Do you have a strong voice that can not sit by and ignore injustice?
Are you unique and do things the way you want to do them, and not the way others tell you that you have to do them?
Do you believe that your thoughts create your world?
Do you walk to the beat of a different drummer?
Are you ahead of the times?
Are you different than the majority?
Are you a spiritual warrior?
Are you an artist?
Do you question authority?
Do you always see hearts everywhere?
Do you always see 1111 everywhere?
Are you a leader?
Do you desire to walk with integrity?
Do you know the importance of doing your inner work?
Do you strive to be a clear reflection of what you feel inside?
Do you forgive yourself and others?
Do you know you are here to serve in this lifetime?
Are you a healer?
Do you want to know more about sustainability?
Are you turned off by people who are homophobic and racist?
Do you want to change what is wrong with the world?
Do you want to look and face the truth rather than sweep it under the rug and live in denial?
Do you want to share a message?
Are you a spiritual person that can say fuck?
Do you love to dance and play and be like a child?
Do you think friendship is the key to every successful romantic partnership?
Do you LOVE your friends?
Do you love to empower others?
Do you love to say YES!
Do you think with your heart and not so much with your mind?
Do you believe in truth first?
Do you believe we can have world peace?
Do you know you have a special destiny in this lifetime?
Do you find yourself saying ‘what the fuck?!’ often, in response to what you see out in the world at this time?
Do you believe in keeping it real?

So are you one?  Are you one of the Aquarius Nation?

Well good. Consider yourself home.