How about I tell you a little bit about who I am…

I have a strong resistance for titles or for being defined by the things I have an interest in. So instead I will share a bit of my story in the hopes that it explains who I am and why I am the way I am.  And get ready for a nice and long winded interview session! You know how I love to keep it real and tell all the stories! And my South Node in Leo is in hog heaven with the opportunity to talk about myself!  Let me tell you about KV.

What was your childhood like?

I am one of those rare and very fortunate ones who grew up with no rules and no boundaries. I was born on March 11, 1971 at 2:14 am in Highland, Illinois from a teenage hippie, Earth loving mama, where we never ate anything out of a box or that was processed; and a free spirited genius wild man of a father, who would not be in most of my life as he was put on psyche drugs, labeled schizophrenic and bi-polar and was in and out of mental institutes since his early 20’s. My parents were divorced when I was 2 and I only saw my father a few times a year until I was 28, when I had a vision that he was going to die, and I left San Francisco to go back to Illinois and get to know him.

(Are you already starting to feel that I must be a bit messed up? Well, I’m not! I’m wonderful!)

I also had the freedom to run free in the woods even when I was in my single digits. I just remember it was always about waking up and running for the trails behind my house, or rather the trials that I created! I was also always barefoot, as I rarely would wear shoes, which is why my Mom called my feet pie wedges. She thought they were wide because they never were squished into shoes. But I was always about leaving the house to go out and explore and would tell no one where I was even going. I could be miles away hanging out in graveyards, crossing through peoples property, sitting on their couch drinking sun tea, gobbling up the sweet treats out of their candy dishes, wandering endlessly and completely unaware of needing to protect myself or even honor the boundaries of other peoples properties. If you had anything with an open door… I would be snooping!

But what I most remember is how I was never alone when I would go off to explore. I had my peoples with me! I had faeries and spirits and guides galore. I was never alone. I would build these little homes in the woods and we would just hang out for hours. I don’t ever even remember being scared out there deep in the woods. But I kept this other communication to myself and even at a young age knew not to talk about them. Now I see that this could have very well saved me from ending up in the mental institute like my beloved genius father! And it was these times in nature and surrounded by guides that I learned the language of symbolism. I knew back then that I could access information because I could just look at things and words would come to me. I could look at people and hear things and I could feel thoughts that they were really saying in their minds.

       I was immersed in all things metaphysical, free spirited and creative from birth.

What were your teenage years like?

I was always free to be ME even when I was full on in my punk rock stages in high school in the late 80’s. Whatever I could dream with altering and individualizing my appearance was embraced and accepted fully. I don’t think I was ever told I had to be a certain way or could not say the things that I wanted to express. So this allowed me to blossom fully into the true design of who I am here to be. I think back about one of my step fathers, as there were several, and he was full on country with the big 5 gallon hats and cowboy boots, but he never once told me to tone down my spiked, shaved, mohawked, or manic panic dyed hair and trench coats at his family gatherings. It was amazing but I was never controlled in those sort of ways. I consider this to be an amazing blessing as I don’t have any programming that says I have to be a certain way to be a good girl or accepted or whatever. I just am who I am and don’t hold back the truth of that.

Now as I got older I did leave the comfort of my guides and stepped fully into the wild and free, exploratory life. A person with no rules has no curfew, so once I could drive I very well could be out all night, whenever I wanted to.  And I had two best friends, who hated each other, which I kind of like it that way because then they are all mine.  I actually think they started as friends and then met me and then decided they hated each other and I got two best friends out of it. But we all had the same kind of free spirit life so we were living it up! One of them had a bit of parental reign so her life was more controlled but the other one was as free as me. We would go to these alternative dance clubs and sneak in or sexy our way in.  Well, she was the sexy and beautiful one.  I actually wasn’t granted beauty until I was 21. So she got all the guys and I got all the friends.  And often (oops. Mom are you reading this right now?) we would be out until about an hour before school began, creeping back home and then instantly getting ready for school. No, we didn’t really get good grades. But I did do top dog in Journalism and Math.  Writing and numbers are my things!  Anyway, we had so much fun! And I miraculously never got into trouble. Never been in jail. Never got arrested. Never got a speeding ticket. Never became a drug addict. Never became an alcoholic. Never had an abortion. Never wrecked cars. Never been in an abusive relationship. Always got away with things! I was very lucky. One thing that did happen often though was I would always have blowouts on the highway, not back roads, not side streets, but 65 mile an hour big rig blazing by highways. Probably about 6 times and only when I was in my early 20’s. It was somehow my karmic payback to be stranded on the side of the road all alone when cell phones were not around yet.

When did you first spiritually awaken?

I was living in San Francisco and was about 25 and something about the vibe there, living in the city and meeting people from all over the world started to crack the facade of who I thought I was. I also met this guy and he told me about The Celestine Prophecy. I can say that THAT book woke me up. I’m so grateful that the internet was not born yet and that desire to acquire it all right now was not a part of our lives. So this book organically fell into my path and organically woke me up. I don’t know if it has the same power for people now because they tend to read so many books and it dilutes the power. So I consider it one of my greatest blessings in life. It also changed my focus on my purpose in the world because I was working as a make-up artist and before that was designing clothes. Around that time I stopped wearing makeup and turned into a natural, down to Earth girl. I also decided at that point that I wanted to influence people from the inside.

This time really did change me completely. When I was back getting to know my Dad after I had the vision he was doing to die, this guy that I went to high school with was smoking pot with my Dad and he said how I used to be the meanest person in the whole school but then I moved to San Francisco and “became a hippie and she is so sweet now!” I wasn’t there when this conversation happened but it made my Dad happy.

What is your astrology code and what do you love about your chart?

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo (Full Moon Baby), Rising in the first degrees of Capricorn. I have a sweet T-square with Pluto/Black Moon, Mars/Rising sign and Sun/Mercury/Athena. I love my Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house, which is in a Trine and Mutual Reception with my Uranus in the 9th house. I also think my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the 11th house is one of the reasons I am here doing what I am doing right now. I also love my North Node in Aquarius in the 2nd house, which is in a Trine to my Midheaven. Now that I think about it… I love everything about my chart! I think it’s beautiful!

How do you do what you do with astrology?

What’s really cool with me and symbols is that I can look at anything and words or images just come to me. I have the memories of who I was in my last lifetime and this was such an important human being in history. I brought through his ideals for creating a healed and high vibrating World and my writings are geared towards what he also wanted to create. I’m not going to name him because that is between me and the Living Universe… and its not JFK, John Lennon or Martin Luther King… because I could hear your brains wondering. But I will say that I really also believe that this Soul of mine was Galileo. I have always known astrology without needing to study it. I also have always had strong opinions about how wrong many interpretations are with mainstream or textbook astrology. The planets speak to me when I do readings and their messages are never about things being negative. This is why I give readings the way I do and I am damn adamant about it. Oh, Galileo. Nobody can change my mind on what I know to be true. And I also I KNOW what I believe about astrology is where we all will be in awakening years to come. He was ahead of the times and so am I. Also when I wrote the Birth Chart Book material back in 1999 I was told by my guides that we were bringing through “High Vibrational Astrology” and that this material would go into these books that would reach millions of people who were waking up as it would be their own personal handbook to live the truth of who they are. And with those writings, that were done all hand written and later typed into the computer, I had little say in it as it was just pure channeling where I wouldn’t even pick up the pen for 12 pages. I had no idea what I was talking about! And I learned astrology as I wrote! I also know really cool things that aren’t in the books, like there is one asteroid that is the answer of what you will be well known for in life! I love sharing that with people in their readings! But with the horoscopes I look at the chart and one planet will get my attention and then they will send me to another planet and then there may be a dance around the chart and then images just start flooding into my head. I will spend maybe 1 minute looking over the symbols before the stories come. And then I just start writing and try to keep up with the images that are put in my head. It is fascinating! When I first started this I was more hesitant because I had no idea if this would make any sense to anyone! The amazing reception and love for my readings is what has opened me to trust this and to just share whatever it may be. I agree that it is pretty magical and I am honored to be able to share this gift with the World. Galileo would be happy.

What about that vision with your Dad? Did he die?

Well, the day I had the vision that he would die was the same day I got my very first letter from him. Seriously. Within hours. So I really knew I had to do this. I have always been someone who follows the guidance of Spirit and this means I take risks often that others would never even consider. I’m often sent to new locations, even like now how I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it was all because of channeling and I was told I was to come here. So I go where I am sent, and often it is alone and where I don’t even know anyone.

So I went back to Illinois and got back there right on my 28th birthday. And for the first year we had a blast! ALL days were spent going for country drives and smoking one joint after the other. I was designated as the driver pretty soon on. He was stoked to make me take that over. So I learned to be an excellent stoned driver toting along a carload of 50 year olds with bad hearing, with the speakers so high my ear drums were almost exploding. He loved the Doobie Brothers so that was always fun loud. But most of his friends liked things like Van Halen, so that was a bit rough on me. And a big old white Lincoln Town car I learned to drive like a pro. And I’m not kidding. This was all day, every day. We would go for a ride and then come back to my family’s bar, Vanzo’s, that has been around since 1911 and he would have his big blue cup of Dr. Pepper and I would have water with lemon. I already was not much of a drinker at this point. And then maybe 30 minutes later it was out the door and repeat. So much fun!

But then after a year, on this one crazy day of bad decisions made by others, he was out walking late at night and he ended up getting hit by a car. He flew up on the windshield and then off again and his forehead hit the curb, which snapped his neck. He had a shattered spine, his head was bashed in, and he was a scraped up and broken mess. He was in a coma for several weeks in the ICU. I would go in to the hospital with my Step Mama, Randye, his second of 5 wives, and the one who he thought of as his Soul Mate and we would smoke a joint on the way into the hospital and try to wake him up. It was at this time that I started to see 11:11 all the time and she too said the same thing. It was also at this time that I started compulsively adding numbers up like those schizophrenics do! He was transferring his gifts to me while in coma!

And then on this one day, I was home and just sitting around and all of a sudden I heard, “Go in. Take a deep breath and as you exhale lay your hands on him.” Words so loud and clear it was as if this man was standing in the room. And I knew that I was going to wake him up the next day. You have something other worldly like that happen and you KNOW something magical is going to happen. This is also before I knew anything about energy. And me and Randye went in the next morning. And after corridor and elevator and halls galore we finally get to his room and I walk in, take a deep breath in, get to his body, lay my hands on him, exhale and BOOM. My Daddy’s eyes opened! FOR REAL. Randye was like, WHAT!!! I loved that I had a witness too!

And then. There was another year or so of just taking car of my Dad. He had to go through months and months of physical therapy and he was MAD that this happened to him. Not only that but another bad decision was made to have his upper back fused together, instead of allowing it to heal naturally, and this led to intense and non-stop unbearable pain. He never did complain and he mostly was full of grace… but it changed him and there would be bursts of extreme anger and frustration. I also went through all my savings and was working to take care of him, so I went WAY into debt during that time. It was really hard. Like really, really, really hard. And finally at a point I had to go live my life again because it was just too heavy and he was able to live his life and drive again. So I moved to Arizona to live in Queen Creek, on a road called Happy Road for a year. And then I moved to a house in Berkeley, California that was 3333 and I lived right next door to the longest running sweat lodge in the East Bay. Then I moved to Oakland. Yeah, no special numbers or name with that one. Oh but I did live in the Dimond district, which I thought was Diamond for the first two years living there.  Then I moved to Santa Fe, NM and now live on a road called Spirit Valley. And while I was here and actually the day before my very first youtube video, where I told everyone about it, I had just gotten the news that my Dad was going to die soon from liver failure and all those psyche and lithium meds. A week later he died.

And does it make me sad? Not too much. He was in a lot of pain and had lived a really challenging life. He was held down for most of his life. So I saw this as him finally getting his wings to fly everywhere. And hey, I got to know my Daddy! I trusted Spirit and left my daydream life in San Francisco to get to know him! If I had not trusted that, yes I maybe would be feeling tortured and regretful right now. But I got to spend the most awesome, real and valuable times with him. I got to meet someone that was my twin. We were so alike! And we loved each other so much! He was FINDING HOME for me and provided something that was long missed. We also loved each others company and I was filling a huge whole in his heart of regret by coming back home and spending time with him. So he adored every minute he had with me. He also had the greatest laugh and the kindest heart. He was an excellent whistler and finger snapper. His Sagittarian soul was there for anyone who needed him. He was the most special man I have ever had the honor to meet.

I also have heard that the children born of Schizophrenics end up being sort of like geniuses as it gets diluted down the family line. So he gave me the greatest gift that had him trapped and medicated in mental institutes and me here being respected for what comes through me. It’s pretty amazing. I am lucky to be Smokey Vanzo’s one and only baby girl.

Okay that’s all for now on my ABOUT page. There is so much more to tell so I will be back again with more stories as I walk them.

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