Sunday 29 October

Well hello S U N D A Y! 

Today is EPIC and HUGE! You should wake up feeling like something has changed, even though you won't be able to put your finger on WHAT has changed. This is like what I talked about yesterday where Astrologers were badass, unique and hard to find and then in 2016, Astrology was forced into the mainstream because some business people saw the potential $$$ it could make for them -- and now Astrology is general, basic and not actually as powerful as when it was a sacred art. 

I always say, no one would ask the Native American Shaman for all the wisdom before it’s time. But now, we gobble up everything we can get our hands on because we think more information will settle our DISTRACTED and DISCONTENT souls. But then we have too much information that then doesn’t assimilate into the body – so we think we need more and more and that something OUT THERE will be what brings us peace. When peace comes OUT of the man-made books and OFF of the internet and INTO the forest. The only people who will feel sane in what is to be wild times of growth for us all, are the ones who keep their feet planted to the soil and their minds up to the ethers asking for guidance from higher forces and not just other humans who want you to think they are your authority. 

EXPECT to understand things better in terms of how some have dominated the scene in wanting to create stories for you to believe in – but they always are backed by money and doing it FOR money. There was a town in Texas that banned plastic bags and the waterways cleared and there wasn’t as much trash lying around. It was a beautifying event for the town! But OF COURSE, the plastic bag/chemical company was losing money, so they fought harder and got the plastic bags BACK into the stores. THUS, they continue enabling people to think THIS IS OKAY. But it is not ---.

And 90% of what we see happening now IS NOT OKAY, but some stronger force stepped into this position and moved it along so that we think this is the normal thing. You know that other place in Texas that gets ALL the Extraterrestrial activity? Well, it's the largest MILK farm in the USA. It’s where babies are killed RIGHT AFTER BIRTH so that the milk goes to the people, which 75% of humans are allergic to casein because cow milk is for cows!!! BUT LIKE, IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU?????? Or would you just rather look the other way and not face the truth of reality?  It hurts to know that these babies die with hammer strikes to the head. But looking the other way keeps it as the NORM. I see all the babies being murdered in Gaza as the identical thing – which look at how many are justifying it and making it NORMAL. We are so addicted to playing a part in cruel and horrifying death that it HAD to manifest on the outside for us to see.

So be aware that we WAKE UP around this day and that strong voice I talked about yesterday is RISING. FUCK THAT SHIT should be something you say daily. And not just getting mad but DOING something about it. I have not used a paper or plastic bag in a store for at LEAST 13 years. I bring my bags and reuse them. I haven’t had cow milk or meat in about 8 years. If we keep looking the other way and causing pain, we HAVE to experience it ourselves and we give others permission to do the same. SOME OF YOU HAVE GOT TO start rising out of the programmed mold of following your “leader” because there are VERY FEW who are there wanting the best for YOU. They only want the best for THEIR families. That is the main key perspective of who is fighting for the wrong reasons.


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