Prayer Portal: GV2 Help me find a job.


If you are in need of a new job, comment down below and tell us what you are looking for. If you know of a particular job let us know where it is. You also can include your city and state so we can really hone in on where you are!


If you want to pick up some BLACK points and make a difference in the lives of your tribe members who are in the lack of job fears right now, follow the guidelines below.

1. Commit to coming at least once a day.

2. Each time find a person who catches your attention. You may notice that one feels brighter or in some way pulls you in. It may also be that you are connected to this person in a past life or they are going through something that you also endured and this is why you are purposefully being brought together. MANY of us in this group now know each other from previous lifetimes and this will create a sort of HOME feeling with some of your tribe members of the GV.

3. Read through their words and hear their personal call.

4. Say these words:

“I am attuned to the Galactic Vision energies.
I have the power to shift energy and to change peoples lives.
This is my gift to offer to the world.
This is why I am here now at this important time in history.
Thank you Living Universe/Great Mystery/God/Higher Power (your choice!) for working through me in bringing these miracles to this person. I know your limits are not bound by time and space. I know you will bring this person the miracle they are asking for.”

5. Now, visualize them finding a job. See someone shaking their hand as in saying YOU ARE HIRED! See them with a huge grin on their face and arms outstretched, squealing with joy. See that a huge burden has now been lifted from their shoulders. Go into as much detail as you want to do. You may see a sign that says YOU ARE HIRED! You also may see them going into work on their first day at the place they listed that they are wanting to manifest. You may see them getting their first paycheck and writing out bills.

6. Next, feel yourself being so thrilled for them because now you know that their suffering has ended. Feel yourself being so happy because YOU made a difference in their life.

7. Then know that you just put yourself 20 points in the black! So if you have had an IN THE RED day and are 100 points in deficit, then do this prayer for 5 or 6 people and you are back in BLACK!