Birth Chart Book | INSTALLMENT PLAN ~~ Final Payment


Over 80 Pages All about You, Your Path and Purpose. Life changing + Soul soothing. Thrive.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: love, shamballa energy healing
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Santa Fe, New Mexico




pay a little now and the rest when I start on your book.

FINAL PAYMENT!  Your book is in the works!


I’m adding this option to help people who need to save up the cash but who want to get in line and start the process. You will first pay $22 as the first payment and then we will get a hold of you when we are about to start your book. After the remaining amount is paid, your book will be completed and will be on the way!

1st payment 22. + shipping
2nd payment 44

Book + Souls Purpose:
1st payment 22 + shipping
2nd payment 200


<<☆>><< ☆>>What makes these Birth Chart Books so Special and cause for such high demand?

Now, this is such a gift, if I do say so myself! I brought through this information back in 1999 to 2001 when I was going through my Saturn Return. It also was the same time I went through ascension, or the fall, as one of the beings in the first round, when there was no book and nobody to explain what was occurring. And from those years of feeling like I was losing my mind and losing everything and everyone I loved, it came to me that I was to write this book that would be a healing force for the masses, when the time was right, which actually did not click into gear until December 21, 2012! So I carried these files around for over a decade with no one even knowing I had them!

I was told I was creating a guidebook that would help others to find their truth so that they could move into the ways of the New Earth and find the love vibe. I was also told that these books would reach millions of people!

So I embarked on a 3 year journey to bring through 700 pages of the most beautiful channeled messages I have ever heard and while I was in the motion, I would write 12 pages without even lifting the pen. It just flowed right out of me and was mostly things I didn’t even understand! This was before I even knew that there was a name for what I can do with writing, where I just ask questions and the answers come flooding out of me onto paper. But I did know this was special but for sure the words were so loving and uplifting.

And what I believe makes the information in these books SO UNIQUE AND VALUABLE is that I did not ask what they mean, when I channeled through the information, as I instead asked “What do people need to know because this shows up in their charts, because this is a part of their genetic coding.”

It is different information. It feels different. It hits you in different places in your body. Most astrology hits you in the brain, but this material hits you in the gut and the heart.

And what I have discovered over the years is that every time you open your book, you will get just the RIGHT READING that you need to hear about your situation in order to ground you and bring you back to what is really important. You also forget everything in the book and when you open it at a later date, it tends to blow you away with how perfect and insightful the message is. I get emails about this PHENOMENON every day!!!! Just wait and see! It is your ULTIMATE Tarot Deck.

I can say that I am a pretty humble person and not too much about tooting my own horn, but with these books I am totally confident and ready to scream how important they are for all the people who are bringing in the New Earth energies.

This book aligns you to your truth, outside of whatever anyone else has told you that you can or cannot do. I know what your soul yearns for and you will read about it in your book.

This book is a ANCHORING TOOL that will help you through any difficult situation. This is the psychic you seek, the reading you seek, the answers you need to know. This book will show you how worthy of love you really are and that you CAN live the life of your dreams. I can admit that this is the most important book I own. This is YOUR high vibrational guidebook.


This is a twin wire spiral bound book of about 70 to 100 pages, printed on recycled paper and made with so much love and care.

Something I have always done too is that I put Shamballa Multidimensional Energy Healing into them where I activate them to awaken things in you. And what is such a treat for me is that I have always numbered these books, so you will know where you fall with your fellow brothers and sisters who are also the bringers of the New Earth ways.

You will mostly read about your gifts and talents, where wounds have occurred that need to be healed and transformed, how you communicate and love, how other people see you, your strengths, your power, your healing abilities, your career focus, your path defined, and all the reasons you are who you are and what this all means in the grand scheme of things.

This stuff is juicy and it will stick with you. They are also great to share with your peoples as it will help them understand you and where you are coming from. Many people comment on how they wish they had this book in their early 20’s and how different their lives could have been. I agree with that. Basically love, you will cherish your birth chart book forever as it will always provide you what you need to hear during any given situation in your life.

This book is for people of the New Earth: the starseeds, the indigos, the crystals, the truth speaking, revolutionary, high vibrational world changers out there. This is what you need to feel TOTAL CONFIDENCE with living your Destined Life.

And unlike most astrology, NONE of this will bring you down or cause you to feel fear. Back in 1999 my guides called this High Vibrational Astrology and this was before we were even using the words HIGH VIBRATION!


<<☆>><< ☆>> WHAT I NEED FROM YOU!

When you are ordering I need you to include:

1. your birth date with MONTH/DATE/YEAR (overseas orders!! Please write them in words!)
2. your birth time with am or pm
3. your city and state, location of birth


<<☆>><< ☆>> EXTRA OPTIONS:

ADD ON SOULS PURPOSE READING: ( shows as + SP in the ordering options)

With this option I am REALLY going deeper into your Chart!! This is when I go into your personal energy and into any aspect patterns in your chart. Also messages just come through at this time as the guides look at it as a great opportunity to reach you! This is always a very special part of the book as it CLEARLY names your gifts and how you are to express them in life. This can add on about 10 pages to the book.

Loves, this is the greatest honor of mine to be able to offer you this gift. I squeal in delight with each person I get to reach! I am so lucky!!


☆ REVIEWS of the birth chart books☆
You can read so many other beautiful reviews in my etsy shop.

“KV’s work is simply astounding! Not only does she clarify the things you suspected in your life, she explains the reasons WHY you do what you do; feel as you feel and react the way you do. She gives insight into what your life goals are. It is full of synchronicities. Not only can it be used as your birth chart, it can be used as an oracle. There is nothing else like it out there. KV is the real deal!” ~ K. Olds

“I feel like mine has activated me in SO MANY WAYS. I am literally a different person since receiving it. Magical. I cannot thank you enough!” ~E. Morgan

“My chart book has changed the way I think about everything!! I use it like tarot. What a beautiful gift you have, thank you for sharing it with us, KV!!” ~ G. Knappes

“I wish I could laminate mine so that it will forever look brand new, because everytime I pick out a paragraph to read, it lifts my spirits, it feels like the first time and it is so personal, so on target and I know it came from pure love. It is by far the best money I have ever spent and will cherish it forever!!” ~ D. Cox-Williams

“I use my book ALL the time. My kids refer to it as “Mommy’s medicine book” I just told my husband the other day that for Mother’s Day I want to have the kids books made. I can’t think of a better Mama gift”. ~ K. Hancock

“Even though I knew of you a little when I first got my chart, you knew nothing about James, and now my brother, and they are all so spot on! I’m here to say you ARE the REAL DEAL mama”. ~ L. Mazurek

“Your chart books are amazing tools of self discovery, guidance, validation, and growth! I have re-read mine so many times and every time I get one more AHA moment. You have a gift and that is undeniable!!!” ~J. Lee

“My husband and I both had birthchart books done by you and they were spot on. Reading mine is so incredible because you just nailed so much about me. We both love our books and my husband keeps his on his bedside table when he needs a quick answer to a question.”
~C. Natusch


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