MOJO Powder | a magical multi-purpose potion that everyone needs on hand. 4 ounces



MOJO Powder

  • 4 ounce tin (8 ounces also available)
  • many powerful purposes!
  • comes with recipe booklet
  • anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, wound healer
  • for dogs or humans
  • comes in hand dyed indigo bag




It really is the magical MOJO!


For YOU and your pets too!

I actually had Rosie make this potion for us because I used one of the recipes I will tell you about in the included booklet when my dog Moonbear had gotten a tumor. The vet said we needed to do surgery and it was planned for 4 days later. But on my drive home I started to think about what I could come up with that could possibly burst the tumor.  I just didn’t feel good about putting her under (especially after one of my favorite dogs ever, Kalua, was put under and never woke up from the anesthesia) and also spending $1,000 to do it.

And suddenly all these ingredients came to my mind, so I got home, mixed it up, put it on her golf ball size tumor, wrapped her in a t-shirt, also let her drink up some of the potion and within 24 hours it was GONE.

I still went into the vet at the end of the week and she was SHOCKED!  She just said, “Well, we don’t need to do surgery anymore!” Then she wanted to know what I did, so I gave her my recipe. And over the years, so many people come to me for the recipe and I have really wanted to make this an offering since I know 100% fact that it did some amazing things for us.

I also used it again when Moonbear had ripped a big V in her chest from a barbed wire fence. I was wondering if I should take her to the vet and get it sewed up because it was hanging skin, but I put the potion on just to see what it would do, and let her ingest some too and within 24 hours it looked almost healed! There was no need for stitches as it even looked like the skin had drawn in!

And it was on another occasion that Moonbear wasn’t feeling good so I mixed some up and suddenly thought, wait, if this works so good on animals, let me try it! And I brought it in to my Chinese Medicine Doctor to see if this is a good daily potion and she said, “Actually, this is something great for everyone to take!”  She did recommend every other day, though.

And my newest discovery with the MOJO is that I had gotten contaminated by gluten as I am EXTREMELY allergic and I swell up about 4 inches and my whole face puffs up and it tends to stay for about 5 days.  So when this happened the last time, I thought… what about the MOJO?? It works on inflammation, so let me see!  So I mixed it up with a certain recipe adding a little more support for the digestion track and, you know it! Next day the swelling was down. Yes this particular recipe will be in the book too!


MOJO really is the bomb.


comes with a recipe book where you will add different ingredients to use it for different ailments. What you are getting as product is the base for all those recipes we will tell you about,

Ingredients: 4 ounces

  • Organic Turmeric
  • Grass-Fed, Raw, ethically retrieved Colostrum
  • Pearl Powder
  • Kelp

8 ounce container also available.

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Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in


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