LOVE MY BELLY nurturing oil | scar and wound repairing oil


  • 4 ounce clear glass jar with dropper
  • highest quality ingredients available
  • nurturing care for those places on your body that you reject
  • scar and wound healing agent
  • creating ritual with self-care




creating ritual with the love and care of your body.

This oil has an herbaceous aroma that helps to infuse love into your body and overcome our physical dissatisfactions. As women we tend to hate some part of our bodies especially the belly, and as we age we accumulate more of these areas. Rather than ignore these areas it is important to bring love and energy to them to help us heal both physically and emotionally. This blend is particularly good for treating varicose veins, stretch marks and scars but it is only by bringing love and energy to these areas that we will truly heal them. Personally, I have used it extensively over my entire body after pregnancy to ameliorate the effects on my skin. While it is important that I come to terms with the changes in my body and love all the gentle reminders of my life, its also nice to see my stretch marks and scars fade.

This product contains all natural oils extracted by distillation free of pesticides and solvents and no synthetic ingredients or fragrances. We make sure to properly dilute potentially irritating essential oils, however, as with any skin care product, please spot test before use and if irritation occurs discontinue use. This formula is not intended for use while pregnant, as it is fairly stimulating. I have used this formula on my face as well, though it was designed as more of a body oil.

Everyone wants flawless skin, and while this blend helps heal your skin, I feel it must be noted that while perhaps a cliché, truly perfect skin comes from the inside. If you want perfect skin stop eating junk and deal with your gut, liver and your hormones. This does not mean do a “cleanse” and resume life as it was before, this is a lifelong process of maintaining balance within your life. In order to heal scars and things like stretch marks or varicose veins make sure you are eating collagen building foods. I also recommend taking our Mojo powder internally and mixing it into a paste with honey and clay and applying it to scars. Our hormone balancing drink mixes (Sustain available now and Hormone Balance coming soon) can assist with skin issues as well when taken as tonics.

 Apply as needed to clean skin and massage into your body.

  • Argan oil: Well known as an incredibly nourishing and moisturizing oil, argan oil also contains an impressive number of antioxidants. It is helpful for fighting the signs of stress and aging on the skin and for healing scars.
  • Castor oil: Famous as the oil used in castor oil packs to detox the body, castor oil also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Due to the high concentration of easily absorbable fatty acids, castor oil helps treat stretch marks and fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin and encouraging the growth of tissues. It is also both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial making it useful for acne.
  • Jojoba oil:  Well known as the carrier oil most similar to our skins natural sebum, jojoba oil also contains large amounts of vitamin E which is helpful in healing scars and abrasions.
  • Fresh infusion of Horse Chestnut and English Ivy in organic coconut oil: Horse chestnut and ivy are used to treat varicose veins as well as other skin conditions while coconut oil is moisturizing and restorative.
  • Cistus (rock rose) essential oil: Rock rose has an almost unexpected resin-like aroma. It is anti-inflammatory, heals skin and scars, and especially helpful with mature skin.
  •  Lavender essential oil: Lavender has antiseptic properties as well as an extremely calming aroma. Frequently used to treat burns, lavender oil is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing as well as stimulating cell regeneration in order to prevent scarring. Many people also use diluted lavender oil on the face and scalp to balance oil production. While not the most prominent aroma in this formula, lavender lends its spicy floral fragrance to the herbaceous and medicinal nature of the rest of the blend while bringing a sense of calm and healing to both the skin and the spirit.
  •  Yarrow flower infusion (fresh) in argan oil & yarrow essential oil: Yarrow can be anti-inflammatory. In some herbal traditions it is known as a door opener that can help you overcome certain conditions while the fresh leaves can stop bleeding. Yarrow oil is used in skin care for acne, eczema and inflammation and to minimize varicose veins and reduce scars. Some yarrow essential oil, including this one, is actually bright blue even though it is distilled from all white flowers.
  • Rose Damascena (rose otto) essential oil: Rose essential oil has a deep nourishing effect on the soul. While it opens the heart it can ease sorrow, depression as well as fear and anger. While the aroma has a deep spiritual and emotional effect it is also fantastic for skin care especially for mature skin.
  • Roman chamomile essential oil: Roman chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects but is more commonly used for its ability to treat emotional and mental issues. Extremely calming, it is used for people who are overly critical or angry as well as for calming children suffering from teething or colic. It is frequently used for PMS or menstrual pain when massaged into the abdomen.
  • Spikenard essential oil: Spikenard is a very calming oil, both emotionally and physically especially for sadness, but is also useful in skin conditions. It is frequently used for fungal infections.

 Infusion of tanzanite– Too often we judge ourselves, especially our bodies, with our critical minds. Tanzanite is a stone that can unite the heart and mind and remind us to be centered in the hearts wisdom.


We are not doctors. The products we talk about are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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