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are the daily readings for ALL SIGNS?
YES. the daily readings are the energy that ALL OF US can expect and they manifest over 3 days. this is why its great to look around sometimes when you don’t resonate. then you can be like ah! I am in tomorrow energy!

the full and new moon horoscopes are unique and for each sign.

is this website only for the sign of AQUARIUS?
NO. we DO deal in ASTROLOGY here, but Aquarius Nation is talking about the people who are bringing in the Age of Aquarius.

And we are ALL SIGNS because we are the RAINBOW TRIBE and we possess it all.

But we vibe so beautifully in order to affect the world in shifting into ways we know are for the best.

We lead through the darkness, never giving up on what we know to be true. But we bring the new earth imprint — and that means there is MUCH work to do.

So if you are here and feeling excited for finding here, then YOU are the Aquarius Nation. welcome home baby! I have so much goodness to feed you!

where can I purchase potion drops?
we are set to launch our new shop SOON with new labels presenting our potion drops– but until then everything is still on our old etsy shop and STILL AVAILABLE!


what is the Age of Aquarius?
am I the Rainbow Tribe?
if you know there is another way that is better than the old way and you strive to be a better person and to create a better world for your children and their children then you ARE the Rainbow Tribe. If you are woke and wanting to know more, you are the Rainbow Tribe.
what makes the Rainbow Tribe different from others?
why do I feel like I am always a day ahead or a day behind with the moon vibe readings?

the readings manifest over a 3 day period. and VERY RARELY — I’ve only seen it once for us, but a few months back, for a month we expanded into 5 days — things were extra confusing then.

but this is why you can sometimes read and say oh wow this was my yesterday — I wish I read this earlier!

  • about 70% of you are wired to the day with the energy for most of the time, with slight shifts here and there to  the day before or after. like you MOSTLY are right on with the energy.
  • about 20% of you are ALWAYS a day before or after. Like you will ALWAYS be off from day of energy.
  • and it just is what it is. Its nothing to read into — except that some of you really need the moon vibe guide so you have the readings a week in advance! you need to SEE where you are as you ride a wave unique to the collective.
who is KV?
hello my love! I am KV!

I am the founder of Aquarius Nation which began with me being told I would channel the Birth Chart Book information back in 1999 — when I turned 28.  — and started ascension with the first rounders.  — when there was no internet to explain it all.

On December 21, 2012 I came out of the cave to finally share all that information and what I learned from that entire time spent in the trenches and with never more than $5 to my name.

From that day I was 6 months booked with readings and I managed it all HORRIBLY and am only now finally getting through all the tangles I created from saying yes to too much and no to not enough.

And in August 2015 I was granted the gift of being able to go into any day past or future and FEEL what is going to happen. As I was told THESE READINGS would help accelerate our healing journey. And they do! They WISEN YOU quickly. They get you thinking. They wake you up.

These are the Moon Vibe daily reading and I have not missed a day of them in over 3 years now.

So, hello baby! I am KV — your galactic guide, here to help you create the best life.

what is KV's astrology code?
Kerryanna Vanzo

born March 11

in  St. Louis

Pisces born on a Full Moon in Virgo

Capricorn rising.

Venus + North Node in Aquarius.

2 3 / 5 numerology

4 / 6 Generator


is KV doing personal readings?
KV is NOT doing personal readings or taking any orders for the Birth Chart Books at this time.

But in the near future the Birth Chart Books WILL be back and available as printed book AND PDF DOWNLOAD!

In the not so near future but not so distant either KV will be offering personal readings in limited numbers which will be offered to members first.


what are the options of reading the moon vibe guides?
there are many ways to get the readings when you are a member!

1. the moon vibe guide magazine — flip through the pages of the entire guide while online

2. read them from the website on the MEMBERS ONLY page where you can see each days readings, the full and new moon horoscopes and comment with the tribe!

3. download the magazine file and read while offline

4. PRINT FRIENDLY with no color draining your ink cartridge so you can print and go with the readings.

5. read them through email with our weekly guide sent each sunday night as a pdf AND the night before with the next days reading as a heads up each evening.

do I need to read the readings every day to fully benefit?
do what comes naturally for you. no judgement or strict rules here.

but if you can read the readings a week early, like as a sunday night ritual, then your body will absorb the lessons of the week and things WILL BE EASIER for you.

even if you just lightly read the daily readings ahead of time, you WILL feel a sort of deja vu when it is time to walk the lesson — but now you will know what to do and how to best handle it. you will remember the example in the readings, and doing it right will accelerate your growth and confidence to handle future steps.

the more you do the moon vibe wisdom the more life feels pretty comfortable even if a category 5 storm is blowing through.

why am I getting 2 emails?
there are 2 emails coming your way because one of them holds the weekly moon vibe guide and the other one is the  daily ritual notifications sent the night before with the reading for the next day.

BOTH YOU CAN UNSUBSCRIBE FROM if you don’t want to receive them! This will not alter your subscription. It just means you will need to come to this site on your own to see the new readings!

why am I not getting emails?
this has been a question for over a year. Actually after issue 77 something changed with the internet/emails being received. We  would hear from members saying they did not receive the weekly guide, and then the email server would have proof that it was sent and delivered. So it may be the spam features suddenly block it — or who knows? We really have no idea and beyond sending it and having the programmer check if it was sent, it is out of our heads.

But THIS is why we are online now. With the online space you just need to check in and there are the readings! You won’t have to miss emails or lose files. It ALL will be here.

The other thing you can try is making hello@aquariusnation.com one of your contacts. If it knows you are expecting our emails then it SHOULD bring them your way.

what are the members only shop discounts?
indigo tribe: 15% off

crystal tribe: 20% off

rainbow tribe: 25% off

* excluding future membership fees and the birth chart book. 

contact support

we got you!!! reach out and we will be with you soon!


how do I unsubscribe?
just send an email to Kaitlyn and she will take care of that for you! hello@aquariusnation.com
why can I not log in?
this is an issue that is happening because we merged members into a new platform. but it is easy to correct! reach out to Kaitlyn and she knows what to do to get you back on the members only page.
will members get notified first when birth chart books are available again?
YES. you will know first and you will get to order first.