What is included in The Galactic Vision monthly publications...

  • About 100 pages each month
  • The choice of digital or print versions
  • Galactic Teachings that deal with what it means to now be in the High Vibrational Female energies, along with symptoms and what to expect as WE change to match these energies.
  • Teachings and tools that deal with manifesting, changing patterns, finding happiness, letting go of our past, letting go of our wounds, healing this plant, embracing our Soul’s Purpose, manifesting a worthy love partner and MORE.
  • Monthly channeled energy readings in video or podcast form for each sign.
  • One month of Moon Mapping readings along with journal pages to work with the Moon transiting through your birth chart. The Guides made it clear that we MUST align to the flows of our solar system planets and especially the Moon.
  • A Prayer Portal where we will come together to change the minds of those wishing to inflict harm AND where we will come together to affect change of the members of this tribe, such as those needing to find a job, move past a tragedy or whatever comes up as a need within our group.
  • A private group space on this website where we will come together to delve further into the teachings and to connect more closely with our Galactic Vision tribe!

And most importantly, a life that is altered and activated FROM taking in the teachings and readings from this monthly publication!

The majority of humans on Earth right now are in the Scarcity Human Path. The only directions that are activated and accessible on this path are the ones going to THE PAST and in THIS MOMENT. What is cut off and not accessible are the ones going up,which is the connection to OUR INTUITIONS and the one going to the future, which is our EAGLE VISION.  This means their focus is going backwards, into their past, into their wounds, into their childhood programming, into all the things that happened before. They also are focused into this moment only. This means they can get very worked up and in despair over things happening RIGHT NOW with an inability to feel hope for the future and that things can change. This is like being devastated because they do not have a romantic partner, or they lost their job, or they are having a bad day. It is all consuming and becomes EVERYTHING. The Scarcity Human is always talking about money or the lack thereof. There is a strong focus into what they have contributed in comparison to others. Not having enough money, talking about not having enough money, complaining about not having enough money and putting attention and focus on their monetary value are the key notes of the Scarcity Human life path. Everything is about money with this life path. This path is also all about there not being enough to go around, so there is a clutching of what one has and fear that they will not be taken care of.

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This is the path you arrive on when you have had your spiritual awakening. All directions are activated and accessible on this path. The gateway sign into this path is through the numbers 11:11. This is the Awakening Code. When you start to see these numbers, you know you have spiritually awakened, are on a new path and will gradually start learning new skills to navigate the journey on Earth. What is new upon entering the Awakened Human path is that these humans now are aware of the connection to cosmic occurrences and the power of their INTUITIONS to guide them correctly on their journey. They also now have moments of living in the EAGLE VISION, which is that place where we see the big picture of our lives and have absolute trust that all of this is right on schedule and a part of our plan. They often feel very optimistic, like they can do whatever they dream, and they put energy and affirmation into manifesting an amazing and brilliant future. But the Awakened Humans still carry the memories, wounds and programming of THE PAST. They still buy in to old lies that unconscious Scarcity Humans fed them in regards to being worthless, a mistake and having no value. They still remember being violated and suffer moments of self-hatred. And they also still at times get hung up on THIS MOMENT by losing hope and thinking this occurrence is the end of the world or way too much to handle or see beyond. They still use words that hold the vibration of not having enough money in this moment.

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This is the path you want to be on. The gateway sign into this path is through the number 8. When you start to see 88, 888 and 8888, your vibration is raising to reach the tone of the Galactic Vision. When you are in 8, you are completely aware that what you are putting out there is coming right back to you. Picture the 8 on its side, in the infinity position, and what you put out there is looping through that symbol and swinging right back your way, every time. This is when you have let go of the lies of your past, shed the skins of your wounds, forgiven those who have made mistakes with you, and are free to be the true essence of who you really are. And this is when you have grown beyond getting so worked up no matter what has happened to fall on your path. This is when you look at the devastations, the disappointments, the pain and the struggles as just a part of your journey on Earth, but not the end of the story. Being in the Galactic Vision is being fully aware that you can and will have whatever you dream … if it is for your best. And if it is not for your best and does not manifest, then you trust that this is just how it needs to be. There is no anger, fighting or the desire to control things; you just surrender and trust it all, no matter what it is.

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The Galactic Vision.

guidance for the brilliant ones leading the way.

So I wanted to share the story of how Galactic Vision found me.

It was during the summer of 2015  and I was out for the evening hike when all of a sudden

my guides came through and explained what The Galactic Vision was.

They explained how there were 3 paths in life that the humans take.

They then provided the images that would depict these paths and that is what you see above. And as many of you know, I was so excited to share this information with you but wanted to wait until my new website launch because I thought, what a great page to have on it! And honestly that was it.

I only thought it would be a page on my site and end of story.

Then a few months later I went on vacation for a week in Western Colorado.

While I was there I had the most amazing experience where all these teachings were coming through me at lightning speed.

I don’t ever use the word download with this kind of stuff, as to me it is more called channeling, but this time it was a download because it was as fast as when you download something into your computer. And I actually didn’t even write any of them down because I was too busy living them and feeling them in technicolor. I was IN the teachings that were being brought through me.

And also as many of you know, when I came back it was all I could talk about!  At that point I thought the stories were coming through me to go in several books. That’s how much information was coming through me!

It wasn’t just one book, it felt like it had to be for several!

But then I had to put that aside because my current schedule was so busy and the dream I had of having time to write these books fluttered off in the wind while I was in the face of already so much to do.

Then a few more months passed.

And this time these Galactic Guides showed up in physical form.

This has never happened, but here they were in my room and talking to me telepathically about how there is no time to wait. They explained how we are presently in crisis on Earth and there is a potential catastrophe that is directed towards the United States, but would ripple out to affect every other country.  But they said that we can change this event from occurring and it is through our energy and intentions. (As a note, this is not what is occurring now with ISIS or anything I have heard of going on. This is something else).

They said the lessons they downloaded into me while in Ridgway, Colorado were what I was to share with you all and that there was no time to wait for books to be published as this event is potentially to arrive in 2016 or soon into 2017. So we are in this serious countdown of needing to become as they later showed me, birthing coaches for the World.

What they explained is that what we are going to face is similar to what a birthing mother faces when she thinks she is good to go and knows what to expect, but then once labor hits it is a whole different story. (Many of the mothers who have given birth just smiled and nodded their heads). What we think it to be is different than what it actually is when we finally walk it. And for most women it becomes so intense that they question if they can do this.

You all know this similar journey with your spiritual awakening. You read the books. You watch the lectures. You grasp what you are learning intellectually, but often then you walk a situation down the road and you suddenly fall back on your old ways, or struggle with remembering what you thought you knew.

And the information that is going to be presented in The Galactic Vision will come to you twice a month with the New and Full Moons and it will be geared towards teaching you lessons that really stick to your bones, as they kept putting it! These new ways of being will accelerate your growth so that you can truly be someone who then will help the masses go through their own awakening birth cycle.

Thus, the name “Guidance for the brilliant ones leading the way” was born.