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Sound Healing | Protection

your safe little pink bubble in sound form.


Listen to this recording when you are in your car and feeling the intensity of others anger and frustrations. This is great for a traffic jam as instantly all the world outside of you will fade away as this calm beat reaches your soul like the calming touch of your elders. Magickal energy within the layers of this latest Sound Healing channeled by Rick Batyr!

Keep it on repeat and let it loop and loop through your system.


About this 12 minute Channeled Sound Healing:

This sound healing has been created with love and the intention of protection. When I was approaching this meditation I was guided to call upon Archangel Michael and my shamanic guides to work through me
for the highest good of those who listen. As we become increasingly more connected and aware of our higher self and divine being, new channels and energies open up for us. As these new channels begin to open, our sensitivity to the energy around us also grows.

Being empathic is not always easy as our openness when we do not protect ourselves can lead to taking on various energies and emotions of those around us. I have created this sonic medicine as a tool to assist you in activating and increasing the ever-powerful protection of divine love. Something we all have available to us once we embrace the divine love within. I would like to give you a better glimpse into why the shamanic guides and archangel Michael have come through in this healing
The shamanic guides that work with me in a large portion of my sound work came through in the form of the shamanic drums that you hear me play on this recording as well as the shamanic rattle. The drums seem to have a dual purpose here. The first would be to connect you and ground you to the earth, while the second is to clear away energies longer serve you as well as anything you may have already been taking on from others. The rattle, sometimes metaphoric for a rattlesnake “scares away” and clears your aurora and low level energies as well.

The purpose here is to help you clear away the low level energies and start your protection process from a clean slate perspective.

Archangel Michael! Such a beautiful protector! When I channel Archangels they seem to imbed healing into the music energetically and through higher pitched frequencies. Archangel Michael guided me to the sounds you will hear that seem to build up and wash over you! These vibrations not only surround your entire being but they help to open your heart chakra. The reason for this is Love is always the best protection, Love, compassion and understanding of the self and radiating outward to all around you.

I do not often automatic write and when I do it usually feels like a conversation of gratitude to the spirit that has come through. Personal thanks I give to each spirit when they work through me. This time around when I wrote to archangel Michael he wanted me to include the message that had come through here with YOU.

Archangel Michaels message:
“Protection is commonly regarded as a means of creating an impenetrable wall or shield, when you are sensitive or fearful to the energy and emotions of the souls around you. Fear, anxiety and physical ailments sometimes take shape. You tense up! Close up! Want to eradicate this from your space. BUT we must see the greatest tool; all of you have always had and always will. LOVE, COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING. When you focus on love the heart radiates! A divine light from the inside out! Let go of fear! Open your hearts in confidence and project that divine love we all share outward! A vibration of love so grand! It is only LOVE that can penetrate LOVE. It is with LOVE that anything less than divine love will be returned to its birthplace carrying with it this loving energy, so that the sender may also feel this love and heal as well. When we become one with this divine love all of us share, we are one with god and the all creation.”

Rick Batyr is a sound medium. Channeling spirit through sound in order to create healing music and vibration for the good of all who listen. With a background as a professional musician/producer Rick has merged his musical talents with the science of sound and spirituality. Using a combination of Reiki, Meditation, Shamanism and akashic records Rick is able to become a hollow reed and transmit healing vibrations and music from ascended masters, spirit guides and angels. With a diverse catalog of healing music constantly expanding Rick’s goal is to help as many beautiful souls as possible discover the powerful transformative modality of sound. Sound affects us on a cellular level and has the ability to help us quite the mind, clear out what no longer serves, and bring us back to a state of balance and harmony. In an attempt to help many understand and utilize this modality Rick performs live healings and workshops and is the host of Prana Sounds Radio. If you would like to explore Rick’s work please feel free to visit his webpage or connect on Facebook.
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