Full Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

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full moon at 1 degree virgo writtens.

FEBUARY 19, 2019


Okay then. Do know that this Full Moon will take you inward where your feelings are heightened, or at least there is more awareness around you feeling things in new ways. You also will find that you are wanting to process what you are seeing in the world and to figure out ways to take all that and not have it making you nosedive into thinking this means something bad or even just quickly going to spaces where you don’t trust yourself or don’t know that you got what it takes.

What you want right now is to know that you are serving and that others see and value what you bring to the world. But if you are in situations where you feel judged or that someone is not giving you a chance to thrive and instead where you feel sort of broken down, then at this time you will face these things and realize that you ARE important and that you DO deserve to function in the world where things flow and you want to grow. 

Also you need to know that change is GOOD. Holding on to things because you fear change means you hold on too long and thus other things get yanked out of balance. Like jumping from a swing but still holding on with one hand – which will make the experience very uncomfortable. And this is why the feeling aspect is so strong in you right now because you need to feel your way through things and then use your voice to bring the correction so that your path can evolve into the next level. This can be about learning that you ARE valuable and that you are helping other people live better lives. But sometimes we get into these situations that can be sort of abusive, with others or ourselves, where every move we make, we still are judging profusely, in regards to where we think we should be because of others’ opinions. 

And through the processing and feeling so deeply you DO find the ways that you are blocking and limiting your career because of ideas you hold where you think things have to be this certain way or where you are already focused on I WANT THIS and maybe aren’t going with the flow and honoring that the shape of things maybe needs to change and to bring in a new season or essence to what you are offering. There will be movement and it comes from the work you do, the service you LOVE to do and how that fits in the world and it is changing because of the new things you are feeling and making known.  

You are set to expand and see life picking up in quick ways in a few weeks, but first some aspects of your path moving forward need reconsideration. So if you feel like you are slowing down now, that is perfect. It SHOULD feel like getting a tune up or doing something that creates a downtime or a flush or a detox before stepping into a new motion where your heart is leading the way and not your father’s heart, or the patriarchy’s heart, or the heart of those who have in some way influenced you to think you are a failure if something is not happening. This is about bringing clarity to who you are and how you want to serve in the world and how you want to attract new opportunities because you DO want more happiness in your life. You want more fun and play and flirting and to immerse yourself in things that support you and know you are making a difference. You can take on depleting and abusive things if you don’t really value who you are and the magic that you bring. 

But. New paths were meant to be forged by you. It’s important that you are going towards things that SO feel like they support you and vibe with you and resonate with you and affirm that you are serving a purpose and making a difference to someone. For that reason, expect your voice to speak and to close doors in regards to where nutrients are no longer flowing your way. You are drawing the boundary and not coming from scarcity where you fear you must say yes to everything, but from a knowing that if you aren’t feeling fed then you can’t go out and feed the world with your dreams and wishes. So these topics will be processed in you right now. But don’t make any big moves just yet. Just process this and allow yourself to flow into the journey of feeling what things mean. 

Also things are coming your way FROM changes within or thoughts rising from your processing spaces. Things come to you — so trust that for a minute. When it comes, you will know and until then, settle back and chew longer on things. It’s where you find your gold right now. You need to understand more about the contracts you have chosen to believe in and how maybe they don’t match up with the new you that is becoming. We get older. We grow up. And things change. You are flowing with a new change set to blossom more love in your life, so accept that things are not going to be the way they were and know this is to birth something way better for you. 

Now when you do receive the closed door and then are waiting for the next door to open, do know that when the pieces come together you are going to be rocking this new thing. You are lining up to be put together with something creative based or love based that brings a new sort of grounded support in your life through adding mucho nutrients to your soil. You maybe were in a dry spell and plants haven’t been growing so big? But through the activated feelings you now know you DESERVE to be fed good things when you need them and if you are not getting them then you need to stop allowing that to continue. Something about your foot needs to stop the wheel.

Another part that is important here is that you speak in new ways where you believe things will work out and that you won’t be challenged if you go outside the lines or want something to change. It’s important that you don’t expect a fight or think it will be hard. You are in a sweet space where the energy is confirming how you greet the mysterious and currently unknown things — so one small shift into trusting the universe and knowing this person was placed on your path for a reason or that opportunity came for a reason aligns you to the co-creator that you are and where you are taken places but just from the wind of your dreams for how you wish them to be. This can be wild to experience! But you got it in you to see magic most exalted through synchronicity and the great mystery blessing you for the changes you are agreeing to.


I am a co-creator working in harmony with the great mystery and therefore I process what comes my way KNOWING it is a part of my journey to learn. I am not hiding from my feelings but rather giving them more importance, trusting that my body is saying something for a reason. I am learning to drive my life in a new way where my heart and gut have a say in what I will or will not choose to take into my life. I want to feel good and alive in this incarnation of mine and therefore I welcome in the synchronicity and magic to align me to more things that make me want to smile. And so it is.   


Wow baby, I like this. So what we have here is actually where you are doing work now that will manifest in months to years ahead – but it is what is done RIGHT NOW that creates the expansiveness for what is to come. This one is saying that you are releasing ways that you have put yourself on autopilot in regards to how you see yourself in the eyes of those around you and how you change yourself to make what you see be the best that it can be. 

There are many things that are smiled over or laughed over and they actually hide some piece of pain that you don’t really want to reveal or let others know about because maybe you see it as a flaw or weakness or something that is just not done – as per the programming put into you. But something about what you came from and even where you judge yourself cruelly now because you believe it is a flaw or something unlovable, but this thing is like your gold, actually, and it’s something special about you that when YOU face it and love it and realize there is nothing wrong with you then this will expand and it’s basically like a manifesting field that opens because you look at this today. I used to be sort of embarrassed coming from a small southern Illinois farm town. But now I pride myself on coming from humble beginnings. Now I know that is actually golden about me. 

This also will mean your voice will be louder and more honest in defining boundaries and saying I DON’T LIKE THIS. And this is for the purpose of making your opinion valid and known but also to see that only wounded people can’t handle the truth and maybe they will reject you in a heartbeat because they reject the truth you speak – but those are not the people to affect you in ways that you stop what you need to share and speak up on. They are wounded therefore they can’t tolerate hearing your words so they run. This is what we all do when we are wounded, which 100% of us are. 

So the run just says, you hurt my ego and I don’t know how to deal with that in a healthy way so I will run and somehow make you the wrong one which will then make me feel better. It’s what we ALL do until we decide to do it different and speak so truthfully on the regular with what we need to share so that others just know to roll with it and then show you that people CAN handle what you need to bring to the light or stand up for or defend or suggest as a solution.

I believe when we don’t do this often and when we should, we then manifest the people who run and who then have us questioning if we made the best decision in speaking up. We doubt ourselves when they run – thus keeping us all tangled in our wounded ways. But what I know is that until you stay true to you, 100% of the time, the first steps into regaining how you should have been all along will have you manifesting people who run or reject or cannot handle what you bring. My point: don’t let that stop you. There is truth that needs to rise from you and even if it stings another, provocation is the best way to get things moving. Most of us need a wake up call to get us to change, so MOVE people with what you got. And know it all is for their good no matter how you first interpret their reaction.

I also feel like you are super hooked up in this space of having what you need and NOW just needing to believe more and trust more and know that ultimately it all does make sense.  So this means you need to let go and trust that where you end up is where you need to be and not worry so much about old things that you used to look at as being security or a safe thing. There is a lot that wants to sail you to new places, new areas, new levels of your work, and it’s expanding from releasing what you think you need and just trusting that you do in fact got it even if you don’t see it just yet. So. This is an unusual feeling but it really is where you have to let go of all hold on material security or ideas of stability and just trust for a minute, releasing ways you HAVE been holding on and not allowing the change to blow through.

This is also about rewriting the script you felt was there in regards to what sort of role you give of yourself that is that thing that helps the rest of your life unfold more harmoniously. When you sit in YOUR THING, the rest of your life is manageable. But it takes us so long to find our thing because we already were doing someone else’s thing because we learned to define our path forward in the ways of the messages planted before. And all of this will come as awareness in you and it will inspire you to want more than you had before but to learn from what you walked so that you can create a better path that expands way beyond what was just believed.

So with that too comes synchronicity of the most magical where things will just fly together like magnets when before maybe you danced around the solution not fully coming into contact with it. But now one piece after another is set to flood your life – and mind — to get you out of these old ruts where actually your perception of how they will go down is what holds you back because there is suspicion that things can be better, or a resistance to jump into a long process. Maybe stay safe and not risk it all? – no. RISK IT ALL. If your heart being awakened to your truth comes together with synchronicity showing up totally out of the blue, then RISK what this is about. 

To get you to a new space the universe is loving on you hardcore – you just need to pay attention and know these ARE signs. Release the hold and begin anew for what is truly possible for you. Friends or fans will also be reaching out a lot and lighting your fire in regards to jump starting your heart to start speaking YOUR SONG and to know THAT voice has manifesting power magnified times 10. You can move mountains at this time and for months ahead. You are here now to receive this energy and to go universes beyond where you thought you would be going. Let this excite you and bring patience for when the seeds you have planted and are planting RIGHT NOW finally do bear the biggest of fruits. To dream and to trust that things will change is what you need to do.



There is a new path forming for me and I can feel it in my bones. My heart is speaking up about this and making a new desire known. This goes against what I have been told and it’s more than what I thought I would know, but now I feel there is way more available for me to live and if I believe, then the manifesting field expands to hold me and show me that change is good as it works in relation to my own cycles of growth. So I trust myself and the mysterious journey unfolding. I face what I am feeling with no holding back as I know there is something to this. I forgive myself for what I thought I needed to hide and now with pride I bring this to the light. And so it is.


This one is going to bring huge changes for you but at first you won’t believe it as something is coming at you that sort of yanks you downward or has old memories coming in where now you really regret how you acted or responded or contributed to something. This also can be feeling like you are too doomed or too flawed or you really are a fraud. You may be feeling messed up beyond repair without any sight into how to rise above this or how to get through the debt or how to bring more money into your life or how to bring reality to the dreams you do hold for your future.   

So there is a call from your soul for things to upgrade and go to new levels, but there also is the sadness from feeling things that do take you to the heart of your pain that IS THE BLOCK IN YOUR WAY. So it is facing the light and having many things swing towards you for purposes of bringing you up or down — but the down holds the key for how to manifest even more of the UP. So this is a hugely clearing time and one where each load to the donation center frees you up in the same way the view is revealed when you clean a muddy windshield. And this is what will move you to keep doing more. 

At first you were looking at heavy baggage and emotional material and things unresolved, thinking they were a curse to your path moving forward. But now you see they provide what gets you to wake up and fight for the life you do want to be living – and to make your future path a better one. This is all about that which programs you or influences you – and you are programmed to never be the authority on one thing and instead to muddle around a bit in all things, maybe being exceptionally good at many of them, but the authority only comes when you really stay in it and stay with it and go to the depths of it to understand it in every cell of your being.

What is attractive to the world now, because we are all so overlapping and oversaturated and replications of others things, is that we appreciate the essence of KNOWING that molds people into authorities. When someone knows the path, they vibe that in their words and you feel them in different parts of your body. You feel below the mind when they have walked what they teach or share with you. And it impacts people more powerfully. Below the mind is a whole other feeling that actually grounds us. And before you may not have really wanted to accept that and it could not digest in you. But now you are growing more depth to you from looking at things and not making them bad or so quickly going to glass half empty in regards to what holds you or how you interpret it. Admit it, you are quick to jump on how you are not intelligent enough or that someone will question you. You are quick to find fault with your own mental system.

But you are top level important with the ways that you naturally are. And it’s time to free up your own hold on how you see yourself or judge yourself so that you can learn to flow more in the outer life and discover that, actually, what you have been told was this one thing, but you are about to experience a whole other world where magic and synchronicity guide you into seeing that you need to lighten up on the data base of prognoses you have over normal life experiences because – actually – these things were all good and they all had a purpose in bringing you closer to being an authority on things. Apprenticing takes a long time. It’s not a microwave dinner way of life. And it also can be frustrating because you want to fly but the teacher is saying not yet and you need to learn more. What a drag. But that you would want to rush the process is yet again some deeper state of wounding or misinformation that guides you to make others’ feedback or validation the most important thing to keep you at keeping with things. 

Honestly I do always say that what people want from you and reach out for is what you need to consider giving, but if validation or feedback drives that then it’s not really the energy you want to be chasing. It’s chasing scarcity. It’s chasing there is not enough to go around. It’s chasing believing there is not room for you so you better Black Friday it by camping out the night before. The old world conditioned you to be the person at all those camp outs, to be the first, to get ahead, to know it all, to reach for what is not there yet. BUT there is a new way for you to wake up in regards to how you show yourself to the world and we need to see you as someone who flows and trusts and who says NO to things that don’t fit magically. 

You need to up your own value to find your flow and that comes from facing your depth and darker matter. So, you see, you have been coyoted into becoming the stronger version of who you are destined to be and now things in the world match that growth within. So face it, take it to the dump, take it to the donation shelters, look into all drawers and face all things that need your attention now. And don’t think you don’t got what it takes. Each step into the darkness brings you closer to your powerful truth that you are utterly essential as YOU hold what the tribe needs. 

Now things can be confusing as to where you are going or what this all means, but again, go deeper with it to the point you find trust with the process. EVERYTHING you are trying to move forward right now is going through a process, and thank goodness because all stops and all reconsiderations are because there IS something inside of you that has a better idea on what to do. And you going inward, knowing you are a genius set to uncover important material, WILL bring such a thing your way! So know you are strong enough and you will get to the bottom of what needs your attention now. It’s really just saying give yourself a chance and believe you got it in you because the world wants to match that and this means many of you can also be experiencing MASSIVE growth and it will come out of the blue and when you least expect it, although it was a seed planted a while ago so it makes sense that it finally sprouts right about now. So relax, enjoy the ride, face it all and don’t run from anything. Things are changing in a new way and it seems you just need to allow these changes to be okay and to believe you can start over in all ways. You are not too far gone, you are almost found. Trust this journey.



Today I start a new path in my life where I FEEL out the journey ahead, making sure I am going towards something that is natural and not just something I am programmed to chase after. My soul is speaking louder as I release the ways I judge my intelligence and what I feel I must be for others to believe in me. And what I hear from deep inside of me is that I am good enough and I will be supported and I am being held and it is going to be okay. I release the worrying always thinking I am getting something wrong as I step in alignment with the great mystery now guiding me further on.  I trust myself and I trust my path. Good things are coming for me. And so it is.


This will bring a bit of a fresh air into your life! There are so many things happening actually. But one thing I want to hone in on is the message that you are in a dance with others right now where you each have a lot of potential to learn from and also grow from and become more powerful because of what sort of dance is moving you to vibe higher and to not be a slave to your patterns and to rise anew from something that broke you down. 

This deals with others, so know this deals with how YOU change and aren’t really representing in your full scope because others’ things can fill you up and confuse you about what are your things. I’m being shown that you KNOW you should be looking up but someone wants you to look down so you do and then you are confused about what to give your attention to. And this also is about you remaining true and NOT falling so quickly into not really being your normal comfortable self because you are altered from functioning on the base of the flows of those around you and wanting to keep them in a way you think they need to be kept. It’s like wearing bowling shoes and you just go with what you got, thinking this is how it is, and make the most of it. But there are other bowling shoes that fit like your shoes and you just need to say a few no’s in order to get to the big yes. You need to not just allow things but to question, IS this the best for you and does this make YOU happy? 

This is all about no more because what now will be clear as day is that you changing affects those around you and those around you changing affects you. So it is a helicopter thing and you are to lift each other, together, higher and for the benefit of humanity at large. Like, Cancer needs to flow where you flow in abundant ways and to know that there are places for you that just fit. 

And when they stop fitting you are to adapt in a bigger way by looking for new paths to take, but not through allowing others to create those paths for you. Like, they may build them, but you created them in your mind KNOWING that what you have to say needs to be shared and what you think about things needs to be broadcast without holding back or thinking there are rules on how you should dream about growing your potential world. I see you liberating yourself from the lessons of those around you but because YOU are changing. Remember the helicopter – and you showing up as this changed version and going another level with your work in the world changes those around you.

Where the world wants to expand is in getting you back to thinking about old dreams or old projects or things that you want to hop on so they can take you far and wide. You have PASSIONS galore set to rise in regards to something that just feels so right. And it feels like a blessing, but at the same time it was surprising because maybe you wouldn’t have said such a thing even a while ago. Like this CAME TO YOU and it’s a timing issue so when the time is right, it feels right and things burst with sparks of inspiration for us where we are SO STOKED about what we are going to create next. 

So a fire is going to be lit under your behind and for the purposes of getting you affecting others in better ways – by embodying your best self. This energy is all about getting ready to commit to new things in your life that you believe will bring more happiness and joy. But they enter your life FROM the access of whatever level you are at in regards to feeling valuable in the world. So do EXPECT that at first you may not feel valuable or like other people out there are better and this makes you feel quite small. You may even then beat yourself up thinking you are the most lacking in value. 

And I will allow you a bit of self-harm in saying these things but only because they are to light you up and get you fighting for the better life. You are to come AROUND that corner. It’s time for a change. It’s time to grow. It’s time to level up into something that is presenting around this time. And will it feel a bit risky? Yes, it may feel like you are jumping off the cliff and into the great unknown. BUT. There is excitement there because this IS YOUR THING and that excitement is the motivation to get you out of stuck visions where your mind processes in ways that try to balance out your wounds and the wrong messages of others. So YES, you have adapted, but you could manifest more if you wanted to. You can draw much more your way if you really allowed your heart to lead. 

So all things, far and wide, greet you and collide in order to spark things in your mind AFFIRMING that you are as valuable as they come and that YOU deserve to take the driver’s seat and guide others into a better way. It’s on you to lead the way. And therefore you must shield how others influence you to play smaller. Instead, spread your wings wider and say LOOK AT ME NOW. Older perspectives are always the best. Aging is the best because inside you become so much more solid, wise, and true to yourself. But you don’t know it until you get there. 

You just need to trust more and shoot arrows into all the best ways things can go down. From strength and wisdom we see through eagle’s eyes in knowing it ALL has worked out and all the fears of our past have come to pass, and with this trust comes a more connected journey in life where there is not such an interpretation that things have to be a certain way, but rather the flowing natural way that you can THRIVE when you find it. And it seems that you need to dream it is possible. You need to believe that you can find home again in long held dreams and feel even more inspired for this second time around. You also may be highly creative in regards to something with color, publishing, and things that bring your visions out into the world. Go with this, as creativity heightened is the final piece of how this energy shifts in your life. This means more love, more play, more things to share are around the corner on the path you are about to choose for. Change is the flavor of the day. Fly free, baby crabs. It’s safe to do so. You CAN leap into this new thing.



My world changes today because I realize there is importance in me staying true to my vibration and not allowing others to muddy that up. What is inside of me is valuable and it will expand humanity into believing and hoping for more. As I create and welcome in new aspects of my life, expanded from where I began, I change those around me to also dream that there is more than what is here right now. I listen to the messages of my soul and I leap into the path that feels right even if it is something with an unknown outcome. I trust my unique journey and I know that my voice is ready to lead in different ways — so let me tell you what. And so it is. 


Oh wow. So this is doing a massive correction in the ways that you find value from what others reflect back to you, thus staying in a co-dependent thing with needing others to know that you DO light up their lives. We know this is built into Leo and it can be aligned into a totally healthy balance — but that is the journey of your soul in this incarnation. And right now you will feel into all the ways that you have not opened to life or have held back from showing up because you didn’t feel seen in the ways you needed feedback on or because you didn’t really believe you deserved to be loved so you quickly saw rejection when in fact it was just still unfolding. You sort of have this hotbed of triggers that go straight to your heart in regards to what it looks like that reaches your boundaries – and how that hits you to the point that it deflates your sense of worth.   

At this time a long process is playing out but this is about committing to working to understand the makings of your system and wounds and let downs that led to you being the person you are now. So it is a get real time where you may even find yourself in therapy or doing something to rewire your patterns so that you are not so sensitive to the point it changes you and you quickly lose faith or value in yourself. Your triggers slam your head to the concrete – and that’s not fair to do to you. That’s someone miswriting your system to go off on things that really are not important. And when you reset the things you have as triggers, through going deeply into the pain when you feel it, then you can learn to stop the words that judge yourself and poke holes in your dreams. We don’t know what is out of balance in us until we fall off the edge of one side. When it is in fact a problem that is made abundantly clear but until we know, we just keep going along thinking it is the norm.

And right now you need to see the dark and heavy things and not think of them as bad things. You need to be more vulnerable and open about what you are feeling and not holding back trying to keep up an image and stay balanced on some tightrope with a smile and dancing feet. Like, you don’t have to perform because that performing has ulterior motives to fill you with confirmation of your value. And right now you go deep and you know it’s time to go deep and that you have to commit to this next level thing. You should be wanting to not look away.

You also really want to get things right and you are not going to mess up what is building in front of you because you also know that you manifested this in order to get to know it deeper and resisting the mystery or things that don’t hold to the “keeping it positive” image are actually the things arriving to get you to be more rough and real and strong with who you are. Like a grounded tree with full on confidence trusting this life of yours and not thinking so negatively, albeit secretly and away from others, about all that you feel regrets for or where you think you didn’t get it right. We all are flawed beyond belief because those that raised us were, too, as were the ones who raised them. It’s a pattern keeping us all from our power. But you wake to that in this lifetime so you now wake to how ACTUALLY you are GREAT at going to the depth and understanding it in a way where you can actually touch people from what you share about what you know. So the dark holds the story lines for how you will show up more authentically and more powerfully than you ever could, staying on that tightrope, doing that dance of yours. 

I can see that this time can scare you and you can easily feel that you are not on solid footing and you may find yourself going to glass half empty pretty often as you try to interpret what this means. But I promise there is gold in all those feelings. Every single one is provoking you to see something that you otherwise would not – you wouldn’t let this in, but now you WILL face the truth and you will look deep into what you need to see and to feel whatever that brings. There is nothing wrong with when things are sort of heavy in unusual ways, where your hurt ego takes you to far away places, and old feelings of times past arise of the same kind of pain. Right now it’s a healing gateway for you. It’s where you need to face this, lighten the load and set your spirit free. So gear up and let’s do deep sea diving. You won’t be able to escape from things this time. 

And so you know, those slow spaces of trusting the universe and not so quickly labeling heavier things as bad things, is actually revealing something that will come out of the blue and it may be an opportunity or something that drops back into your consciousness, possibly a returning thing, but at this time it hits you like a rocket in your brain and something about doing your soul’s purpose work and working on many details of putting something together and really feeling a renewed passion about getting into this is going to set your heart all a flutter to the point you will quickly pick up on the need to take more time with your judgments of things and to realize you ARE number 1. You are the greatest light. You are so important to mass loads of people all over the place, many who you don’t even know you affected in such big ways. 

YES, you are all things magnified to us even if we don’t show it all the time. So let that go for a minute and walk with a full heart knowing you are seen and valued beyond belief and now create a world from that. Dive into things from that source of even arrogant knowing. Like you are topboss, YES, the star, now own it. Own it and we will support every single one of your creative gifts. When you are full of solid confidence you are the very best you can be. And the universe needs you in this state of high value and full force forward motion in bringing through the REAL YOU.  We want to love on you loving on you first. And you find the ways now where you are pushing away good things so you can start moving more of your creative gifts forward and impressing us with how much you do have to offer and how that should be traveling far and wide. Don’t think scarcity or that debt will get you down — that dark and heavy holds the gold, remember. In those fears you rise stronger and more determined to kick some ass — but only if you face them now.



I am living my life in a new way where I do not second guess myself so quickly and fall into spaces thinking I have no value. Something is taking me on a wild ride right now, but I surrender because I know I am uncovering blocks within my system that WOULD keep my dreams from manifesting. I trust this preventative care because I want to give myself the best opportunity to thrive in my future dealings. And what I see I will eagerly go into, knowing I have the solution – I can handle this — and that this is only going to make me stronger so that all life after this point will be easier to handle. And so it is. 


This will be a big full moon for you. Someone asked me recently if it’s true that all Virgos are sort of sad and have a hard time ever feeling happy, and I am a Virgo moon and not sad at all, but I thought how sad to even put that out there as if to say this is how your life will always be. And honestly those messages get to me because, seriously, who says? Your life is one where you DO explore things as glass half-empty at times BECAUSE you see it all and it’s hard to hold all that at times — especially what we see now in the world. It’s hard to notice it all and then have to still believe in the glass half-full. BUT. That is your journey. So it’s normal for you and it means you will know the extremes and you will be in spaces longer than you possibly maybe hoped to be. BUT. Through each journey into lower lands where life is pretty heavy and deep, you change bit by bit with your nervous system and what happens is that you do sort of bottom out and fry out, but that is the doorway to when you shift into realizing you have the solutions for yourself and you have the answers for your life. You have that wise old soul wisdom that brings healing to others’ lives in some way. It’s in you. Now we wake that fully.

This full moon, my cat with the auto-immune disease, stomatitis, who CANNOT get an infection in his mouth, got a wicked infection in his mouth – and I was snowed in with a foot of snow. My plow dude usually comes the day after a storm, so I was either going to watch my cat die or figure out how to fix him – and I’ve done it before with Moon Bear and Moose so I knew I could – I heard what medicine he needed and I mixed it into a potion, put it in a dropper and had to force it down his throat. It was brutal because his mouth is his sensitive area, so it’s never where you want to bother him and it required 15 minute to every hour care because he can choke on the infection and saliva coming up. Sorry to gross you out! It’s been gross. BUT what I got from this is that I was forced to go to my depth and find my power in order to keep my baby alive. So I HAD to do it. I HAD to discover that I have the answers and that all is not lost because – dude, I HAVE the answers. And you do, too. ALL that you need to know and what you need to share to serve others, YOU GOT IT IN YOU.

But. You have messages that have messed you up, like maybe with others judging the way you talk or the intensity when you make your points. You have had a lot of energy in others coming at you where you do stay at the low and start to interpret it in negative ways. What I also know about my life recently is that every single thing goes wrong and it’s one thing after the other. And I have never walked anything like this in my life!!! EVERYTHING and every day has something that is not going the way it was supposed to. And every day there is one more thing added. What I noticed months ago when it started was that every single thing going wrong was also revealing the light into something better. One thing would break and I’d go to replace it and find out there were options I had no idea about that are available now that changed everything for me. One would break and hours later I would have fixed the technical problem and come out feeling sort of badass for doing so. 

All losses have become wins, but first the loss was so huge and epic and on the constant that I really did – listen hear, love – start to go negative and glass half-empty in thinking maybe I am just cursed or destined to fail or this is all a bad sign.  And it was hard to not see this as a bad sign or a blow to my success in life. But it was seeing that each one revealed this diamond that I needed to know about myself, my voice, my power, my ability to know best, is what came in each of the fractures I’ve been dealing with. I just got another with my cat. And I created the medicine to heal him. How self-affirming.

So what I am saying is that you are coming out of deep conditioning – even if you think you already are pretty put together and vibing it high – still, you are conditioned to not hold the power that is the Goddess of Virgo – which sits at the middle point of chaos and order. You are conditioned to focus on all the things that can go wrong and in staying fixated in that which is out of balance. By focusing too much there, you are telling yourself that you are too far gone or too flawed or know too much to ever be lighthearted and carefree. And that’s not true!! I would actually say that 99% of what is on the internet is NOT TRUE either! And you know that in your body. You feel it in your body. 

What needs to happen with you is more of a shift in how you know you can scan the room and automatically catch what is different or out of order. And it’s things like this that you need to affirm about yourself in being this amazing answer holder. You need to be your own good mama right now and say WOW that was awesome that you can do that. There is the need to lighten what feels heavy so that you can move it into something that will be glass half-full for you, THUS you start to see your life become glass half-full and making you happy, like you deserve. SO. I have been walking this INSANE and challenging journey of late, for you – even though I know you been walking it, too! But this is your ultimate boot camp and this is a gift to get YOU TO GIVE US WHAT YOU REALLY GOT. We want your best and we want you stepping forward to offer yourself in the middle of the road way that you can be – yes, life is hard, but it also is the most glorious thing, waiting for us to see in each and every moment. You need to see the sides and know that no matter how much there is over in the low, you are here to handle it all like a pro. YOU GOT IT. And you are complete when you finally can sit at the balance point. And the universe wants you there quickly. 

You are in for some MAGIC because your heart is ultimately leading the way and there can be softness for sure in feeling flawed by what has not held you or kept you safe in the ways you thought it would, but – what is there to learn from this and how can it make you come through even more determined that you ARE special and that you do deserve to live a life with joy and happiness on the daily? You are to feel exalted, actually. You are to feel complete, at home, able to handle it all and competent to the max. And all these lessons are coming from what falls apart and feels sort of like a Mercury Retrograde. So get used to the waves crashing in and knocking you off your feet again. LOVE, this is Schooling of Spirit and you are learning skills that you have FROM being forced to use or discover them. Each and every one will strengthen you to come out of the low places and realize you are the most crucial zodiac sign to the continuance of life on Earth. Now notice your body take a deep breath – because this is the truth.



I am here for the most important reason as I can sit at the balance point of chaos and order. I don’t just see the sides, I KNOW the sides. And therefore I am a keeper of answers and the solutions to what needs to be done. I value myself and know that all life experiences can be handled by me and that they carry some sort of apprentice teaching in getting me into form to be a true high vibrational service provider to the world. I am here to serve and I will no longer interpret my journey as something out to break me. That was the lie to keep me from rising, but I have finally awoken to my truth. I am beyond capable. And so it is.


Oh my goodness is this a big time for you, my love! Okay. So know that it can feel unstable AF right now and where you are really teetering into some lower vibes of worry and maybe all sorts of past related things that maybe now feel like regrets or lost opportunities or mistakes made. But your path has been perfect so settle yourself on that. All those things were a part of your soul learning – whether they were the best thing to do or not. You can feel real critical of yourself to the point you aren’t acting like yourself and instead are just a reflection of what you think others want from you – but where you are trying to keep them happy is where you are not really coming through as clear because it has a need to it. 

It’s great to want others to be happy but this right here is something affirming you, as something that gives you purpose in the world. So it’s not the best to put yourself in fragile waters where you have to count on others to be something so that you feel something. This time now is to crack you open but to reveal that you can be so much more than you used to be if you get real good about being honest and true about what you are feeling inside. You have these barriers where you won’t allow yourself to show yourself in certain ways. But being vulnerable is what draws others closer to you. Being real and raw and fucked up, just like all of us are, draws others closer to you. There is something in you facing the dark and not making it something bad or that you have to hide, but rather being brutally honest and to the point in saying THIS IS ME, these are my flaws, and that is okay. 

Something is beautiful in this energy because it’s flipping how you have been, so you can feel for a minute that you are upside down. But this is to shake free some cords and attachments from things in your past that you have close to you now that are like keeping an air mattress that you sleep on with an unfixed hole. So every night you gotta pump it up and keep at it to keep it going for you so that it provides what you need to feel that you are safe and supported. This compromising is not really valuing of yourself and instead is just living in a way that you think you deserve and trying to hold onto what you got, thinking you can’t change. But that thinking is not about you putting yourself first, it’s about the you that is there making others happy. And there may be a new view to what you do want when your soul really comes through confidently in knowing you DO have a place in the world. 

This energy can feel confusing at times because of how raw it is and how you are seeing things and feeling them and it can have you quickly thinking you are too flawed to do amazing things. It may even be hard to stay constant with faith as you may be more moody than normal.  But what is really happening is that you are finding yourself in a new way and possibly even one where you grow stronger, standing in your own energy and not allowing others to change you or where you try to give or to fix or fill or to be something that makes them better. Now is for making you better and making that a priority.

You are about to step full on into something that FORCES your life to get into a better shape and where you are not ignoring things that you do need to see. With the heightened feelings will come a better path for you to walk in your love life and with your soul’s purpose work, which is going to be coming into fine focus THROUGH facing some heavy things that, at first, have you feeling so lost and out of place. So the inspiration comes from the death of old aspects of you and, the thing is, that things are coming quickly! So you can process some deep woundedness about your being that maybe you only saw in others and then the next day you receive something that sends your business 10 steps forward. It’s where rewards come from us checking things off lists and really being honest like a nurse in facing what needs to be faced and not turning away from ugly things.

The thing is, too, that the solutions you find will all come from you when you are in meditative or super relaxed sort of spaces. Things are coming from deep within your own well because YOU need to see how capable and strong you are on your own. You come into this world thinking you need others, but right now you need more space in your life because you need to get to know yourself better and to take energy inward and bring it all towards you as the person to be talking about. 

When we merge, we are so many things with so many others and it’s easy to forget who we are. But right now it’s essential that you find your strength and be this badass version of something soft and receptive. It’s about amping your self-value to the point you KNOW you are climbing up this mountain and nothing is going to stop you from doing what you set out to do. This energy wants you to believe in yourself again and to release the shame, blame, and guilt that you keep so strongly there, but so buried from others. We can’t move forward when the weight we have to carry, of burdens we try to keep hidden, is as great as it is right now in you.

This is just a time where you will purge and let it go and free your soul and cry like a baby and feel it all to the core of you, possibly as super painful regrets. But you know this doesn’t behoove you to hold judgment over yourself – and others. So by the grace of some energy of a blessing coming your way, your mind will be set free to grow stronger wings of certainty in using your voice to speak clearly and to not hold back in any ways that you used to. The holding back is what is to release and this feels like the gate is opening to get you showing up in a new way through whatever role evolves out of this shift into the light. And others are going to LOVE the changes in you. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE. So get to the dump and face this stuff. You got to do the work now and to surrender like a student in knowing this is only to make you better so you can give your soul’s purpose work in high vibrational clarity. Big jobs are to be done. Do them with a positive attitude.


I forgive myself for not being perfect. I forgive others for not being perfect. I forgive us all for messing it up with each other. But I now seek out a path to correct my wrong doings and get into position to rise from the strengths found from the lessons learned. I believe in myself and I now stop thinking that it is best to hide things and deny things and not show that I, too, have made mistakes. I am real. In forgiving myself I am able to forgive you. And I spread that message because I am Libra and I am here to bring beauty into the lives of others. And so it is.


Oh wow, sweet Scorpio, love. You are in for some emotional waters that are not at all familiar to you but they carry the wisdom that will break through your heart and get you to see something that deals with serious healing of a pattern where you are challenged by others or a particular kind of trait connection with another.

In feeling things and seeing how they make you feel, you are going to start designing a better life for yourself and not for this outer image or what you feel expected to do or even the ways you used to think life should be. You are in for a full on rebirth of your heart taking control and speaking in new ways that break through the control that HAS manipulated you to be more the Scorpio and less the Eagle. The heart connection rebirths you into the Eagle and FEELING THINGS activates the heart to want to change. So this is GOOD NEWS. But tears and questioning and feeling lost and as if you do not have a place in the world are what gets the feelings going. So it’s like a snake eating itself, which was just shown to me. Going within is also getting you to see how limiting you maybe can be at times with your words or how you need to play something out where you stay on top and are in control. 

Like, there is something where your tongue needs to change, and with that, I was just shown an eagle tongue and a snake tongue and what I felt is that with the snake these things reach out so they are almost like an alarm system at the edge of your property. And they are always in this awareness AS IF they need to defend or protect or be on the look out for lowlife behavior. But the eagle tongue is rounded and soft and contained, but I see rounded as really showing how holding the thoughts you do have is just giving you the reason to manifest people towards you that match those thoughts. SO like, to fear or to be suspect or think others are not to be trusted means you ultimately will get what you order. And the rounded tongue is more contained and focused on yourself and your happiness and your space and what it feels inside your body. It holds the alarm system on fewer triggers and more trust that YOU ARE LOVED and you are to be spoiled rotten by the universe when you start to come at life with that rounded and soft and healthy pink tongue. And this is a huge part of who you really are to the core anyway. You are the best when you are at your best. Your round tongue licks us up wonderfully. We all know this about you. 

And through feeling it all you are going to get closer to becoming what we all want more of in our lives. So embrace your vulnerability and go in deeper with it. You have the ability to transform your life from the heart out where things change into a magical, falling in love sort of renewal with life space. Like, this is the potential for you right now. And your gateway is through your tongue. So remember your power to influence or empower or make peace or forgive or heal with your wise wisdom to see beyond this moment and all the wounded ways that we have wounded one another. 

Think of what you vibe in each conversation with another human and know IT IS ON YOU to change and make the situations better. It is 100% on you to steer us into whatever way you want us. Like we will not resist when you steer us appropriately. We will go right where you want us if you do it like the Eagle, like the wisdom leading us with no pressure and only respect and awe. You are waking up to your wise power as the Shaman who understands all the dark ways that we all are, therefore you will embody a balanced, wise soul perspective of someone 108 years old. THAT IS IN YOU. Full access. Now let’s birth you into finding this powerful one.

A new energy is set to arrive that gets you more focused on your role in life and how people see you. You will be thinking of the impression you make in regards to the words others use to describe you. And you can see how this moves you to see outside of yourself so that you understand their reactions are mirrors to what they are getting from you. Know that you can alter things — you can be charismatic and work with them, like a therapist, which is what Scorpio energy is anyway. This energy keeps making the point that you have so much power to heal and shift things!!! Like for you and all those around you. And it’s about looking at yourself in new ways, but like through others’ eyes. 

This is really a great reading, my love, but another part talks about the more you are vulnerable, real, compassionate, forgiving, honest and soft, the more you hook into a manifesting level that is like nothing you have touched before. It’s SUPER high vibe. It’s where you can elevate all aspects of life, like not just one, but ALL, or whatever you put your dreaming hot air balloon wishes into.

And they only fly high from the tears you feel in wanting to correct and better yourself and your life and BE the Eagle that no one else gets to be. Like, DUDE. You incarnated to be the Eagle. I don’t get to be that. But my Moon is in the 8th house and I do get to touch that Eagle with my heart and love, like what I do for all of you. BUT. This is an honor you need to hold gently. You are learning what is not okay about you and that keeps you going low on others when you need to go high FOR THEM. 

So be vulnerable with what presents in your life right now so that YOU can be the one to correct this. YOU can be the one that leads this into a better way. YOU. This reading is all about you and what you know needs to change so that things can be more about joy and living and traveling and feeling free with potential. Who wants to be dragged down by what is to come? Who wants to be on guard for the lowlifes? Manifest that you are only surrounded by the highlifes. If you create it, it will come. BE your powerful self, Scorpio. I bow to you in this reading because they have never shown you to me in such an exalted light before. So I know you got it in you. Free your Eagle.  You ARE the best. Be it.



I am the Eagle and I am ever powerful. I reclaim my power today and step into my higher ways of the most ancient wisdom keepers on this planet. To grow higher I pause and look at you to see what reflection you are showing me about how I am affecting you. My power is to influence you all in better ways through correcting my own ways that brought you to me. I listen to my heart and I go soft when need be because finding this balance point is all that I dream. I am here to know happiness in the most exalted of ways and I attract that to me through embodying it’s grace. And so it is.


Oh my gosh love, you got life in the palm of your hand – and you probably have no idea yet. But you sit in this sweet spot that is a total repositioning but where the tide begins to change in regards to your ability to believe that you can start over and that the struggle can bring stability to the dream or to your creative gifts sustaining you.

So this is for sure a rounding of a corner and one where you find a new path forming from you taking baby steps into reclaiming your value in your world. And this is like a cycle thing too so it ultimately deals with getting older and now being allowed into the other clubs where you have graduated to and are welcome to run free. So you are presented with a new foundation or feeling to life that comes from a graduation of life experiences learned. So this one is the best thing for you because as much as you dream for what you can have, knowing that you are worth it and that you do have gifts to offer the world, the more you can see yourself starting to manifest new situations where people see you and want you and are coming for you with opportunities to help you grow more secure and sustainable in life – THUS getting you in position to use your gifts to help bring the Age of Aquarius forward. 

This one is about coming out new and showing the truth of who you are without holding back feeling that you will be judged or not accepted. You are to stand up and make your presence known, but in its true form no matter what that is and where you are on the journey right now. It’s time to come through as a new version, but one stronger from the storm weathered. This is when you get a bit more badass and confident and grounded and sure as fuck that you DO got it going on and you WILL figure your way through this thing called life. But from this new level of strength come new choices and new decisions to be made about what honors and holds this new upgraded you. So with that, things can bust apart and fall away, but no matter what, I promise this is revealing something more precious to you that you need to look at. 

But. Before you get to the gold, you will be highly sensitive and emotional to every single thing that does not feel good to you. NOW it is loud and clear as your body is more heightened in order to get you to choosing a new path. I always say anytime I have something threaten my safety or security that it is always a gift because it gets me to go superhuman and make something happen in order to save the day. DOING SO shows me that I CAN DO SO and I feel better about myself and what I can do in the future, THUS I manifest more exalted things to walk into because I have trust with my steps moving forward. So I don’t crumble at the thought of feeling I have to protect myself or I am not safe. I remember who I am and how far I have come and how much I have overcome and therefore I KNOW I can handle everything that MAY come. So what may come goes in my back pocket and not in my immediate thoughts. But from so much that fell apart I discovered the strength in seeing I DO get through them, therefore nothing scares me anymore. I just look at it as a part of my journey teachings. 

And you need to hold every single word just said as your religion right now. You are SO capable, no matter who did not hold you appropriately and show you consistent care. Just because you were dropped doesn’t mean you should still anticipate more dropping – nor does it mean you should change yourself and not be clear on who you are because of what was done. The insecurity can come like waves, but let it. Feel it. Be raw. There is something underneath there to feel and heal. Don’t run from how the flow affects your heart emotions. You are actually sparking like two sticks getting ready to light the fire and get you going in a whole other direction that feels like you are flying again.

So just go through this… it is okay. Vulnerability is the name of the day. You are not seeing through to the end yet, but your feelings are heightened for a super good reason!! LISTEN and honor yourself that YOU DESERVE good love and good sex and good conversations and good safe feeling things. So put them on the shopping list and expect that they are on the way. Don’t glass half empty what is in the store to purchase — KNOW you are going to get what you want. Don’t DOUBT your position in the world and that your needs will be met. Of course they will! The universe loves Sag the most! But the universe loves on you with what you already are and are feeling. So going low just brings more reasons to love on you low. But going high feels better with the love that comes back your way. So step up and realize CHANGE HAPPENS. But if suddenly the floorboard is falling apart and moldy and hazardous to your health, then what are you going to choose? You may have to choose something like this because we need to hear YOUR VOICE recreating a space for you in the world where you come from the truth of what you feel inside and where you demand that what holds you, holds you safe. From your value system exalted comes more luxurious things to be loved by with. Let’s let them in by judging less how you think things need to look and trusting more that you WILL come out of this on top if you allow your feelings to lead the way. 

Renewed trust is going to be a big part of your life, that others will notice about you. Something comes to the end where you were confused on something with your place in the world or with what you saw as the potential to correct and make better. And in some way magic comes in to say IT WAS THIS, and that will clear the decks for you to let go of your hold on believing you have to do so much to make it all happen, and rather now you can learn to flow down the river and trust that when you need it, it will arrive. We NEED you in that flow state because THERE you shoot your arrow again and start dreaming for things coming together in a better way for our planet. We need you out of scarcity fears and into faith and trust in the universe. Remember that you got it in you. FULLY equipped.



I am showing myself in a new way because something has woken me to realizing I can start over again at any time and create a world based on what I want it to feel like. So I release my hold on allowing things in the outer world to make me feel that there is no hope or we are too far gone. I don’t see it that way. I feel hope and I will plant that belief as I step forward showing you that we can manifest our dreams. I’ve lost interest in worrying that I won’t get it right and found faith in knowing I have support by my side. Thank you great mystery! I am safe and monetarily secure. And so it is.


Oh love! This is great news. You are another sign that is in for some huge change, but change that comes from your participation in its creation. Like, if you don’t stretch for more, then you won’t get more. But if you do, you can leap frog your life in ways you could not even believe could happen for you. This is a gift of energy because it says that if you change your view, your view will change you. If you clean your glasses of the smudges you have allowed to be there you will open your heart and see that what you dream is there or close to there if only you take a risk and leap into this new thing. 

And THAT will change you. THAT will get you dreaming for more. This is like what I told you about when I moved from St. Louis to San Francisco in the mid 90’s before internet and cell phones and how moving and exposing myself to people all over the world blasted my mind in the most beautiful way to see that there is WAY MORE than what I knew just from where I grew up. And from that, I changed and my energy changed and my potential changed, and here I am now because of it reaching you, my love. I needed that change to change me, and ultimately to get me finding home within myself which I was not yet from where I grew up, IN what conditioned me. 

You need to move from something that has conditioned you. You need to change your view of something. You need to give LIFE a chance and THE GOOD a chance and YOU a chance – the NEW a chance. This energy is saying hey, don’t focus only on all the ways something can’t be done or what could potentially go wrong. Free flow for a minute and just trust life and remember that if push comes to shove YOU KNOW YOU WILL KICK ASS. You know you got it in you so why are you always doubting yourself in the future? You KNOW you will step up and always have and always will. You are built to work at exalted levels because your reputation is important to you – and you do step up and you do impress. So don’t worry about that. 

And YOU KNOWING is the point of now because you must speak in more compassionate and dreamy fairy tale I CAN DO THIS sorts of ways. It’s essential that your mind is opened to something beyond your reality so that you are coaxed into talking and visualizing for what YOU REALLY WANT. That is the question that needs to begin all that comes at you right now. What do you want? But what do YOU REALLY want? Not what you think you can have or what you think the potential is based on what others have gotten — but what, in the depth of your soul, DO YOU WANT? 

Then you need to put some magic and love there through looking back at times you HAVE accomplished or have won or have been surprised with a miracle – and hold that energy as you also imagine the universe getting ready to bring you another one that sets you free to believing you DO have a place here and your words ARE valuable and what you share through your artistic love of it IS something of value that is set to rise – IF you will allow it to. You can hold yourself back bigtime right now if you don’t open your mind. So you have to find the ways to delve into creativity or to share your time with others so they can inspire you into realizing your depth or challenge or struggles are what give you the colors that make you shine brighter.

If you hide them or diminish them with your feelings of self worth then they don’t shine the way they are still able to shine. You need to find your shine within and share it outward and it comes through opening your mind that things CAN change — as can you, as can everything. And change can be REAL GOOD. So might as well sit on the tail of anticipating it will be wonderful. Try that dream out for one week. Give every doubtful thought a lift into believing like a child that something will come to save the day and that you don’t have to be responsible for figuring it out, you just need to ride it out. You will be guided. 100% you always are. You just need to listen to your true inside voice that is soft and nurturing and supportive like a good mama, and not your grown up, disciplinary, judgmental voice that was planted by others’ fears for change. Do you want others’ fears to be the thing you BELIEVE IN? Really? You believe you will fall off the cliff and not be able to get it right? Gosh, don’t vote for that. Listen to yourself and snap that back into the remembrance that you ARE here to defy the odds. And you are to do it YOUR WAY.

You are one sign that can catapult in regards to what you are creating and sharing from your soul and that is a part of your rise from what got you to fall. So you are in primo position and you GOT to play your cards right. It is time to take a break from escaping what is your destiny through second guessing yourself or always thinking others are doing it better and you are not special enough. You got to give that a rest. You are the late bloomer, okay. And for good reason! You are earth so you must hold your wisdom. The WISEST and most powerful, because they hold their wisdom when they obtain it, are the earth signs: Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. So their lives go slower or more challenging in order to ingrain the knowledge into wisdom. Perfect example, Saturn Return: the knowledge of it is one thing until you reach 28, then the wisdom of what it really means saturates your system and changes you. We CAN NOT comprehend what the SR will be when we are 26, but by 30 we are completely different people. Life is many corners and curves where you truly don’t see until you get there. But that is called WISDOM.

Something with your career is about to shift to where you are offering more of yourself to the world, but it shifts from you seeing something different about your career aspirations. The shift possibly can come from suddenly feeling a stronger desire to be a part of the whole and to not make the climb the only thing that matters – which you were programmed to primarily focus on. You may be opening to wanting to not push through stuck places but rather flow with the magic and synchronicity, as you are to notice you are being guided. Honestly, I feel that when you know you are guided and you know you got it in you, then BOOM the universe is gonna smother you with the love of all that you DO deserve that you finally are waking up to. Bravo. The other side suites you better!



I believe that with the power of my thoughts and dreams I will steer my life into a better direction. I release my addiction to believing I must guard from something in the future and that I won’t be able to handle what may potentially come. I KNOW I can handle anything life throws me, but I also know I can believe that everything I see will eventually work out in my favor, therefore I no longer need to worry that I can handle my future. Instead I use that energy to visualize and KNOW my dream is ready to become my reality and I welcome it with the widest of arms. I AM READY FOR THE GOOD. And so it is.


OH WOW. So I am going to skip to one of the last messages because it’s so good! We will get into how this is going to go down in a minute but I thought you would want to hear this! SO. Your life sits on a balance point right now where it is about to break apart in regards to something you hold in your mind that operates as a block, such as I am not valuable, no one will love me, no one will understand me, I guess I don’t get that in this lifetime, I guess I have to go without. 

It is where you have deep roots into an old storyline – most likely that you don’t see yourself doing because it’s so ingrained and natural. My pilates teacher was talking about daylight savings coming next week and I was like, oh I think it happens in March. And then when she got it, she said outload to herself, “Oh I am so stupid!” And I was like, WHAT THE? And I told her. Okay, this is deep in you and it was over you making a silly mistake about a date?? And you divebomb yourself with the stupid word? And she used to be an elementary art teacher and I said, would you ever laugh at a kid for saying the exact same thing and tell him how stupid he is for saying that? NO. Not in a million years. So stop doing it to yourself. 

And you have things that you say. You have things that when they are presented you take yourself and slam your head down to the concrete. You go LOSER in a heartbeat. And it’s just because you learned to do this and maybe have grown addicted to the self-punishment or judgment affirming that YES you really are not going to survive and thrive – but now you must stop that old path. You MUST STOP IT and see that your little train car has gotten off the tracks and now you must stop and put them back on with a new thought corrected from what just happened. It will help to even visualize it, knowing when you go brutal on yourself your train just wobbled off the tracks and is moving through mud and rocks and things that will keep you stuck in that thought.  So you must STOP and reposition – even if it feels like you are faking it. It only feels like faking because the wrong path is so ingrained and it’s fooling you about what to do. 

When you tip to the other side and regain truth in broadcasting your worth, THEN this whole massive thing opens with your career and how people see you in regards to wanting to give you opportunities or share the message of what you do. You are set to expand and start embodying a higher level in regards to your work for the world.

 There is work to do though. What you are releasing are the deep fractures to your soul that keep guiding you into believing you are flawed or will be the victim here. It seems with this energy that you are holding onto, it is the same as holding onto the arm of a swing that you are jumping from. It’s gonna be a disaster through every step of the way. You must actually release both hands and just jump and fly with that. So your attention will need to be on your body and on the automatic ways you ARE tripping yourself up by not really listening to your true voice within and also trusting the great mystery to support you, hold you, and guide you with a new flow in regards to how it can be. So you kind of are starting fresh here and it’s about doing it YOUR WAY and not the way of the voice trying to break you down that really isn’t your voice, anyway.

You ARE in soul searching and healing times and, for that reason, things will bring big emotions or memories to your life but you must release both hands and dive in because this work is what gets you to seeing to the other side in regards to glass half empty thoughts you hold about yourself — and with each you see and correct, the balance tips you into that new career vibration that you will be giving off. It’s just the value, ya know. If we don’t value ourselves there is little we can actually successfully accomplish. But right now YOUR sense of value is being reflected to you by things coming your way. So it’s an important time to pay attention! Affirm the good things and welcome in more, and with the not so good, take them inside and see how something in you attracted them to you for a message of how you do maybe not expect as much as you should, or that you don’t really have your back and believe you can do it. 

This also will open a gateway of MASSIVE creative exploration and ideas with using your own creative gifts. Do be aware that things come as the trickster though so something that looks bad can end up turning real good. This is a test to see if you do interpret it in the negative ways that you were programmed to do, OR, if this time you take it and say, I WILL RISE ABOVE ANYTHING. When you find your strength to handle what comes your way and not give it negative interpretations like OF COURSE I am stopped, THEN you start manifesting different situations. The universe just wants you to see that you are a top dog and that deep inside you hold the answers, the keys, the wisdom to all that YOU need to know about your path. But it stays on lock down if you still think you are a loser or here to stay at the bottom. THEY messed up in handling YOU but you are messing up in following those opinions. Sunshine wants to beam down on you, but will you let it, do you think you deserve it? 

Money issues will also present, and again, how are you going to interpret them? If you make the shift, your life will smother you with opportunities for stability. But if you still want to believe you are here to lose then you will experience aspects of that because this energy is that potent right now. You sit RIGHT on the balance point and you will lean into a life that sings of the thoughts you feel for yourself. So my gosh, give yourself a chance! It’s got to rise from you first.



I am raising my bar because I won’t put any more energy into accepting less and thinking I deserve to suffer and not get what I see others manifesting. From within I’m finding strength to remember that actually I am supported and loved so greatly by the universe but if I keep the door shut because I don’t believe I deserve this, then I am doing the world a disservice by not showing up in my truth. So today I wake up and remember that all things are working in my favor even if they look the opposite. I am here to soar and nothing is going to stop me from rising fully into my soul’s purpose expression. And so it is.


So you are gonna be hot and heavy into work that helps you understand more about how you express, show yourself, and give off a vibe that creates automatic reactions in others – and for this full moon we are talking about how people want to fight you or reject you or denounce you or challenge you or basically NOT let you be the amazing, brilliant, genius of an ESSENTIAL piece in moving the Aquarian Age forward. You are TOP DOG. And those that are threatened and jealous of who you are and the potential they can feel oozing from your skin, WILL be coming to your awareness at this time. You will be very aware of how others feel about you and how that ripples out and affects others through imprinting or gossip or that which spreads the wind of words and opinions.

Now what I know about this sort of energy is that this is the love ‘em or hate ‘em energy. And for this reason you will get a flood of one or the other as a dominant, but certainly both will speak to you at this time. You will feel sensitive like others’ judge you or they are talking about you or they are out to get you, because in the hate ‘em, there is vengeance to it. It’s like get even or I’ll get you. So all dark forces coming your way can be about diminishing you or breaking you down. And you will sense these things. You feel them happening or will be suspicious of certain people as they come to your mind out of the blue.

But do know, this is a normal part of your cycles and it is not to hurt you or make you feel bad about who you are, but rather it is to open your eyes THAT WHO CARES WHAT A NAYSAYER SAYS ABOUT YOU. You are SPECIAL!! and people are jealous of what you got because they don’t understand that Pisces magic but they KNOW it’s special. And right now the world is experiencing where they are jealous of things in life. And you will attract it from people who wish they had more from their own lives as something about YOU is something they ultimately WANT. And this is an energy boiling out of humans now in some form and towards some destination. 

So you are to process these things, while you consciously breathe deeply through them. DO NOT LET YOUR BREATH STOP when you are sensing something, hearing something, or processing something that tries to tarnish your glow. If you can breathe through it, you can shift through a pattern where you DO automatically go smaller to keep people happy. Don’t try to get those naysayers to grow quiet through you going smaller to appease them, instead GROW BIGGER, shoot your mouth louder, ground in your heels firmer, and stand in the truth that you DO have so much to offer and you don’t have to be a martyr to anyone who is ultimately just threatened by that. Make it loud and clear. We do not have problems with others unless we are threatened by them in some form. The healing journey opens this in all humans eventually. If they get your goat, YOU are the one with the problem that needs healing. If they don’t get your goat, you are good to go.   

This means total transformation for the Pisces where you can GET THAT and stop changing your form to always want to make everyone else happy. It’s time for Pisces to grow happy and whole, FINALLY. 

Now, there also is the side of LOVE ‘EM and with this you can really notice lots of people speaking up and reaching out and wanting to tell you how much they value you. So this is a part of that balancing that gets you seeing you don’t have to be fake or hold back your truth or your voice or your questions or your NO because you want others to be happy and not disappointed by you. When this happens, allow it to sail you more confidently in knowing you are a certain style and you will attract a certain style, but when you find it, stick with it – and don’t judge the other styles or think you are less than because you are not there for all styles. You are not here for all of them — only the ones that are comfortable with your power.

Do know that what you are expecting is also what you are getting – so understand that much of your work right now is in seeing how the outer world and the other person has you operating out of balance because ultimately you want to please to the point things can end up going bad. This also deals with pulling away from, so maybe even triggers are there which send you into escaping or denying or going numb BECAUSE of old messages playing out again where you WILL be asked to step forward and do this in a whole other way but from the way of your soul and how your soul wants to lead you forward. This means you will need to make choices on your own and not from the pleaser aspects. You MAY lose friends, family, fans, and followers as you become more pure to your true essence, but again, remember; you’re not here for everyone. Let that be okay.

Now around this full moon you will first feel like you don’t have a place or purpose or are not really special enough to rise like you dream from your heart, but this same area is also where you will GROW and EXPAND – WHEN you let go of not coming through clearly as a means to keep others happy. INSTEAD come through clear so as to get BETTER, more resonating attention from people who get you and love you and want to support your dreams. The choice is yours! You draw the boundaries and make clear what you will give of yourself – and it’s time for more strength and determination to rise, but with the focus on making a difference in the world. This rise is from you learning you are here to help heal this planet –not through being an obedient one, but rather a loud and honest one. Get comfortable shocking people because it’s written in you bringing your truth at this point. YOU must face into darkness and do what feels good to your heart, even if a million others think you are crazy for what you believe. Something about staying true to you opens you to the ULTIMATE new path that IS based on your career and expanding in regards to how people see you and with what you offer to them. So hold on Pisces, your future is BRIGHT if you show them your light.



I no longer operate from a guidebook that says I must alter who I am to keep you happy. I no longer stay quiet and escape when inside I know that I have much to say and ask about what this is causing me to feel inside. I draw my boundaries clear as I open my heart to hear what my soul believes, thinks, wants, and dreams for me on my future journey. I know that my true north speaks to me and NOW I allow it to lead me. I am going places and if I am not well received then I will keep moving until home DOES greet me because I am here to be supported. And so it is.


  1. yaelmalkin

    Pisces on point ! Totally nailed it ❤️ It’s been a tough few week but I definitely felt the shift
    Thank you

  2. Keren

    I’ve been missing you SO much and that Sag affirmation so perfect. ?

  3. Emily

    WOW!! It seems like your downloads have been leveling up and up and up and the clarity and articulation with which you translate has increased in potency! The alignment and resignation of this particular reading was incredibly affirming, validating and heart opening. As a Scorpio, I’m curious to know what emotional waters I am yet to be familiar with (-: And look forward to the process of exposing and embodying my eagle. Thank you for all that you do ❤️

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much from another Pisces sister ! Seems like you are speaking directly to me too, and exactly describing what has been going on. ? ?

  5. michellemariemcgrath

    Thank you so much Pisces sister! I always feel like you are speaking directly to me 🙂


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