Keeping it real. The daily moon vibe readings WILL change you.

They offer exactly what you need to hear to make your healing work journey a smoother transition.   They will help you face your wounds –but to face them with love.   They help you find compassion and forgiveness.  They help you rise and hold high vibes.

They help you to be the best peoples you can be and they SPEED UP the journey towards manifesting the life of our dreams.

KV has been given a gift to tune into the energy of any day — no matter when in history — and FEEL what is going to happen at that time.

These readings are now a gift to you as your ENERGY GUIDEBOOK through ascension and into the high vibes. Read more about Psychic Astrologer KV and how she does these readings down below.

When you change, your vibe changes, and what you see outside of you changes.


These readings bridge you to a better life.




guidance of what is to come — in your hands a week in advance.


the horoscopes are included in the  moon vibe guide!

ALSO INCLUDES extra teachings, inner circle with KV, moon mapping compass, extra energy information, private space on website coming soon, discounts in the shop, + more.



one time month payment or join the subscription



get the FULL readings delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks!  We only share 1/2 of the reading online!

currently the podcasts are  ONLY  available here.


one time month payment or join the subscription


Thank you for being a messenger in easing our souls. Our path is transformed by your wisdom.

~Athena V.

Whats included in the MOON VIBE GUIDE:

Weekly Guides will be delivered to your inbox every Sunday evening

(Monday morning in the Southern Hemisphere) that contain:


THE MOON VIBE READINGS for the following week going through Sunday – you don’t have to wait for us to post them AND you can read way ahead of the times so that you are FULLY prepared for what is to come.

EXTENDED FULL MOON WRITTEN READINGS – we only share HALF of the reading on social media! So there is just as much, or more, insight and guidance waiting for you in the MVG.

NEW MOON PODCASTS – Exclusive to the MVG and not available otherwise for now. Every New Moon you get some life altering guidance in a 25 minute per sign reading. How KV channels is different in print and voice! These are super entertaining!

MOON MAPPING COMPASS for each month + instruction video on how to read the month in a circular fashion! WAY insightful and directional on when you should do what.

EXTRA TEACHINGS + STORIES WITH KV – sometimes KV goes deep into her personal world to share some of the tools and wisdom that will make your journey or the moment easier to handle. These come as surprises that your soul needs to hear to handle challenging situations that may be coming in future weeks.

DAILY RITUAL NOTICES will be delivered to your inbox every day with the reading for the following day. (You can opt out of this if you don’t want the daily emails)

ALSO INCLUDED:   Special discounts in the shop that are always more than what we offer to the general public. Special Energy Updates. And soon to be a PRIVATE SPACE that is all our own and will be JAM PACKED full of more surprises! Its gonna be WAY OUT THERE great!!!

I am so grateful for these moon vibe guide readings! It has been such a time of transformation life changes; having these insights ahead of the week is so super helpful to reduce my anxieties and soothe me into the shifts. ~ Krystal

Always bringing great insight that invokes clarity in times of mental haze. Love you wise sister and thank you always. ~ Damian W. Canada

Thank you. So grateful you share your gifts with the world. Your work is always like a warm hug! I feel SO supported by the wisdom you bring through. ~ Anna F. Brisbane, Australia


I get this question all the time! I actually plan on writing a full article on it when our new website launches on January 11, 2018.

I was born psychic and in tune but I was upgraded a level in 1999 (age 28) when I was told I would be channeling the Birth Chart Book information.

And in August 2015 (age 44) I was downloaded with some higher level gifts in being able to read the energy of ANY day in history.

How are your so tuned in to the energy? Sometimes it feels like you penetrate my soul. Thank you for these encouraging words. I literally feel like spiritually I was on the floor sobbing and your posts, especially today, gently lifted my soul. ~ Modest Betty

I have been subscribing to the Moon Vibe for over a year now and this is the only thing that has gotten me through. Your voice is authentic and powerfully aligned.

You are such a gift. Thank you for existing. ~ Gypsy L

So grateful to have you help guide us through ascension! I have changed so much in the past year from soaking up the wisdom in your readings. I have never had readings hit me to the core like yours do. You are a gift KV and I cherish that I found you in my lowest days. I heard your call! ~ Louanne W. Long Beach, California

The Moon Vibe Guide is the best gift to my world. ~ Alix B.

I don’t know what I would’ve done over the last 6 months without these readings. You are truly a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you. ~ Delightfullywild

I’ve been reading your daily readings, everyday, for almost a year. Today, you truly have blessed me. ~ Queen S.

How do you do your readings? How did you discover your gift? I would love to hear your process. I have yet to meet anybody else as accurate as you. ~ Sanjasedlak

The Moon Vibe Guide is my religion! I find that life is much more manageable with the insight you provide each day. I notice that I don’t worry as much or beat myself up for not being good enough! Thank you for doing what you do! I would be lost without this guidance. ~ Nicole M. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Your readings are spot on scary accurate. I look forward to getting them every week! ~ Petra

I have never read more accurate readings! I don’t know how you do this but it’s the real deal. I love the Moon Vibe Guide and get so excited sitting down with it Sunday evenings! ~ Jana S. Oakland, California

Your posts have been on point for me everyday! I recently am going thru a really tough break up and your posts have honestly made me feel alive again and stronger which I didn’t think was possible. So I just want to thank you for showing me that I can overcome any obstacle in my way. ~ Oliver B.

Love you so much KV. Please dont ever stop. As soon as I’m able I will be subscribing and supporting you as much as you’ve supported us for all these years, but thank you so much for making these life saving messages available to those of us who cant afford extra monthly payments!! You are so important! ~ Laychoo

I’m so happy I found this tribe. Your words leave me speechless for a bit everyday. Thank you for bringing us to our light. ~The perfect Imperfections

Your readings contain more insight and are more accurate than any other!! ~ Angela K.

Every day is SO ON POINT!!  ~ Meg V.

Every single day since I began following your (incredible) account, the interpretations you share are so insanely on point I can’t quite believe how blessed I feel to have found you and what you do. If there is anyway I can support your work pls let me know. ~ Grace L.

You are gifted, my love! These readings are UNBELIEVABLY accurate almost every single day for me! I know that if life gets hard, all I have to do is race to Aquarius Nation and your readings will guide me back home. ~ Dr. Elaine W. ~ Portland, Oregon


I now can go forwards or backwards and FEEL what we are to experience in that day. And how that goes is pretty interesting because it takes no effort, except for me to call upon the energy of the day — and then it is as if I walk into a room and describe what I feel around it.

It really is a room I walk into and then things reach out at me and I have to interpret them. That is why I write the way and do! It can be work when I get in the room but its artistic and fun and always a surprise!

I had NO idea this sort of thing could be done … until my guides informed me that I would be someone to do it.

And what I can say, and have heard through hundreds of testimonials from our moon vibe tribe, is that WE ARE CHANGING.

And we are changing because of these readings. I can tell you 100% that I am not the person I was 3 years ago when I started doing these daily readings.

I now have a mind that is MOSTLY silent unless I am actively figuring something out. I NEVER fall into doubt or feeling that I don’t have value in the world. I quickly accept where I falter and work to understand why it is there and how I can heal it back into balance. I don’t play victim and I work to diffuse and understand anger. I am so much a better person – and getting better!

And these readings are a gateway gift that offers insight into how we can DO IT RIGHT each day — and not keep fucking up making the same mistakes and doing those patterns that push the good away, push the love away and keep our lives not feeling as wonderful as we so want them to be.

The answer is in the moon vibe readings. They bring you closer to the dream as you play out the guidance that presents and the teachings that show you step by step how you can NOT have to suffer and find yourself in situations that keep manifesting you what you DON’T WANT.

They work. You read them, you walk them, you play with them – and you will notice great and massive changes in your life. And they are easy to do and they change you gradually — which means the changes really stick.



Do I have to read them everyday to benefit?

Not unless you want to.

Keeping it real with me, I DO channel them and I DO step into the energy a week early, but in the first year I read them every day without fail, a night or two ahead — but now my life rolls really sweet and calm and I haven’t needed much guidance with any situations.

But when there is something that comes up, I DO get to the readings and the answer or salve is ALWAYS there. Every time. So I use them a few times a week or whenever.

But I know most of my tribe is on the vibe daily and loving the way it is making life feel for them.

We ARE in the most challenging times in HISTORY and we need support.

This guide material manifested RIGHT before 2016 when things REALLY got wild. So know that these are here for you and most days what comes through is just the salve your soul needed to hear to pick yourself up and rise in power again.