Saturday 28 October LUNAR ECLIPSE

FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE 5 degrees Taurus 2:23PM

Well hello S A T U R D A Y! 

Oh hello moon!! We love when you go LUNAR ECLIPSE in Taurus and get us to really stand up for ourselves -- and against oppression, manipulation, and fear-based things. This is when your throat is to open and declarations are to part and create new stories where you are valued and seen as essential for what you bring. This is when we see what is holding us back or what makes us feel so small that we can't do a thing. 

Now, do know this eclipse is all about you NOT letting the powers that be steamroll you into submission. This is why we are seeing so much that deals with us NOT having the power to change what we see. But at this time, you will ROAR in wanting to be heard or wanting to draw strong boundaries around something NOT being okay. Do not judge yourself if you REALLY come on strong in making your opinion known, because that is sort of the plan at this time.

I was coming down the road I live on where then you have to stop and look right and left about 4 to 6 times before pulling out because the cars come fast down the hill. So I was getting to the end and doing my first right look when all of the sudden this big suv honks from the left -- and it shocked me -- so much so that I slammed on the brakes, my dog flew up into the back of my seat and I turned my head 180 degrees so drastically that it hurt my brainstem for days! It was like it gave me whiplash.  I then chased that truck honking my horn at him, like HERE GO YOU, how do you like that?! He had NO reason to blare his horn at me when I wasn’t even on the road or in any way coming into contact with him. But he was ready to honk and ready to make a scene out of nothing – so I said FUCK NO. And I did not feel an ounce of regret or shame or like I should have NOT lost it on him. Like, NO. One thing about seeing what we are in the world is that THESE sorts of things that I did feel TOTALLY acceptable now. Where we quickly speak up when things cross our boundaries. 

So take my story and know you TOO may be coming on SUPER LOUD AND CLEAR about how you feel in regard to another NOT doing what you see as correct. Humans staying quiet is what has allowed those in power to dominate and create a world of THEIR choosing. Supposedly only 5% of the US seats of power are NOT taking payouts from corporations who are giving money to get votes for how THEY want things to be. And corporations want us obedient and not questioning a single thing. They want us spraying toxins and not AT ALL questioning the impact. They want us eating factory-farmed foods and not AT ALL questioning the treatment of animals. They want us weak. They want us following along and thinking everything they are doing is just fine BECAUSE they are leaders.

But what they are doing is killing Earth. So we HAVE to stand up, and today is the first day of you seeing YOU CAN DO THIS and it is NOT shameful to rock the boat when you do not approve of what you see. YES, generations behind you have stayed quiet and looking the other way, but that stops with you, my love. The provocation is SO crippling BECAUSE we need you really saying ENOUGH and doing whatever you can to move whatever is bothering you forward.

I also want you to know that patterns ARE shifting even if you can't see them moving an inch. Astrology was NOT mainstream until 2016, when some business-minded people started taking over the scene through facebook ads. Now, MOST HUMANS love astrology, and it is as common as potato chips – although the trade-off is that it also is not as powerful as it is SUPPOSED TO BE being ancient wisdom.

So even though you can’t see things changing, they are. So just keep pressing towards what your body is telling you to do and DON’T go small because the waves of mainstream are not yet following your lead. This energy is about no longer doing what is programmed into you that is really just supporting old-world ideologies and business-minded people who want to be wealthy above anything else.

DO EXPECT to still not have all the answers but TRUST that they WILL trickle down over the next 4 days. Remain hopeful and fixated into creating something that feels like love. We are learning that YES is a VERY clear thing and everything else is NO. EVERYTHING that makes you wonder and doubt is NO. EVERYTHING that is only 50/50 is NO. We are creating a new world where our YES choices feel like 95% YES, and otherwise, we wait.  

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