When are your customer service hours?

Tuesday thru Friday 8 to Noon.

Blossom will answer your questions and get back with you as soon as possible. If you are reaching out during non-office hours, please be patient with us! You are a top priority!  We love you!  We value you! Please also be kind in your emails as then we tend to pull strings to give you what you want.   Send emails to: AquariusNationLovesYou@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions


WELCOME MY LOVES! We offer many goods and services through the Aquarius Nation Shoppe! From Birth Chart Books, to the High Vibe Guide, the Galactic Vision, Empath Shield, Lightning Bolt, skin care products and MORE! We are a collective of artists who work with Shamballa energy and high vibes in creating goods that will truly impact your life! All products are tested for months before they reach our shelves to make sure that what we say they will do, THEY DO!



* We accept Amazon Payments, PayPal or Credit card.

* You do not need a PayPal Account to pay for your items through PayPal: You can choose the PayPal Option during checkout. After you submit your order click the “Pay Now” button. Scroll Down and you will see the option to pay with a Credit or Debit Card WITHOUT having to sign up for a PayPal account.

* We do not send out packages until payments have cleared.

* Please contact Hera if you are having any problems with your payment and she can assist you.

* We DO offer a payment plan for the Birth Chart Books in which you put a small payment and then additional payments when you have the money, or the final amount when KV starts in on your order.



* We source recycled goods with all our packaging! All packages are shipped in beautiful packages and sealed with love and care. Everything is ready to be gifted! The Birth Chart Books are printed on 100% recycled paper, as are the cushion shreds that come with all out tinctures and apothecary goods. So reuse those in other packaging you may have!

* We ship using USPS and USPS International. Some packages are first class and others are priority. If you need something shipped with a quicker method, reach out and we can offer you upgraded shipping costs.

* Birth Chart Books are currently on a 4 to 7 month wait (depending on if they are the basic book or with the souls purpose reading), but you can pay extra to have them shipped quicker. Tinctures and other items ship within 1 to 5 days.

* Please fill out the message to buyer when making your purchase if you need your item shipped to another address or want a note included when it is as a gift.

* Packages sent in the U.S. usually take about 3 to 5 days to arrive after the shipping notification has been sent. Please be patient when it is holiday season because they can take to a week or longer.

* WE SHIP EVERYWHERE!  Now this rarely happens, but overseas packages can remain in customs up to a few weeks. I have only had a few orders held and it was for 2 weeks, but do be aware that if your package is not moving, it may just be sitting in customs. I would say 90% of my overseas orders arrive within 5 (UK) to 12 days (Canada, Australia).



* We want you to be HAPPY with all the Aquarius Nation goods! We put so much love and care into each creation and only offer things that we consider top dog goods. For this reason we do not accept refunds or returns. But if your item is damaged or we send the wrong item, we will send the corrected order at no charge to you. Just reach out to us to let us know! We are very kind and loving in the Aquarius Nation team so we are always going to want to work with you and make the experience feel loving and honoring.

* If you are still in the Birth Chart Book line and have not received your book yet, we WILL refund you the complete amount if you do not want to wait any longer. We honor this 100% with no questions asked.

How long does it take to get a Birth Chart Book?

As you know, the Birth Chart Books are channeled readings from 1999 when KV was bringing through the handbook for the brilliant ones who are leading the way into the New Earth. She was told back then that they would reach millions of people as it would become their personal handbook through the waves of life. So this means they are very much in demand!

Currently the wait is 3 to 5 months, but there is an option to get your order rushed and to get it in  a few weeks. Starting in January we will be ALL CAUGHT UP and then the process will be where we offer limited Books at a time and THEN we will ship them to you in 1 to 3 weeks!! MUCH better, right??

What do I do if my package says SHIPPED but it is not moving on the tracking?
Please reach out to Hera to let us know! But also we have seen this often as Santa Fe, New Mexico is where we ship out of and often the shipping is a bit unpredictable. Since we first started, on average 2 packages a month disappear. So you may be one of those! But just as often, the item did not get scanned and it will just end up showing in your mailbox. And sometimes too the package is held and then finally starts moving in a couple days. We also have many stories of packages going across the World and finally showing up months later!  The best way to look at this is that the Birth Chart Books have POWER and sometimes they fall to the wayside so that they can land in your lap at the perfect time for YOU.
How do I order a Personal Reading from KV?
At the time KV is at capacity and unable to provide personal readings. In the future she will be offering them and is also wanting to do something on a monthly basis of working with just a few people to help them transform their lives. You can send a message to Hera at any time to let her know you would like to be put on that list for when something like this is offered.
I want the MOON VIBE but I can't afford it!

The MOON VIBE publication is SO IMPORTANT for us to move through the testing times of what is to come in 2016 and beyond so if you cannot afford the $13.00 a month for the weekly offerings, please reach out to Blossom and let her know what you can afford. We really do not want to exclude anyone from this information because it very well may be the thing that shifts you to abundantly being able to afford them!

I ordered an mp3 sound healing but it won't load?
If is going to be something with your operating system if you can’t load the mp3.  This is similar to playing movies on Netflix and not having enough bandwidth. Try pausing the recording and allowing it to load first and see if it works.  If you have tried it again and again and can’t get it to play, then please just reach out and we will give you a refund!
I don't want to wait in line any longer and want a refund for the Birth Chart Book.

Oh, we hope that you will never say this because in this case the wait is ALWAYS worth it!  But we will honor this request 100% of the time. We know that it can get frustrating waiting for something and we also don’t want that frustration in line. So reach out to Blossom with your book number and she will apply that refund right away!