#1 American Circumcision

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So today we have the New Moon on February 4 and it hits at 2:04pm mountain time! What are the chances?? Actually 100% chance – because we are talking AQUARIUS and now is when synchronicity kisses your life in a way to get you to make a huge change in regards to how you function – and in this case, WITH OTHERS, and how you hold back your truth or hold back what you really want to say because you have been conditioned to be a certain way.

I was talking about the circumcision movie that people should really watch and especially parents with boys to come. But this dude was Jewish and I told him it’s ONLY Jewish and in the USA since the 1960’s that baby boys go under the knife to lose pleasure and length that was rightfully theirs.  And this guy was like, but they look so ugly if they are not circumcised and I was like, as per your programming! I was like, I’m excited when I see a natural born penis – actually I think I said I PREFER it because I was with a group and I wanted to make clear that we are programmed to look at things and call them weird or ugly but it’s a lie we follow along with and then diminish what is actually the real deal thing. So I wanted to plant that WOW, here is someone saying GIVE ME one of those – and these white skinned Americans hadn’t heard that before!

Aquarius has always been diminished as ODD and with not fitting in and there is something wrong with how you operate – but that was just the programming. And — if you go out in the world holding that remembrance than you keep manifesting people and situations that affirm you won’t fit in. So our juice that runneth within is the exact same thing that vibes outside of us and draws to us the match that energy thinks we are ordering. “I will NEVER be loved” warrants magnetizing people who also don’t believe they will ever be loved. So they come together with wounds wide open and clash about and prove to each other that they won’t be loved.

Age of Aquarius Guidance #21
You are to remember that you were
Programmed to believe
You are the victim and that all of this is
Working against you.
But your thoughts need to be held steady
In looking into all delays and confusing situations
As a TIMING process or a pause demanding
That you wait for something better.
From this inner calm and trust,
Your system upgrades and matches to better things.
Believe that everything is working in your favor.
Because it actually is.
Invite the magic through uninviting the nightmare.
Rainbow Tribe Rise.

People of color also walk the world as uncircumcised because this other thing, white skin, was programmed as what is the best and what is most acceptable. THINK ABOUT THIS. I know I am provoking many of you by talking about foreskin and race but my point is valid and being that we don’t have to buy into the old messages unless we choose to replant them at this point, we need to WAKE UP to opinions or ways we are holding that actually are keeping us manifesting the programmed life – and that life is NOT acceptable – look around, it’s killing our planet.

So people of color know that they are judged – just like the uncircumcised penis in North America – which actually is NOT the center of the universe, but we have been programmed to believe that. But KNOWING you will be judged means you will – because you are expecting it. So here is the big big challenge. The old world is now side by side with the new one where we all want to reside, where we will love on each other no matter the skin color or size of your whatever or shape of your whatever. Chubby is BEAUTIFUL.  We have been programmed to believe that thin is what wins – but remember that when people describe thicker women they always say, “Oh, she has a Goddess body.”  Then why is thick judged so cruelly? Because it is programmed that way and we say I BUY. We buy into without thinking. But look around because there IS a resurgence of the curvy Goddess body riling many a person up.

moon of the day

new moon in aquarius.

Thinking about upgrading. Feeling detached.  Wanting to improve. Discovering solutions.

moon phase of the day

PLANT THE SEEDS. Once the New Moon hits we have one week where what we start will grow wings to stick in our lives. So NOW is when you start a new process. But we also are very inward with ourselves so people don’t see us when the moon is dark.

numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

But just like when we finally give light to the other side, the side that always had it says, but what about me? I can hear people saying, but I am thin and I can’t gain weight. Well, good on you, you have always been on the programmed winning team but now it’s time to shine some light over on the thicker as ALSO being beautiful. And those who are white also need to not say but what about me when all the people of color begin to get their rightful acknowledgment. That’s the big trap because this creates resistance as people feel like they are losing footing by sharing positions with others. But those positions came too easily and from the programming which ultimately was 100% put into place to keep you from waking to your true power.

So it IS uncomfortable when we change the rules, but we have been operating as an exclusion system where ONE wins. America first. Men on top. White is right. — Fuck that shit. There is more to the story and it’s time to turn some pages and get more of the truth on what is the reality, actually. Full spectrum living, my loves.

We are misshapen because the ruling powers shaped us into something that is FALSE. And we are the Rainbow Tribe bringing in the Age of Aquarius! We are all colors and all shapes and from all walks of life. So we need to RELEARN right now that what they told us that has us holding back and hating and rejecting and making wrong is ALL THE LIE and it’s coming up right now because we don’t want you to keep planting those false beliefs in your garden, where they will grow and produce what you ordered. Question what you are ordering and make sure it is multi-dimensional and on the path of love.

Sending you heap loads of BEAMS OF LOVE!
XO Kerryanna