Moon Journey BOOK | Learn the ways of the Moon Mapping lifestyle and understand your natural flows


Learn Astrology and how to Moon Map! Discover your Unique Flow and the Signature Energy of your ASTROLOGY Birth Chart!



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170 pages plus 3 videos of teaching lessons.


<<☆>><< ☆>> DETAILS of The Way of the Moon Journey

So you’ve always wanted to understand the astrology chart and read the energy dynamics so as to use it in your own life to discover more clarity and understanding about what is happening and why, right? Perfect!

Because I am bringing forward this updated and upgraded version of The Way of the Moon Journey book and it is truly and utterly kickass and valuable beyond belief!

Now don’t worry, you WILL get it. I don’t care if you are a brand new babe to astrology (which I actually PREFER that you are!) but no matter what, you will get IT after you read Lesson One.

I also am including 3 videos that go further into the teachings where you will hear my voice and see how things look on the screen! So that is a super bonus that DEMANDS that everyone who purchase this book, actually gets the teaching in it.

Now if are going to learn astrology from me, you are going to learn it intuitive style. I am going to make your intuition work for it! And instead of a bunch of memorized intellectualized concepts coming from your lips, you will have valuable and soul knowing WISDOM coming from you lips. I know how to open this in you and to create a situation where you go to the gut to get the answers instead of the mind. Sometimes we just need to be redirected and I will bring this awareness to you in the book.

Basically, The Way of the Moon Journey will open you to a whole new way of living! And this one is hella fun and ON PURPOSE!


<<☆>><< ☆>> What you will learn in The Way of the Moon Journey Book:

☆ How to read the chart. (I have to teach this first so that you can understand how to do the Moon Mapping)

☆ How to understand degrees, the Moon Phases,and the Elemental and Modalities influences.

☆ How to draw the symbols and to merge with the intuitive meanings of them. And just so you know, I have no ability to memorize things, so for me, when I do the horoscopes and readings, I am ONLY looking at the symbols and then words come to me.

I will show you how I learned to understand astrology because the words coming at me from books or teachers just goes right over my head! Personally, I only get things and have them stick if there is an emotional feeling to them. If I can relate emotionally to something, I will remember it forever.

☆ Then we learn how to Moon Map and Mood Map where we will track our moods and events that occur throughout the month as the Moon moves through our houses.

Through this we start to learn our unique flows and SIGNATURE ENERGY of when we have energy, when we want to hide away, when we feel like we want to die, when we are focused beyond belief and ready to tackle ANYTHING, when we feel like everyone is better than us, when we lose confidence in ourselves, when we NATURALLY attract opposition and provocation from others!

Yes, there is a reason these feelings and occurrences attract to us each month! And through learning our unique flow, or our signature energy, as written in stone from our Birth Charts, we come to an understanding of what is going on so that we don’t buy into it and we move through it quickly, OR we plan around it and use the energies to the max OR we awaken to the messages that are JUST asking us to heal, rise above, and become better peoples. The more you honor the lessons that the Moon can time bomb into our lives, the MORE they no longer come at you!

Eventually you will get like me where nothing phases you and even if a bomb comes into your life, you will get over it in a day or two so that you can hop back on the trusting high road of life and move forward. I still have lost most of my family in the past 2 years, all of which who were my most foundational support, all of my cats that I had for 16 years passed within months, computers have crashed, book data lost, arguments with friends that I love more than anything, but I STILL deal with it like a pro and have stayed on the high road because of what I have learned from this research work.

This book has CHANGED MY LIFE, so I KNOW it will do the same for YOU!

☆ From the wisdom in this book, you will learn how to be more trusting of life and to make decisions based on when you do have gateway openings that pertain to areas of your life, such as career and inner work. You will also learn when to pull away from provocation and when to make the space for a clearing.

I will teach you how to open your shop at high Noon instead of 3 am when everyone is asleep! I will teach you how to start up a lemonaid stand in summer instead of the middle of winter. THAT is what we are doing when we do not know OUR UNIQUE FLOW AND SIGNATURE ENERGY!

☆ Because of this book and following the way, you will become more calm and “all is good” about what is happening. You will be able to see that there is a reason for what you are experiencing.

Now I WILL go much deeper into transits and predictive work in later books/courses, but this one gets you started into the Moon Journey flow and this one lays the foundation for you understanding oh so much more about what the planets are trying to tell you!

This is the book that brings PEACE into your life!



<<☆>><< ☆>> BOOK OPTIONS:

Printed Book 170 pages // $29 plus 3 videos of the teachings in the book (about 2 hours of video!)

Ebook version 170 pages // $25 plus 3 videos of the teachings in the book (about 2 hours of video!)


SO STOKED to travel this journal with you, love!! I have been doing this for a couple years now and it has absolutely changed how I deal with EVERYTHING in my life and through this wisdom I no longer freak out or feel like I am clueless as to what is going to come. I KNOW NOW and I know how long it is going to last! Welcome to the Moon Journey Circle!!


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