GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Today is going to be a good day! The new moon yesterday was to hit you to the core of your value system, and it was to get you writing out new plans for how you want the rest of the year to go. This is when you are to take your life by the horns and steer things in a better way. ENOUGH of buying into scarcity and creating that into your future. ENOUGH of struggling to the point you don’t feel like you have a place on Earth. ENOUGH of thinking you are a victim and are here to suffer. Many of you will be hitting rock bottom around this point or will see others there, and it is to be when we somehow transform WHAT got us there. This means liberating and mind altering changes that get you writing new stories IN YOUR MIND about what could be your potential.

One of the most amazing things I have discovered is that when YOU value yourself and really love the miracle that you are, things become amazing in your life. It is the missing link that keeps some in pain and others walking on air and defying what we think of as possible. When you were lifted up and built to see that you are important and can have whatever you dream, you walk differently and think differently, and expect everything to go your way. When you were devalued, you expect things to not work out, to not feel totally good, and to NOT be what you REALLY want. With value ingrained deeply, you only go glass half full, and without it ingrained at all, you only go glass half empty.

We all really need to work on finding grace within and waking up to how kind and considerate and doing the best we can we all really ARE. We all are works in progress and we all are FULL of regrets over decisions made in our past that we thought was the best move when the decision was made. NOW may be another story in how we interpret things, BUT back then it was organic for us to do what we now think of as mistakes. So don’t get down on yourself when you were doing your best back then. You were. You NEEDED that journey to teach you something.

And it may hurt to look back and think of how you would do it so much better NOW, but that is not the point! That is an addiction to punishing yourself and NOT valuing the human experience that is full of waves and crashes and exactly what you think you don’t want to experience. It is there because certain lessons must be experienced, and you will keep coming back until you learn it correctly and do it high vibe style.

We are in school here and if not for mistakes we really wouldn’t get anywhere. As I like to say, think about your driver’s license test and think about NOT getting any practice. Would you really just say, -- Hey Mom, let's just go in and do the test. I don’t need to practice! I INTELLECTUALIZED the process and I’m sure I can pass the driving test! NONE OF YOU would say this. EVERY ONE OF YOU wanted to practice and to try it before actually getting in the car to be tested. So see that your life is just practice! It's just you perfecting life and learning how to REALLY walk the experiences. Yes, we fall often. But we all fall. We all have something to learn that needs us showing up better through trial and error. LOVE what you have had to learn, and it will transform into something that loves on you.


LOVE what you have had to learn

and it will transform into something

that loves on you.

Don’t HATE what you have had to learn

Because it needed to be.

There are no mistakes in your journey.  





MOON DEGREES: 6 to 18 Gemini


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5  



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