bills, all the fears that there will not be enough to go around, all the thoughts that diminish others instead of building them up and all feelings of competition or me against you. Those are all low viber ways and they will keep your dreams from sailing in the way that they are DESTINED TO. You are ready to RISE and your LIFE wants this from you! Opportunities are waiting but they are just around the corner as they will only greet you when you can release these old patterns of scarcity and doubt. And if you do – watch out! You are set to broadcast yourself with more authenticity and power! You are in a creative space where you will be jumping in heart and soul and this energy will attract people far and wide! When we operate from a pure and kind heart, with true love and passion for what we are offering, the world cannot help but SEE us and come closer towards us. It is written in the energy! But if we show one thing and keep another hidden in our subconscious there is a sort of shield that keeps our things from shining as brightly. And right now there is something deep inside of you, hidden, as if from past lives or lineage related, that is holding you back and not serving you in any good way. So use this time to delve into this matter. Something should come to your mind and you would be wise to create some sort of ceremony that lifts this burden right out of your soul. You don’t need to carry this outdated thought pattern in your precious life now. You are too special to waste on old world fears and doubts that you really have what it takes.


Libra ||

A brand new YOU is taking form, my love! You are in a deep process that may not be clear to you just yet but you are losing this insecurity and doubt of yourself as dictated by who is around you. You are going through a rebirth space where you WILL be able to stand much stronger on your own and this means cords are being cut to all things that are fear based, scarcity based or just coming from a half empty perspective. Before you looked out into the world through the lens of WHO was around you and now you are going to start noticing that your vision is clearer as you are remembering that you don’t NEED others to define you or to validate your worth. You CAN leap out into the world alone or with a fresh new start. So do beware too that details of so much to do can be getting you down, or those fears that you are not worth as much as you are. Your mind space can be a bit negative right now and not so sunshiny full of hope, but this is part of the rebirthing stage you are in and why I said things aren’t really clear to you right now. BUT something is releasing and transforming with your foundation or the ROOTS of who you really are. And a shift will occur pretty soon where you ARE going to feel reborn, alive again, excited for your future and really ON PATH. But you still have some darkness/challenges to walk through and some things that need your attention. But you are being asked to put yourself first and to declare that you have important needs that must be met. The declaring is IMPORTANT!! The demanding that you DO deserve to live a special life that is full of joy and happiness and ALIVENESS is your right to have. You just have forgotten parts of that truth and now your body is waking in new ways to how much you really ARE in control of your destiny. GO FOR IT. Dream bigger than you have been. Accept the BEST instead of just good enough.


Virgo ||

Something really special is going on! There is a restructuring to your heart space that is shifting out some blocks where you have NOT been shining enough as you have been thinking of others first. And now there is a clearing occurring which is allowing you to be much more DEFINITE and sure of what needs to occur to bring happiness and joy into YOUR life. There are still steps to be taken as you climb towards this dream, but you are onto the early steps already and things ARE being taken apart in order to come together in a better way! Now your self worth is coming in here so this is saying that you just need to set that bar really high and demand that it is TIME to be seen and respected for what you are here to offer. Your life wants to expand FROM this place where you are declaring that you need MORE. Realize too that a part of this restructuring is with people around you or who you are collaborating with in any way. If your energy is being shared in a collaborative way it needs to be a perfect match. And if it is not then frictions will arise at this time as they are trying to shift things around so that things truly DO fit in a way that will lead to future growth. This makes me think of how we need to be around people where we feel beautiful, special and seen. And like the podcast I did last week on TRIBES, if you don’t have that 100% harmonious exchange where all parties are feeling empowered, then the tribe balance is off. It is never a negative thing though, as it is just different levels of energy. And when we FIT together in harmony, things grow larger and more powerful as a collective. You are in a place where you are working to create a world where you have more happiness and joy and what leaves your life NOW is just not a match to where you need to be going. So be okay with what falls away and look forward to the magic that will soon replace those empty positions.


Leo ||

Okay you are getting ready to COME OUT!! And I can feel that you are ready to take care of a whole bunch of things and to start turning your ideas into reality — but I do want you to be very patient for a little while longer!! You are so close to YOUR New Moon and you really should hold back and wait before launching into something new! Allow this time to just be where your ideas are plentiful and abundant and piece them together in written words or calendars with deadlines. You are mapping something, but not ready to let it out of the bag just yet! And notice how excited you are to really get down to business and allow all these ideas to flow out of you! You may even be dancing around inspired beyond belief from what is channeling out of you! You may think of it as divine inspiration or the FINALLY connecting of threads that have just been hanging around. NOW they make sense! NOW you know why you had to walk that path! Now you know why you were held back from this other one. Now you know A LOT and it should feel rather exciting, if not RAW, right now with more faith in self that you really can create a solid foundation with which to grow your dreams. And about that raw, you are still kind of tired, or adrenally fatigued, and that is just to keep you more in this moment and not putting your things out there just yet. You are like a baked potato that still has 30 more minutes to cook. So enjoy any down time because you are HOOKED UP to ideas and inspiration that will serve you over this next YEAR. Let go of thinking that you need to race to anything or compete with others or that there is any sort of shortage of opportunities to express our gifts!! You are RIGHT ON TIME and actually the slower you go, the more power you will have with WHAT you are thinking about RIGHT NOW. Let this simmer!!


Cancer ||

This energy feels good to me!! I feel like you are gaining momentum to birth this new life or are establishing this new pattern and it feels like you have waited a lifetime for this. So this tells me that you are doing something now that is SO DEAR to your heart and it really has you feeling more at home in this body of yours, or at least feeling more purpose for your life. I also see you having more responsibility with those around you and having a VERY full schedule, but again, it feels like it is okay with you because when all is said and done, you are serving those who are very dear to your heart. You may also be doing some restructuring with your time and with what you WILL give of yourself. There is a lot of attention going towards children or your creativity or something artistic based that reaches people far and wide. And there is the need to sort of rebuild or at least look closely to the foundation of what you are wanting to be doing. There seems to be something you are missing, or possibly with the scattering of your efforts. You may even notice that you are wanting to scale down and really hone in on a part of your work where you actually excel and this will be a bit of a surprise to many of you because you have doing all these things AROUND it, but what you REALLY excel at is just a part of it. Let that simmer in your mind. I actually think something came to your mind already, but again, you wonder how to make money ONLY doing that one facet of your business. And the secret to life is that when we scatter our energy into too many things, none of them get enough attention so they just do so-so. But for you, I feel there is a highlighted area where you do naturally shine brighter when you are engaged in this work. Ideas should also be ALIVE in you so it will be hard to narrow things down!! But do just focus on cleaning up the energy on the first level (even with your physical house) and after that you can think about how to build that up.


Gemini ||

This is exciting! Feel how you are LETTING GO of the fears of BUT, WHAT IF? This is a huge change for you, but bit-by-bit you are opening to a more trusting space in life THROUGH seeing how things HAVE manifested. So in looking to your past, you are gaining faith that you WILL overcome any adversity. Money too will be a big thing on your mind, but also there is this new trust rooted into it that will allow you to manifest things that before you could not! You also will be very busy with new ideas, getting things in order AND thinking of how you would like to see your business grow. So your mind is on bringing more joy and beauty into your life through creative ventures or somehow using your creativity to feel like you have an important place in the world. A part of what is manifesting is because you ARE owning that you DO have value and DO have A LOT to offer the world. Then you are combining with YOUR TRIBE, so you have people around you who really see and honor who you are. Both of those facets together are shining out your light in a new way! You are seeing yourself, and others around you are TOO! You are awakening to your special gifts, and thus others are mirroring to you that times 10. That feels good, right? Now if you are in collaborations/groups that are not correct, then you may be feeling like you are not good enough or that you don’t have a place in this world. So be aware of that. We ARE who we are around and this is why it is so important that we are not opening ourselves to sharing space with people who devalue us or question us. If they do, we will. Just works out that way. But when we are around people who SEE us and honor us and think we are the hot shit, then we gain that ability to strut our stuff throughout life FEELING confident and on purpose. If your energy is low and you don’t feel a lot of joy right now, look to who is around you and who is sort of a soul crusher. Is there anything you can do about that? Just allow those thoughts to sit with you. No need to make any drastic moves just yet, but do be aware. You deserve to have people around you who help you shine brighter! You deserve that!


Taurus ||

YES. This time means that you are letting go of limitations in your mind that are holding you back from going sky high with your visions of what you are REALLY here to do in life. There also is going to be a restructuring of who you share your space with and who you collaborate with. There are changes occurring where a more global or long-range plan is being put into motion, so who is around you RIGHT NOW COUNTS! Now there is A LOT of work to do and this is not an easy task where you will just fly up to the top of the mountain, or to your eventual destination, BUT I can tell that it will be A LOT of fun for you and where you will be able to apply many ideas that will really help you feel like you are connected to souls purpose work. You also are to not push things forward but to realize you are doing a rebuild where patience is key and tuning in through ALLOWING THINGS TO FLOW will place you on the correct path. Understand too that so much is about you finding your tribe where you are on the same page and working to create the same sort of change in the world. It is essential that you are saturated around people who match your vibration and who feel like home to your soul. When in this correct placement, your potential to bring change is exponentially greater. And right now you are weeding through people, and have been for some time, but NOW is when things start to come together and start to take flight. You will be starting from the ground up and looking through every piece to make sure that the growth you long to see in your mind is played out THROUGH creating a foundation that will hold these wild dreams. The New Moon marks when the work will really start to get moving, so for now just allow your mind to come up with many ideas and put them to the paper!


Aries ||

HEAVY… but getting lighter! This time for you now is very much about dealing with things that you would rather not but having to just dive in and deal with what is before you. You also are being asked to not worry so much or to doubt some of the big moves you are making. You ARE changing from the foundation UP, but most of you are not yet in the new space where your dreams are in the physical, so you start to worry about how you will sustain things and how you will make this work. This is something we ALL go through when we are in the middle space between manifesting something new and actually stepping in it and living it. So you will fear that something will fall apart or you are making a mistake or you can’t afford this or you don’t know if you are really cut out for this. But my love, you were BUILT for this and you NEED this huge change so that you can experience a sort of REBOOT where there will be more excitement to live life and to feel like you CAN live your dreams. Shackles are coming loose and a new playground is taking form! You WILL be feeling a bit fried at this time and almost full of anxiety because there are fears galore coming up from the depths. But again, I am feeling that you have NOTHING to worry about and should really put those thoughts in their place (as in snuff them out) the moment they come up! I feel A LOT of fear of the future and fear that you cannot pull off your dreams and fears over money, but they aren’t valid fears. So let them go. Or at least use their steam to empower you to SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS. This means the moment them come up, replace those fear thoughts with HOW WRONG they are. THIS IS YOUR TIME FOR GREAT CHANGE so bravely move forward, one step at a time, but with your eyes on the horizon for how AMAZING this is going to turn out!




Aquarius Nation Readings | New Moon in Cancer July 2016

New Moon Affirmation: “I am not the same person I was even a week ago. I am consciously facing my issues with no desire to hide anything from anyone ever again. In releasing, I purge. In purging, I free myself. As a free self, I am HOME. And from there everything that comes my way has a purpose in lifting me and elevating me to my destined path. I trust my life. I am showing up in full color.”


Aries || Okay this is A LOT!! You have been through the ringer, my love!! I can feel that things have come that were WAY too heavy and you probably even feel a bit discombobulated. You will likely feel oversensitive and almost like everyone is out to get you or make your life more difficult? This for sure feels like a test, but one that is really just showcasing things that you still need to deal with and face about your life, your choices, your energy, your past. This is a bout the mirror being put in front of you where it doesn’t pay to blame the other or to think it is all about THEM. This is material that is in you and it is mirrored at this time so that you will get real, get honest and work to clear out the hidden mucky material you have been keeping hidden in the closets. There also is a lot of judgment here where you are either holding more negative words in your mind about yourself or you are thinking them about others. You just are in something, my love!! You also are being asked to LIGHTEN UP and be more forgiving because it feels like you are holding onto something that is rigid and not really what you want to be doing anyway for the sake of your future!! You may just need to let this go and hope for the best. You are trapping yourself in the past over this and it IS something from long ago repeating once again. You have seen this place before! Now you are being asked to calm the mind and to slow down a bit and to try to create a NEW PATH right now. There also is something with self-care and needing to start a new every day habit, such as waking up and working out first thing or maybe even taking the dog out for longer or more walks. Something needs to start now and it deals with releasing the anger or angst or frustration that you have been feeling. This new expenditure of your time and energy will help to bring you back to feeling SAFE again and that things ARE going to be okay. It does not help to worry as much as you have been doing, my love!


Taurus || Little busy bee! You have SO MUCH going on and I can feel a bit of panic but I am advising you to just go one step at a time and to not get too worked up with the BIG PICTURE. You also will see that you really just need to DO IT and get it over with. You may have things that have been on your list for months and you will see that just checking off one at a time really lifts your spirits. You also are to spend the end of the day where you think through all you got done and feel happy for doing all that! It is important that you DO THIS ritual of going back to process what was completed. It will shift you for the next day so that you get even more done! It will become like a game. Now there is a lot of focus into others lives right now, so you are either dealing with something that is mildly confusing and consuming with another, OR you are reworking your collaborations or situations where you combine with other peoples energies. You are very much about correcting paths that were started, but maybe you are seeing that they are not for the best now. Be okay with changing of minds!! Be okay with changing your course. There is something here saying that the artistic and mystical sort of beings you are surrounded by need to be YOUR TRIBE and this is essential. You may walk into a group that you thought was yours, but you have changed and now you need more. So again, I keep hearing to be okay with CHANGING something. Your body is telling you that you need to do this, but your stubborn fixed nature is holding you in this position thinking you HAVE to follow through; you actually don’t and you actually shouldn’t. Writing projects or creative offerings are ON YOUR MIND!!! So this may be an area where you are needing to step lightly into with what you think SHOULD happen. You need to go with the flow and allow that to lead you to where you need to be. But something is set to change for the BETTER due to you standing up and choosing another person/idea/place/way to do this. So be aware that a fork in your road is coming and just go towards what feels LIGHT.


Gemini || Idea time!! Oh boy! This part should feel good to you! You are all about thinking of ways to have more stability in your life as you map out what needs to go and what needs to be brought forward. You also are focused into career work or into your creative gifts where you are really thinking about what you are GOOD at. This is your time to scale down and think about what is your FORTE and not necessarily just the things that you can do to make money. You are to HONE in on what you naturally do, what you love to do, and what you excel at. There is an energy that is shifting things and working to put you in a position that feels like a glove. And this is important because when we are not in our correct position it is like sitting on the edge of a seat where we have to use other muscles to maintain balance. THAT causes stress and strain over time. Now do not get too much into worrying because I can feel you are not totally trusting yourself or trusting that you have what it takes. So there is a bit of a bummer fog above you and you just need to keep walking towards things that come naturally and you will eventually be under clear blue skies again. You also may feel unseen or like no one values you and if you are already in that position, EVERYTHING others do will be taken in the wrong way, as YOU will see it as more confirmation of how flawed you are. So do understand that that bummer fog has you being overly sensitive to criticism as you will instantly jump to I AM NOT VALUABLE at any and all provocation. This is a like a dog that has been beaten and how you can just raise your hand to scratch your head and it will cower. YOU are doing that now. So don’t take it so personally because it is YOU that is interpreting things as something that is due to some core issue you need to face in your past where you felt you were not seen as valuable. Silly, baby! You know we love and adore you immensely!


Cancer ||  Oh sweet baby! You are feeling REBORN with something growing in your heart that either feels VERY sensitive or VERY at home. And also ALL OF US feel what you are feeling because your heart is SO on the sleeve. You should be thinking about your future or walking through something that has given you more hope or faith in the world. You just are overflowing with feelings right now, so be okay with that. Do not hide your truth away! We want to see this coming out of you! We love your vulnerability! Now there also has been something that will happen that deals with a leap of faith, where you may be asked to go out on the limb and just JUMP and see where you land. You are losing your ability to plan ahead and think you know what will come! And there is some message with you needing to just KNOW that you will figure it out along the way. You don’t need the answers right now. You just need to start taking steps forward and to know that you WILL be equipped to handle whatever may show up along the way. There also may be news of a baby, creative opportunity, or SOMETHING that EXPANDS your world exponentially! So, it is good news! And your heart will burst with happiness. It also feels like this fits well, or it is a match made in heaven sort of thing. New love, or the return of an old love, can also be ignited with this energy! This is heralding a BRAND NEW DAY for you where there are lots of pastel colored flowers greeting you and feelings of HOPE in all that surrounds you. Do something at this time that has you looking different in the eyes of others!  Do you something you would never do! Shave your head!  Get a neck tattoo! Color your hair! Do something that changes you from the outside in .


Leo ||  So…. you are in a bit of a cave! You may not even notice what is going on out in the world because you are SO in your own little thing. And it may be feeling horrible or wonderful, but nonetheless, you are consumed! Now there is the theme of death and rebirth, or something shifting so dramatically so that your take on life has changed. You are either feeling REBORN or still are in the birthing process where things feel tight and angled and stiff and not so much to your liking just yet! So do know that REBIRTH is the journey you are on and light will be at the end of the tunnel you are in. You may also feel a bit insecure or like not so comfortable in the world. But do not give too much of your attention to judging yourself too harshly because you ARE cleansing things and purging old wounds and projections and it seems it will cause some pain or confusion as it departs. Now I am feeling like you are being pulled back or down in order to connect more to spirit or to things that require faith in the unknown. You may FEEL like things are kind of scary and you are not so sure your ideas will work out, but you are being asked to just be okay with the darkness and confusion because it is temporary and more about aligning you to learning to trust more when you cant be in total control. Actually all things that you try to control will likely fall flat on their faces because right now you are learning skills that require that you go with the flow and remain FLUID. This time now asks that you get on your life boat and just float towards the people, places and things that light you up! Be open to being surprised too, because again, you are losing control right now. And don’t worry so much!! Land is forming soon and when you get there you are going to feel like a new person FROM what you releasing or awakening to in these precious retreat moments of stillness you are in.


Virgo ||  This is the time to find the way to not only attract your tribe but to really get clear on WHAT and WHO you want to take into your life. There is going to be a lot of activity and A LOT that shifts around as things get put into the best position. You will be on the phone a lot or reaching out to people to make connections and find the ones that are your DIEHARDS. There is the element of not compromising and really standing firm in what YOU need to feel like things are running harmoniously. You also are in a very blessed space where you have the ability to manifest dreams that relate to your life as a WHOLE. So now you are to think about your dream career, dream partners, dream way to live your life, dream way of where you want to live, and dream way of how you want life to feel like. So this means that you should be rather introspective as you gauge all aspects to feel out where there is imbalance or where there is something that just does not feel right. The scales are tipping all around you but they are dipping into discord as a way to show you that THIS element is not working. And NOW you are to correct things and upgrade your visions. Everything is about correcting your course right now so that you can really be aligned with the people you work best with and the ideas that light up your soul. There may also be a creative project that is on your mind, or a new idea or new offering and if it lights you up and has you not being able to sleep because you are so excited, it is CORRECT for you. This gauge I am seeing around you is making it ALL abundantly clear what is the BEST things for us to put your time and efforts towards. And if it is not, it will weigh you down or have you consumed with thoughts of imbalance or insecurity. Honor what your gut is telling you and nip things in the bud if you must. You will be happy you did in the long run!


Libra ||  Okay OPPORTUNITY is knocking!! You may still feel a bit raw and insecure at this time but you need to just rise above that so that you can see that things ARE SHIFTING. You will get people who see you and reach out to you for things. This IS your time to interview and go for new jobs that really feel like you will be seen and valued for your gifts. This actually feels like you are in a gateway of magnetizing things that are souls purpose related… so whatever it is, it is important to the overall aspect of what you will be offering others. Consider all offers. But make decisions based on what your GUT says. You may even be moved into something that is supportive or care giving in some way. This will feed your soul because you DO love to fill in the blanks and see what is missing so that you can provide that stability to something that become MORE due to what you offer. So you like to play a part in something that is bigger than you. But do take time to think about your creative gifts and write out those things that you so naturally do for others. THINKING about it right now will draw opportunities your way! You also are being asked to not get too critical in your mind as you ARE questioning yourself and doubting if you will be okay. You may even have more anxiety than normal as you fear for the future and if you will be able to sustain yourself. You are being asked to TRUST THIS, but mostly to keep very close track of the vibration of the words you use and the things you say in your head. You can cut all the opportunities coming your way down like a forest fire if you are not holding high integrity with your words and the thoughts in your mind. So beware!!


Scorpio ||  Okay! What is on your mind is GETTING OUT OF HERE!! You are in a space where you need to go off and explore, do some traveling and get out of this comfortable environment so that you can shift your perspective into one that is more of hope. When you get out to the forest, you become like the tree and you learn to go with the flow more and not get so stuck in rigid mindsets that have you only seeing THIS ONE MOMENT. You are to climb to mountaintops and see from THAT view and then allow THAT energy to fill in your day-to-day life so that you have more faith that things WILL work out. You also are REALLY thinking about taking a big risk and going for some dream that is near and dear to your heart. You may also discover something new while out in nature that opens you to insight that feels like an ingenious idea. You may also have already thought of a great idea, but you will start to get more layers of how to really make this work and how to really get it OUT THERE. Again, those words!! This would be a great time to also rework your website, shop or the vision of what your intentions are with your career. You may be doing some narrowing down, so as to not cover ALL things and instead really gun it forward into a more defined path. I am seeing the narrowing down as important for putting more energy into YOUR GIFTS that really shine and not just as something that you can do to generate money. You are to think of what you are REALLY good at and them amp that with love and attention even if no one is watching yet. THEY WILL SOON!!!


Sagittarius ||  Okay and IN comes some energy where things may feel a bit tedious and like WAY TOO MUCH. It feels like you have A LOT going on and are just trying to focus on what to take care of first. You may also have a lot of things coming up that are bringing up wounds or insecurities or these feelings that you are not as strong as you really are. It feels a bit deflating or like a heavy weight on the shoulders holding you down. You can be dreaming that things will lighten up soon because this is TOO MUCH. Now you are to at least accept that you ARE upgrading at a rapid rate, as much will be falling away. I just saw an image of you trying to reach back and hold onto something that needs to go and you are gently being asked to stay upright and to not reach down into ANYTHING from your past. It needs to go. You ALLOWING those things to just fall away and fall apart WILL facilitate the lightness you are so desiring right now. I am seeing that beyond the cracks of something that you thought was solid and true is something sparkly and pastel and FULL OF LIFE. So again, allow this transformation and shifting situation to just do what it needs to do. You are really to just be the calm bystander who watches but who holds the faith that this MEANS SOMETHING and let that be enough until the next image or step presents itself. YOU ARE SAFE. You are in a murky and unclear position on your path currently, but you are OKAY and you WILL get through this. Just keep it real and look closely at your wounds because they are SPEAKING TO YOU and they want to just be doused with love, acceptance and then the desire to rebuild again with a more solid and true foundation based on what YOU know is correct and not what others have led you to believe.


Capricorn ||  This starts a brand new path where you are clearing the way as to WHO you will take into your life. You will feel strong feelings of NO MORE to those that are not really a match to you. In fact right now they are sticking out like a sore thumb in your life because they keep lingering in your thoughts as something that has not been solved. But at the same time, something is changing about YOU and this is why you will notice that people are falling to the wayside left and right! YOU are growing stronger and more powerful and those who are intimidated, jealous or who really wish that they have what you have are not going to feel okay to you right now. Something feels OFF. And you are going to have to confront it bravely with the knowing in your heart that you deserve THE BEST. You really do not need to compromise. You may also notice that there has been confusion in getting your points across or in feeling like others are hearing you. There are breaks in the system, but I feel they are also showcasing to you where things resonate and where they are out of order. Next you just need to proactively make changes that lead to all pieces lining up harmoniously. This time now is where you are working to create peace and understanding with those around you so that your efforts as a “team” can have farther reaches. You are pushing through the blocks and shifting on your feet as things are changing quickly, and quite possibly over night. Just know that all the earthquakes that are causing cracks in your foundation are only moving you closer to the connections that are YOUR TRIBE and YOUR VIBE.


Aquarius ||  Whoa, is it ever time to put things into order and to REALLY get clear on what next steps you need to take to feel like things are solid, in place and MOVING FORWARD. If things are not okay in your big picture plans right now, you will be filled with judgmental thoughts and a critical mind into how much is messed up. You may be seeing SO many things that need to be done and are not yet up to your high standards. It can feel overwhelming with all the details right now!! But you are to just take things one step at a time and check them off the list as you accomplish them. You also are to feed your soul with faith by often taking note of the things that you DID take care of and accomplish. This will help you to keep going and check more off that list! You can feel like there is this darker energy that is hanging over you and it can feel a bit hopeless at times and you are just being asked to KEEP CLEARING and know that eventually you will get to a sweeter and lighter space just up ahead. And A LOT of this feels like others around you. It feels like the boundaries are weak and you are taking on all their fears and regrets and feeling like you cant really do this. But you can! Trust me. You are just in a fog and it won’t always be laying right on top of you! Now this IS the best time of the year for you to really start that new workout or diet program but ONLY think about it now or take baby steps, but really commit to this NEW WAY in about a week when the Moon phase moves into Start to get the ball rolling. And be gentle in your mind because I can feel that you are doubting yourself and saying things that are NOT TRUE. But when you can focus on your creative gifts and really just give it your all, while dreaming of future success, you can shift right out of that weird doubting space and into one where hope will take root.


Pisces ||  What an amazing energy that is blowing into your life! You are ALL about upgrading things that are creative based and also where you are working or collaborating with others. Your mind will be clear on seeing that things need to be SIMILAR and on the same path or with the same vibration. You may notice that those who don’t fit are VERY much on your mind right now as this energy is being presented to me as a tipping head, like your balance is off because something is not in correct position yet. But do understand that you are questioning these things and noticing that things are out of balance, but you don’t have to DO anything about it because the Universe is here to assist you. Synchronicity is working to bring you the people who will help you to feel like your space is sacred and in alignment. And seeing what is out of alignment does not need to be something that causes you to fear or think everything is messed up, it is just the catalyst to get it right and work to correct imbalances. We all are a work in progress with ourselves, our careers and our relationships. So muster up strength in facing what needs to be changed, but not in getting down if it feels like so much! Also TAKE A RISK. You may feel like you need to just hold steady and not rock this boat, but you actually are to go BEYOND what you think is possible and to be okay if that upsets others. You are to be all about YOU right now as YOU decide what you will take in, who you will work with, and where you will spend your time. YOU are being asked to put yourself first and to make all decisions based on messages from your gut and long held dreams in your heart.