ECLIPSE in LEO READINGS your next 6 months forecast

READINGS!!! Are you ready?


This Eclipse was here to open our hearts and get us to really shift into a new life focus and new path,



AND I am spoiling you for this reading because I wanted to share with you an issue of THE MOON VIBE GUIDE which is a project where I operate as your energetic guide and keep you informed for days to come! who doesn’t want that?

In this issue I wrote 3 pages of readings FOR EACH SIGN!!

And since you are going to read about your Sun, Moon + Rising signs,

that means you get 9 pages readings that will

talk about your NEXT 6 MONTHS!!


Whats Inside the Moon Vibe::

  • I do the readings for the week ahead that you receive every Saturday night. These readings are the daily readings you see on instagram and facebook, but the whole week at once so you don’t have to wait for me to post them — AND you can get the inside scoop of what is going to occur BEFORE it occurs!
  • And I also do extensive New Moon + Full Moon readings. For the NEW MOON we do podcast readings and for the FULL MOON I channel a couple pages of reading for each sign!
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FULL MOON IN CANCER written readings and video! {january 2017}

FULL MOON IN CANCER written readings and video! {january 2017}

Hello my loves! I have something for you!

My first video in FOREVER and

an excerpt of the full readings that come in the MOON VIBE guide!  Enjoy!



There is so much beautiful open land before you that is ALL being created by your visions of WHAT CAN BE, right now. I am seeing you looking out a window at what is almost within reach where you are coloring with your mind and reworking things so that they can really manifest as something that makes you happy.

Something has come as a wake up call, possibly through experiences that others are walking, or from provocation from them, that is asking you to CHOOSE MORE for your life and to somehow leap off a cliff and believe that you CAN manifest what you truly dream as a life for yourself.

There may be something with death or separation that brings this wisdom to your heart, which has you daydreaming into your future and really wanting to be a creative artist of that which you would like to manifest.

This also feels like taking the bull by its horns and REALLY intentionally wanting to GO FOR SOMETHING. I also feel that opportunities are EVERYWHERE for you, so you do not need to hold onto anything unless it is perfect in every way.

A secret key to opening this magical door of abundance is coming from YOU LOVING YOURSELF and realizing to the core that you do deserve to live a life that takes care of you in all ways.

If you are holding onto fears or doubts or insecurities still, then it will take longer for the door to open. But now you know what the key is, so you are learning ways to let go of things that you feel were situations that created who you are and realizing that YOU are driving your car now — and if you hold onto old projections or false ways of being than you are choosing to drive your car in the ways of those that others are choosing to drive theirs! Do you really want to be a backseat driver of YOUR CAR? NO. You do not. Snap out of it. Take control of the wheel.




On your mark. Get ready. Get set. GO! That is SOOO the energy I am feeling for you, my love!! But we haven’t given you the GO just yet… that comes over the next month.

But you are GETTING READY for something right now and you are about to set it into place and see it soar into the wild unknown. So be VERY AWARE of all your intentions and energy right now and with really taking the time to set things appropriately so that they CAN have those wings to fly high.

Now deadlines may change and you just need to be okay with that! Go with the flow fully and trust that all slow downs are just for the purpose of perfecting things and coordinating connections that will occur in the future.

Everything about your life is set to shift into new horizons and places that you have been dreaming of FOREVER. This feels like long standing dreams FINALLY coming true. This feels like you WILL be seen and there may even be a writing, publishing or website aspect to this. You may even get opportunities to speak to large groups, to travel or to teach something really important.

I see a huge wave of energy that is now flowing your way where things just click into place and movement will feel elevated and on the upswing.

You may also be coming together with others who are providing opportunities for you that you may not see right away, but as things click along into place, you will see that they played a part in opening doors for you in future steps. This reminds me of how my friend would share my readings when I first started off and one of those people who found them through her is one of the most influential people who contributed to my wisdom being brought to others. And it did take a while to see that, but looking back it was THAT sharing that got me to where I am now.

So OTHERS are playing a part in your future growth and opportunities coming your way need to be seriously considered!




Okay so you are getting VERY SERIOUS about cleaning out the shit in your life! You have taken on some extra chaos and drama and really are seeking out some calm waters where things are not always so much about pulling you down.

You may even be working around the house and wanting to consolidate and make space for the NEW to arrive. You may even be looking around and thinking you MUST UPGRADE and bring in some new.

This actually feels really good because a steam is growing in you that is going to have you adamant about bringing in change and releasing things that you no longer need to hold onto.

And what is really beautiful about this energy is that everything is trying to get you to wake to the importance and value of YOU. So as you release things that are keeping that wisdom at bay, you start to remember that you do have so much to offer and that you are a gift to everyone who is graced by you in their lives.

You may have forgotten because of paying so much attention to the woes of others around you. Your vision has been so much on THEIR struggles and this has kept you from looking at yourself and with your own needs. I do feel there are money fears with someone around you but they are not being open about this. But I feel that YOU FEEL it and it’s causing you to worry or be in fear or think YOU need to come in and save the day.

But I also feel that you are in an inhale space in your life and that the exhale will come in just a few weeks. So you are to focus on RELEASING and examining what is not working, but be open to the exhale when your energy will go out to attract that which you need to come back in and take root in the spaces you have been making. I also feel that you are REALLY needing to delve into your creativity and to make more dedicated times to doing your thing.




I feel a wave of energy coming towards you that is helping you to clearly see who you are and to be totally okay with that! This is a wave of acceptance and surrender into thinking you need to be something else to get attention or praise — and instead KNOWING that just being YOU is perfect enough!

This means you may do more candid things or show more of yourself, when before you may have wanted to hide. I also feel that there is more hope rising in your life where you are not judging yourself so harshly or thinking you need to live up to some ideal that OTHERS think is the acceptable.

It really almost feels like a rebelliousness of the status quo where you are not really thinking so much about who you are SUPPOSED to be and instead just allowing yourself to BE who you naturally are. This feels very healing! It also feels like your body is coming into play and you may be loving parts of it that before you were rejecting. Something is connecting with you that to reject your body, is to reject yourself – and even though others could have told you this 100 times, you are finally GETTING IT and making the connection that you must LOVE your body to love yourself. Your body and the care of it are coming right to the forefront at this time!

You may also be thinking about things that are teaching based, or somehow healing with the body. You may be delving more into yoga or realizing the keys that it holds to mental sanity. You may also be dedicating yourself to another leg of an apprenticeship journey where you are learning an ancient art or healing modality.

I also feel that others around you are mirroring to you how important it is to live your life as if you only have a week more on Earth. This is happening for many of us right now but even more so for you. This will have you wanting to love your peoples more deeply and to really make it know how grateful you are for what you have in your life.




You are transforming right before our eyes!! And what I see releasing out of you are all the fears and insecurities that keep you from really going for what is in your heart.

There is a HUGE heart focus for you where never before will you know so clearly what you must do to create a life of joy and satisfaction. You see where you have held back and not wanted to take a risk and declare your true feelings or needs, but now NOTHING WILL STOP YOU.

You are on a track that has bumper car sides to it, so that you cant really avoid the journey that is yours to travel. It’s drawing you in and pulling you closer, and if you are listening to your heart, you know exactly what is to come.

You also are releasing control in life and opening more to a natural flow that feels like you are traveling down the river on a raft. Something has been opening your heart through possibly something that has taken you out of your comfort zone and placed you in a world of other perspectives.

This feels like what happens when we travel or when we move to a new location that is not familiar to us. It is that thing that opens our minds and hearts to there being another way to live and love and be in this world.

And you know what happens when we go on vacation; we ALWAYS come back with more ideas that have us wanting to live life more fully.

And right now we all are facing death in some way, which is provoking us to want to live our lives to the max. This also may be time spent with elders who are giving advice to not let things pass you by.

Something is OPENING YOU to not wanting to have your life dreams pass you by for another second. I am seeing you realizing that YOU ARE READY and that you do not want to live another moment of life in fear of WHAT IF.




I feel something releasing out of you that is going to be offering you WAY more of a life than you have been used to living! This actually feels very much about what others have programmed into you, or even the witnessing of what others are doing.

Something is going to be opening your eyes more to what is available and with a fine tuned focusing into an area where you are here to soar. It DOES involve not trying to catch ALL the fish, but rather focusing on a certain TYPE of fish. This may mean that you are to narrow down your focus into a certain demographic and something more narrowed down.

This also may be with your efforts and trying to do several paths trying to catch as many things as you can. It is more about a SPECIALTY and focusing your heart and soul into THAT, which then will allow you to travel into other sectors already as an authority. When we try to take on too much we tend to dissipate our efforts and then they all end up only being mediocre. This is a PRIME secret in manifesting our career work!! Start with one thing and make it the BOMB, then move into other areas with that authority leading the way.

You also are a HUB of creative inspiration right now and you are probably quite busy working in your journal and mapping out all these ideas that are flooding forward. You are thinking of many ways to beautify your life (and bring more stability) through creative expressions that are near and dear to your heart. You are really tuning into what you LOVE to do and are excited for ways to share those things with others.

Your life is set to expand in ways that hinge on you not really needing them to! So this says that you must not have expectations for each leg of the journey, but you must fill each day with INTENTIONS for how you would like things to go down.




You are going through a REBUILD after what has been a very tumultuous several years of collapse and loss. And what I am feeling is that you may still not enjoy the process of rebuilding, but you need to just stay present in this moment and enjoy whatever part of the ride is showing up for you.

This makes me think of how we go through college to get the degree, and while we are in it we just want to speed up the process and get to DONE, but then when we do get to done and out there trying to support ourselves, we wish we could go back and be in the process once again! So, be okay with where you are NOW because so often in life, we ALL wish we could go back and DO IT BETTER.

So at this time, you are releasing things that have you WISHING you were somewhere else, or higher up the mountain, or with more success, or whatever — and you really just need to keep with this rebuilding process and be present in this moment so that you do not miss anything that you WOULD if you wanted to rush things along and get to some preconceived idea of what you think would bring you happiness in your life.

This is also what we are seeing so much of in the world since the internet came along, which has people wanting to be in their highest expression RIGHT NOW, no matter how much true life walked skills they have.

But remember, those who race up the mountain just for the purpose of BEING UP THERE miss so much along the way. And the ones who take their time, stay present, be patient and trust the process get to the top of the mountain, maybe years later — but what they have to offer when they get there is exponentially more powerful than the ones who just raced up with only the desire to be up top. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Now I am feeling that OTHERS are playing a big part in the shifts in your life right now where they are awakening things in you that DO have you feeling more pumped up and on purpose with your journey.




You are going through a complete overhaul of how you see the world, how you communicate to others and how you communicate inside your mind, with no one else to hear — in regards to WHAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE IS POSSIBLE.

You are getting a huge upgrade to your system where you are seeing things as if you are looking through the eyes of another and finally applying that same insight to what you see OTHERS doing that is so wrong — and now you will see it for yourself.

This can be something that makes you feel very emotional because it is coming as insights and AH-HA’S that suddenly makes is all so CLEAR. This also feels to me like a transformation that occurs when we travel outside of our safe and comfortable little environment and expose ourselves to other customs and ways of doing things.

This is why I feel that we ALL must not stay in one place for our entire life, but rather move about at least every 5 to 10 years. We get too stuck in ruts when we never change our environment — but every time we put ourselves in a new one, we are forced to become born again/created again through the lens of whatever environment we put ourselves in.

So you may be traveling or moving or going through something that is giving you ANOTHER SIDE of things, and this should feel pretty empowering and exciting for you! I see a rush of new vibrant colors swirling about in your mind that are taking over the grays and giving you so much to be hopeful for with your future in 2017.

I also feel that all silent moments of leisure are filling your notebooks with inspiration beyond belief! I see you taking lost of notes and really coming up with brilliant ways to improve your life and the way you are going about living it on the day to day. You also have much support around you in the form of angelic guidance, or transmissions from your guides and this is playing a part of the insights that come when you are FULLY UNPLUGGED and not trying to access them!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is also RIGHT THERE and in your face. You may be going through a RENEWAL in the form of remembering again with the partner you are involved in or with someone who you let get away that now you REALLY WANT BACK in your life.




Your heart is guiding you OUT of an old way of being and into one that sings of the rebirth that comes when we move several years out of our Saturn Return (as in around the ages of 36 to 41).

This energy feels like one where the earth is moving beneath your feet, testing your ability to hold balance, while shifting you to a new foundation where the soil is more potent and alive with all the things needed to set your dreams afire.

This feels like a VERY big change is in store for you where you are going to be set free in some way — released from heavy burdens, debts or things that have been holding you in the clutches of the anchoring of projected false truths covering your eyes to your true potential. So a new you has been in the processing stage, as if you are waiting for a video to upload — knowing you have held into shape the image of far reaching dreams you plan for this 2017, but still waiting for it to do its thing and manifest fully before your eyes.

So now you start to focus on getting things in shape around you, in preparation for dreams you have been putting out there. The dreams are OUT THERE just waiting in the ethers, and now you do the work to prepare the home, your heart and the pathway for the dreams to find an easy journey into manifesting into your reality.

This means that now you are thinking about things that are there to hold UP your dreams. This means you will be thinking about where you live, what your house is like and how it feels to your soul, and even how much you really do love and value who you are. You are thinking about the body you have and how well you take care of it. You are thinking about past relationships and how well you held them and showed who you really are. You are thinking about how safe you really do feel in the world and how those feelings may be manifesting you circumstances that you then have to walk.

You are thinking about A LOT!! And really what it feels like is that you are being showcased what is in your own personal tapestry that maybe has a bit of a rubbed down weaker spot that may not be able to hold the full scope of your dreams.




This is going to be a time of transformation for you where you will be given opportunities to come forward more clearly as who you really are — OUTSIDE of reactions and responses that actually are keeping you foggy in the eyes of others.

This means you may be tested at times right now with how you HANDLE things. You are being asked to soften up and show more of your heart and vulnerability to others. You may even notice that you are crying often or feeling very emotional as things are coming up for you.

You also may be very much about letting bygones be bygones and letting go of resistant stances that are keeping people away from you. You may have homecomings, reunions or new special bondings occurring with some people around you. I’m seeing lots of hugs and a genuine feeling of gratitude!

And as I told you awhile ago, you are being blessed with gifts or money situations that are lightening your load and giving you a new fresh perspective about what is possible. This means many of you will make large purchases and they all sort of bump up your value in certain ways. If you have not received your gift or bounty just yet, hold on! I see it rippling through the lives of all Capricorns and with each one of them it comes as a surprise! And then you are all smiles and feeling very protected in this world, which is where we need you right now! You will be hooked up!!

Be sure to keep your thoughts and attention on TRUSTING YOUR LIFE JOURNEY. This is really important right now because you can fall into some depressive states where you doubt yourself or where you think that something is wrong with you. But what I am feeling are old remnants of your past that are leaving your system and giving you the feeling of what they are as they depart.

So with each one that comes through that has you sort of feeling not so much like yourself and more a product of your environment — just bid them farewell and take them as experience to then create a better way of expressing through your life.




So you are in a sweet little space of being pulled back — and while you are in this sort of recalibrating space, you are to come up with BRILLIANT insights and ways to move forward with your career and with ways to express your true creative gifts.

There are forks in the road that are to appear and they come from you really tuning into your body and feeling out what feels like the GREAT path to travel down.

Money will be something you are not to give consideration to, as the path for you is one where you are just tuned into doing something that you LOVE to do. You will be going back into times past and remembering things you did that really lit you up and had you feeling at home in the world. There is something in these past memories that will be the key to future steps you are needing to be taking.

Do not worry if things slow down almost to a halt!! NOT worrying is a big part of speeding up the journey so that you can find the hidden nugget beneath all the things you THINK you need to pay attention to.

Trusting the stillness is key. And when you can find that calm and peaceful utopia space, your gold mine will be found. From there a wellspring of exciting things will be bubbling up into your consciousness.

Do take good notes because inspirations will come very often when you are out hiking or doing something that puts you into the space of retreat and NOT DOING. But these things also will come in like waves and you CAN forget what just came to you an hour earlier! So write them down even though you are not really ready to act on them just yet. They are building your confidence for when you do start to move forward next month — or even better yet, when your birthday hits if you are a Sun Aquarius.

Now this also is a GREAT time to be focusing on redoing some works that you have already put out there. This means you will have a new perspective to old projects where you will come up with better ways to share your message or to come across clearer with who you are and how you want to be seen.




Expect a flood gate to open with your creative offerings where suddenly the energy will be moving fast forward, ideas will be A PLENTY and opportunities to put yourself forward and be seen for your gifts will be the norm. You may feel like the clouds have just parted in the sky and now the sunbeams are blasting you and your life! Expect a NEW WARMTH to take over and this will bring a subtle satisfied smile to your face.

You also are being asked to not look out at anything that is being done by others because you are seeking out a path of unique forward movement and it will NOT come in a handbook of what has worked for others!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! If you do seem to not be seen at this time it is because you are combining too much with what you have been told to do — and things change SO QUICKLY now a days that what you thought was the way will now be over saturated and played out.

You are to seek out the trends before they are trends and that only comes from a Pisces who moves within in order to understand how to move OUT THERE. You are the LAST SIGN to need to learn anything from others and it will temper your power when you mimic or try to replicate what is being told to you that you should do or to follow the rulebooks of others paths walked.

And right now you will be limited if you are reading into guidance or following anyone who is trying to tell you how to do something to be successful! RUN from those things. You are basically putting a coat on and hiding from the healing sunbeams if you do. You instead are to tune into your own heart and to your connection to spirit/the divine/ the great mystery/our magical universe. You are to find this flow of energy that helps you to see that no matter what YOUR decisions and feelings are the barometer to happiness and success.














MERCURY RETROGRADE Insights for Each Sign  {december 19 to january 8}

MERCURY RETROGRADE Insights for Each Sign {december 19 to january 8}



Hello my loves.  I planned on sharing an excerpt of the Full Moon Readings from the MOON VIBE but instead wanted to share the Mercury Retrograde readings from the guide instead! I hope you enjoy them! 


You’ve heard me say it a 100 times.

MERCURY RETROGRADE is to be honored and seen as a blessing in our lives because THIS IS a quarterly opportunity that arrives each year to help us SET THINGS STRAIGHT.

This is when ALL THINGS WRONG come up to the surface and slap you down so that you can really see them and see that changes need to be made.


This is going to be such a productive Mercury Retrograde session as we go back to REBUILD and really think through how to RECREATE a life that makes us feel YES!

We are thinking about how we want to GET THIS RIGHT and fully go over the steps WITHOUT RUSHING, so that we really do the best job possible at whatever is a dream in our lives right now.


Expect to see things fall into place as if a miracle has landed at your feet.

Expect the answers to come and the insight to arrive.

Expect to see many things revealed that you otherwise were not understanding.

Expect to feel so creative and bubbling over with ideas.

Expect to have your mind opened, your heart expanded and a new passion to BELIEVE that you CAN DO THIS aligned firmly in our core.


And if you do drop your phone in the toilet, YOU NEED TO BE MORE PRESENT!!!!


And if things break, fall apart, crash or cause you to have to jump through hoops to get them in order, SO WHAT?? THAT IS LIFE. Things always trip us up. Don’t waste this special energy on blaming and expecting difficulties. Expect that this time is a pain in the ass and you will get just that.


I suggest you EXPECT GOOD THINGS. Good things come from this time. 


MERCURY RETROGRADE December 19 to January 8

Moving through 15 degrees Capricorn to 29 Sagittarius



CAREER TIME! Yay! This is my favorite energy for you! This will be when career moves will be corrected and reformatted. Things will be rebuilt and put into a better position, and one with the most potential growth. Scaling back may occur and the departure of aspects so that a defined honing in can take place towards things that really light up your heart. Remember — this reading is about your HEART in so many ways. So you will be rethinking things so that you can GO FOR IT in all aspects of your life. Your heart will lead like never before! Now, you also will be going back and thinking over any part of your life that is about learning a new skill, creating a new way to showcase yourself and growing beyond where you are right now. So this can be rethinking a move or rethinking your website or rethinking a change that took place in recent months. A new layer has been removed so that you can see this clearer and now it is time for some tweaks so that it can be made better. All around your life you will be MAKING THINGS better so that they can grow like mad and give you a life that you REALLY WANT. You ARE being asked to take a risk and jump off that cliff. Do not go for safety, or the cautious approach. KNOW you are safe and then jump into a dream that fills your heart with huge smiles and a feeling of YES.



Okay so this will be one of the most important Mercury Retrograde periods because you are going to be doing this final detox purging to your life where you will CONSCIOUSLY be focused on healing and letting things go that actually are holding you back. You will want to make amends and be vulnerable with those you care for where something had stopped the flow or became backed up. You also are reworking some creative ideas with plans to launch them or promote in more powerful ways. This would be a GREAT time to rework your online scene and to come up with brilliant ways of getting your point across and bridging understandings. You should feel VERY inspired at this time with ideas that are all about making something BIGGER and really tuning into your intuition to help you design this new path you are thinking about. I feel like you really want to be in career thoughts and with ways to bring improvements and do something that makes a difference to your heart. I feel this compassion building where YOU alone are able to shift things into your favor. You may also be dealing with getting something approved or applying for something and I see it going very good!



Okay so this period is going to be really about rebuilding with your partnerships. If there have been some issues with boundaries or getting your point across to others, you will have MANY blocks that show up where you can be consumed with how much things are out of order and needing to be settled. So this can mean the energy will be OFF for the purpose for being a guidepost for WHAT is out of order — and it will feel heavy as fuck if it is! I feel provocation and this thing where I only want to pinpoint what is NOT working and where it is hard to look up and see what is. But this is perfect because you are totally smelling what is wrong and what needs some serious healing. You also will be uncovering things like never before!! You will be seeing how you are WHO YOU ARE now because of what has been programmed into you or what has caused you to feel wounded or not good enough. Memories will rise to the surface, as if from out of nowhere, and dreams will be full of messages for you to interpret. You may even notice some déjà vu in your life where it just FEELS like you were here before. You are in a deep purge, my love, and what is falling away NEEDS to fall away to reveal something beautiful underneath.



This is going to mean that you are learning SO MUCH FROM OTHERS!! You are going to be seeing things bring up provocation or strong reactions in you from people who are in authority or in some way feeling they are in charge of you. This also may be with global things or political things or chemtrails even! ALL things that try to have power or control over you will drive you mad! There will be a rise in you to be had! And from these experiences you are going to grow stronger in being an authority yourself and in stepping forward and standing up for whatever. This can be that you are around strong people who say it like it is, and through that, even thought it may provoke you a tad, you will be seeing that you can do the same! You can be strong and forward and to the point and even to make a stink and THAT’S OKAY! It feels like you are learning how to ask for things or to state your needs or to have an opinion. Something is bringing up something from the depth of your soul that deals with you having something important to say and share. You also are going to be thinking of your career and with making changes or working through details involved in the constructing of something. You are designing or implementing something that is an upgraded situation.



Okay! Now we get you into position!! This is great news! You are really going to first go through some polarity lessons through feeling very negative and down on yourself. You may be ultra sensitive and ultra judgmental. You may also see this in others — but a trigger will hit in you because it is in you too. But from that and with the energies the way they are, you WILL shift out of this old way of thinking now that is more on the negative and lacking the beautiful openhearted positive. You will discover more hope. You will discover more reasons to believe in magic. You will discover the truth that your thoughts are leading your life… and that you only have this life that you know of, so you must, you must, you must do whatever you can to be a beacon of light MAGNETIZING that which you wish to be a part of your dream life. You will reconsider love at this time and you will make some change with your love life or your creative life if you are single and happy to be that way. But for sure your heart is growing wings as you want to MOVE INTO SOMETHING that is far away and still out of reach. This means a dream will be birthed in one way or another. You ARE going for something and it is going to be GREAT. KNOW IT.



So this one deals with a broken heart/opened heart and also with moving on and starting over. You may be having many memories of your childhood or of times in the past that now feel like such a distant memory. I feel you going back in time to relive some great moments and to share in experiences with others where you are GOING BACK. This also may mean that joy has left your life temporarily because something is consuming you and taking you into a space that feels like a tunnel that has only two directions: backwards and forwards. You may want to escape this feeling but you are being forced to walk each and every step of this. There is something with your heart that is being opened so that you can say what you need to say and work to create a BETTER FOUNDATION in your life. ALL that feels out of order in what is the base of your life is where your tongue is fully focused! You will be rebuilding but this time there will be NO compromising, as something that has you realizing how fragile life is will have you demanding that things be a certain way from now on. You also will be working to create more stability/safety in your life. This will be a great time to rethink your creative offerings and to find more value through what you are here to bring to the world.



You are going to fully be back in childhood and your roots and your family and the past and ALL THAT. This energy has a bit of an edge to it, so it comes in waves of sadness but it is pulling things closer together. So this offers times of heart openings and also healing. A stronger love is forming or a more solid foundation of feeling connected to either your real family or the family you find. This energy is about coming together in commonality to share and bond. And this is changing you because it means you will start your day/your life over again in a more PRESENT and GRACEFUL way. This feels like appreciation building and something actually anchoring you more to being rooted into the ground and feeling like you can handle ANYTHING now (or eventually as this retrograde ends). When we feel that, we appreciate every breath, every moment, every person that graces our life. And something is bringing back the appreciation for LIVING and TRUSTING LIFE. Focus on opening and receiving. My heart feels heavy right now but the releasing is going to bring you a new day and a new way to live your life. You are going to rebuild like never before and your HOME needs to represent more of your dreams.



And here you go fully into rebuilding a project or idea! You may have taken some steps forward into this creation but now you will feel a space around you that sort of blocks out other distractions so that you can really go backwards and put your heart and soul into building something OUTSTANDING. There will be lots of communications and also many that are cut off and yanked away from you. I just felt a head tilt with a WHAT?? So something may REALLY come out of left field and throw you. But this time is really for your creativity and for reworking something that will be rebuilt. This also may be with a writing project or a website. It seems the ideas will be A PLENTY and inspiration will come almost as if it is totally destined and you are being led forward through things falling on your path. I feel many surprises and things coming to you from meditative spaces and just tuning in, or going silent. Everything you need WILL SHOW UP FOR YOU and as if by magic.



Okay this one is all about reworking things in your life so that you feel like you are worthwhile and are living a life of value. You KNOW you got mad skills and so much to offer the world, and right now you are going to take a bit of a pause to rethink how to better move forward in the world with something that REALLY sings of the essence of what you are gifted with. You may even pull back to decide to narrow down your focus and really go towards one area more than others. You may have also been doing a lot and taking on a lot and will decide that for the sake of your health and sanity, you MUST retreat and remap out a new course for yourself. I think you also have been feeling like you need to GO GO GO and do it all, but now you will find yourself STUCK in situations where you feel like you are moving through mud for the purpose of pulling back and thinking your focus through a bit more. So when your path suddenly feels like it is sucking you down, STOP. You also will be very money oriented at this time and fears may really feel like big dark clouds above your head. You may feel unsure of your future or STUCK in thoughts of debt. But when you pull back you will come up with the inspiration to move forward in better ways!! So stop worrying!! Also NATURE is calling you right now!! And you may think you need to be doing everything and on the go, but in fact, your soul needs some time out with stillness and deep breathes. RELAX. You can handle this.



I like this one for you! This feels like you are going to be making MANY CHANGES in your life that showcase yourself in more powerful roles. You will be thinking more about your appearance and what sort of energy you give off. This will be a time to invest in new ways to take care of your body and health, or even to make changes with your style in some way. You also will have a huge determination to clear out old ways you have judged yourself in comparison with others, or with always feeling that something is wrong with you — or at least not being good enough. You also are pulling back a bit to REIGNITE some dreams on a better path. For some reason you are redesigning or reconfiguring something that is near and dear to your heart and getting it into the best possible position so that it can SOAR and go BIG TIME. Do not launch ANYTHING at this time, because new ideas are to come during the retrograde cycle that are “sent from heaven.” Expect big growth because of what you change at this time. Your life is set to expand and grow in many ways, my love! When you come out of this one, you ARE going to have a new story to tell!! And you WILL feel like a new person who is ready to KICK SOME ASS COME 2017.



This is going to be your time to really sink into feeling like a loser for the purpose of clearing this shit out!!! You will have a lot that happens during this time that pinpoints regrets or things that now have you feeling like a bad person. Everyone you have ever hurt OR who has let you down will come to your mind. But a new strength is also birthing, so you will realize that paying off debts is SO WORTH it in the long run and this will have you reaching out to others, sending apologies, getting things off your shoulders or lightening your load of things that are way to heavy to keep hanging onto. This time can feel like a serious detox session but I guarantee you are going to feel SO MUCH BETTER come 2017 with a cleared mind and not so much to bring you down BECAUSE of what you release or make amends with NOW. Spend as much time ALONE and in retreat as possible! That is your power place right now because a new faith in life is coming from THIS reboot. AND you can be coming up with the most brilliant moves for your career and ideas that are FAR OUT!! But they come through stillness, so don’t think you have to push anything!! You are to receive and be open. Allow the insights to FIND YOU!



At this time you will be noticing synchronicity that is aligning you to providing a service for the world AND to feeling like things are falling into place with your career! YAY!!! Miscommunications will be connected in better ways – KNOW THAT. Systems will be reworked, and upgrades to whatever is involved with your career will be your focus. This is the time to REDO what you use to bring your message/offerings/gifts to the world. You will see how things are put together and will come up with ways to make them BETTER. You also will be coming back together with old friends or people you haven’t connected with in a while. The TRIBE will be more important to you and you will enjoy coming together in a group that really feels like home as it lights your heart up. You may also get involved with some sort of GIVING BACK situation or some effort to do your part.




PODCAST readings for each sign + VIP ENERGY UPDATE|| high vibe style

PODCAST readings for each sign + VIP ENERGY UPDATE|| high vibe style

Now loves, this is a REALLY long blog post as it started only being the NEW MOON PODCAST READINGS FOR EACH SIGN, but by the end of the day an ENERGY UPDATE came through and this one we can call — FUCK YES!!  I am so excited to bring you this news!!!

If you want to jump right into the readings first click below! Otherwise continue reading some really great news! With the energy update + the podcast readings your heart will be happy.









MY LOVES finally a shift is coming that REALLY feels big and great and wonderful and like we got this again!!  It feels like spring has arrived and a new day is before us.

Some of you have BIRTHED FINALLY through that long and dark and heavy as fuck canal and now something really new and sort of beyond what you even expected is to arrive as an energy that is flowing through your blood and changing the way you FEEL.

Dear God – is what I said when this message was sent to me to share with you. DEAR GOD. It feels that great and supported and like WE ARE OKAY even though the shit aint even hit the fan yet – not really.

The fall is everywhere around us, but the light workers are feeling some relief as support ushers in all around us through synchronistic messages and connections of the most magical!!

You will FEEL that things are slightly changed – THAT YOU are slightly changed.

Almost like you have gone back in time to when things were lighter and more carefree.

It is a FEELING that will hit all of you Rainbow Tribe Beings VERY SOON if not already.

People are CONNECTING again! Reach out. Call. Get together. Saturate in the LOVE that you know supports and values you.

Draw that line keeping ALL others out – for now. On the other side are cat fights that will continue and continue and continue on. Tangled in low vibing hatred and self-destructiveness. Its too ugly to even take in. So don’t take in. Step away and go towards what is LIGHT for you.

MAGIC is coming.
Lightness is coming.
Solutions are coming.

Dream a dream with me and create a vision for HOW YOU WANT the next days of your life to be!

DREAM! DREAM! Dream wildly, passionately and with love planted at the forefront of all your thoughts and actions.

SOMETHING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW and into this week it will continue and you have NEVER HEARD ME SAY THIS BEFORE but what is coming out of me is PRAISE GOD.

BUT. What you need to know is that something that is allowing us to SHIFT physically is coming AFTER something that causes us to feel uncomfortable through something sickness based or with pains in the body. And ALL OVER. There is no specific area as it is unique to us all BUT the ruling pains are neck/head and stomach aches.

Vertigo or feeling unbalanced may even happen as your new body adjusts to your new way of being.

You will feel DOWN AND OUT right before you go through the shift.

So praise fucking god, my loves!!  I am elevated with this reading and almost floating in my room. Its HIGH. Its WONDERFUL. It is an inner feeling of contentedness after a trying and challenging storm.

We of course are not DONE as that is a dream for one to let go of because we are NEVER done – not really. Not with where we are in world history.

But this is a beautiful pit stop we are coming to on our journey and one that we are going to want to do anything we can to maintain. Its that good. Its like a great wonderful drug feeling!!!

So pay attention and notice how this energy drifts in. It will come like a fog rolling in and you will be so fucking grateful when it arrives!!



I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!  I have to say too that I am BACK, my loves

I have been GONE since I lost my baby girl on December 30th — so 2016 was just a big fucking mess for my heart and living days.

But this year is ending on the most glorious note with a new life in the mountains that I have manifested that is everything I could dream.

I also have a new Aquarius Nation Team — Hope, Blossom, Rosie + Heather — helping me to birth all the visions and dreams I have been holding for almost 2 decades.

AND  we also are having a relaunch of our new site, new shop and new MOON VIBE tribe online version with group space coming in just a few weeks!

Dear god. What a journey.

Even that I have hated my website I  had someone create for me last year a few weeks before Moonie died — so I never had a chance to correct it with the designer and I have not loved my site, my safe place,  for even one day of 2016.


You here who have known me for a few years before know that I was VERY VOCAL and very connected to you all and very much reaching out and sharing whatever I could through my website. It was active and loved by me. So to not have a home has been hard for my heart too.

But that is all changing soon!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a beautiful week!!!





AND! I wanted to let you all know that we are going to have a sale this year!!

in the Aquarius Nation Shop

to TUESDAY December 13! *

* Or until stock runs out!
We have a lot of stock but if you know our products — you know they are top dog magical potions and they do what they say they will do!!

And yes this includes:






And sorry, sorry, sorry! Birth Chart Books will not be available for this sale as we have stopped taking orders until next year when KV will have all her past orders delivered. THEN we will offer them again! Save your money!
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FULL MOON in ARIES READINGS || high vibe style.

FULL MOON in ARIES READINGS || high vibe style.


This is going to be an EXCELLENT Full Moon for you where something will be cleared out of the way for a NEW LIGHT or inspiration to hit you! What I feel is a reformatting and coming together of a creative project, or something that gives you much joy. This may also be something that was left behind, as in you lost faith in it, or at least the solution as to what to do with this was still lost in a fog.

And now the energy is saying LOOK AT THIS AGAIN. And what I am feeling is that there is a new you rising out of the ashes and up from situations that have held you down because they were not fitting or working the way you planned.

So now a solution comes, and it may have started to peek through the clouds with ideas flooding your way over the last month. But now I am seeing you taking a step forward INTO something that feels right at home and also that “completes you” in some way.

This may also be something you have wished for, for so long and it has caused you to worry because it wasn’t coming together or making sense. I’m being given the image of taking puzzle pieces and trying to make them work when they didn’t fit exactly because you just wanted something to come together.

I also feel that your standards were not as high as they are becoming now and you were settling for things just because the OPEN SPACE was uncomfortable. And what was held back from your reaches is to come rushing your way over the next 2 months BECAUSE you are valuing yourself more! That settling for less, or saying, “Well, that’s okay, I guess.” is to leave your lips permanently.

You are to DEMAND that you are treated like a Queen/King and to EXPECT that the best things WILL come your way, and if they are delayed this is to be looked at as that the match is not yet there, OR you are NEEDING something to happen without really thinking through the process.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE! 



Something is moving you into action FROM something that pulled you back into a confused state. So this feels like a rebirth energy where a new gusto and excitement to REALLY GO FOR YOUR DREAMS is taking place.

This may be that you have been in a period of STILLNESS or possibly feeling STUCK. I am getting the feeling of constipation and how that non-movement can sort of distract you into feeling like you are unwell. It may have been uncomfortable to be stuck and not knowing where to go or how to change this feeling.

BUT from this point forward you will have a healthy digestive track and things will suddenly be MOVING. You are going to feel lighter because now there appears to be a path forming again that gives you excitement and has you wanting to implement ideas that you have had for future growth and things that in some way expand your life.

I just posted a video on my facebook page with these cows that have been indoors for 6 months and they were just freed and the look of their DANCING when their hoofs finally got to touch grass was really touching and tear evoking!! But for YOU I see that same thing happening!! I see you dancing again because you feel seen and you feel like you DO have a purpose here!!

The only warning is that you do need to go one step at a time and not try to rush things too quickly! There is a warning that if you rush, you may miss out on something. So do cover all the bases and take time to think through the journey of your dreams.

You also are to keep a CLEAN MIND and by that I mean you may be feeling a bit competitive or envious or judgmental with yourself and/or others. You may also notice that you are QUICK to anger from provocation and are not really thinking things through. You may respond to things in emails or correspondence and will FIGHT against what you hear, when in actuality you are being asked to slow down and respond in a kind way. Headaches will arrive for you if you are not keeping your mind clean!

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE!



Things are changing for you!! So what I am feeling is that YOU are feeling much different than you have months ago in life and now you are very focused on CLEANING SHOP. There is something about you that is REALLY ready to move forward, to lighten your load, and to sail to the heights of your dreams! And I am also feeling that you are in store for some opportunities because WHAT you are providing for others is changing and it feels better suited to something that is a PASSION of yours.

And this is the truth!! When you LOVE what you are doing, without any need to make money from it or be seen as an authority, you just end up sailing to higher places because people FEEL THIS and it goes into everything you are creating. So stick to what gives you great passion and don’t move from that spot! Opportunities WILL COME this month and it deals with others seeing you and knowing that you are the perfect person for the job.

And be grateful even if you are still waiting for something to arrive! You are feeling different TO OTHERS and it feels like YOU are shining brighter than others around you so YOU will be the choice! Don’t worry about this. You ARE to set yourself apart in some way just by being the NEW YOU that you are growing into.

And you do NOT HAVE TO PUSH or force your way into things!! The more you can flow and TRUST, the higher you will go. I am seeing a huge division occurring in people where the ones who are more needing gratification or NEEDING to be seen are going to trip on themselves a bit because the more sensitive you get the more you feel THAT energy and it PUSHES away. It is like a NEEDY person in a relationship and how you end up moving away from them and feeling turned off.

So JUST tune into LOVE with what you are doing and GRATITUDE that you get to do it. And then, BE READY! The eyes WILL FIND YOU!!!! More business WILL come your way. More people WILL want to know what you are doing and will want to delve deeper.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


Oh this is beautiful!! STEAM is building to make HUGE and monumental change in your life, whether you are ready or not! I see you riding this roller coaster so it will be full of up and downs, but you are being asked to always know that whatever shakes away and falls to the wayside is just holding you back on your journey to GREATER HEIGHTS.

And you are being asked to HOLD THE DREAM no matter what! There are confusing things that seem to be around you, possibly through others, but you are to be more of the witness and remember that you are RIDING this thing right now and what you are seeing is going to pass soon enough.

There is some NON-ATTACHMENT need growing within your consciousness where you are becoming more loose and whatever shall be shall be about life. This means you are more laid back and not so forceful in your approach as you are realizing your THOUGHTS and your ENERGY are everything.

I also feel like there will be tests where at times you are really not so sure you can trust this new path you have chosen to walk down, but I am hearing that this time is just building a new strength in you.

You are to use your visualization and to KNOW that you WILL attract the people you need!! You may even get the opportunity to join with someone else, or even a group, where you will be sharing more of what you have to offer. It feels like the COMING TOGETHER with others is KEY HERE. So do look out for like-minded souls who you can take a stand with and create a web force of resources in the field you are interested in. Also there may be something here that needs to be rethought out in regards to a target audience. This is telling me that you need to think outside of the box AND you need to think of what people are going to need in the FUTURE.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


Okay so this one can really manifest in several ways that reach to the highest heights for some and the lowest lows for others. But my first feel is that you are ready to GET THINGS MOVING! And I can feel you with tapping feet, like a dog at the door when you are getting ready to let them out! You are like OPEN THIS DOOR!!!!

And what you should be focused on are visions for your future and with planting the seeds for a successful crop. I see you with your eyes on the horizon and this tells me you are ready to go off and explore OR that you are ready to expand your life in some way. You may even be feeling claustrophobic with the same things as you need NEW!!

So you are still in a pulled back space where you are contemplating future moves and thinking of your DREAM LIFE — and FROM THERE you ARE coming up with ideas for growth. You may have ideas for your business or for something that is healing or health based. You should have MANY ideas for how to PUT THINGS IN ORDER in a better way. This also may mean you are thinking about redoing your website or something that you are working on to reach more people with your message or offerings. It feels like there are ideas coming out of the blue and they feel brilliant and very ahead of the times!

Now you also have a warning here with your thoughts or with things going on in your head (as you have been hearing about often in the readings!) There is a lot of fear there and you are currently retraining yourself to remain hopeful for a bright future. And this will take work!

But RIGHT NOW it feels like something pierces through the darkness so that you GET IT and really see how your words and thoughts are manifesting. You may even see something come SUPER quickly and that opens your mind to KNOWING you MUST stay hopeful about all that is confusing or unsettling going on around you.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


What an exciting time to have a birthday!!! Way to go, loves! HERE comes in the change — and after ALL the massively confusing and intense times of your life FOR A WHILE NOW. NOW NOW NOW…. Things finally start to shift. And we are talking BIG TIME. We are talking CHANGE. We are talking absolute correction of a path not really yours to walk that NOW aligns to a new path and one that is so much better.

Now, you must allow this to take form because I feel many of you are still upset and not so grounded. It feels like you are holding things in your mind and not sharing them with others but you have a lot going on with worry, blame and shame.

I really do feel to that a lot of what is tripping you up or holding you back on an energetic level is that you aren’t trusting yourself, or you have done/accepted something that you really know is not honoring of you. I am feeling compromise and almost insecurity. Or the insecurity that keeps one from acting and initiating change.

BUT. I feel that all is changing and you are getting strong as fuck.

You ARE going to speak up and DEMAND a life where you feel LOVED, VALUED and IN RESONANCE within the partnership arena, within your home, within your career and with how life greets you due to what you are putting out there. So your whole life is set to change and shift a bit. It is just going to move into a new space that is like a bump away. But then EVERYTHING CHANGES!!

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


This feels good!! This is you really thinking about getting good and comfortable in your world. You may be doing this to stock up or to plant seeds, but for sure your mind is on doing something that is like creating back stock, or savings, or a back up plan. It feels good because you LIKE TO PLAN!! You like to make those lists and to visualize how you are going to move forward.

And right now there is a lot that you are coming up with, creating, redoing, reconfiguring and giving a good and solid think towards. You also should be FULL OF IDEAS and these are based around how to make money and how to create something that continues to provide, as in royalties. You also are VERY much in your creative offerings and wanting to hone in on things that express your true gifts so that life just feels a bit effortless. I’ll admit, I work my ass off!! I work WAY too much, BUT it is so much like breathing to me because it is all effortless. I AM ABSOLUTELY in my comfort zone!!

And YOU need to think about finding that too!! And honestly, you really only need to look at WHAT others always ask of you, or what they always come to you for. This thing that is OUR THING to give has ALWAYS been around. Its just that most likely you have never been able to imagine being able to make an income from it.

And THAT is the next big message in this reading!!! You are to EXPAND YOUR MIND into believing in miracles and EXPECTING that what you need will show up in magical ways. You are to be like the child a bit more and to be the dreamy little one that CREATES their future. Don’t be the adult that needs to know HOW — be the child that WANTS and EXPECTS. And that will allow the magic in. You need to CRACK open an old façade, or old programming, or even some message you picked up on from where you were born or live. Messages spreading on the day-to-day are MUCH different in San Francisco than they are in Miami.

Now OTHERS are showing up in this reading and this also may be with your PARTNER/family members/friends or with something THEY believe to be the truth as it is seeming to clash with how you WANT to be seeing/living life.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


My love, you just need to TRUST THIS. I feel you are letting something go or releasing your hold on something that was sort of a far out dream, POSSIBLY love related, or just something you REALLY hoped would happen. I feel you are releasing the clutches on something that you wanted so badly to go in this certain way, but it hasn’t and this can have you feeling in a funk. But the message is so clear that yes, you may need to FREE this thing for a minute, but at the same time I feel like this freeing is going to OPEN A WHOLE NEW PATH FOR YOU.

It may be that you have been pining away for something or someone and now that you are letting it go, the REALLY GOOD MATCH can finally come towards you! It may be with your career, or it may even be with someone you worked with at some time.

So there also is a ripple to this because what you are letting go of HAS reached into many parts of your life, and for this reason you are giving a big think to IF this is really the thing to let go of. And what I know about this is that we really cant let go of ANYTHING where it ends up hurting us in any way.

As you know, when we let things go, they DO tend to come closer especially if we were NEEDING this other thing to take place. That NEED pushes things away. And in letting it go and allowing it to unfold and BE what it needs to be, with no judgment or list of demands, OFTEN it DOES come back to us but in a better form because the NEED ENERGY is gone. So allow something to fly away if it IS holding you in deep thought of confusion, disappointment or … abandonment.

Understand too that you are in a process of clearing out old patterns or people that have led to the SAME results. So IN LIFE you are learning new ways to do things and to release the habitual groove as you carve out a NEW ONE that FEELS LIGHTER.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


You are feeling a bit like a nester right now and really want to connect again with your home so that everything else out in the world can feel more manageable. I also can feel that you have been VERY sensitive with this last week and with things going on in the world and it IS important that you find your little happy space and that you beautify it so that you feel you at least have THAT.

I also feel that you are getting VERY CLEAR with others and are working to come out of your own comfort zone in order to say things that you need to say that are all about honoring you and allowing things to release. I feel you have had some thoughts in your mind that keep coming up and keep RINGING like a bell or a warning and NOW you are going to be able to speak clearly and get something off your chest.

I also feel like you may have been beating around the bush and wanting something to just go away, or to hope for the best, but with THIS FULL MOON, you will not be able to stay quiet about WHATEVER has been bothering you. And this REALLY feels like it is relationship based, or even with someone who is very close to your life, as in they KNOW you. And you may feel like you are coming out of line, or that maybe you should just play like everything is okay, but if SOMETHING COMES UP NOW, you must speak about this. It’s okay to do so, my sweet Cancers!! And you know I always have your back!!!!! You are one sign I ALWAYS get along wonderful with!!

I am feeling like it will set a new pattern into place, and at least it will be one where now everyone knows that YOUR VOICE COUNTS. I was just talking to my graphic artist and I told her that I am a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and WHATEVER I am thinking or feeling WILL come to the surface as I am not really built to just play nice and let things slide. Fortunately that thrilled her to hear! You can follow my lead, my love, because YOU DESERVE TO BE HEARD and to VOICE when you are uncomfortable.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


Okay then!! I feel that you are LEVELING UP and this is occurring because you are realizing your VALUE and that you DO have so much to offer the world through that huge database of yours!

I see you stepping a bit away from always looking out at what others are doing as you are thinking more about discovering a UNIQUE PATH. I encourage you to keep mining away and to not stop until you find GOLD because BEING UNIQUE is where it is at!

In a sea of so much replication and the same expression being passed down, it is ONLY the ones who stand out and do something that was SOUL DRIVEN that seem to be making it to the top dog positions anymore. I saw this graph that showed how many people had websites back in 2008 versus now and basically 2008 was about 1 story in a house and 2016 it is about a 500 story building!! So there is A LOT of competition out there!!!! And the one thing that sets people apart is a unique path and one that come from experience walked.

So this is on your mind because you are feeling SO CREATIVE, or at least you are really wanting to uncover how on Earth you can make a living AND love what you are doing!! So you want to find something that is so close to your heart, but something that is a need in the world that is unique and not tapped yet. And don’t go discounting yourself and think that there is NOTHING new to bring to the table!! Retreat into yourself, while asking for the guidance to lead the way and you WILL RECEIVE INSPIRATION!!!

For you especially it is going to come through synchronicity! So you will be putting the question out into the ethers asking for SOME sign to guide you towards your souls work and then BOOM — it comes!! Just be open to this!!

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


So this energy is trying to lift you out of something that has been holding you down or back because it is confusing and mysterious. It feels like something that you can’t get your mind around or something that another has done that you are intuitively picking up on and its sticking with you when your mind should be on other things! It feels like you are trying to solve or understand something better even though what you have to base this on is sort of full of illusion and nothing of clarity yet.

I am hearing that you just need to wait and allow the pieces to come together because there is the warning that you may turn something small into something REALLY BIG through you feeling suspicious or unclear.

This also can be SOLVED if you just speak up and ask the hard questions. It is really essential in these times that we clear up the miscommunications we have with others so that we can get to the TRUE root of the problem.

Often there is nothing even there other than one person feeling not seen or heard, and THAT feeling left unspoken creates this whole other thing! So try to clear the air! Your mind can get REALLY out of control in these times with fabricating something that is not even close to reality. I also know that you will feel such a relief when you do get these things off your shoulder and clean up your mind so that you can use it to dream of other things!

And those other things!! Here is where I am feeling like you are really tuning into your SOULS PURPOSE WORK. And by this, I mean you are having thoughts with what you would really love to do, OR with how you would really like to MOVE UP and do more than what you are doing right now. So your eyes are on the horizon, as you may be biting your cheek, as you ponder over what skills you have that are exceptional and something that you truly do love to do. I also feel many of you are doing jobs that deal with the office, or desk and you are wanting to be on your feet more and to move around more.

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE


This time now is VERY different for you! I feel you are learning so much about what life is really about THROUGH observing others. And since we are in such a divided and anger filled time, I am SURE you are learning about yourself and how you TOO can express in those ways when things are stopping your forward progress.

But something about seeing this so much in others is changing how you express in the world. There is a bit more PISCES energy swinging your way at this time, which MAY have you feeling uncomfortable because it means tears and confusion, BUT it is aligning you to a new path where you sit more patiently while in manifesting mode.

And its funny because the other day I was thinking about how the people I know who have Aries in their chart are FULLY driven to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, even if it means manipulating things to keep their progress moving. But I also know that when we force our way before the true and best timing, we end up having to KEEP AT THE PUSHING.

And right now something is integrating in you that says, IT’S OKAY TO RIDE A WAVE instead of trying to create your own! You can work REALLY hard to get to the top, in which case you will have to keep at this and keep blowing steam to keep it going, OR, you can wait for that wave that then sails you to greater heights ALL ON ITS OWN.

There also are some changes coming from your foundation, and possibly with you feeling safer or more on purpose, and this is influencing how others see you. It also feels like you are wanting to change your role or figure out how to be more influential in the lives of others.

Maybe you can think about how to bring more beauty into the lives of others through something like coaching, being a midwife or something that helps people to start over? It’s something with BIRTH and a NEW DAY that just came as a needed message for some of you!!

WANT MORE? Page 2 of the readings is in the MOON VIBE GUIDE




So, my loves, I wanted to do a sharing of what I wrote back in April about how PLUTO RETROGRADE would affect each sign! This is a regular feature in the MOON VIBE Guide so if you want these readings when they are actually happening, you can join our tribe of Rainbow Tribe who are investing in themselves and their grand and wonderful purpose in this the Age of Aquarius!


And so you know, PLUTO moving direct at the end of September is WHY you may have felt a bit stuck and fearful about things in your life. I am feeling that the energy STOPPED with the Eclipse Season and then the direct motion of Pluto.


You may have noticed that many things came to a stop or have been slowing down, and that IS shifting as we speak! As I told my Tribe in a private podcast, I was CALLED to NOT REACH OUT TO YOU to explain what was going!


I was called to pull back and let you walk through this particular part of the journey BECAUSE of this next level we are moving into and how YOU DO need to realize that YOU DO have the tools built in and BUILDING to get you through any storm.


So we all were tested while in this limbo state to TRUST THIS and move forward into the depth of our souls. We may have felt PUSHED into the hole we fell into but when we DO CLIMB OUT —- watch out! We arise reborn and FULL OF POWER, strength and with more FAITH IN OURSELVES.


Planet: PLUTO

Degrees traveled:  18 degrees Capricorn to 15 degrees Capricorn

Date of Retrograde: April 18 to September 27


———————————– ARIES ————————————–

This is a time where you are reworking something that is for your career work and also possibly with making an environment better so that it truly matches your soul’s purpose. There is a lot to do and many steps to follow through on, but you are moving towards creating a space or container that can hold your ultimate dreams.

Now you also can get down at times because there is SO much to do and I feel you are taking on too much and THINKING too much about how much this is! So you actually are putting some obstacles in your path through getting overwhelmed with the process. You also may be having a hard time seeing the big picture because all the steps to climb are so many. But you have already started and it’s not like you can turn back now, right? You are to TRUST your decisions and accept that OFTEN we are challenged and tested when we make the big moves — like what you are doing with your future. It is just a part of the game. I actually talked about this in the MOON VIBE Guide with the teaching on bad signs versus something you are to keep at and not give up on. And it feels like you are in something where you are needing to just keep with it and move through the sludge. On the other side of this is JOY and a manifested outcome that somehow feels like HOME. It feels like you are moving towards something that completes you, but it has to fall apart first.

The challenge of this retrograde: Your outer world can feel quite heavy and taxing at this time because there is so much to take into consideration and so many hoops to jump through. There is a direct line towards part of your dream that you probably already took the first step towards, but then things became complicated and a bit tedious. You may have lists all over the place and the more you look at them the more you want to check out! But remember the initial shooting towards this new dream was EASY. You KNEW this was the thing to do and now you need to prove to the Universe how much you want this. And then you need to get to some serious work! You may also have a fiery temper and a stubborn quality that is unable to budge, which will undo some things that didn’t need to be undone.

Essential advice: For sure you need to go to the mentality of the mountain goat right now as you may be facing things that feel insurmountable and beyond what you are able to complete. You are not feeling so solid and sure because of what is before you, and you need to find that inner strength that KNOWS you will get though this so might as well stay lighthearted for the ride! Remember that this is only making you strong and NOTHING can break you down! So BE that strength now.


———————————– TAURUS ————————————–

Wow. You are being UPGRADED in your mind and it will involve many changes around you that deal with rebuilding what you have already put out there. You may be going back to rework some of the lower levels so that there is a more solid foundation with which to grow your effervescent dreams. You may feel that some things are crumbling because there was not enough focus and too much excitement to just get things growing! Now you will slow down and really start to rework some of your bigger visions so that all the correct players, pieces and intentions are aligned perfectly to allow for a more expansive growth process that reaches far and wide.

You also are noticing things changing in your mind where you are feeling more hopeful, or maybe this could be a new strength to persevere and not give up on yourself. You probably manifested some situations that felt like WAY too much to have to deal with in order to put you through the ringer so that you could be a stronger human. If feels like there have been tests, and mostly after a period of NO TESTS. So it threw you for a loop! But you are becoming more powerful and it is through times where you can get away and step out of your immediate environment to allow inspiration to flow through you. This one says that what you need to know to move forward will always come through the air, so while you are out hiking or out in nature. And during this time you REALLY need to make the space for more retreat and alone times! All your answers are going to flow down into your crown chakra as if by magic! But they tend to be blocked by ceilings!

The challenge of this retrograde: A big challenge at this time can be with wanting to go too fast and to skip over essential steps. You ARE putting something together in a new way based on changes in your life that have come over the end of last year to the present. So this new space is being rebuilt but in a way that is MUCH BETTER and also more long lasting and not so fleeting. You can get down on yourself with all that needs to be changed as many things will just NOT feel right. You also can feel overloaded with how much cosmic energy is coming into your system. You can short circuit and overload if you don’t ground and process this material. You may also think you are losing your mind because it feels like SO MUCH that is worldly and so out of control.

Essential advice: You really are in a portal space to be receiving all the guidance you need to make the best decisions for YOUR path. And this is not about thinking of how to do things, but instead allowing them to come as inspiration. DON’T try to receive messages; be receptive and open and SO much will just flood into your consciousness!


———————————– GEMINI ————————————–

This is one of the most challenging transits to walk in a lifetime, but also one that clears out all the garbage and grooms you to be a light being and one who has transformed all the density and darkness and doubt. So it tends to circulate our issues and bring them front and center, but we don’t always want to have to do this!! Others may be the ones who are triggering you or moving you to experience things that have you feeling not so good about yourself. And I do want you to not attack them or blame them because they are doing you a service. This is not actually about THEM and is all about YOU and what you have been hiding beneath the surface. It IS going to come up eventually, so might as will embrace it when it does and deal with what is before you.

There is a lot of death and the making of peace in regards to endings at this time. You may be losing people who meant so much to you, or you may be processing the death of others that occurred in the past 10 years. They may be coming to your mind as you sit on how it feels to not have them with you when you have so much you want to share with them! So this can cause some confusion and sadness, but eventually you will rise to a stronger position from accepting this passage and opening to them not really being gone but just transforming into a new form. So this transit is to BRING LIGHT to things that feel dark and dismal. I have noticed that people get MUCH MORE powerful after this transit because burying our issues only causes them to bring more depression and doubt into our lives. Facing them helps us to lighten so much that others comment on it! You WILL attract more people or followers the more you lighten your load!

The challenge of this retrograde: When in the throes of healing work, there CAN be occasional crises when the unraveling process reveals too much too quickly. So you may at times think you are losing your mind or are becoming UNHINGED. You may fall into patterns of feeling like the victim and lowering your energy, which will attract attacks or judgment. You may feel unable to cope at times and overwhelmed with all that you need to face. You may feel questioned and can have some paranoia into thinking something is being said or is going on that actually is not.

Essential advice: Be direct and upfront! You are to ask questions if you are feeling paranoid and to get to the bottom of all that is disturbing your peace. You are to never poke the fingers at others right now and to blame THEM for how you are feeling. You are to bring it inward to understand why you feel so triggered and where this first came from that you experienced the same pattern. Realize it ALL is just pattern work at this point and YOU are to find a point of origin hidden deeply within.


———————————– CANCER————————————–

You are in a realm where you are connecting more, joining more and merging with others for the purpose of expanding your life in some way. This also is building you up as there is a confidence forming from WHO is in your life and HOW they make you feel. Now there is something brand new coming and something that will change your life forever as it has a transformative power of what you THOUGHT it would be. It actually is BEYOND what you thought it would be, but I see it being something that moves you and opens you to seeing life in a whole new way. I feel you will be saying that you didn’t think it could be THIS BIG.

Now there also will be some people who will fall away or who will leave your space because the match is just not there anymore, or at least you will be challenged by some people. You also will be in the midst of so much communication and sharing, and even ideas galore are going to reach your consciousness. There is a big push to EVOLVE and to also contribute in some way to a better world. You are wanting to rebuild and to reestablish and to really find a way to make an impact on someone, if not large groups of someones. You are thinking of your footsteps and wanting to do this right so that your influence can impact another person’s life in a positive way. You may also be working on a project where you will be writing or communicating something that is based on your story or the path you have walked. You may be explaining something that comes from the journey you experienced and how you have risen above it.

The challenge of this retrograde: There can be so many changes with who is around you and this can feel overwhelming if they are leaving you — it feels like losing a leg or losing a piece that you have become so used to. There is a strong sense of needing to pick yourself up and move on and this may be a challenge for many of you. It feels like too much of a shock or it cuts you to the core TOO deeply for what you think you can handle.

Essential advice: Your influence is growing, my love. And as YOU change, you will be able to give so much more to those you love so that they CAN reap the benefits of your path walked. You have a lot to share with others and your experiences will COUNT in imprinting them with true walked wisdom. You are to look at what makes you different because of the path you walked and to go there for inspiration of how you can make a difference in the lives of others. You also need to realize that the tapestry of people around you may be changing or upgrading, and it is right on schedule. You really need SUPPORT and a more SECURE group.


———————————– LEO ————————————–

Okay, things are shuffling all around in your life and something from your past is helping you to trust life more BECAUSE of what you have manifested. You may be seeing how you used to have these fears and you would get a bit negative in the mind with thinking you were not doing enough or rising quickly enough in the world, and now you are seeing that you ARE getting somewhere and that things in the long run ARE coming together.

You also will be VERY concerned in making a difference and contributing to others’ lives in some way. Making improvements and getting things to run in smoother order is what you are about right now. You may also be experiencing shifts with your health and with a new gusto to really want to take control of your body so you feel like you are covering all the bases in order to feel that you are thriving and alive. There are changes in work going on and maybe a bit of dismantling, but ultimately you will be putting the pieces together in a way that is much more conducive for success. All the parts of your work requirements that are shifting out of your hands and into others is FOR THE BEST, as you are in the process of experiencing a rebirth in regards to what is truly your soul’s purpose work to offer the world. This is something you have always loved to do as it is quite natural for you and it feels like it is really a HONING in on your true gifts.

The challenge of this retrograde: You may get overwhelmed with all there is to do and possibly can be a bit more worried than normal, or with maybe not trusting yourself over a change that is on the horizon. You can feel really judgmental at this time if you are looking out at others doing amazing things while you feel you are not getting anywhere. There also may be changes with your work environment that may cause you to feel fear, but you HAVE to trust they are for the best!

Essential advice: This is really going to be a special time when you figure out ways to get things running smoothly and allow you more freedom in your life. You will be putting things in order and breaking through all chaos so that you can get any stress off your shoulders with feeling like there are so many loose ends. You ARE going to have to face A LOT though, as if you are moving into a new or larger space. You will be able to do SO much by first visualizing how smooth things are going to go and then with jumping in there and doing them. Do not paint your journeys with doubt or fear as THAT is what will manifest if you do. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Project that things CAN be easy.


———————————– VIRGO ————————————–

You are in a huge time in your life where you are STANDING up and declaring what you will or will not accept. For many people this will occur with close relationships, where maybe before you were staying more silent and not wanting to rock the boat. Now you keep pushing things forward as there is something about life that is showing you how fragile it really is and how we may not really have the tomorrows. You are realizing that you must live for NOW and that putting things off is not really to your benefit in the long run. You also will be gaining more faith in yourself to RISK IT ALL. Never before will you have such strength in knowing that you CAN and MUST leap off this cliff in order to go for something that is just beyond your comfort zone.

Your heart will be going through a transformation at this time where something will fall away or die in order to give you more LIFE. This is going to make room for something that is very near and dear to your heart, and it may even be the rebirth of a love or a new love set to drop into your world in a surprising sort of way! This may even be someone from your past or someone who you never were really able to get over. There may just be a second act to this show! You also will be working on a creative project that is growing wings in its ability to be a showstopper, or one that really can go out there in a big way. This is also about you putting your heart into your work with touches that only you can do. Your VIRGO spirit is needed in your work, and others will recognize that about you or that you do really have something special to offer.

The challenge of this retrograde: So much new is set to arrive in your life that it may feel overwhelming at times. You may not know what you can trust or what you can really count on. The ground is shifting beneath your feet and many areas of your life are going through an upgrading in order to align you to a new level of manifested life situations. You are going to learn to go with the flow and to just trust that all that falls away will quickly be replaced with something that matches the new you.

Essential advice: You are changing into the person you want to be! You are going to risk it all for a full heart and a satisfied feeling at the end of your days. Do not be afraid of what needs to leave your life. ANYTHING that is not a match will fall NATURALLY away at this time. You may have known this for years, but NOW you will have the strength to choose MORE. This time is not about compromising in any way as you are being asked to put YOU first for a change. This is all about asking yourself, “What do I want?”


———————————– LIBRA ————————————–

You may not even be recognizing yourself from a few years ago! How did everything get so heavy and intense? Where are the carefree days of your youth when FUN ruled the day! So this IS to be an intense time for you, my love. You would be disconnected from your feelings if you did not admit that your foundation is feeling very fragile and not as solid as you thought it was.

There can be many changes of home or with situations where you totally feel safe and on path, and then things fall apart and you are left to build again. It seems like that which you THINK is going to happen tends to have you traveling through the trickster path! This also feels very much associated with your feelings of safety in the world and you probably are a bit on edge and not even knowing if you are making the best decisions. There is a wave to this energy so that you will make decisions in one moment but then second-guess yourself a day or two down the way. I also say it is so easy to dream, but to make the steps forward is where we tend to start to doubt ourselves and think maybe we can’t do this. Instability is a big part of this transit where you also will not feel grounded in your body or even in the world. It may feel like it is WAY too much to have to understand.

The challenge of this retrograde: You are going to feel quite emotional and not so sure that you want to be here now having to walk through these sort of trials by fire. You may feel like you don’t even know what you can count on and where to safely stand. You may even have huge outbursts that are coming from such a deep space within, and this may have you feeling unstable at times. You may need to scream and get things out that have been long buried. Things are shifting in your foundation and something will have to die away and be transmuted.

Essential advice: You just need to keep at it and not give up, my love. YES, the terrain has changed and this land is not so familiar to your heart anymore, so you must continue on and keep going towards what lights you up and makes you feel special. You are letting go of A LOT of repressed pain from your childhood and these emotions can erupt and come out of nowhere, but you must allow them! What you see after you erupt may be something even worse, but it is like a wound that now just needs to heal. This is your personal unraveling, and after it all comes out you will be able to rebuild in a much better way! So allow this transformation from the depth of your soul to take place. It is right on schedule. THIS intensity is what you need to MOVE you to the next level.


———————————– SCORPIO ————————————–

This one says that you will be in some challenging situations with others due to the intensity of your words or the way you are communicating to get your needs met. You may see many people leave your life at this time as you are not seeing eye to eye. There may be many fights with the people closest to you and what YOU need to know is that YOU are the one who is needing to upgrade and change the vibration of your words.

Your words are under a huge transformative time and this retrograde cycle will reveal patterns that have been repeating, possibly since childhood. Scorpio is the sign that has the power to destroy or to give life, and these several months you will be learning some hard lessons about how to shift to ONLY being the one who empowers and gives life. Now others are showing up in this reading, so you are entangled in situations where others may be encouraging negative talk and fueling you to do more of it, but you really need to keep yourself in check and monitor every syllable for its vibration! Would you be okay if someone said the same about you that you are saying about another? You need to question that always because this retrograde has so much power to lift you to great heights or to cut you at your knees and have you seeing so much fall away. It is also really important to learn the power of your words lesson, because in a few years you are moving into some karma times that relate to these current months and can really have all things falling apart in your life where you WILL have to rebuild and start again. I got the image of a collapsing building as I wrote those words. So learn the lesson now!

The challenge of this retrograde: You may be in many arguments with those closest to you as they are BEGGING you to hear their side of things. You need to slow down and notice this pattern because it is not new! And you may want to be obstinate and to demand that you are the one who is right, which will just manifest another argument down the road with the exact same theme and different players. Retrograde means it is ALL ON YOU for what you are manifesting and you can hold the mirror up now and get honest with yourself, or… face the consequences down the road.

Essential advice: You have so much potential to be this icon of a being who is so empowering in the way you live your life. But it all manifests from the intensity of your words and with what you are really saying in your head. You are going through a transformation and a purification so that what you put out there will attract what you really want to see in your life. Keep your words high vibe! Honor and love others with your words.


——————————— SAGITTARIUS ———————————

So this one actually feels pretty positive! You are FULLY immersed in things that revolve around your creative gifts and will be putting your intentions towards finding YOUR THING and really working overtime to make sure that it is the best possible expression of your soul. This IS soul purpose work, so you are delving deeply into your past to understand what you have ALWAYS wanted to do. Now money may slow down a bit, but if you pay attention to what needs to be reworked and reconfigured, you will clear out some debris so that you can create a clear path for success! Something feels really exciting with this transit to where you will be rising with more power and finding a place in the world that is YOURS.

You also are going to be re-examining your thoughts on your own self-worth! This means you will be standing taller and demanding more for your life! You will be going through a death of the old where you just accepted something and now you will be shifting to a new stance of strength where you KNOW you deserve the best the world has to offer. This can have you making HUGE moves towards the life of your dreams.

The challenge of this retrograde: Money may be a problem at times where you will be worrying if you can really make it — at the same time your focus is so clearly on manifesting more stability and there is power going towards those thoughts, so that ultimately things HAVE to go your way. I feel this strongly for you! Also you may get a bit fixed and down on all that is shifting out of your life as you may want to reconsider and bring it back in! But just let it go. The decisions you are making are correct; now you need to put one foot in front of the other and continue on towards them.

Essential advice: You are to head towards all things that bring more stability and security into your life. You are rebuilding from the ground UP and will be putting much in order as you cultivate a NEW LIFE. Expect that many things will fall apart and fall away, but you are to just feel them out with your body because even though it may feel emotional to see so much shift, you will still have a baseline energy of excitement for what this CLEARING OUT will now make space for. Dream wildly about how you would like to transform your business, your self-worth, your home, your work environment and even feelings of your own body. Yes, there is much that is changing for you! So dream it into reality with a focused mind!


——————————— CAPRICORN ———————————

This is going to be a blessing of a time where you are going to REWIND things and travel back into some of your creative offerings, or things that you are working to be offerings, that are to reach people far and wide. You will be tested at this time to make sure that you are walking your talk and not just TALKING IT. We are in a time in history when most things out there are all talk and not something that people have really traveled or discovered on their own in order to have the VIBRATION of knowing.

We can design everything and package it with a pretty little bow, but unless it carries the vibration of I WALKED THROUGH THIS FIRE AND DISCOVERED HOW TO FIND MY WAY OUT, it tends to have a fleeting appeal. When something is just TALKED, it also only reaches people in the mind space. But when it is WALKED and THEN TALKED, it reaches people to their hearts and to their souls. THAT is where true change takes place. At this time you will be tested and slowed down in ways that try to get you to WAIT so you can really only focus on things that are YOURS to share in this lifetime. Put your power and focus into what is YOURS and make THAT great. People are seeing that you are more powerful than you were even a few years ago, so now you just need to play your cards correctly and follow the path where you can truly shine and make an impact.

The challenge of this retrograde: You may feel questioned or challenged at this time by others who actually are jealous of you and are trying to diminish your power. You may even feel copied or slandered. But do know this is part of the test to groom you to be bulletproof and to understand that what we see in others is actually what we possess in self. So put that mirror on you, but also turn it around to others who are judging you. Understand that you CAN’T change what others do, but you ARE in control of how you respond.

Essential advice: Although there will be setbacks and delays to what you are wanting to put out into the world, when the gate does finally open you will have a MASTERPIECE. Honor that the obstacles and hoops are JUST working to make it so you are not rushing out there in scarcity mode and are instead creating from a place of abundance and trust in the knowledge that if you cover all the bases, you will have something that is a grand slam. Put in the time and effort without cutting any corners. Rework your website, shop or any writing/creative projects at this time. You will have a NEW way of seeing things than before this retrograde took place.


——————————— AQUARIUS ———————————

My loves, this is NOT the easiest time for you as much inner work and clearing is in progress. You are fully going to be in spaces where your wounds are front and center and your strength to persevere is being tested. Things may feel SO HEAVY and like they are never letting up! You may even be in your mind starting to think you can’t handle this and dreaming of leaving this planet will FOR SURE pop up at times. You may also feel like it is one thing after another, as there is a huge wave to this energy where you are feeling okay and all is good, and then something slams into you and back you go again feeling like you just want to give up.

You are to be VERY patient with yourself during this time because you will forget that this is actually leading somewhere! Imagine the energy you feel when you are cleaning out a closet or garage, where you have just shoved things you didn’t want to deal with and how TERRIBLY overwhelming that can be! When you are pulling it all out and filling up a huge space with all these things you have forgotten about or don’t even really know if you need, it can cause anxiety and serious stress. So imagine THAT when you think about these months you are in. You ARE pulling out repressed memories and things from your past that you may have TOTALLY forgotten about, and the more you UNRAVEL this space, the more you will feel like you can’t handle this! But you can.

The challenge of this retrograde: You may feel quite alone at this time or as if you are changing and not in alignment with the same people in your life. You may also feel as if you missed something or lost something and there will be regrets from your past with thoughts of wishing you could choose again which path to take. Things also may feel like they are too much to bear and wanting to give up will be common feelings. BUT you were built to climb this mountain and nothing is going to stop you along the way. Just get used to things being a bit murky and intense.

Essential advice: What is most important at this time is that you position your thoughts in your mind to be about starting over again and NOT manifesting through events from your past or through fears you picked up on when you were in childhood days. There is a lot of programming going on in this reading where you are carrying ideas that others have fed you and a unique approach is demanded. Meditation is CRUCIAL at this time, as is taking time to retreat and to STOP trying to figure all this out.


——————————— PISCES ———————————

This is going to be a time where your REACH out into the world is going to EXPAND beyond your wildest dreams! There may be some shuffling around as you align with the proper team, but you will eventually find a collaboration that is TRUE and POWERFUL. Be okay with false starts that fall to the wayside. It is all a part of the process with you getting VERY clear about what you need from the people around you who are going to embark on the same journey. But, my gosh, do you have SO MUCH TO SAY AND SHARE. You will be given opportunities to come forward and share your story, your journey or the wisdom that is built in to you from the path you have walked. You also will be combining with other power players so that your reach can go even farther. Now transformation is going to be BIG for you at this time as you will be learning from, and possibly engaging in, arguments with people around you who are setting off your buttons as a way for you to see what needs to be upgraded about yourself. Even though it may be hard to stomach, they are a mirror to what is needing to be transformed OUT of the way you operate in the world.

You can expect to want to affect others at this time in greater ways than what you have thought of in the past. You are very much thinking about how to make a difference with what you offer and not just make money or get by. You are to align your thoughts to a higher purpose and allow THAT faith in your mission to bring you the people and opportunities towards manifestation. This is a time to create a bigger plan for your work and to not focus too much on how to do it, but instead to go to the depth of your soul to understand what you were BORN TO DO. MAGIC is occurring now where things will come your way that are BEYOND what you even thought was possible. BUT — they must not be blocked by doubt or a rushy perspective. You are to always roll the ball forward each day towards your dreams but to not put importance on wanting something to materialize on your timetable.

The challenge of this retrograde: You are going to feel tested with having to WAIT for the best thing to show up on your path! You will need to align your mind to TRUSTING that what you need WILL be provided at the correct time! The more you doubt or lose hope because things don’t manifest on your timeline, the MORE you will have to wait.

Essential advice: Expect some magic to occur in the most synchronistic ways! You really ONLY need to think about what you want to come into your life, and then sit back patiently and wait for it to arrive. You are to expect that there are many steps up this mountain, but the journey is what you need to pay attention to. There are signs and support coming your way that will ALWAYS be guiding you to NOT GIVE UP. Watch for animal messengers!! They are everywhere around you!

NEW MOON IN LIBRA || podcast READINGS for each sign

NEW MOON IN LIBRA || podcast READINGS for each sign


Okay my loves!! I did these New Moon Podcast Readings last week for The MOON VIBE TRIBE but felt like I should really share them with the public because they are THAT GOOD.


I’m not always sharing myself like this in the public world anymore so enjoy it!!!!!


AND the first New Moon after an Eclipse Season is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT as a strong theme indicator of the conditions of our next 6 months of the journey.


So enjoy, my loves!!

I hope you enjoy these and that they mean something for you!!


>>>>>> — PHOTO CREDIT!!! JANA ROEMER and her baby boy FREDDIE!!!!!!!!








Full Moon ECLIPSE Readings for EACH SIGN! Your NEXT 6 Months Explained!

Full Moon ECLIPSE Readings for EACH SIGN! Your NEXT 6 Months Explained!

MY LOVES!!! These readings are HUGE!

I hope you enjoy the messages coming through for you!



This energetic lineup is WILD and OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are in this space that is SO MAGICAL!!!!!! Many of you are beginning things that are EVERYTHING you dreamed and you are LOVE, LOVE, LOVING THIS TIME. You may notice that things are DROPPING on your path in ways that seem too wild to be true. There is a coming back with this energy that tells me that many of your good deeds/thoughts/seeds planted are being rewarded now in ways that are transforming your lives so that a NEW DAILY PATTERN is being lived. It feels like your days are starting different or there is a new passion to KEEP AT IT and MAKE IT BETTER.

We are in a permanent state of improvement now as we wake to OUR PIECE of the puzzle in creating the DREAM. We are AWAKENED to how we are contributing in ways that attract or repel. And that which holds us back as limits we have created in our minds from actions or words implanted into us are now separating from us as if they are being peeled away.

Now as this old skin peels away, MANY OF YOU will feel in VERY CLOSE CONTACT with your most wounded states. You can feel VERY INSECURE at this time and think that you are a total, worthless loser. You can VERY easily fall into states of depression and lethargy. Basically, right now you can feel very raw. But you must open your mind to seeing that you ARE being given a HUGE GLIMPSE into what needs to be brought into the light in your life so that you can FLY more lightly and into farther reaches into your manifesting field.

So if there is emotional pain, consider it the band aid being ripped off. But know THIS IS FOR YOUR GOOD. You have been carrying around something that is SO BURDENSOME and it HAS been holding you back. So you MUST look into this wound of yours, this crutch, this insecurity, this sensitive spot and FACE IT HEAD ON as energy is guiding you into ways of releasing this through forgiveness and compassion.

And what you have to look forward to is a NEW YOU that is more lighter and hopeful about what is possible in life. This NEW YOU will go for WAY MORE in life than the old you! This NEW YOU will risk it all for love and happiness and that is being encouraged!

You are being asked to say it, do it and bring it forward. Create movement where there was stagnancy. Breathe LIFE into a new way of being where you are guided through synchronicity and magic into a world of your dreams. BELIEVE that you can cure, heal, correct, rebirth and begin again with MORE PURPOSE towards creating a world of PEACE.






So this feels to me like you are learning a new way to navigate life! You have decided to expand your reach towards what you believe is really possible and the Universe has come forward to bring you opportunities which NOW at this point have you feeling like you CAN trust what is unfolding. This also feels like you are more in tune to signs and realizing that the mere THOUGHT being put out there is more powerful than putting your feet to the pavement. This is new for you!! But it is a NEW FLOW and you now have proof that holding good intentions and visualizations OF the dreams you long to manifest DOES WORK.

Now I can feel that you still have so much to take care of and there can be some doubts come in as you traverse this new path, but you are being asked to release those thoughts that second guess your efforts or that swing into the low vibes as you move along. You are to stay consistent and even write out affirmations that encourage you to keep with it, but also realize you are human and at times you will falter!! THAT IS OKAY.

But you ARE learning a new way of living your life so just be sure to plant those seeds of hope as you go along. Take a moment to look behind you and look into your past at what you were unwilling to change for so long. Look at that old worn down groove you were in for years and remember that you are laying down a new groove now and it WILL take a minute to get it as defined as the old one. But have fun with this!! I am hearing that you need to lighten up and not put so much pressure on yourself! Find the flow and remember that you ARE being divinely guided! Your needs WILL be met if only you can hold the thought and knowing that THEY WILL BE. That’s the KEY, love!!! KNOW IT and then wait for them to arrive.

This next 6 months is when you will see so many miracles in your life! You are in a new space where you are being asked to trust, and in doing so, the world is set to bring you people and opportunities that SEE you and who WANT to help further your goals. It feels like you are moving into a phase where things come magically and quickly as the energies are working to bring you forward to show the world what the ARIES got going on!


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So this is a going to be a time when you are being asked to take some risks in life that DO have you going for something that showcases yourself more. And what is interesting about this is that you are to go beyond thinking you don’t fit in or that there is not a place for what you are here to offer. You may be embarking on something that is cutting edge or NEW and it requires that you stand unique, strong and with full on convictions that what you are sharing IS important and can make a difference.

Now this feels like you are fully delving into a creative project that needs care and support as it blossoms because it IS still growing and becoming something. You are working through details and using your intuition to navigate the journey. You can worry at times about IF this really is something that will sustain you and provide an avenue for you to feel important and valued, but it is CRUCIAL that your words and thoughts remain soft and nurturing as this GROWS. You MUST think in the terms of a new seedling and how, yes, it has not grown into its true potential just yet, but it doesn’t mean you should judge it or doubt it because it is only a sprout right now. You will be tested in holding COMMITTED to what you are creating or longing to manifest.

Now your LOVE arena is being lit up as you are correcting things that have gone along without a voice being used to clarify that something was wrong. Your voice is to be used clearly in stating what your needs are and what it will take to feel safe and secure. You can be wondering about something and wondering if there is a future here. You may also be looking into your past and thinking about an unrequited love that KEEPS coming to your mind even though you thought you were over that.

You may even dream that someone comes back and actually has NOT forgotten about you, or moved on. I can’t say if you will join up again over the next 6 months, but I can say that you both ARE thinking about each other!

THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


I can feel that you are working to set yourself apart and to think more about what YOU need to do, or what YOU feel good about doing without always looking to others for validation.

You may even notice that you are changing from the ground up, where you seem to walk different and respond different and even make decisions in different ways. I’m sure you are looking back into the past year and are surprised with how much has changed!! And you are being asked to stop and give gratitude for all that you DO have right now because I can feel you wanting MORE, but it seems to come on the tails of you feeling gratitude for what is already there.

Your life feels much busier, and while you do love that, you are wanting to create more order at home so that you feel complete and able to focus on bigger matters. You may also be going through a spell where you lose things or forget things that you did not before. That is only happening IF you need to work on what is going on at home that is a bit too chaotic and needing some help or order applied.

You also may need to reach out and ask for assistance because this feels like you need others to help with duties that are just too much for you to accomplish now. This is like getting a house cleaner to come once a week so that you can go to a yoga class or get a massage. It IS paying it forward when you make space for those self care moments!!

And yes, OTHERS are showing up SO MUCH in this reading! There are catalysts for change around you who can assist you on this journey to get clearer on expressing yourself and your gifts. So be patient for that and seek not, but DO know people who are further down the road than you are WILL step forward and offer opportunities for you to express creativity through your own unique lens.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


This energy feels exciting to me!! You are putting your life into order and really getting clear on WANTING to express your souls purpose work! This feels like a passion that comes AFTER we have been pulled back and put into the cave.

It feels like you have been busy, busy, busy with distractions and taking care of all these hands coming your way with needs, and now you are starting to create a space for something to blossom and grow, that is your OWN, as if you have just tilled the garden and are ready to finally plant a seed.

It feels like inspiration is coming FROM being pulled away from what you REALLY want to be doing. So you see it is perfect! We always think we should be working towards our career and doing, doing, doing to get it going, but in fact, we go through waves of up and down, and in and out, and it is only when we fully arrive at UP and OUT that we bring forward ideas or take steps further on our path. But all those ideas CAME FROM THE DOWN AND IN. So honor the cycles, honor the seasons, honor your process.

Now I am feeling a lot of activity in the mind, like a ping-pong ball, and maybe that you are not being able to complete so much because you are all over the place. It feels like something is adrenal and taxing, but something that is there to stay, as I am feeling that adapting is where you are at. This makes me think of taking care of elderly parents, or having a child, or even more so, having a special needs child. It feels like you ARE having to give more of yourself than is comfortable, but this is how it is to be for you.

I also feel a STEAM building in you that is making a SACRED SPACE for things like yoga and mediation. You are COMMITTING to this and seeing that you NEED a connection to Spirit that helps you to feel calm and in control with your life.

You may even be doing work that is Spirit connected or somehow requires that you use your intuition to create designs, healing or something that helps others put their lives in BEAUTIFUL order.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So I feel like over the next 6 months you will really put things into order and into a solid sort of foundation because you are CRAVING stability and something that is reliable and true.

You also are in some sort of preparation stages for something that is to come and grow in your arms. This is something SO DEAR to you, like a baby or the love of your life in some form. And this DOES feel very much like BIRTH or something that has been incubating FOREVER it seems. It seems you have waited so very long for the dream you have in your sights now and BEING WITHOUT is what really has opened you to knowing that ACTUALLY this is EVERYTHING to you.

Now I am feeling this REALLY BIG LOVE VIBE and something with you wanting something so badly as you now work to create a nest for it to land or a safe place to call home. You may be thinking of buying property or finding some place with room to grow. You are thinking in terms of GROUNDING and STABILITY and attracting something that is PURE LOVE to you (such as expressing a creative gift, having a baby, or aligning with your twin soul).

There also is so much activity in your mind and in thinking of how things have played out in your past. I am feeling regrets and wish for a do over. I also feel that you are trying to understand something that relates to YOUR PATTERNS that pushes people away or adds obstacles that you REALLY don’t want to have there!! You may be working on fears, or even patterns that you have seen play out for others that you now think will also define and color your experience. You are longing to BREAK FREE from those limiting thoughts of the worst case scenario and open to the possibility of MAGIC!! Why not!! Believe that you can have something that is beyond the dream and something that will in some way complete you.

Now you may notice that you are more sensitive than normal and are not so confident of yourself. This feels hormonal or affected by something else, but not an actual part of your personality. It feels like Saturn Return when we SUDDENLY have no faith in ourselves, or are shy doing things that normally we would be a peacock with.

This also feels psychological so I can imagine you to be in a healing 6 months forward where you are examining thoughts you are saying in your mind and how you are cutting yourself short in being too fearful of taking a risk.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So this is a great energy for you!! I am feeling that so many new changes are on the way in your life because of you really deciding to let go of old outdated programs that OTHERS around you are carrying in their systems that YOU have been buying into and taking on as your own.

This MAY have something to do with messages you have heard since birth and even things that sing of the ways of the world that actually are FALSE. And you know this in your body! What you now need to do is really start to question things that others have fed you and ask yourself if YOU really believe it to be this way? This can be how you break through glass ceilings and decide to dream BIGGER than what others believe is actually possible.

I am seeing you break through something and rise out of it, defying all odds and proving others wrong. I remember when I was still incubating my dreams and how everyone thought I was a loser and needed to wake up and snap out of it! I was criticized every step of the way and ALMOST believed them for a while. But isn’t it great that I stood steady in my convictions and with my dreams and did not give up on myself?

You are in some situation like this too where you are to NOT carry the beliefs of others who could never even DREAM of the far out things you long to do!! If someone thinks what you dream of doing CANNOT be done, don’t share anything with them! They can imprint you!!!! They can have you holding back when the whole message here is to GO FO IT AND DREAM of what is held deeply in your heart as a way to live this life of yours. You are holding back and you need to break through this. You need to embrace that you DO have amazing gifts in some field and ideas for a way to make a living and you must keep feeding them with love and hope so that they can grow in the direction of your intentions.

So you are stepping forward more as your AUTHENTIC self and not the one that others think you need to be. You also will notice that you are not as affected by criticisms or people who don’t approve of you. The more you peel back this thing in you that CARES what others think, the more you can access the gold within that operates as a source of inspiration that is unique to your souls purpose. You must keep your channel clear and just CREATE from a place of loving to do so, instead of needing validation from others.

I also feel that you need to open to some sort of BIG manifestation with your career that hinges on you changing gears with BELIEVING that you CAN do this really spectacular thing.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


So you have been in a really mental space for some time where you are processing, pondering and VERY much trying to understand things. I would say you don’t really feel so safe just yet because so much is in the air still or things are just murky and confusing!!

I see you there pulling cards and accessing things trying to get an answer or solution as to what to do about this!! And what is funny is that I was brought back to about 2007 when I was this way too and constantly pulling cards and looking at my transits trying to figure out when the money was coming, when my career would take off and when my soul mate would arrive. I feel that you too are either focused into one of those areas hardcore, of all of them at the same times feeling that many areas of your life are in transition Souls purpose. Money. Love. And where to live or where to move.

Now what is really interesting here is that you ARE being held off from information right now because you are building a connection with Spirit AND a belief system that helps you TRUST that all this intensity really does have a meaning. So you cannot access the answers anyway and you need to be okay with that!!!! That is the point.

You need to unplug and tune in. You need to shut down your mind from so much seeking and just go silent and find your connection to source wisdom! Do you really meditate daily? Do you commit to daily yoga? Because you HAVE TO right now or you WILL think you are losing your mind because you ARE being defragmented to be put into a better shape. So you must find a way to keep your thoughts quiet and to just be in the receptive state for signs and inspiration.

And I am hearing too that you are too quick to think negatively or to think that others are taking advantage of you. There is a downward slope with your thoughts at times that doesn’t need to be there. And I believe it is stronger now than you are accustomed to, as if something recently has really had you feeling very unsure and sort of insecure maybe. It feels long standing but it has a recent feeling to it as if it has taken another turn and come back for a visit.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


There is so much LOOKING BACK in this reading where you are missing things that are gone from your life now. The good ole days can FOR SURE be where your thinking is as you are missing when you had less responsibility.

You also are thinking about choices you have made, and back then I’m sure they felt perfect and right on time, but now you are seeing them differently. There is a lot of wishing you could have said something differently or not reacted so strongly to something that now really doesn’t matter. There are doubts and regrets weighing heavily on you at times.

You may also have noticed a shift where things were SO FLOWING and now they seem to be stopping or causing you confusion as to how to get them moving again. Paths have been cut off from you that you THOUGHT you would be walking and many of you are looking around trying to figure out where to go or what to do now.

You are moving into a new phase of your life and this one is more introspective and pulled back. You may notice changes where you wanted to be social but now are wanting to just be alone and be with your own thoughts. You may even feel that words are hard to find to explain what you are going through as you just don’t understand it yourself. You may even at times feel a little crazy, but let me tell you that you are NOT. This is a natural phase that hits us that I think of as maturity because we get so pulled back into ourselves for the purpose of FINDING who we REALLY are. This also will be a healing time and one with many tears as you make sense of your past in order to move forward.

Now relationships are going to be going through a transformation BECAUSE of how much YOU are changing. It can feel confusing because I know you want something to last forever, and to remain how you remember it in the past, but YOU are changing, so everything around you must follow suit. Know that this is best for all parties involved.

Now money is going through some shift in your life and what is really being asked is that you hold positive thoughts that you can generate funds when you really need them.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


You may feel like so much is changing in your life, or there is so much to have to focus on that deals with rebuilding from the ground up. You may even feel like your foundation is shifting and what you thought was solid and true is going through a process of unraveling in order to rebuild in a better way. You may also notice that you are worrying more and very in tune to what is going on in the world as it is hitting you to the core.

Now there is a message that you are going to discover a new strength to BE this supportive person for others BECAUSE of the instability going on around you. So this could be seen as a testing time, but one where you are learning new skills. And you will be called to stand firm and help guide things forward. This is going to show up even more as we move through the next several months, but where you feel like things are sort of out of control is where YOU are being groomed to be more of an influence of this CALMING ENERGY. This makes me think about how people who lose everything or go through serious life tests BECOME the people who guide others because they have walked it and now are truly able to talk it. It would be hard to be a river guide if you never traveled the river! But when you know it like the back of your hand you are able to guide others through the journey.

Now there is going to be a lot of focus on your relationships over the next 6 months AND with what you are offering others as your gifts. So there is a new level that you will be expressing at THROUGH really getting to know yourself better AND demanding that you ARE seen as something special to those around you.

This is important right now because if you do not feel seen you can get really depressed and down on yourself. You are needing things FROM others as validation that you are on track, and that is not always healthy, but I am feeling that it is an essential piece required in YOU coming more forward with strength to just be true to you. You may also feel more insecure than at other times and pretty sensitive! I feel you are focused on judging yourself through the reactions of others and this makes me think that you really need to be careful for who you surround yourself with! Just know that you are growing more confidently through this outside vision as the low times are provoking you and stimulating you to become the best person you can be.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


Everything going on around you is ALL for the purpose of you stepping up and moving into higher ways of expressing your souls purpose work. There is A LOT going on and much that is moving and shifting, so do not get stuck into thinking there is only one way to do things because you are in a process of moving that puzzle piece around until it fits like a dream. Be okay with what doe not fit anymore! You have been working for some time on releasing things that are not a 100% match and we now are coming to a point where you will take a break on all that and enjoy seeing what is arriving to take over the spaces that were made from what was released. So be in anticipation and look forward to new growth that is set to surprise you in REALLY FAVORABLE WAYS.

So there also is a focus to your foundation here and what I am feeling is that there have been blocks put into place that have kept you from the expansion you desire BECAUSE of something that has looped back several times and relates to thoughts you have been holding. It also deals with something you have not been facing or admitting? Possibly something where you have not used your voice and instead have just gone along with things?

Whatever this block is, it is now BUSTING apart because it IS holding you back and it IS keeping you from manifesting these other beautiful things because it is about you not really speaking your truth. I don’t know if this is about pleasing others, or not wanting to make a stink, or where you just learned from early conditioning that you do NOT speak up about these things.

So your VOICE is wanting to be freed up in ways that allow you to REALLY be heard and to REALLY say if you like something or not. You may even have to stand up to say NO to someone and MANY TIMES FORWARD as you ingrain this new pattern that says YOU DO DESERVE TO BE HEARD. So be okay with saying NO. Be okay with having an opinion and expressing it clearly. You also will have throat things going on at this time if you are STILL holding them in. What I have noticed most about this showing up in people is that there is a pattern or something from long ago that stopped the voice from coming through clearly and because of that there now is something that makes YOU think you will be challenged for speaking up or stating your needs. So you THINK first about how this will not go easy and then that thought chokes the words from coming through.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


This is to be an EPIC 6 months of your life when you REALLY awaken to your value. What you are in right now is a heavy duty PURGING process that is to melt through blocks that have had you feeling ODD or as if you do not have a place in this world. You have carried these with you because you HAVE not felt at home here or in knowing that you aren’t really in harmony with the mainstream way. So in feeling so out of place, you have put blocks in your way that have actually kept you from being able to expand INTO YOUR DESTINY.

But that is all set to change! I am seeing you shedding skins and coming forward as someone who is READY to DO YOUR PART and to let go of caring what others think of you. You are letting go of ways that you hold yourself back BECAUSE you feel different or that others don’t understand you.

I see you using your voice more clearly to BELIEVE in ways that you can expand and get out there more with what you are dreaming to share that comes from the depth of your soul. I see a wrap around your mouth being removed and you are exhaling all these beautiful colors that tells me this is something you have held near and dear to your heart for some time, and getting this out is a relief.

You also may be working on a project over the next 6 months that is writing based or having to do with a website and you will have many opportunities to GET THIS RIGHT. I see this as a tumbling stone so you will go through a process where you come forward, pull back to make changes, and then come forward again, and it may go on for some time.

It is a process because you are refining and making something better, and we rarely get it right our first time out! So do be aware that this may mean you will reveal something that does not have the impact you desired, but over time as you listen to the needs of others, you will make this better through applying changes that come to you as inspiration. Basically I am feeling that what you are working on is to benefit others in some way and this means you need to be on the forefront of understanding WHAT people need before they even know they need it!


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!


There is a massive set of shifts taking place in your life that is all about aligning you to YOUR TRIBE. You are to be aware that all people falling away, or all situations that don’t feel exactly like a match WILL collapse during this time as suddenly it will seem like there is nothing holding them together.

This energy is SO powerful and I am being shown magnets and how when certain ends are touched there is no attraction at all, but switch them around and they are SOLIDLY connected. THIS is what is occurring and it feels like seats are shifting, where at one time something WAS a hardcore connection, but now it is losing its juice as a way to let you know that you can move on to more magnetic pastures.

Accept that you are actively purging right now and releasing debt, scarcity fears or things that are anchoring you down so that you don’t feel free to expand. Whatever is IN THE WAY is NOT going to be for much longer!

Now the really big part of this energy that is ushering in a new phase over the next 6 months is that YOU ARE SHOWING UP MORE IN LIFE! This means you are going to experience changes of how people see you and how they interpret your impact. You are on the rise, my love and it will be hard to miss you because you will have a new sort of magnetic glow that has people taking second glances. People may also comment on how different you look or how much you have changed.

Now the BODY is showing up in this reading and you may notice changes as suddenly the inflammation leaves, or suddenly you are able to move with more grace, or even suddenly ALL you want to do is work on your body and get it in tip top health. There is a huge focus here that I am seeing where you are being guided to make changes with your eating and exercise so that a new you can blossom. It seems it will be easier at this time to REALY stick with something and also to notice overnight changes. I am hearing, “inflammation”, so check out foods that cause that! You may also need to tell your sensitive body that it DOES NOT need to protect itself by swelling up to put distance between your body and others.


THIS IS HALF OF THE ECLIPSE READING!!! There were SO many messages to share!

The full reading is available in the MOON VIBE Guide!

Full Moon in Aquarius Written READINGS for Each Sign

Happy FULL MOON my loves!! IN AQUARIUS!  Yay!  We love this one because it is always about creating drastic changes in our lives that UPGRADE what is already in place.

And enjoy my FIRST VIDEO since Moon Bear died back on December 30, 2015. It was GREAT to be back bringing you verbal  messages. As many of you know I have a different style with all my readings, so it was nice to step back into this path again.

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Okay I am seeing you making a stand and REALLY deciding to choose a new life based on a risk you will be taking that brings you out of your comfort zone! So this is something that has been building in you and is growing steam. And I tell you what, I have noticed this so much about being human! I have noticed that it REALLY is through the darkness and pain that we REALLY find the strength to rise above and create something new. It’s almost like we have to be put in situations that test us and push us to the limit to SHOW us who we really are and what we are capable of. And I feel like this time now is when you will really notice yourself declaring new standards in your life, or codes of ethics, about what you WILL OR WILL NOT take into your private spaces. I feel you being DONE with things and really cutting them off because THEY have been cutting off YOUR life force. It also feels a bit crazy or irrational around you, so you REALLY have not been able to make sense of what is going on. I am also am feeling something with mental illness or different personalities and something that takes A LOT of patience to have to deal with! I just got the image of my father who was bi-polar and schizophrenic and even though he was married 5 times, he DID put those wives through the ringer!! So not that this is what you are dealing with, but someone has some touchy and fluctuating moods and it may have you never knowing what you are dealing with, or even understanding what to do to bring peace. Or, you may even notice yourself going UP with hope and then DOWN with fear so many times throughout the day so that you WONDER if you are bi-polar! But don’t go there! That is something that has weeks of waves and not like the fluctuating ones during a day! I just think you are WOBBLING into a comfortable new position that is taking a minute to find. But through the extremes of discomfort and mismatches you are going to learn what you need to do/follow/take in your life to feel full of joy and on purpose. I also feel you being a bit sensitive and needing to be SEEN and appreciated for your gifts. You may feel left out or like something is wrong with you, but that’s not true!! I also feel some regrets and thinking you made a wrong move, but again, you made it so you HAVE to follow through and trust that this WAS the best decision for you. I feel that it was! I think you will see that real soon! Just keep following your heart! It may feel a bit dark and confusing but you are on to something!


You are REALLY ready to create some epic changes in your life and this is coming from what you have let go of that deals with people or things that do not honor your VALUE. You are ready to get to the nitty gritty of it all and will be working to uncover any source of leaking energy from your foundation, or even from the base of the dreams you are longing to get out in the world. You may even cut your loses on something that was an investment, but in trusting that you don’t need to hold onto this any longer, you will open up a new channel for energy to flow through. Sometimes we hold on longer because we have been in this for so long, or because we have put so much money into this, or because we think this defines us, but in letting it go, we find that a new source of JOY and sustainability can now be given some light to grow. I was shown the image of forest fires and how when the trees burn down, that have been there as canopies for hundreds of years, new plants hidden in the dark below finally have light and a new terrain tends to take over. So you may have something ELSE that has been hidden and has not reached the light just yet and in scaling back or cutting out some dead trees, this gift of yours will be able to sprout wings. Flashes of insight are also set to come as they shine towards your creative gifts or in ways to make your life feel more valuable. You may also have insight into your past or in regards to what you have taken on from others that is SO not a match for who you are now. You may even rise above old wounds or old programming at this time that has you feeling QUITE free and reborn in a way. Something feels like a fresh clean slate where you will be building dreams in a new way and through a renewed appreciation for life and the magic of it all. It feels like you are standing there stunned at how brilliant things are becoming and how out of the blue they appeared so close to when you REALLY got clear on how you wanted your life to look. Now time to get down to business and really continue to paint with bold colors as you next focus into YOUR LOVE LIFE.


There can be some shifts occurring in your world that are still moving things around to the point that you don’t feel all that safe and okay JUST YET. You are to let go of thinking you need to do so much and BE at some destination point just because you are so many years old or have studied so many things. Its all up in the air right now and NOTHING is manifesting FROM any set declaration of your past experiences! You may feel sort of raw and sensitive too in feeling like you got thrown on this path and have no handbook and each day some new test comes that has you sort of wanting to stay in bed and cry the day away! I feel you REALLY need your MAMA or some sort of family influence that helps you feel taken care of. You are CRAVING comfort foods and things that help you feel safe because you are not so sure right now. You may have also embarked on a new path that in theory was one thing, but in walking is a totally other thing! The walking feels sort of like you are a pioneer in a new land and are having to figure everything out from scratch. I also feel that something is shifting with your career or with your IDEAS surrounding what you would like to do to make a living. You may be going through an introspective time trying to TRULY understand what is YOUR thing to offer as you separate yourself from others and try to not take on what they are doing too. You can uncover so much at this time through writing and allowing your subconscious to bring through messages that VERY WELL may deal with dreams from your childhood. As I like to say, the true gifts we are here to offer, and not just our interests which is the things we love to do and play around with, are things that you ALWAYS offered and provided even as a child. Go deeper on that. Your writing done in an organic and unforced manner will reveal more on how you can uncover that born with gift. Now there IS so much going on and so much to take care of and I can feel you sort of going in circles and feeling a bit like it is ALL too much to process, so do make time to unplug and just do simple and fun things like cooking or working in the garden or sitting at the beach all day or having spa days each week. You are set to REBOOT very shortly, if not already, so open your schedule for downtime so you can REALLY get this whole UPDATE to your system that is required so that you can move forward REBORN and good to go.


Oh honey bunny! I can feel you feeling a bit uncertain of your future and wondering if you can handle what is before you! There are lots of fears with money and ALSO doubt surrounding your creative gifts! But what is important to realize about this is that fears are leading the way when HOPE is what is being asked of you! You are to BUST through those fears from your past that you have been carrying for HOW LONG? Seriously, look at this moment right now and remember how many times you have been at this same position! I can feel that this is a pattern that is running like a loop in your life where you feel SO CONFIDENT and okay with all of this, and then just out of the blue you are collapsing in doubt. I also feel that your life is on a wave right now as there is NOTHING stable and constant and that is a bit rough to deal with. Others around you too may be feeling very unsure of themselves and you are following their lead and fooling yourself into believing things are out of order. Change IS in the air and you ARE going to be asked to adapt to what appears, but I want you to see that your thoughts are really the back person in this canoe of your life. They ARE steering and driving you forward and you ARE a bit too worried or fearful for what is to come. I can see that many situations were creations from your mind and you didn’t really need to manifest such tests! But they are occurring to show you that your road CAN be easier if you just trust that this is all a part of your learning journey! Your eyes are to be planted on the horizon and you are to paint that image in bold and vibrant colors! When you do this, the busy and hectic moments of now can just be things you are passing through where you are not putting so much importance into or viewing as signs of negative things to come. Look UP with all that is going around you and DO NOT WORRY so much that you are getting something wrong or are a complete failure! This is upgrading you and soon you will realize that your intentions for a positive future, even in the face of a storm, WILL coast you along quicker to that which you envision.


Oh I can feel that you are ready to EXPAND and EXPLORE and get out of this box that has grown way too familiar! Something has you a bit fidgety and needing MORE from life. It’s almost like something has occurred as a sort of wake up call or near death experience as it is inspiring you to go for something that feels a bit like a risk but at the same time your heart is saying DO THIS and GO FOR IT. Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t fear attached because I can feel you are wobbling between faith and insecurity, but at the same time you are feeling like you CAN’T LET THIS GO and you MUST DO SOMETHING DRASTIC. You may be reclaiming something or going for a long lost dream. You are being asked to put one foot in front of the other without thinking of pitfalls or all the potential things that can go wrong. If you start to doubt the process you can stop yourself completely. It’s VERY important that you do not fear the process unfolding and always hold the vision that A MIRACLE can come out of nowhere and change all of this in a flash. I am getting the image of how the DAY BEFORE we meet the love of our life or get the opportunity that changes everything; we have NO IDEA this is on the way. So you are to hold steady even when you don’t have ANY proof that what you are dreaming of can come true. Remember this new move of yours is a RISK and it will require that you do NOT know that there is a safety net, yet that STRONG PULL in your heart is leading the way. Don’t let money stop you or the fear that your resources are going dry. Sometimes we have to go all the way to empty in order to allow the replenish to arrive as THEN it comes from a strong drive to OVERCOME this situation. Sometimes it is great to be pushed to the edge, ya know. And just so you know, I moved to San Francisco when I was 25 with only $200 and no job or no real clue what I was going to do! I also moved to Santa Fe, where I had never even stepped foot, with no car, 3 cats and about $100 in my pocket. What matters most is that in my heart I KNEW this is what I was supposed to do and then I just got out of my way and allowed the Universe to fill in all the blank and confusing spaces. And as I love to say, LOOK AT ME NOW! I encourage you to LEAP towards a life of your DREAMS. Not knowing the outcome is half the fun because THEN you get to use the power of your intentions to paint this canvas of your future.


Okay boo boo kitty. You are still feeling a bit ungrounded and unsure of some decisions you have made (or are soon to make), but just because things are a bit foggy right now DOESN’T mean they will not be wonderful and AMAZING once this lifts! You are being tested to TRUST THAT. You are building in resiliency THROUGH not really knowing what the outcome will be just yet and for many of you that is creating fearful thoughts and worrisome things going on in your head! BUT I can see that things are soon to shift and a wave of positive vibes are set to hit the building process you are in, or shall I say REBUILDING process. It feels like you are working on something that has already been put into place, but now you are reworking the details with a new perspective that has come FROM pulling back and looking at this from another angle. And it was SUPPOSED to be this way. You did one big push of an attempt with this STRONG knowing in your heart that THIS WAS THE THING FOR YOU, but then you were taken through that thing of 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards in order to NOW rework and refine this dream that feels career based, partnership based or something with the home or your foundation. One thing you can do that IS a mistake is to try to now scatter your energies and try to expand in other areas because the one you are in is feeling stifled or lifeless. But there is A WAITING game programmed into your journey currently that says STICK WITH THIS path and wait for more layers to reveal themselves to you before making any drastic moves or going backwards in time. Don’t jump ship just yet because you will KNOW if that is the correct path for you because the signs will come to make that 100% clear. Right now there is just the need to be patient and in the wait. Things are growing. Things are forming. This is like a painting that has just been started and you can’t truly make out the end result just yet. But there IS a lot of work to do so I would continue on this clearing process and keep going until the light appears. It will! But you have some things to face and it will require strict discipline to stay on path and not fall to the wayside in DOUBT LAND. That is death valley for you right now! Steer clear!


Wow is there A LOT on your mind!! You may even be hiding away because you know that a decision needs to be made but you just don’t know how to handle this. I do want to remind you to FEEL this all out. Even though you do take in all the sides of things, at ALL times, you do still have an inner compass that is there to guide you and it is from your FEELING of things. And YOU ARE being guided towards a decision and you know it. But I can feel that you are putting focus into another area and are possibly making excuses for someone because you don’t want to have to say NO or to cause a stink. Now, the OTHER is showing up HUGE in this reading and for some people it will be a road traveled before that you tested out again in the hopes that THIS TIME things will be different. But about now you are realizing that this is keeping you from being happy as it is holding you into old patterns that you KNOW have not been working. You sweet love, do tend to try, try and try again. But I am feeling a dead end here and mostly because it brings you down and is really keeping you off path from what you NEED to be traveling down. Now there is a A LOT of uncertainty on your future path but I am hearing that you need to see this as an adventure and to feel EXCITED for what is to come instead of the fear you are feeling that you are making a mistake or that you are doomed to suffer and fail miserably. NO WAY! You are not at all! But this IS a risky new move for you and it FOR SURE will take you out of your comfort zone and out of what is the familiar! It also requires that you PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Decisions made for the other sacrifice the truth of what you NEED. Yes, often you are the one who needs to consider others but NOT for this move. Friends can help too, so reach out if you need some support. You are LEAPING, my love and I want you to know 100% that you are supported in this, BECAUSE YOU ARE. But you must LOVE yourself first; this is key to the equation. You must remember that you DO deserve to live a life of joy and happiness where you are adored as a human and cherished for the amazing way that you make others feel. From afar we ALL hold you in high esteem. Now lets wake that up in your own heart. Its time to shock that back into you.


You are ALL about your work and souls purpose arena right now. Your mind may be full of thinking in investigative ways to figure out how to upgrade and make improvements on something that is already in place. You actually are VERY in tune to trends right now or ideas that are ahead of the times, so ponder those! Play around with ideas that come to your mind that are NOT based on what has been done, and instead are all about needs of the people that are yet to be met. Keep a journal handy where you can dialogue with yourself and make lots of notes about what is coming up in you. There will be an ultimate connection of thoughts that will take place over the next 30 to 60 days where what is happening now will come together in a way that you cannot predict in this current moment. It is GROWING and morphing into a bigger expression, but you are ONTO SOMETHING. Share your ideas with others because people in your life will offer inspiration that takes your visions to a new level. This is like how last night I was talking with a friend who was telling me that she uses the Birth Chart Book as a Tarot deck, which I do have that suggestion written in there anyway, but it inspired me to then be like, “Oh I should go post on Instagram for all of the Book owners to go do that right now!” So your dreams are being connected and upgraded THROUGH random thoughts or ideas of others! This is also like how so many towns have raw food delivery services now that you KNOW were birthed from someone saying, “Aww, I don’t have time to do all that but, man it would be awesome if I could have them delivered!” Boom. Idea born. Now DEBT is something on your mind, or the fear that you will not be able to support yourself in the future, so KNOW that those inspirational insights will be BLOCKED if you are thinking of money first. Just pretend all is taken care of and money is on the way from some surprising source and THEN open your mind to creative inspiration. Fear will keep all the visions that are LONGING TO REACH YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS at bay. You must pretend that you can trust your future, even if just for the next few weeks. If you do, GENIUS will rise out of you.


Oh you can feel this, right? You can feel that you are on the RISE, right? Well you ARE! There is so much being put together and reorganized in your life so that you have a clearer shot to sail forward on dreams that are SO near and dear to your heart. There also is a bit of risk taking going on for you now where you are being asked to go beyond what you even thought you could do, or even what you believed was possible. And there IS a lot going on, so you may have to be really diligent in taking the time to ground yourself and keep it all in order because you can get a bit brain fried with all the demands that are needing your attention. But IDEAS are alive for you right now as you may be getting inspiration like flashes where you are just hanging out and doing your thing, and BOOM, the solution appears! Others will think of you as a genius at this time because you are straight up in tune to trends that are yet to be walked and you will just have these FEELINGS like THIS IS SOMETHING BIG! You are right! You have that vision right now, so use it and believe in it. You also may be thinking about a move or have settled into a new move and this is set to rebirth an excitement for life like you haven’t felt in forever! If moving isn’t in the cards then you may just be MOVING to some new area in life through work, love or something you are starting to study. It just feels like what is happening now is sort of a bridge to a life of your dreams, or at least to a great change towards something that has you SMILING! I see SMILES and I see a more carefree interpretation of life or something where you are seeing beyond the struggles of your past and with feeling like you OVERCAME something. This could be summit energy I am picking up on were you are reaching the top and now all the pain of the climb is starting to dissipate like morning fog. Take a minute to rest and take in your surroundings before going to your next destination. Look at all the opportunities that have been greeting you!! Feel some gratitude for being SEEN. THEY ARE SEEING YOU AND YOUR GIFTS. Remain open and in the anticipatory state! This story is not yet written in its full form and is morphing and evolving THROUGH the LOVE in your heart and the desire to make an IMPACT. We aint seen the last of you, my love! This is just the beginning…


You are being asked to release your money fears and those things that keep you stuck in this moment in worry mode because they are ALL ILLUSION. Energies are trying to FREE YOU to expand into a space that is growing larger, but the entry way is in YOU upgrading your vibration into being someone who can go with the flow more and trust no matter what is going on BECAUSE you are operating with integrity in all that you do. Think about it. If you are noticing that sales are down, or something is shifting with your own finances, how are you dealing with it? Are you going into your body and remembering that there is an ebb and flow to all things in life, or are you immediately thinking there is a problem that you now need to solve? If you were in the preceding way of thought then you are about to experience something that shifts things in a really beautiful way and it is about going UP. And if you were in the latter way of thought you have already dug a path that now is built on fears and the NEED to make more money, which is like trying to grab a fly in a glass of water as each and every attempt pushes it away! And that path has a vicious cycle because then you lose confidence in yourself and will think that you need to make drastic changes, which actually you do not. BUT I can tell you all that you are going through situations right now that ARE keeping things a bit away because they have some sort of link to something programming based from a message you picked up on in childhood. And the whole point is that you are to SHIFT out of that and RISE above into a more high vibe way where you KNOW you are doing your best and putting your heart and soul into things, so why would you even doubt that your future is not going to be blessed? If you do good, you absolutely can expect that good will come from that. Maybe that is a lesson for you right now? Are you doing good things? Are you operating from a place of integrity and high vibes? Are you valuing yourself and remembering that you DO deserve to live a life of joy? If yes to all of those then open your arms and wait for the bounty. It will come. If you answered no to any, work to upgrade that. It will only take a shift in perception to transform EVERYTHING in your life right now.


Wow. I can feel you growing stronger and bolder! You are RAPIDLY losing layers of density to the point many of you will not even recognize your lives anymore! This is actually continuing for a few more months when THEN you move into a space where you feel FREE TO BE YOU! You also are growing in confidence in regards to NOT allowing your space to be filled with people, thought processes or things that make you feel like you have no value. There ARE tests along the way where you WILL manifest people who question you or who try to force you to do another path because it is more “realistic”, but I am encouraging you to do what lights YOUR HEART UP. Things will not work out to your advantage if you EVER follow the roadmap of another who criticizes your choices. Your energy is growing smaller EACH TIME you surround yourself with those who doubt you. You are STEPPING FORWARD in some way and joining others who are on your same wavelength and this will amp you up hardcore. Do be aware that I am feeling that even some of your “friends” are contributing to you hiding your light or planting fear seeds in you. You are not totally in a pure space where all are feeding you with love and appreciation. But, this is part of the test I spoke about because the more YOU value YOU, the more you stand up and draw boundaries that keep your heart safe and light bright. This moment marks a START to where you will begin to see that I am correct as you will take steps towards making some hard choices, but each one will feel GREAT about a week later when NEW THINGS start to manifest to MATCH the lighter being you are becoming. So, BRAVELY commit to VALUING yourself so much so that NOTHING sticks that could possibly tarnish your shine. You are in a process right now of development/transformation/rebirth and much is shifting and changing, so JUST focus on following your HEART and what you feel INSIDE. You are being guided, but there is a bit of a trickster effect going on so your mind may be fooling you but your HEART will NOT. You may be feeling a bit more anxiety right now as you are fearful for your future but you need to do whatever you can to remind yourself that ALL things in your past HAVE worked out just as they will continue to!


My loves, first thing I heard when I went into your energy this week is LET GO OF THINKING YOU DO NOT FIT IN. You actually are SUPPPOSE to not fit in because you are to SHINE outside of the limits. This time now is asking you to go beyond what you have been dreaming is possible and to GO BACK to times past in order to cultivate dreams that fell to the wayside due to TOO MUCH LOOKING OUT AT WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING. Love, you know I tell you never to do that! You especially are a sign that can either take on others expressions and be a bit of a mimic, or monkey see, monkey do, OR put up your blinders to what is around you which will help you FIND what is YOUR THING to offer the world. Pisces that blend with others are spending too much time looking to others for direction with their own lives, while those that rise to the top are hiding away and surrendering fully until visions and inspiration engulfs them with JUST THE THING that is unique and what the world needs most. The latter path also makes way for those CONFIDENT Pisces that are actually quite rare, but with power to influence and impact the masses. And trust me on this, you may think that all the ideas are taken already so you HAVE to follow a path that is uber occupied and being done by so many, but I have 100’s of ideas and haven’t even executed 90% of the ones I want to do with my business, so there ARE many ideas still out there!!! You just have to pull away to find them. You especially RIGHT NOW are in a PRIME time to channel or intuit guidance that deals with taking steps forward on your path. There are things coming to your mind that are LIFE CHANGERS, so you need to be ready for them. Do what you can to make space for silence and alone time so that you can catch them! You also are being asked to let go of fears that are about doing something that you have DREAMED of doing for so long yet have not committed to. This may be exercise related or health related. START A NEW PLAN RIGHT NOW!


Saturn goes DIRECT! Retrograde REVIEW Readings for EACH SIGN

So here we are, so anticipating the direct motion shift of the big time TEACHER of the planetary world. This guy, he is NOT going to let you get away with anything that is not TRULY MASTERY and an example of your path being one of walking your talk.

I’ve noticed a cycle of Saturn where during the ages of 22 to 27 we think we know EVERYTHING. This is when we declare that OUR generation is going to create the true changes in the world and that other generations did nothing. We tend to be a bit arrogant at this time as we think old people know nothing and that we have it all figured out.  We also tend to think that we are very awakened and in the know and can move forward in the world as MASTERS even though we may only be slightly grasping the first layers of our gifts.

I remember those days!! I was RIGHT THERE!!

And then we reach 28 to 36. And then EVERYTHING CHANGES. I only know a few people who did not plunge to the depths of depression and HEAVY life situations during their first Saturn return and they were ONLY the most humble people I have ever met. They were gentle in their 20’s and thus the 30’s shift just sailed them to higher expressions through more disciplined studies towards their Mastery positions.

But what this really is about is MASTERY. Saturn demands that you assimilate the intellectualized wisdom you are taking in and actually walk it and live it in your life before coming out to teach, influence others or lead by example. And since we are in the internet age, the microwave age, the fast food age, we want things NOW. We want to study something for a few months and then come forward to take a position as an authority.

And honestly you may get away with it for a while, but when Saturn makes a strong connection in your chart, the testing begins!

AND that is when the unraveling tends to occur. But what is unraveling are things that were created with the first need to MAKE MONEY, to acquire something QUICKLY and to desire being noticed or seen as an authority. Those are the great spiritual pitfalls. Add judging others and doing the copy and paste and you have all the pitfalls in one place.

So there is a method to the madness of the human path. We rise in our 20’s as OVER STUFFED and FULL OF KNOW IT ALL, but then we are deflated and made more humble, then we get down to work and really learn our mastery, and then in our 30’s to 70’s, as dictated by our one unique path, we come forward as THE MASTERS, or AUTHORITIES in our field. And don’t try to manipulate this journey because Saturn WILL correct your path!  He’s sees right in you and he KNOWS how high you REALLY vibrate or how much you REALLY are following what you talk and try to teach to others.



So my advice:

Stay HUMBLE in your 20’s and admit that you DO NOT know everything. Go slow with your studies and don’t try to be TOO BIG TOO QUICK. This is the time time to learn SOCIAL SKILLS and to travel and play in the world! When you get into your 30’s you will MISS these times SO MUCH and will WISH that you had played more and enjoyed the lightness of the times.

And then in your 30’s get ready to clear out the garbage and discover who you REALLY ARE. This is when you really get to work even deeper with your studies and will be given opportunities to see if you are really walking your talk. Expect to feel like a COMPLETELY different person than when you were in your 20’s! It’s remarkable in fact how much you will change!! But just like the heat in Phoenix, AZ in the summer, you don’t know how HOT it can get until you live it.

And then in the 40’s and beyond expect to EXHALE what you have learned and mastered. By this point you will have much more patience ingrained in your body and not so much of a need to compete or copy or be like anyone else. THIS is when you really grow unique! This is when you have SO MUCH POWER in the world that is RESPECTED.

So now that you have read my brief introduction to SATURN, lets recap his journey through your chart since last April. And BTW, when you are subscribed to the MOON VIBE guide, you get these retrograde readings at the beginning of the cycle and NOT the end of it! I take care of My Tribe as I provide all the tools to live EACH DAY on purpose and on path towards becoming the best peoples they can be!That’s right!


To get these READINGS at the BEGINNING of the cycle

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This is going to be a time where you will want to delve fully into some new expression of your gifts. You may be going back to school to gain more experience or you may even get an opportunity that feels like an apprenticeship. You are losing some of your speed to race to the finish line as a new energy is taking over your bones that says, “TRUST THE PROCESS.” And there is something to this. This will facilitate you slowing down to appreciate your surroundings. This means you may not be so seeking of some big, future goal, as you are more just wanting to make the most of this moment with surrendering and trusting that the opportunities will find you when the time is right. When you learn this lesson, life transforms into total magic. When you can just be okay with however things are to unfold and look, you enter bliss. And I mean that because it has you not always looking around for more. When you are in the flow of life, accepting WHATEVER shows up as karma to be learned on your path, it all — no matter what — becomes all good. It doesn’t get judged to pieces as always being wrong or not good enough or something you need to bend and change into a new form. You also will be focused on making changes to any publications or writing projects. You may want to redesign your website or something that is an aspect of getting your work out there. Use this time to really hook into meditation and quiet times out in nature to BRING the inspiration. You will always be hooked up to genius ideas at this time when you are outside under the stars. Roofs will act like blockers with this transit. Get outside and get to a place where your mind can wander. There is so much for you to reconsider and to open up to. Make long-range plans at this time, as in thinking of where you would like to be in 10 years. Play with all visions that expand your life and bring more value to your experiences.

The challenge of this retrograde: You can be a bit negative in your mind with thinking things aren’t moving quick enough or with coming forward before you are truly a master of your offerings. You may also be fearful of big changes and will limit them a bit with the thoughts in your head. You are still in a LEARNING space in your life and you just need to slow down and not come forward with something before you are ready.  

Essential advice: This is your time to put in the work towards something that you will share in a few months. You are reworking things and making sure that all pieces have been considered. This is very much about study and possibly eventually offering something that is teaching others a spiritual tool. But during this time you will be learning about how to make this something that sustains you. So GO SLOW.


To get these READINGS at the BEGINNING of the cycle

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So this is a bit heavy, but at the same time it really will just be about pulling you WAY inside of yourself to the place where your REAL truth is to be found. This will be a time when you will go DEEPLY inside of yourself and will focus head-on into the truth of who you really are. This is the you who is not trying to impress anyone or be agreeable, popular or well-liked. This is the you who has plenty of flaws and “issues” to heal. And this transit is going to give you a bit of a test to see how evolved you really are. You will have people push your buttons; they will trigger your sensitive spots. Things will just get your goat out of the blue, and one after the other, until you start passing the tests and learn to not take things so personally or as an attack.

When you become the calm lake in the face of any ripples coming your way from OTHERS’ actions, then you move to another level. And this new level is where you just surrender — you roll with the path that is yours and accept that all things carry a message and do NOT necessarily need to be thought of as painful or something that is out to get you.

This time will also be about drawing boundaries and dividing resources. You may be deep in tax material, business dealings or things relating to a death or separation. This also means you will be deep in the trenches of all things debt-related or THAT which is holding you back in life. And during this time you will go to all corners in order to find it all. You will not let anything be ignored at this time, as you will fully realize that IT ALL carries energetic weight to it. Many of you will WIPE OUT YOUR DEBT at this time, or at least come up with the best way to pay it all off. Remember that money can come in mysterious ways! Believe it.

The challenge of this retrograde: Basically the real challenge is that things will feel heavy, where before they were flowing. NOW there will be more hoops to jump through and more things that will have you doubting if you can keep up with what you NEED to sustain yourself.

Essential advice: You are ready to sail to new heights that exemplify the dreams of your most expansive imaginings. So lighten your load and you will be granted your wings, my love. TAURUS is going to be FLYING come the end of the year. And where you land all depends on how much you have let go of in your life that feels like a load of bricks. Heavy? Face it and let it go. Light? Love it and hold it tight.


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Now, where your big time growth is occurring concerns your relationships with others. You are going to be engaging in relationships that are much more serious and also full of responsibility. This is new energy, so it is something NEW in your life and also something where much time and dedication will be focused.

The thing is, I can feel that some of you will have strong limitation with a partner or clashes over scarcity thoughts vs. abundance thoughts. I am feeling that YOU are the one in abundance and they are a bit in contrast with the scarcity fear thoughts. They want to prepare for disaster and you want to dream that magic can happen. So it can be a bit of a drag for you, as they want to hold you down and you want to FLY into the mystery with faith in hand!

And some of you will be in a different space with this transit where you will be giving more of the mature, wise side of your personality as an offering to others. You will be showing up more as the leader or teacher or guiding force towards something. It feels like you will be giving more of your gifts and being an authority. You also may be assisting others more or working on something that is publishing related or with spreading an important message. You are shifting to the humanitarian heart, so you may also be coming together with others to do IMPORTANT WORK in bringing in the Age of Aquarius. Coming together is important for you now and it is time to BRING your gifts.

The challenge of this retrograde: You can seriously feel stifled by those around you as something in YOU is changing and they may not be going at the same rate. You may feel they are sort of depressed or not growing. You may also feel like your energy is going down around certain people and it can have you feeling cagey and frustrated with them. You also may be needing to part with others where your vibrations are not a match, even if they were a while ago. You may have extra responsibilities or will feel pushed to the limit with what others are asking of you.

Essential advice: Step forward into a new role where you are going to be responsible in sharing something from the depth of your soul. Accept that this will bring more responsibilities to your life, but also a sense of satisfaction. You may be coming together with others in doing something that opens people’s minds or relates to yoga, meditation or something that expands other people’s view of their world.


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One reason why I feel such great energy about your life right now is because of this retrograde. This is in total alignment with many of the changes you are making right now, and it is all about putting things in order and really getting serious about what you want to do to make an income. This means you are thinking logically and also with a committed tone that really just wants to take care of this now and get it all in smooth running order. And it is also combined with thinking of your future and being prepared. So it is like stocking up and feeling safe through having more of the things you will really need and use.

And something, too, will build strength in you to trust this future that has yet to manifest, trust this dream you are working to give birth to.

And another part of this energy is about you wanting to DO IT RIGHT. There is a strong preparedness with your thoughts and wanting to know all there is so that the best outcome can arrive with ease and grace. And at the same time you are learning to not judge what is before you as being the be-all and end-all. You are looking OVER obstacles while expecting the best to occur. This is a nice change, right? And what I am hearing is that you are to invite more of this energy into your basic structure so that it can become an engrained new habit. Remember, it takes 28 days to change a habit. So each time you rise above in your perspective with something that feels like a pain in the ass or something you do NOT want to have to deal with, stop and remember to look OVER it where the lessons are learned and the hindsight is in place. In the future we ALWAYS understand things. So be here now and understand it ahead of time.

The challenge of this retrograde: You can at times get a bit overwhelmed by all that needs to be done! You can get too into the small details and totally get down on yourself thinking you are NOWHERE close to where you need to be. You can easily fall into negative spaces where you doubt, worry and judge yourself way too harshly.

Essential advice: You also will soon be doing something like an apprenticeship or a big learning experience where you will be learning the ropes of a trade or new life situation. You are starting from scratch with something but doing it from the wisdom of others who have walked this before you.   You are going to have GREAT discipline to do this and to do it RIGHT, so lighten up when you get overwhelmed! You are no doubt going to ROCK this.


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Now this one is why you have been a bit insecure — even though you may not want to admit it to anyone! You HAVE been feeling a bit unsure and not so confident with your choices right now. You may also need more validation than at other times because you are a bit sensitive to others’ approval. This is just a fleeting thing, so do not attach too much to it. It is NOT how you always will be; it is more like a hormonal change that can be brought back into balance. Sometimes we actually need to sit in the uncertainty as a way to humble us or bring us back to what is important. And sharing your heart and the creativity that comes forth from it should never be monitored or judged through the eyes of how much others will love it too. YOU just need to love it and THAT will come through your work.

Now ROMANTIC LOVE is also coming up here. There may be someone returning to your life, you may be reconsidering someone who is no longer in the picture, OR you will be able to have a rebirth with your current partner at this time. Something is coming in to show you how precious our life is here on Earth. It flies by in the blink of an eye! This MAY be something also to do with death, as that is a surefire way to get us to really live life to the max. It also inspires us to take life by the seat of its pants and to TAKE RISKS that otherwise would have us holding back and second-guessing. So be open at this time to a new blossoming that inspires you to do more, be more and to not go the safe route just because it is what everybody else tells us to do.

The challenge of this retrograde: You very well may feel UNSEXY and not so confident. You may even feel unsure of yourself or with sudden social anxiety that was not there before. You may need to hide away and not be around so many people. Things can feel OFF, and you won’t be able to put your finger on WHY or what has changed. You may have more responsibility with your kids and this can demand more of your energy.

Essential advice: You are being asked to value yourself more and to remember that you are important and are here to do something beautiful. If anything has had you forgetting that, just allow the healing to come through at this time to PUMP YOU up again. We love the peacock Leos! We want to see you in wild and bold colors, prancing around as if you are putting on a show! Don’t second-guess yourself. Take a risk at this time and do not allow yourself to be shy or to go into your shell! DANCING is actually required because you CAN get blocks in your body at this time if you are not moving it enough.


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This one is saying that something at home or with the foundation of your life is NOT okay. And this one is going to have you feeling very focused on doing something to bring a change that breaks through what feels like limitation, restriction and lack of passion. This one is saying the chicks may need to flee the coop! Many of you will move, as you need a totally new fresh start to rebuild again. But others will be making adjustments or repairs that do something to bring in more life and BEAUTY to the homestead. Gardening will be a focus for those staying around, while those moving will be hunting for something they have always wanted but were unable to ask for. And this will be about asking for MORE while not always going to scarcity feelings or thoughts that you do not deserve the good things. And those scarcity feelings are going to be a part of your personality that will be going through an upheaval for the sake of putting things back on a more healthy track so you can make the space for future abundance to find you. You may go back to childhood memories where there were problems paying the bills or with putting food on the table. And this may also be something that your partner will be going through! So you may be dealing with their fear and scarcity concerns.

The challenge of this retrograde: You may have some challenges with men in your life or with the passing or sadness of lost opportunities with your father. You may be going back in time and remembering how you have NOT had the support in your life from that STRONG and SUPPORTIVE male, and it can have you feeling sad. You also will be challenged on your path to manifesting your dreams, but it will just be a few hoops to jump through to PROVE to the Universe that you WANT to do whatever it takes to manifest this new dream of yours. It will also be showing you over time that TESTS are always on our path right before we manifest magic, and it BUILDS resiliency in us to NOT GIVE UP even though some things push us to the limit and stress us out hardcore.

Essential advice: This transit is about STARTING OVER and beginning with a fresh, clean slate. So allow those things that drag you down to be transmuted into something that frees you up and gives you new steam to begin again in a whole new way. This time is also really trying to get you to purge your scarcity fears and to train your brain to not go back into your past as a way to create your future. Just because something happened before doesn’t mean it needs to keep repeating. You are to EXPAND and BELIEVE that you CAN have your dreams manifest and that with a sharp focus into what you WANT to have happen, it WILL happen.


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Now this is big reason why many Libras will be a bit dampened by their thoughts. I got the feeling just now of what I had with the first 2 months of Moon Bear’s death and how I couldn’t even smile. My energy was so low. I wouldn’t even hold my head up in stores because I didn’t want to be seen or see anyone. It was like I was unplugged. But at the same time, I didn’t question it or judge it. I knew I was moving through a passage and all I could really do was hold the hope that one day I would start to feel like myself again. At this point I am about there! I can laugh again and my face is starting to look like it did before. So do be aware that you may feel something similar — sort of out of steam and not really feeling like yourself. You will likely be going to memories of your past, and something from childhood may be showing up that is causing some sadness. There may be a separation or something leaving you that is causing some pain. But this also may be that something picked up from childhood is leaving you! Maybe you were taught that this is how it goes and this is what something should be like, and the energy is moving you to upgrade that thought. Think about the role of the female in the ’50s versus now. Think about how most of us have some of that imprinting still in us, passed down the family line, about abiding by and being obedient to the male. You are stepping out of something that is outdated and old — this CAN be scary, but you were built to do this, love!

The challenge of this retrograde: You may notice that your words are a bit negative or you may want to argue more. You may have some depression or anxiety and will have a really hard time dealing with things as you will feel overwhelmed and frazzled with all that there is to do. You will feel a bit out of your comfort zone and may even feel like no matter what you do, you are being HELD BACK. You may also be seeing things from your past that you now judge as events that crippled your growth or somehow are affecting you in the present with lack of confidence.

Essential advice: Just recognize that you also are going through a shift now about releasing some old way of expressing that is not a match to your evolving self! There is the need for you to speak clearly and to get things off your shoulders. So again, if you are a bit extreme with making your point, that is okay! When we hold something back for too long, it DOES tend to come out a bit irrational. But each time you really share your truth, when it is happening or being called out of you, you won’t have to go to extremes to make your point!   And do know too that this is a GREAT time to study something new or to really commit to a long-term project that will take discipline and much effort.


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This one is ALL about that money thing. This one is where many people fall into a scarcity state and clutch onto whatever they have, holding on for dear life. You actually will benefit at this time by giving more freely. This may mean doing things for others or even giving away your last $5 to a homeless person. The more you can trust that more is always on the way, the more it ALWAYS WILL BE. But what I really notice from this transit is that you are going to be learning to be happy with less. And this is primarily to have you letting go of addictions to consumerism and with needing more. This means you will learn to be happy with what you have RIGHT NOW and to not always be looking at it from the perspecitve of it never being enough. You will change after this transit and you will be so much happier with the peace that you will feel for life.

One thing important about this time too is that you will question your worth because you have been associating it with the things you possess. In lightening your load, you will discover a new source of self-worth, and this one is coming from the truth that no matter what you own, you really ARE an incredible human being deep inside. And all of us honored to have you in our lives already know that. We are just happy that you finally see this. You also may doubt your creative gifts and will wonder if you are in the correct field.

The challenge of this retrograde: You MAY feel very insecure at this time, which is uncharacteristic, and with feelings that someone does not love you. You will quickly find faults and you may even compare yourself to others. You may judge your body or feel like you are aging ungraciously. Your business may go down in sales, which will also have you doubting your gifts.

Essential advice: Move through whatever feels limiting and held back from you! There really is an awesome and perfect reason for it ALL. You are learning a new way to feel safe in this world and will find a new faith in TRUSTING that things will work out instead of pushing them away through insistent worrying that there is not enough to go around. Allow this new trust to form THROUGH losing your attachments to material items and money. The more you release, the more you will receive.


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Now this will be a different Saturn Retrograde for you because it is in your sign. This will mean your tests will feel a bit more frustrating at times and random potholes will for sure show up just to see if you’ve got what it takes. But also there is ALWAYS going to be something to them that you just can’t see and you will need to learn to trust whatever happens. This means on the way to your wedding you will get a flat tire, but what if it ultimately means you are being stopped from being in a dangerous accident? Or on the way to go on vacation the island you were visiting will get a hurricane, but what if it means you were stopped from having your house robbed where everything would be taken? So there is a forward in the THOUGHT of what you are going to do but a stopping in the reality. You will intend to do so much, but then things will just throw you off balance and test your patience. You may even find yourself losing your head more at this time and saying things that normally you would not. It just feels like the flow of energy is a bit off and not going along as smoothly as you would like, but for everyone there is something to it that you may or may not ever understand. And just know that after having so many things show up that make you go WTF?! you will finally rise to the top and just see them as a part of life and an opportunity to show the world that you will NOT be stopped.

Truly this transit will mature you by providing you with many opportunities to learn how to handle situations when things do not go as planned. You ARE learning how to keep your eyes on the horizon and to focus on the goal and trust that everything that trips you up is just trying to open you to seeing another option or something that is actually a better way for you to do things.

The challenge of this retrograde: Things will NOT go as planned OFTEN but only as a way to keep you in the flow and fluid with essential changes that need to be made. You may also think you cannot trust Spirit or your own guidance system as it will lead you into situations you were NOT planning for.

Essential advice: Positive thought is REQUIRED at this time. Holding the hope vibe is essential! You CAN fall into depression if you put too much attention into things that are falling apart. They are NOT falling apart, and in fact are falling together in a new and better way. Just keep your eyes on the horizon! You are supposed to be tested at this time, but you will RISE to the top as a winner for sure if you just trust what needs to be changed.


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So this is your Planet, love. And what I have noticed is that Capricorn always has the most intense Saturn Returns and the most intense testings and cleansings when Saturn goes retrograde. And THIS transit is going to test you to see if you are who you THINK you are, basically. You will have to leap into pitch black darkness with only faith in hand. This can feel like you are walking through a cave and really only have your senses to lead the way. Things won’t look the same, and you will be tested with situations that have you needing to make difficult decisions. You may also at times feel very alone, like no one understands you, and possibly even a bit depressed. You are being held down in order to prove that you can rise above situations and can keep your eye on the Eagle Vision, the Galactic Vision.

The challenge of this retrograde: You may be very focused on things from your past and things that deal with your childhood upbringing. Old patterns may resurface for the purpose of healing them. There may be regrets with not using your voice or being able to speak up and say what you are thinking. You may also have anger over not being heard, as someone is trying to convince you that things happened in a different way than you KNOW they happened. There also will be a negativity or a judgment to some of your patterns that you maybe couldn’t see before, but they are right in your face now. People may even accuse you of being judgmental. There also feels to be many details to deal with and some that make you just want to hide away and sleep until this transit is over. You want to retreat at this time! You just want to be out of the world and to not have to deal with all that is requiring your attention. You may have spells where you just disappear and no one hears from you for a while. You really do need these, as the quiet time is facilitating the tears, which lead to the healing.

Essential advice: There is much pain from your past that you have blocked and have not dealt with, and this time is a gift in that you will finally unburden your soul of the misdeeds and neglect of others. And when this transit is over you will know much more about who you really are and what incredible strength you possess to accomplish whatever lands on your path. You will be changed for the better after this one! So trust it and allow it to do its work. This is like cooking beans and not taking the pan off the burner too soon or you end up serving something that is hard and tasteless. Allow yourself to move through your healing process. Yoga and meditation are REQUIRED. That is your medicine. I am also hearing that “A teacher is being born …”


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This can be a time you are learning how well you play with others! There may be situations occurring where you want to be the only top dog at the exclusion of others’ ideas, and this can cause some conflict. This time is ultimately teaching you how to be part of the group in honoring other people’s pieces and enjoying how the coming together can be more beneficial than doing it all yourself. This will be a time you will tend to attract people who are just as strong as you and they may challenge you if you want to be the one leading the way. All that comes as a challenge to your authority at this time is trying to have you be more open in seeing that we all are authorities in our own ways, and truthfully the ones who excel in being authorities out in the world do so by not needing to be the top one or the best. Again, it is that need to be the best or the top one that often in these new energies sends a person falling off the ladder to have to begin again. We have a cultural desire to be famous and in the public eye, but ultimately only the ones who really walk their talk and authentically know their journey because they walked it, versus reading about it or studying it, are the ones who make it to the top and stay there. And this time now is a testing to see how well you roll with sharing the scene and not needing the only spotlight on you. You also will be VERY wired towards making changes that bring improvements and upgrades to all aspects of your life. You may even see new issues come up that you didn’t notice before. They are making themselves known at this time because the pieces of your life are all over the place yet longing to form into a NEW and beautiful mosaic.

The challenge of this retrograde: There will be lessons on how far your vision is for the future. This means situations may occur that have you planting your feet in this moment and getting very worked up by what you see. You may say things about how this is too much to handle, as things can really test your patience. But this time is actually ONLY trying to see if you can hold that Eagle Vision no matter what is occurring while expressing in ways that hold trust as this being something you ultimately need to walk through.

Essential advice: Expect to upgrade! Expect that you are in a process of making improvements with the shifting around of people around you and with things that are working to elevate you in the world. You may get a little down at this time with the extra workload, but you have to trust that the changes being made are about aligning you to a more prestigious position. If any friends need to go because you are no longer a match — LET THEM! Your purpose together has outgrown itself.


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This is going to be a testing time, but you will be thankful for it! This is very similar to the Saturn Return where you are being tested to see if you are really walking your talk. All Pisces have the opportunity to go up MANY steps with their career focus, but it all depends on how you handle what comes up during these 5 months. Think of this, too, as the testing and preparatory time before you go and climb Mount Everest. You don’t want to just buy brand new hiking boots the day before and start the journey. You are going to be in tears, with huge blisters and wanting to give up on day one! You want time to plan and to be tested and to build your reserves. You NEED this time that may sort of slow you down, but it is ultimately only occurring so that you are put into proper shape before you are allowed to go off and show the world what you’ve got.

The challenge of this retrograde: During this time people may question you, or things may come up to push your buttons and make you feel raw and vulnerable. An old childhood friend told me of this guru sort of man from St. Louis, which is also where I am from, and he had this video with his shirt off and WAS looking pretty sexy, but someone wrote on his Facebook wall in a way that put him down for not having a shirt on, as she then told him what he SHOULD be doing. And this dude comments, not in a defensive sort of fashion, but instead just says, “Or I can just be true to myself and be me.” This is the sort of testing you will have as others may try to cross boundaries and tell YOU what THEY think you should do. And how far you go after this period depends on if you can respond like this dude did, which is in a mature, level-headed I WALK MY TALK sort of way.

Essential advice: Every situation that comes where you feel challenged, limited, held back or full of too much responsibility in your career, look at in a new way as you figure out how to NOT take it personally. How can you instead respond in a way that is like the wise old soul? Also this WILL be a time that you learn to streamline with your career, so you may be letting some aspects go while putting more steam and energy into others. This also may be a time you let go of some of your responsibilities by allowing others to help you and do some of the work that they are actually just as good at too. Focus on what ONLY you can do, because this time is working to put you into a position of authority by not allowing you to wear all the hats and thus deplete your health and sanity. Do NOT judge the slow down as a bad thing! Your mind is going to want things to go faster, but the Universe is working right on schedule to bring you to the top of the summit with TRUE SKILLS and TOP DOG offerings.

Aquarius Nation Readings || Full Moon in Capricorn July 2016

I actually only shared these on Instagram this time and thought maybe these will be perfect for you to read RIGHT NOW!! Enjoy!


Pisces ||

You are in a great position to really align to your tribe through releasing whatever is not working, while opening to the awareness that you CAN find what empowers you and has you feeling right at home. You are to NOT SETTLE at this time as you are holding this faith in your heart that the correct matches WILL find you. You can expect that people or things are falling away from you currently, but they are making a beautiful space to fill in resonating aspects to your life! Do not question who is needing to leave as you will be happy in one month time with who is taking over from those empty positions. TRUST THIS. You also will want to do SO MUCH right now, but you need to slow down and allow this new space to BUILD. Your new tribe, or the one that really lights you up is coming in to help amp you up so that you feel BEAUTIFUL, GIFTED and ON PURPOSE. OTHERS are helping you to realize dreams that WILL be reaching more people very soon, and the song I am hearing being sung is one of you combining with the mystery to express in ways that help to purge or release what is no longer necessary or to your advantage. Things will be leaving you – allow them. These are energies, people, places, thought forms or possessions that do not ADD to the whole of your visions. You need a place that is CLEAN ENERGY all around! THAT is forming for you right now!


Aquarius ||

Oh, your inner world is alive with WAYS to improve or upgrade your energetic system so that you can have CLEAN ENERGY towards the path of your true life visions. You have much that you are thinking of that feels like shackles or things that have held you back in life. I see you releasing SO MUCH and tears may be a big part of this. You just feel DONE with manifesting things that are coming from your sadness or disappointment in life and not from YOU as the true power source that you are. That is all changing right now. Your STRUCTURE is changing and this means MUCH is falling away that can not HOLD you in authenticity of your true essence. This means, NO MATCH? Goodbye. But I also am feeling that something is still coming together that will be a match later in time, even though right now it is a bit contrasting. This also may deal with an old dream that never could come together, but in the next few months there will be another chance where all parties or thought processes will NOW allow this to come together and RISE in a magical sort of way. And whatever just came to your mind is probably what this is about. Now you also are in a GREAT time to think through some ideas that deal with your career expanding and taking off in new ways. You are set to GROW with things but you also are cutting back weeds that are keeping it from taking flight. So for now you RELEASE and then very soon you EXPAND from that position. Allow all doubt and negativity for things not moving quick enough to leave you now. Things are coming together FROM what is releasing, so there is a gap between the two processes. But you are RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! I give you permission to feel excited for what is to come because you ARE onto something! You just have to practice patience and TRUST.


Capricorn ||

Oh you will love this! You are experiencing changes with your career or with your offerings that are going to be PULLING YOU out more and getting you to STEP INTO more powerful shoes. This does feel very much related to those who are around you, so pick your tribe carefully! The energetic space of now is VERY much about the whole picture, as each piece plays a part in how the whole of the project/dream/career manifests. If energy is down, the group space is not clean, or in correct and equal alignment. Currently you are releasing some people who are not true matches for the group vision. This feels pretty effortless though so I don’t feel you needing to exert any energy in getting things aligned. I am seeing things fall away as if by gravity and things falling into place as if by divine magic! So your intention is important and the vision of you creating something is essential. You also will be releasing this need for affirmation or validation of your gifts or presence. THIS IS IMPORTANT. That need is ego based and it tends to keep people a bit anchored like a hot air balloon that is yet to take off. Releasing the need to be respected, adored and seen as something high and mighty will release the ties that will allow your balloon to sail to great heights. Opportunities are coming and they deal with surrounding yourself with those who are ON YOUR PAGE, EXACTLY. But again, curb the ego that needs so many things!! Just BE YOURSELF and allow that to cut the cords that are keeping you from really LAUNCHING yourself out into the solar system with streaks of blazing rainbow colors!


Sagittarius ||

Long held dreams are manifesting for you STEP BY STEP. So much of what you have dreamed of doing is VERY CLOSE to falling into place so that you will be much more immersed in a life of YOUR making and where you also are feeling SEEN and respected for your contributions. Now, you are being asked to keep moving through the clutter and all the lists of there being SO MUCH TO DO because you are in an active release mode energy where it may feel like things are flying off of you as you are spinning, much like in a washing machine. I see a body with arms outstretched and darker things are releasing, but at the same time, rainbow colored things are attracting to you. So through your process of keeping it real and getting VERY CLEAR on what you are no longer willing to accept, something else is magnetizing towards you that empowers you and lifts you in spirit. This feels alchemical! You also are being asked to release the fears of not having enough or that there is not enough to go around. You are to embody TRUST and patience with how your life is unfolding but with the intentions of building something very important. GROUPS are also tied into this as you are coming together with others to do more than you could on your own. There is also harmony here so you may have been playing around with puzzle pieces trying to get them to fit where you actually had to wait for this Full Moon for them to FALL INTO PLACE. Go figure! You didn’t need to work for it at all! It was destined to happen around THIS Full Moon and from here on out things really start moving in an upward fashion to the point you will be feeling much more alive and vibrant and effective with your individual piece of the puzzle.


Scorpio ||

Okay you are so ready and so about to shift into a new space but FIRST you are clearing out some fears and negative talk from your mind space. This is important because the work you are doing around this Full Moon with purifying your thought by not allowing them to limit you is going to determine how far you go on this next leg of your journey that actually WANTS to take you pretty high! This means all negativity and all those thoughts that actually have your energy going down need to be abolished. You need to STOP looking at all the future bills, all the fears that there will not be enough to go around, all the thoughts that diminish others instead of building them up and all feelings of competition or me against you. Those are all low viber ways and they will keep your dreams from sailing in the way that they are DESTINED TO. You are ready to RISE and your LIFE wants this from you! Opportunities are waiting but they are just around the corner as they will only greet you when you can release these old patterns of scarcity and doubt. And if you do – watch out! You are set to broadcast yourself with more authenticity and power! You are in a creative space where you will be jumping in heart and soul and this energy will attract people far and wide! When we operate from a pure and kind heart, with true love and passion for what we are offering, the world cannot help but SEE us and come closer towards us. It is written in the energy! But if we show one thing and keep another hidden in our subconscious there is a sort of shield that keeps our things from shining as brightly. And right now there is something deep inside of you, hidden, as if from past lives or lineage related, that is holding you back and not serving you in any good way. So use this time to delve into this matter. Something should come to your mind and you would be wise to create some sort of ceremony that lifts this burden right out of your soul. You don’t need to carry this outdated thought pattern in your precious life now. You are too special to waste on old world fears and doubts that you really have what it takes.


Libra ||

A brand new YOU is taking form, my love! You are in a deep process that may not be clear to you just yet but you are losing this insecurity and doubt of yourself as dictated by who is around you. You are going through a rebirth space where you WILL be able to stand much stronger on your own and this means cords are being cut to all things that are fear based, scarcity based or just coming from a half empty perspective. Before you looked out into the world through the lens of WHO was around you and now you are going to start noticing that your vision is clearer as you are remembering that you don’t NEED others to define you or to validate your worth. You CAN leap out into the world alone or with a fresh new start. So do beware too that details of so much to do can be getting you down, or those fears that you are not worth as much as you are. Your mind space can be a bit negative right now and not so sunshiny full of hope, but this is part of the rebirthing stage you are in and why I said things aren’t really clear to you right now. BUT something is releasing and transforming with your foundation or the ROOTS of who you really are. And a shift will occur pretty soon where you ARE going to feel reborn, alive again, excited for your future and really ON PATH. But you still have some darkness/challenges to walk through and some things that need your attention. But you are being asked to put yourself first and to declare that you have important needs that must be met. The declaring is IMPORTANT!! The demanding that you DO deserve to live a special life that is full of joy and happiness and ALIVENESS is your right to have. You just have forgotten parts of that truth and now your body is waking in new ways to how much you really ARE in control of your destiny. GO FOR IT. Dream bigger than you have been. Accept the BEST instead of just good enough.


Virgo ||

Something really special is going on! There is a restructuring to your heart space that is shifting out some blocks where you have NOT been shining enough as you have been thinking of others first. And now there is a clearing occurring which is allowing you to be much more DEFINITE and sure of what needs to occur to bring happiness and joy into YOUR life. There are still steps to be taken as you climb towards this dream, but you are onto the early steps already and things ARE being taken apart in order to come together in a better way! Now your self worth is coming in here so this is saying that you just need to set that bar really high and demand that it is TIME to be seen and respected for what you are here to offer. Your life wants to expand FROM this place where you are declaring that you need MORE. Realize too that a part of this restructuring is with people around you or who you are collaborating with in any way. If your energy is being shared in a collaborative way it needs to be a perfect match. And if it is not then frictions will arise at this time as they are trying to shift things around so that things truly DO fit in a way that will lead to future growth. This makes me think of how we need to be around people where we feel beautiful, special and seen. And like the podcast I did last week on TRIBES, if you don’t have that 100% harmonious exchange where all parties are feeling empowered, then the tribe balance is off. It is never a negative thing though, as it is just different levels of energy. And when we FIT together in harmony, things grow larger and more powerful as a collective. You are in a place where you are working to create a world where you have more happiness and joy and what leaves your life NOW is just not a match to where you need to be going. So be okay with what falls away and look forward to the magic that will soon replace those empty positions.


Leo ||

Okay you are getting ready to COME OUT!! And I can feel that you are ready to take care of a whole bunch of things and to start turning your ideas into reality — but I do want you to be very patient for a little while longer!! You are so close to YOUR New Moon and you really should hold back and wait before launching into something new! Allow this time to just be where your ideas are plentiful and abundant and piece them together in written words or calendars with deadlines. You are mapping something, but not ready to let it out of the bag just yet! And notice how excited you are to really get down to business and allow all these ideas to flow out of you! You may even be dancing around inspired beyond belief from what is channeling out of you! You may think of it as divine inspiration or the FINALLY connecting of threads that have just been hanging around. NOW they make sense! NOW you know why you had to walk that path! Now you know why you were held back from this other one. Now you know A LOT and it should feel rather exciting, if not RAW, right now with more faith in self that you really can create a solid foundation with which to grow your dreams. And about that raw, you are still kind of tired, or adrenally fatigued, and that is just to keep you more in this moment and not putting your things out there just yet. You are like a baked potato that still has 30 more minutes to cook. So enjoy any down time because you are HOOKED UP to ideas and inspiration that will serve you over this next YEAR. Let go of thinking that you need to race to anything or compete with others or that there is any sort of shortage of opportunities to express our gifts!! You are RIGHT ON TIME and actually the slower you go, the more power you will have with WHAT you are thinking about RIGHT NOW. Let this simmer!!


Cancer ||

This energy feels good to me!! I feel like you are gaining momentum to birth this new life or are establishing this new pattern and it feels like you have waited a lifetime for this. So this tells me that you are doing something now that is SO DEAR to your heart and it really has you feeling more at home in this body of yours, or at least feeling more purpose for your life. I also see you having more responsibility with those around you and having a VERY full schedule, but again, it feels like it is okay with you because when all is said and done, you are serving those who are very dear to your heart. You may also be doing some restructuring with your time and with what you WILL give of yourself. There is a lot of attention going towards children or your creativity or something artistic based that reaches people far and wide. And there is the need to sort of rebuild or at least look closely to the foundation of what you are wanting to be doing. There seems to be something you are missing, or possibly with the scattering of your efforts. You may even notice that you are wanting to scale down and really hone in on a part of your work where you actually excel and this will be a bit of a surprise to many of you because you have doing all these things AROUND it, but what you REALLY excel at is just a part of it. Let that simmer in your mind. I actually think something came to your mind already, but again, you wonder how to make money ONLY doing that one facet of your business. And the secret to life is that when we scatter our energy into too many things, none of them get enough attention so they just do so-so. But for you, I feel there is a highlighted area where you do naturally shine brighter when you are engaged in this work. Ideas should also be ALIVE in you so it will be hard to narrow things down!! But do just focus on cleaning up the energy on the first level (even with your physical house) and after that you can think about how to build that up.


Gemini ||

This is exciting! Feel how you are LETTING GO of the fears of BUT, WHAT IF? This is a huge change for you, but bit-by-bit you are opening to a more trusting space in life THROUGH seeing how things HAVE manifested. So in looking to your past, you are gaining faith that you WILL overcome any adversity. Money too will be a big thing on your mind, but also there is this new trust rooted into it that will allow you to manifest things that before you could not! You also will be very busy with new ideas, getting things in order AND thinking of how you would like to see your business grow. So your mind is on bringing more joy and beauty into your life through creative ventures or somehow using your creativity to feel like you have an important place in the world. A part of what is manifesting is because you ARE owning that you DO have value and DO have A LOT to offer the world. Then you are combining with YOUR TRIBE, so you have people around you who really see and honor who you are. Both of those facets together are shining out your light in a new way! You are seeing yourself, and others around you are TOO! You are awakening to your special gifts, and thus others are mirroring to you that times 10. That feels good, right? Now if you are in collaborations/groups that are not correct, then you may be feeling like you are not good enough or that you don’t have a place in this world. So be aware of that. We ARE who we are around and this is why it is so important that we are not opening ourselves to sharing space with people who devalue us or question us. If they do, we will. Just works out that way. But when we are around people who SEE us and honor us and think we are the hot shit, then we gain that ability to strut our stuff throughout life FEELING confident and on purpose. If your energy is low and you don’t feel a lot of joy right now, look to who is around you and who is sort of a soul crusher. Is there anything you can do about that? Just allow those thoughts to sit with you. No need to make any drastic moves just yet, but do be aware. You deserve to have people around you who help you shine brighter! You deserve that!


Taurus ||

YES. This time means that you are letting go of limitations in your mind that are holding you back from going sky high with your visions of what you are REALLY here to do in life. There also is going to be a restructuring of who you share your space with and who you collaborate with. There are changes occurring where a more global or long-range plan is being put into motion, so who is around you RIGHT NOW COUNTS! Now there is A LOT of work to do and this is not an easy task where you will just fly up to the top of the mountain, or to your eventual destination, BUT I can tell that it will be A LOT of fun for you and where you will be able to apply many ideas that will really help you feel like you are connected to souls purpose work. You also are to not push things forward but to realize you are doing a rebuild where patience is key and tuning in through ALLOWING THINGS TO FLOW will place you on the correct path. Understand too that so much is about you finding your tribe where you are on the same page and working to create the same sort of change in the world. It is essential that you are saturated around people who match your vibration and who feel like home to your soul. When in this correct placement, your potential to bring change is exponentially greater. And right now you are weeding through people, and have been for some time, but NOW is when things start to come together and start to take flight. You will be starting from the ground up and looking through every piece to make sure that the growth you long to see in your mind is played out THROUGH creating a foundation that will hold these wild dreams. The New Moon marks when the work will really start to get moving, so for now just allow your mind to come up with many ideas and put them to the paper!


Aries ||

HEAVY… but getting lighter! This time for you now is very much about dealing with things that you would rather not but having to just dive in and deal with what is before you. You also are being asked to not worry so much or to doubt some of the big moves you are making. You ARE changing from the foundation UP, but most of you are not yet in the new space where your dreams are in the physical, so you start to worry about how you will sustain things and how you will make this work. This is something we ALL go through when we are in the middle space between manifesting something new and actually stepping in it and living it. So you will fear that something will fall apart or you are making a mistake or you can’t afford this or you don’t know if you are really cut out for this. But my love, you were BUILT for this and you NEED this huge change so that you can experience a sort of REBOOT where there will be more excitement to live life and to feel like you CAN live your dreams. Shackles are coming loose and a new playground is taking form! You WILL be feeling a bit fried at this time and almost full of anxiety because there are fears galore coming up from the depths. But again, I am feeling that you have NOTHING to worry about and should really put those thoughts in their place (as in snuff them out) the moment they come up! I feel A LOT of fear of the future and fear that you cannot pull off your dreams and fears over money, but they aren’t valid fears. So let them go. Or at least use their steam to empower you to SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS. This means the moment them come up, replace those fear thoughts with HOW WRONG they are. THIS IS YOUR TIME FOR GREAT CHANGE so bravely move forward, one step at a time, but with your eyes on the horizon for how AMAZING this is going to turn out!




Aquarius Nation Readings | New Moon in Cancer July 2016

New Moon Affirmation: “I am not the same person I was even a week ago. I am consciously facing my issues with no desire to hide anything from anyone ever again. In releasing, I purge. In purging, I free myself. As a free self, I am HOME. And from there everything that comes my way has a purpose in lifting me and elevating me to my destined path. I trust my life. I am showing up in full color.”


Aries || Okay this is A LOT!! You have been through the ringer, my love!! I can feel that things have come that were WAY too heavy and you probably even feel a bit discombobulated. You will likely feel oversensitive and almost like everyone is out to get you or make your life more difficult? This for sure feels like a test, but one that is really just showcasing things that you still need to deal with and face about your life, your choices, your energy, your past. This is a bout the mirror being put in front of you where it doesn’t pay to blame the other or to think it is all about THEM. This is material that is in you and it is mirrored at this time so that you will get real, get honest and work to clear out the hidden mucky material you have been keeping hidden in the closets. There also is a lot of judgment here where you are either holding more negative words in your mind about yourself or you are thinking them about others. You just are in something, my love!! You also are being asked to LIGHTEN UP and be more forgiving because it feels like you are holding onto something that is rigid and not really what you want to be doing anyway for the sake of your future!! You may just need to let this go and hope for the best. You are trapping yourself in the past over this and it IS something from long ago repeating once again. You have seen this place before! Now you are being asked to calm the mind and to slow down a bit and to try to create a NEW PATH right now. There also is something with self-care and needing to start a new every day habit, such as waking up and working out first thing or maybe even taking the dog out for longer or more walks. Something needs to start now and it deals with releasing the anger or angst or frustration that you have been feeling. This new expenditure of your time and energy will help to bring you back to feeling SAFE again and that things ARE going to be okay. It does not help to worry as much as you have been doing, my love!


Taurus || Little busy bee! You have SO MUCH going on and I can feel a bit of panic but I am advising you to just go one step at a time and to not get too worked up with the BIG PICTURE. You also will see that you really just need to DO IT and get it over with. You may have things that have been on your list for months and you will see that just checking off one at a time really lifts your spirits. You also are to spend the end of the day where you think through all you got done and feel happy for doing all that! It is important that you DO THIS ritual of going back to process what was completed. It will shift you for the next day so that you get even more done! It will become like a game. Now there is a lot of focus into others lives right now, so you are either dealing with something that is mildly confusing and consuming with another, OR you are reworking your collaborations or situations where you combine with other peoples energies. You are very much about correcting paths that were started, but maybe you are seeing that they are not for the best now. Be okay with changing of minds!! Be okay with changing your course. There is something here saying that the artistic and mystical sort of beings you are surrounded by need to be YOUR TRIBE and this is essential. You may walk into a group that you thought was yours, but you have changed and now you need more. So again, I keep hearing to be okay with CHANGING something. Your body is telling you that you need to do this, but your stubborn fixed nature is holding you in this position thinking you HAVE to follow through; you actually don’t and you actually shouldn’t. Writing projects or creative offerings are ON YOUR MIND!!! So this may be an area where you are needing to step lightly into with what you think SHOULD happen. You need to go with the flow and allow that to lead you to where you need to be. But something is set to change for the BETTER due to you standing up and choosing another person/idea/place/way to do this. So be aware that a fork in your road is coming and just go towards what feels LIGHT.


Gemini || Idea time!! Oh boy! This part should feel good to you! You are all about thinking of ways to have more stability in your life as you map out what needs to go and what needs to be brought forward. You also are focused into career work or into your creative gifts where you are really thinking about what you are GOOD at. This is your time to scale down and think about what is your FORTE and not necessarily just the things that you can do to make money. You are to HONE in on what you naturally do, what you love to do, and what you excel at. There is an energy that is shifting things and working to put you in a position that feels like a glove. And this is important because when we are not in our correct position it is like sitting on the edge of a seat where we have to use other muscles to maintain balance. THAT causes stress and strain over time. Now do not get too much into worrying because I can feel you are not totally trusting yourself or trusting that you have what it takes. So there is a bit of a bummer fog above you and you just need to keep walking towards things that come naturally and you will eventually be under clear blue skies again. You also may feel unseen or like no one values you and if you are already in that position, EVERYTHING others do will be taken in the wrong way, as YOU will see it as more confirmation of how flawed you are. So do understand that that bummer fog has you being overly sensitive to criticism as you will instantly jump to I AM NOT VALUABLE at any and all provocation. This is a like a dog that has been beaten and how you can just raise your hand to scratch your head and it will cower. YOU are doing that now. So don’t take it so personally because it is YOU that is interpreting things as something that is due to some core issue you need to face in your past where you felt you were not seen as valuable. Silly, baby! You know we love and adore you immensely!


Cancer ||  Oh sweet baby! You are feeling REBORN with something growing in your heart that either feels VERY sensitive or VERY at home. And also ALL OF US feel what you are feeling because your heart is SO on the sleeve. You should be thinking about your future or walking through something that has given you more hope or faith in the world. You just are overflowing with feelings right now, so be okay with that. Do not hide your truth away! We want to see this coming out of you! We love your vulnerability! Now there also has been something that will happen that deals with a leap of faith, where you may be asked to go out on the limb and just JUMP and see where you land. You are losing your ability to plan ahead and think you know what will come! And there is some message with you needing to just KNOW that you will figure it out along the way. You don’t need the answers right now. You just need to start taking steps forward and to know that you WILL be equipped to handle whatever may show up along the way. There also may be news of a baby, creative opportunity, or SOMETHING that EXPANDS your world exponentially! So, it is good news! And your heart will burst with happiness. It also feels like this fits well, or it is a match made in heaven sort of thing. New love, or the return of an old love, can also be ignited with this energy! This is heralding a BRAND NEW DAY for you where there are lots of pastel colored flowers greeting you and feelings of HOPE in all that surrounds you. Do something at this time that has you looking different in the eyes of others!  Do you something you would never do! Shave your head!  Get a neck tattoo! Color your hair! Do something that changes you from the outside in .


Leo ||  So…. you are in a bit of a cave! You may not even notice what is going on out in the world because you are SO in your own little thing. And it may be feeling horrible or wonderful, but nonetheless, you are consumed! Now there is the theme of death and rebirth, or something shifting so dramatically so that your take on life has changed. You are either feeling REBORN or still are in the birthing process where things feel tight and angled and stiff and not so much to your liking just yet! So do know that REBIRTH is the journey you are on and light will be at the end of the tunnel you are in. You may also feel a bit insecure or like not so comfortable in the world. But do not give too much of your attention to judging yourself too harshly because you ARE cleansing things and purging old wounds and projections and it seems it will cause some pain or confusion as it departs. Now I am feeling like you are being pulled back or down in order to connect more to spirit or to things that require faith in the unknown. You may FEEL like things are kind of scary and you are not so sure your ideas will work out, but you are being asked to just be okay with the darkness and confusion because it is temporary and more about aligning you to learning to trust more when you cant be in total control. Actually all things that you try to control will likely fall flat on their faces because right now you are learning skills that require that you go with the flow and remain FLUID. This time now asks that you get on your life boat and just float towards the people, places and things that light you up! Be open to being surprised too, because again, you are losing control right now. And don’t worry so much!! Land is forming soon and when you get there you are going to feel like a new person FROM what you releasing or awakening to in these precious retreat moments of stillness you are in.


Virgo ||  This is the time to find the way to not only attract your tribe but to really get clear on WHAT and WHO you want to take into your life. There is going to be a lot of activity and A LOT that shifts around as things get put into the best position. You will be on the phone a lot or reaching out to people to make connections and find the ones that are your DIEHARDS. There is the element of not compromising and really standing firm in what YOU need to feel like things are running harmoniously. You also are in a very blessed space where you have the ability to manifest dreams that relate to your life as a WHOLE. So now you are to think about your dream career, dream partners, dream way to live your life, dream way of where you want to live, and dream way of how you want life to feel like. So this means that you should be rather introspective as you gauge all aspects to feel out where there is imbalance or where there is something that just does not feel right. The scales are tipping all around you but they are dipping into discord as a way to show you that THIS element is not working. And NOW you are to correct things and upgrade your visions. Everything is about correcting your course right now so that you can really be aligned with the people you work best with and the ideas that light up your soul. There may also be a creative project that is on your mind, or a new idea or new offering and if it lights you up and has you not being able to sleep because you are so excited, it is CORRECT for you. This gauge I am seeing around you is making it ALL abundantly clear what is the BEST things for us to put your time and efforts towards. And if it is not, it will weigh you down or have you consumed with thoughts of imbalance or insecurity. Honor what your gut is telling you and nip things in the bud if you must. You will be happy you did in the long run!


Libra ||  Okay OPPORTUNITY is knocking!! You may still feel a bit raw and insecure at this time but you need to just rise above that so that you can see that things ARE SHIFTING. You will get people who see you and reach out to you for things. This IS your time to interview and go for new jobs that really feel like you will be seen and valued for your gifts. This actually feels like you are in a gateway of magnetizing things that are souls purpose related… so whatever it is, it is important to the overall aspect of what you will be offering others. Consider all offers. But make decisions based on what your GUT says. You may even be moved into something that is supportive or care giving in some way. This will feed your soul because you DO love to fill in the blanks and see what is missing so that you can provide that stability to something that become MORE due to what you offer. So you like to play a part in something that is bigger than you. But do take time to think about your creative gifts and write out those things that you so naturally do for others. THINKING about it right now will draw opportunities your way! You also are being asked to not get too critical in your mind as you ARE questioning yourself and doubting if you will be okay. You may even have more anxiety than normal as you fear for the future and if you will be able to sustain yourself. You are being asked to TRUST THIS, but mostly to keep very close track of the vibration of the words you use and the things you say in your head. You can cut all the opportunities coming your way down like a forest fire if you are not holding high integrity with your words and the thoughts in your mind. So beware!!


Scorpio ||  Okay! What is on your mind is GETTING OUT OF HERE!! You are in a space where you need to go off and explore, do some traveling and get out of this comfortable environment so that you can shift your perspective into one that is more of hope. When you get out to the forest, you become like the tree and you learn to go with the flow more and not get so stuck in rigid mindsets that have you only seeing THIS ONE MOMENT. You are to climb to mountaintops and see from THAT view and then allow THAT energy to fill in your day-to-day life so that you have more faith that things WILL work out. You also are REALLY thinking about taking a big risk and going for some dream that is near and dear to your heart. You may also discover something new while out in nature that opens you to insight that feels like an ingenious idea. You may also have already thought of a great idea, but you will start to get more layers of how to really make this work and how to really get it OUT THERE. Again, those words!! This would be a great time to also rework your website, shop or the vision of what your intentions are with your career. You may be doing some narrowing down, so as to not cover ALL things and instead really gun it forward into a more defined path. I am seeing the narrowing down as important for putting more energy into YOUR GIFTS that really shine and not just as something that you can do to generate money. You are to think of what you are REALLY good at and them amp that with love and attention even if no one is watching yet. THEY WILL SOON!!!


Sagittarius ||  Okay and IN comes some energy where things may feel a bit tedious and like WAY TOO MUCH. It feels like you have A LOT going on and are just trying to focus on what to take care of first. You may also have a lot of things coming up that are bringing up wounds or insecurities or these feelings that you are not as strong as you really are. It feels a bit deflating or like a heavy weight on the shoulders holding you down. You can be dreaming that things will lighten up soon because this is TOO MUCH. Now you are to at least accept that you ARE upgrading at a rapid rate, as much will be falling away. I just saw an image of you trying to reach back and hold onto something that needs to go and you are gently being asked to stay upright and to not reach down into ANYTHING from your past. It needs to go. You ALLOWING those things to just fall away and fall apart WILL facilitate the lightness you are so desiring right now. I am seeing that beyond the cracks of something that you thought was solid and true is something sparkly and pastel and FULL OF LIFE. So again, allow this transformation and shifting situation to just do what it needs to do. You are really to just be the calm bystander who watches but who holds the faith that this MEANS SOMETHING and let that be enough until the next image or step presents itself. YOU ARE SAFE. You are in a murky and unclear position on your path currently, but you are OKAY and you WILL get through this. Just keep it real and look closely at your wounds because they are SPEAKING TO YOU and they want to just be doused with love, acceptance and then the desire to rebuild again with a more solid and true foundation based on what YOU know is correct and not what others have led you to believe.


Capricorn ||  This starts a brand new path where you are clearing the way as to WHO you will take into your life. You will feel strong feelings of NO MORE to those that are not really a match to you. In fact right now they are sticking out like a sore thumb in your life because they keep lingering in your thoughts as something that has not been solved. But at the same time, something is changing about YOU and this is why you will notice that people are falling to the wayside left and right! YOU are growing stronger and more powerful and those who are intimidated, jealous or who really wish that they have what you have are not going to feel okay to you right now. Something feels OFF. And you are going to have to confront it bravely with the knowing in your heart that you deserve THE BEST. You really do not need to compromise. You may also notice that there has been confusion in getting your points across or in feeling like others are hearing you. There are breaks in the system, but I feel they are also showcasing to you where things resonate and where they are out of order. Next you just need to proactively make changes that lead to all pieces lining up harmoniously. This time now is where you are working to create peace and understanding with those around you so that your efforts as a “team” can have farther reaches. You are pushing through the blocks and shifting on your feet as things are changing quickly, and quite possibly over night. Just know that all the earthquakes that are causing cracks in your foundation are only moving you closer to the connections that are YOUR TRIBE and YOUR VIBE.


Aquarius ||  Whoa, is it ever time to put things into order and to REALLY get clear on what next steps you need to take to feel like things are solid, in place and MOVING FORWARD. If things are not okay in your big picture plans right now, you will be filled with judgmental thoughts and a critical mind into how much is messed up. You may be seeing SO many things that need to be done and are not yet up to your high standards. It can feel overwhelming with all the details right now!! But you are to just take things one step at a time and check them off the list as you accomplish them. You also are to feed your soul with faith by often taking note of the things that you DID take care of and accomplish. This will help you to keep going and check more off that list! You can feel like there is this darker energy that is hanging over you and it can feel a bit hopeless at times and you are just being asked to KEEP CLEARING and know that eventually you will get to a sweeter and lighter space just up ahead. And A LOT of this feels like others around you. It feels like the boundaries are weak and you are taking on all their fears and regrets and feeling like you cant really do this. But you can! Trust me. You are just in a fog and it won’t always be laying right on top of you! Now this IS the best time of the year for you to really start that new workout or diet program but ONLY think about it now or take baby steps, but really commit to this NEW WAY in about a week when the Moon phase moves into Start to get the ball rolling. And be gentle in your mind because I can feel that you are doubting yourself and saying things that are NOT TRUE. But when you can focus on your creative gifts and really just give it your all, while dreaming of future success, you can shift right out of that weird doubting space and into one where hope will take root.


Pisces ||  What an amazing energy that is blowing into your life! You are ALL about upgrading things that are creative based and also where you are working or collaborating with others. Your mind will be clear on seeing that things need to be SIMILAR and on the same path or with the same vibration. You may notice that those who don’t fit are VERY much on your mind right now as this energy is being presented to me as a tipping head, like your balance is off because something is not in correct position yet. But do understand that you are questioning these things and noticing that things are out of balance, but you don’t have to DO anything about it because the Universe is here to assist you. Synchronicity is working to bring you the people who will help you to feel like your space is sacred and in alignment. And seeing what is out of alignment does not need to be something that causes you to fear or think everything is messed up, it is just the catalyst to get it right and work to correct imbalances. We all are a work in progress with ourselves, our careers and our relationships. So muster up strength in facing what needs to be changed, but not in getting down if it feels like so much! Also TAKE A RISK. You may feel like you need to just hold steady and not rock this boat, but you actually are to go BEYOND what you think is possible and to be okay if that upsets others. You are to be all about YOU right now as YOU decide what you will take in, who you will work with, and where you will spend your time. YOU are being asked to put yourself first and to make all decisions based on messages from your gut and long held dreams in your heart.