So the eclipse came late last night and the energy lingers FULLY into this day. So we had things to think about yesterday in regards to how we are seeing the other side of things and rounding corners, and somehow we sit with one foot in the past AND one in the future and we are taking in the consideration that in our very recent past we had things like depression, deep sadness, hopelessness and feelings of total lack of value and importance in the world. So we all stepped a bit into the cave and realized maybe we are not all that and that we actually are pretty messed up in fact from all the wrong messages put into us about how we should feel and be. And when sitting in it, it felt horrible. Many of you probably went to bed in tears or totally empty on energy, feeling like you just want to die in your sleep because you are SO worthless. That cave we all took a meander through was not so easy in some parts – as it was in fact a downright challenge at times to really hold the hope and continue on believing in a good world to unfold.
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