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JANUARY 5, 2019

full moon lunar eclipse at 1 degree leo writtens.

JANUARY 21, 2019


Oh I love this! So wow. You can feel that change is close, but you still aren’t comfortable or really feeling like you got this life thing figured out because there are emotional things set to rock your boat a bit and where you will feel dampened is in regards to feeling supported or like you are something special.

And this is when you wake up to how you have not been moving forward in life to your liking because getting ahead and moving as a constant state actually sort of gets you passing things that are the stops you WANT to be making actually. This is sort of how you have taken on some way and now you can question if this is your thing or if you aren’t cut out for being supported wildly by the universe. You can question yourself and feel extra sensitive about your abilities or gifts or dreams for happiness. But this also is some emptying out of what you are not going to actually be feeling REAL soon in the future.

Like, this is a wave that is set onto your path merely to get you trusting life more and settling back more to let the universe bring you to the magic -- because you are in SERIOUS MAGIC time and you need to ride it with faith. You need to forget how you were not held or loved or valued by someone in your life and how that has you needy or overly giving in the hopes of getting a feeling that affirms some long held rip in your tapestry. Once it travels over that hole, you grab and reach and really try to take it on – trying to keep busy and keep moving it.

But you are to look at the complicated, the heavy, the deep flows and just SIT WITH THEM. You are to meditate the fuck out of life right now because THAT is the flow you want. You are to find it through shutting down completely and getting to that zero state where you can allow yourself to then swing in the opposite direction – and not the one where the patriarchy moved you and inspired you to be. And it will organically come through daily ritual and daily nature times. This can mean writing every day or doing something that takes you to those meditative, loose spaces.

The universe wants you there in that full of faith space because you are set to be bombarded with synchronicity that explodes your minds with ideas or connections or the thing you need to awaken to in order to release some burden, or something unrequited, or some wound that has been a heavy load. From all the sparks of inspiration and then connection you find rebirth in exiting the cave and bringing forward new essences to the actual truth of who you are and how powerful that person is. From your trusting heart will come expansion of the most epic where joy, happiness, traveling, learning, and sharing new things will be what your life is about. Each spark of expansion will be opening you much quicker at this time, where you will get one insight and BOOM you are completely out of an old wound pattern. So, know that you are led by them, and possibly through many things taking you down or making you tired, so get used to trusting this. You NEED this and it will make you love your life hardcore 6 months from now if you do. But this is a new way, so expect to not fall in line so easily.

BUT REMEMBER, this time is for you to learn a new flow and it is one that does not come from any parts of you being empty, but rather only from the story of how kickass and essential you are for the WORLD. And the emptying is a part of the process, so this is perfect when you get there. You don’t want to fill a water container with stale water that smells gross do you? You empty it out and yes you smell it on the way – but then you take time to clean and clean it good before you fill again with what is supposed to be there. So hold that image when you feel those emptying ripples.

You are healing the great mother wound and it vibes out of balance in you, BUT with intentions after the emptying of there being very high vibe feminine energies flowing through you. Like the highest vibing. And this will bring a softening too, so it will be interesting for you! But this change is what changes the world. Like you flowing as this high feminine force, with compassion and understanding for others, will facilitate like world leader or tribe influencer.

Allow this to unfold, but you connecting more to your soft and vulnerable and sharing heart space feeling sort of person is how you get to being an influencer or more connected to something that IS making a difference in the world. It’s like all the parts of the pieces need to be this thing to create this other desired result. And something about your piece will play a part in collective and coming together sort of things that you are a part of. That was unusual for me to hear in this reading as I was like WOW typing it all, but also know that that sort of message came through because you need to stay in a state of trusting your journey --  because you ARE someone special and you ARE affecting and healing and transmuting the imbalance of the mother wound, but you still must honor the cycles of life and that timing is everything. Synchronicity will present VERY OFTEN at this time because it’s planted to get you to chill out and trust more. Now it’s time to just expect that all that you need is right there on the way and you find it if you come from a meditative space that IS aware of the moment and doesn’t miss out on that small sign that is EVERYTHING you need to see. You don’t want to miss those signs. They will get you to your dreams safely.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the messages that affirm that I am broken and not important to the world. This year I rise and step into a higher role where I help upgrade and improve the state of this world. I heal the collective through healing myself and therefore I am patient with processes and how things need to flow. There is something to this and I trust my journey. I know I’m going places big and my dreams are close to being my reality. And so it is.


Oh we have life changing energy right here! This is the best thing for you! BUT. First do know that how this eclipse influence comes will not be how it leaves in 6 months. And the first rush of it WILL have some serious doubts or insecurities that are deep within your system but that somehow deal with the mother/women or with messages that actually ended up dampening your potential.

This feels like believing things are to be done a certain way, when now those things are creating conflict because they no longer fit you because who you are is changing on the daily -- and keeping it real, you are set for a rebirth in regards to who you show up as to the world – but in order for there to be a rebirth there also must be a death. And this is why you can feel sort of raw or rocked or off balance in regards to questions that now bubble up from the depth of you. This also can be that you were able to hide these things and keep them manageable but now they are making some noise and you know you need to pay attention because you will see they ARE cutting the life out of what you could be living. They are holding you back in some way.

So things now shift into a space for 6 months where they are coming up and coming together. This also is when you have full control to determine how much you get to see your life expand. Like you can go to Pilates and do your classes and get a strong core, or you can skip it and distract yourself and keep putting it off for another day. Life will present like that right now where YOU have to reach out and go for the things you want. This is not when you sit idly by. This is when you make things yours through assertive action towards what FEELS like it is something important for you.

You also will be walking with the mystery in front of you but a new stronger way of processing or interpreting things BEHIND you. So this feels like you WILL be going out on ledges and leaping off cliffs into things that do not show you right away that they are the best thing for you – but inside your body and with the feelings your system is registering you will know you do have to believe in this and go for something.  You will be tested to believe in your dreams, in something better, in there being more for you – and because of that you will start looking more honestly into your shadow cave and into what IS actually reaping you the benefits you aren’t all that interested in. Like, maybe before you wanted to be nice to get that feeling of them thinking you are so good. But now that may not interest you as much as keeping it real and talking about darker issues without always wanting to gloss over them or rush them out of your way and get back to this superficial thing you THINK you desire.

The energies want to take you deep so that what you do bring forward is EPIC and transformational and something that really gets people taking notice of you as presenting on a new level. And that which is blocking the way, comes to your awareness now. And what it will be based around are thoughts and patterns you have taken on without questioning if they really are you and what YOU want to do -- and that is up for discovery AND evolution over the next 6 months.

This is the best time to get into any sort of work that is therapy based with your thoughts, feelings, and going deep into the psyche. But do know that the key to you releasing MASS LOADS of false things, thus freeing you to expand into career lands that you previously COULD NOT enter with all that dead weight – IS that you have to believe there is a solution and to wire yourself to knowing that all of this is upgrading you. You have to eagerly go into what synchronistically presents in regards to THIS is your thing and to know that whatever presents is what you have to see in order to heal and release. So it’s like you have to know you are doing this and not even allowing yourself to back down from what inside, even though it may be painful, you know is a new pathway for you to start walking.

You are ONLY on the UP, so again, don’t carry the burden of your healing work as a negative thing. What you are to discover is nothing negative and only aligning you to that feeling path, which you have buried and manipulated into this other form. Now you get to look again and see that looking lightens you so that new aspects of your career will open. Each step into the heavy lightens you with opportunities and quick, out of the blue shifts that are coming AS BLESSINGS from the universe. So the whole point is: do the work and you will create a life that is closer to your dream come true than you have ever seen before. This is the gift of the lifetime and you need to jump on board with what is showing you that THIS is what you need to do or look at or heal. It’s all right there for you to dive into. And you will come out of this BAD ASS and with something new to share with the world. So trust the process. That is your 2019 mantra.



ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the messages that have kept me thinking I must tap dance for others in order to be seen as acceptable. I am discovering new aspects of myself and therefore my decisions and dreams are changing. I go with that flow and remain mutable and fluid as my life moves up the mountain. What is becoming too heavy to bear I will make peace with and release with love in my heart. I trust this healing process and willingly look into the dark, knowing my solution is to be found in there. And so it is.


Oh Gemini! This is a great sign for how your next 6 months will be going down, or rather – UP. So a core part of a wound within your system deals with your creative gifts and things that surround your messages or what you know and share -- and somehow you don’t think you are enough or know enough or are as solid and real and authentic as you project yourself to be. And this is just casting shadows on you and in regards to you manifesting the opportunities or collaborations that bring you into groups where you COULD be supported and excelling with your gifts and your piece of the puzzle.

So the good news is that this is saying it is all there waiting for you to dream for it and then reach for it, but you can’t keep judging yourself or going to mental thoughts where you don’t feel seen or important or good enough. Like with muscle testing, with some questions our muscles go weak, and this is the same with your words and how you think of your value – you can quickly go weak when there is NO REASON TO – but this does say something that you need to see. Like, no one gets this but you, as we all stand out here praising you and clapping for your existence. But like some small child, you don’t believe so easily because of something that now has you throwing a blanket over your efforts.

But that’s all changing so that was just the entry of this eclipse, and what transpires is that you are being gifted the love and attention from people who adore you and they are going to be pumping you up, giving you opportunities, and also bringing purpose and reason for why you are here with what sort of role you would like to be playing. People have thoughts for you and they somehow are playing a role in getting you out of a ditch state and back into rising again and seeing that things are actually better than you thought. This means things will correct and they will be better than you thought!

For that reason it’s important to notice your thoughts and your prediction skills in thinking the worst or thinking like the detective and smelling out the rat before one is even in the room. It would behoove you to start thinking all rats are dead and you can now sit back and trust life and not have to guard for something or fight for something. Where you are reborn right now will be in regards to feeling like you DO have a purpose and people ARE seeing you and you ARE starting to get busy -- and then let that wave sail you further where you forget about the challenges of others not meeting your needs or people in your life consuming too much of your thoughts and wonderment. There are stories to forget because new lands yet to be discovered are all around, inviting you to step UP and out of that old.

You are to be learning about how your relationships have not worked and to be stronger and wiser because of that. You are not to give up, you are to take what you learn and sail further with that wisdom. You also have to remember that you will be in this healing process where you are tangled with others and the work being done now is on finding out where there are pinches and disconnects that are keeping things from flowing. So this means you can collide with others where there are strong reactions of either awakening and making positive connections or where you are tangled future and then have to feel it in order to then awaken stronger out of it. So the work is very much about getting in there and just knowing that this is all worth it and that real good things are real close for you.

You should sit comfortably, knowing that NOW things shift a bit into the better! I see all this clapping again in this reading! I don’t know if you have plans for a launch or some risk taking move or leveling up with your career or something related to teaching, or even going back to school, but there is clapping for that being shown to me. You need to believe in yourself and believe that you do have a career that will support you and where you get to bring magic to others’ lives. Dream into the mystery still at play, but know that when you do, the roles will find you. You won’t even have to go out and make anything happen. It’s ALL coming your way and you only have to respond to it and question inside if it feels honoring enough of you. If it does, sail away. You are only going up. Don’t hold yourself back through so much doubt or fears of the past. Fly free from all that. A new world awaits and it is just beyond a big leap where you have to go against the grain or to do what is not expected. You will know CLEARLY that this is yours because things come with electricity now and if it excites you, YOU CAN DO THIS. Now just believe it into reality. You are the sign here to work miracles right now, but if you don’t believe it you can’t achieve it.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release my inner self doubts about my value. I know that others don’t judge me the way I judge myself so I will follow suit and let that self-sabotaging addiction go. I trust my journey and I know I am where I need to be doing what I need to be doing. I open to this expansion on my doorstep and I will give it my all with full on belief that this is it and this is the time to go beyond my dreams. I know something good is on the way and I can let go of worrying about those past rainy days. Things are turning out better than I dreamed. And so it is.


Oh yes for this eclipse! This is powerful medicine here! You actually should feel a bit raw with the eclipse in that you will question your value or if you have any right or ability to move yourself forward. But then again, many of you may not have any sensitivities at all and instead you will feel a solid burst of I DESERVE this wonderful new thing and sensual new way to live life. And I think I am being shown them side by side like this for the ones who are still in the sensitive space where they don’t really know who they are or what is theirs or others – to inspire them that after that comes something real good and connected.

So it’s like right before you get real settled, you feel real out of body and disconnected. But once you do find the settled space you get REAL LOUD and alive with wanting to savor every feeling and touch of a new thing you want to grow more solid in your life. You are thinking about plans for creating more ways to express your creativity and to have that be the thing that supports and sustains you.

You may even be thinking how much you want to get a grip on your life so that the balance is healthy and the work you do for the world is something that fits so perfectly that it doesn’t drain you or burn you out. You are looking for new things in life that light you up and inspire you to glow. And all these things are choices you have decided that you deserve. But now they carry different weight – and staying with the remembrance that you are great mother energy and you have lost value in yourself because the wound got the feminine to be the weaker one, will be required as you will be asked to hold high respect for yourself in regards to many choices or leaps of faith or risks of the heart.

This next 6 months foretells many reasons to invest in yourself and to believe you are worthy of the most satisfying health, lover, career, friends and life on the day to day. WORTHY. And nothing heavy and deep needs to be avoided because you get through that to get to the gold of what you really do need to deal with in order to feel like you are living your souls’ purpose and you can relax into the play of what life has to offer. But this is so much about how others come in and hold you back or encourage you, and it is their influences or their fears or their things that really have some extra weight to them this next 6 months – and this is because there are things you need to hold yourself as more deserving in regards to what you allow to come in and share space with you.  You let this in, but does it support you and encourage that you are important and essential? You will be questioning a lot and the whole point is trying to get you to up it all and demand it be better and go for the gold and stop putting yourself as this less than thing or this too damaged thing and instead like, the great mother energy – the support that heals and nurtures things into growth and prosperity.

One thing that is huge here is saying that all focus is going around you getting down to business and dreaming your big expansive dreams into reality. If you have a website you will be thinking of ways to upgrade your look and upgrade what sort of reach you want to make out in the world. And an important part here again is saying that you may be walking through much darkness or uncertainty – because remember there were risks of the heart and leaps of faith that are still in illusive states – which tends to mean you don’t get confirmation straight away, but you are creating some new world for yourself and you just expecting the best and not wanting to cut corners is important. You don’t need to talk yourself out of things because others around you plant seeds of doubt. You have the inner compass to make the best decisions even though others are not ahead of the game like you. In 1999 I tried to get my Italian Grandfather to invest in me owning a coffee shop. He said there wasn’t any money in coffee. HAHA -- look who was ahead of the game!

So know that decisions and stepping out of molds or out of being influenced by others will be happening at this time – and each one strengthens your resolve to grow even more determined and strong when things feel uncertain and heavier than you would like. What I feel about this too is getting you not to grip into fight or flight but rather to learn that YOU GOT THIS and to march head on into darker or psychological or wound work material. This next 6 months is getting you strong so that you ONLY know you can handle this and that no matter what, you will make the most of it. This is the time when Cancer grows so capable, but remember how this eclipse first brings you to your knees in sensitive feelings. From there you get rebuilt. So be patient. It’s a slow process but one that you won’t regret in a few month’s time when your new body starts to show from all the exercise and self-care it has been needing for months.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release all thoughts I hold that say I am not a valuable asset to this world. This year I ground myself in deeply and rise out of the limitation of debt and the fears of those around me that keep me from believing I know the way out for us. I hold steady to knowing I am on path and only moving forward to even better lands. I’ll keep with it, I’ll stay focused, I’ll stay disciplined and I will rise like the Phoenix because all of this is only making me stronger. And so it is.


Okay Leo. It’s time to show yourself to the world in a whole other way as this eclipse in your sign brings truth to what you are showing of yourself, and what is being revealed are ways that you are co-dependent in how this other force fuels your fire to express – but keeping it real, it’s coming from something that is not solid and true, so it’s with needing others to see you or notice you or bring you something so that then you know you are still shining brightly for everyone in your world. These needs you have are based around feeling complete as per the interpretation you gave them and, without, you must therefore be incomplete, right? With that thought you are sent like disrupted ants into what you are about to walk into. So needing so much before YOU feel solid is sort of risky and it also keeps you living at the most extended part of your energy and possibly not so much in body and in this moment.

Deep to the core you need to know you are shining brightly for others, but right now, something about you feels like it’s changing to the point you don’t know who you are anymore and you are having new desires for ways that you want to express and say I AM THIS. You may even be thinking of taking things to a next level or wanting to discover how more to be a contributor that betters things in the lives of others.

So you are highly attuned to what people need in the future spaces we are moving into. You may even be tuning into trends or really falling into something that feels like you are together with your tribe and doing your things to make this world better. And this is great because it brings excitement to your life and this carefree or high on life feeling – and with that you get to be more creative and dream for more!

So right now what is most important is that you realize that life is hard at times and there are things we have to face that feel totally unfair and unrequited or unresolved and they can drag you down and have you escaping into them, like turning them into alcohol or whatever vice, or you can learn to process things in a new way, where you are feeling things and talking about them and really working to understand HOW to be the best person you can be so that you are coming from this solid core of TRUTH and dependability. And with that kind of support you naturally will sail out there like a wild beast showing them what you got by being true to yourself and not true to your needy self that is giving them what you think they want. But from the dark cave you discover who you are and free yourself to share that with the world.

And you free your body movements to be more sexual and primal and real when your foundation is supporting you. And something about being more sexual or going more deeply into healing spaces and being ultra-believing that there is something to this all and something to the wounds we express when tangled in partnership with others or with our dependency on them fulfilling needs we learned from wrong messages, is REQUIRED over this next 6 months. You will feel like a deep sea diver but you are going to come out of this an authority and feeling really strong that you got a good grip on life and something really holding you safe and secure.

You are NOT to look away. You are to LOOK into deep passions and things that FEEL so connected and real and true. You will be tested because you are in the land of risk taking and believing in what your heart believes. But if you tune truly to your heart, you will be on the correct path and the yes will be correct as will be the no because you likely will have to say no to get to yes.  You also can expect to upset others on this new pathway of walking where YOUR heart wants to walk. But the break will be for the best for all and it will happen when there is no question it is time to move on up and level up with what you are to give to the world.

What surrounds you contributes even more to the message of who you are. And these next 6 months you are going to move way on up and way beyond what you have settled for or was just good enough. Your heart is what is to most expand over the next 6 months and this means LOVE to the max. Like this will be when you learn to create and contribute to things that flow so harmoniously and therefore you really relax into life and become more receptive, but with always expectations that you ARE royalty and you SHOULD expect the best for your life. Something comes back into alignment within you that will really snowball and get things rolling into many ways to feel more alive in your body and alive living in this moment now. Things are CHANGING – and your heart beats to the vibe of these new lush lands SOON to appear, if they are not already slamming your doorsteps now.

People also will REALLY show up in your own expressions right now – so they can make you feel or look drab, or, full of beauty. Go to the beauty. This drab thing is real and it’s a test to let you see that something about some people around you is not really nourishing to your foundation – that supports you. So you can go dry around them and the LUSH and wet is important as a guidepost for some risk-taking move. This leap your heart needs because it needs to wake up to how your heart used to beat when you came into this world. So SOMEONE also wakes you to your beauty in a way that is like soulmates/dream boss/dream workmates or something where things just totally make sense now. But they will probably stand side by side to the dull and a decision will need to be made. Your heart knows. Listen and get ready to leap.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release my addiction to operating in ways I feel I SHOULD operate as instead I am rebirthing this year into my exalted version where I don’t need anyone else to affirm me because I love and accept myself already -- I’m already full of love. And from that love, I express myself freely and share my true gifts with the world. I am stepping into an upper level path in life and I expect to leap from a cliff and into something 10 times more magnificent than I could even imagine. I am making the best decision for me. And so it is.


Every person is hearing that this is the eclipse of their lifetime – and it is! And for you, over the next 6 months you get to be walking a whole other world where things DO finally come together in regards to you feeling like you are giving your soul’s purpose work and doing something that serves and fills that need in your heart to be seen as important. Like, right now, you just want to know that there is a job for you and that it can support you and keep you wanting to keep at LIFE.

On the way to feeling so exalted with home on earth, you first will NOT feel this way. And with this eclipse the energies have come in about 5 days early for some reason and this means you should feel a bit like a wet blanket in regards to feeling like you have a home here or that you are not cursed and destined to suffer in some aspects of your life. You can be yanking yourself to glass half empty and really going all out on finding reasons to think you are a mistake and that your life will not be what you dream it to be.

You may even feel fooled by the coyote in that you are dreaming for something but at the same time, everything is coming in to cut you down and trip you up. So that can be confusing, but ALL OF THIS is for the purpose of healing you at this time. You are the healer, heal thyself. And you have not been seeing clearly into dark cave matter because the feeling aspect of it has been too intense. So all the powers that be are now focused on getting you connected to people and things that usher you along into seeing shadow material and making the corrections to wrongly inflicted pattern grooves so that you are not repeating the patterns of others or your defensive stance towards them.

This deals so much with you and how you play a part in making things better or worse. And because of your past programming you may not be making them better, just yet. But the point of the next 6 months is very much about a reboot with how you work with the energies around you so that you are able to figure out how to make those small, foundational or locational or positional changes that do get things in a better flow again. You may have things backed up and this is just then reflecting out and influencing even more. So as you clear the clogged pipes you will quickly see that you CAN start over again in regards to how things hold you and support you at home and in those things that help you to feel safe and okay in the world.

Now one thing that is super CRUCIAL is that you open to understanding the dynamics of your dance with others and how you bring a story before the new story can even be told. So there are tangles and cords with others that will come to the surface and it’s your job to be open to them and to see how you both have attracted each other to one another for a reason. This is CRUCIAL. It’s just that this part of a gateway piece needs a key and THIS opens the potential for you to totally rebuild again in regards to coming at others in a softer way and expecting to be supported and taken care of by the universe. So it’s kind of like you making peace with others or working to have compassion and find the way is what then changes your ability to have a healthier foundation and supportive world around you that further affirms that you are needed and that you have a home here.

So through your understanding of your dance with others and how you can make it better to get a better result you open to a new path where your words and your messages and the gifts you bring ARE in high demand. So this is a new day and it comes from digging through the trenches and making sure you got all the last of the potatoes that you need to get you through this next leg of your journey. There are things to discover and you will be an authority on it over the next 6 months. The point is that you trust the journey and reprogram so that you KNOW you will get through it and that you are NOT destined to suffer in ANY aspects of your life.

That is the lie of those old patterns and it’s time to step into your power and allow the world to manifest all your needs. It’s time to step into a higher role and it’s ALL ON YOU to allow that in because your thoughts and how you interpret the mysterious that is before you is what is keeping that tamed. It’s time to go wild and to your true vibration with trust in your heart because you DO GOT IT. You got it better than any other sign but if you keep hiding from some truth or going to some scarcity-based thought of there not being enough – then you will manifest there not being enough. Don’t go to the back of the line!! You take the lead. It’s time to expect more, royal one.



ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the messages from those who never understood me and how those things changed who I could have been. I am waking to my truth as I release the baggage and dead weight of that which is not me, anyway. What I need to heal will arrive when I am ready. Now I move forward, free to be me, and to live my soul’s purpose where I am making a difference in the world. And so it is.


Oh wow! This is kind of profound in how you are going to be changed in the biggest of ways and it’s all really through the mental spaces and with you realizing ALL your words count. Something with who and how you have been out in the world – because you thought it was how it was to be done -- is flipping upside down and things may even still feel upside down because that’s how I feel in this reading! Like, hanging but still knowing there is something to this and that seeing from this angle must be important.

You will begin this eclipse feeling a bit raw and insecure as to your place in the world and in regards to thinking that your part can make a difference. And this is where something from the mother comes in because SOMETHING planted is what now has you not where you want to be. Something you still hold out there as the dream is kept still at bay because of this mother/woman wound in regards to what message you took on as your own and in believing you must be this certain way to get attention and to feel that you are important.

So it’s like you watched MTV and learned that is the way to be, but actually that is not what works for you. And you are to find soft and sensitive heart places within that guide you to how you need to be out in the world. You will want to share more of yourself and your vulnerabilities – and this is great! Your heart needs to share  more with the world not through the filter of what you think you should be, but rather as the organic expression of your heart and your creativity and your love and you delving fully into things of passion and connection. You also can feel lonely or like you don’t have enough of a tribe that supports you. This is perfect that you feel this so don’t run from it or turn it into some hopeless future thing. It is just hitting your heart because you need your tribe and to feel so supported that you do chill out and enjoy life more through your senses and through feeling like you are in the right place at the right time.

Now others are doing a lot of provoking for you and this is working in many ways but the real good one is that your words are coming into play because something with karma is showing up in quick and synchronistic ways in order to get you to see the potency of your words and how you can maybe adjust them to be more beautiful so that they plant fields of flowers instead of fields of gray or bombed out things to then walk through. You need to think that all your words are hooked up to a café order here and the universe IS going back and cooking it up for you. So GET CLEAN. Get high vibe. This is everything. This is what will break or make the Libras, right now.

And what you need to do is something kind of hard but you have to believe in the truth that what you put out there is what you are going to get back. And what you have gotten is what you already put out there to be ordered right up. The gateway for you is that you can TOTALLY transform your life to this whole other ridiculously successful and satisfied space but the KEY is that you have to watch every thought you hold and share – and especially share. You GOTS to clean it up and BELIEVE that those words do matter, because they do, 100 times more for you at this time, in total purpose to get you waking up to how that IS steering your car. It may feel good to talk negatively or to explore the suspicious and spiritually judgmental perspective on things, but I guarantee it’s the antitheses of what you need to be doing right now in order to catch the star you got your eyes on and shift your life to a new patterned way.

You have the discipline now to set things straight and to get your words flowing so that you do feel happy and content. Happy is RIGHT THERE for you and it really is showing up when you start tipping to glass half full and giving people the benefit of the doubt. It’s all about releasing the clutches of maybe how you were talked to that you now talk about others in a similar way – and maybe even your inner child hears this voice? So we must clean and the only way to get a mental person like you to wake up is to get you feeling things REAL sensitively. So be okay with the tears, the unstable feelings, the vulnerability that can sort of pain you. Just know, your heart has a story to tell and the world NEEDS this. But it’s a story that needs to come out through contractions because it’s still hidden behind a lot of real inner doubt and fragile needs wanting FIRST to see out in the world that you are loved before you love yourself. So get ready to flip, but know this is everything your soul needs to go next level in bringing through that authentic and superbly powerful Libra influence. And 6 months from now – wow. It will be a whole other world where you exhale and receive the bounty that births from your heart right now. So grow consciously. Plant what you really, really want to take bites out of.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release my addiction to thinking I need others to affirm my value and importance in order to believe I have a purpose in the world. I know that I have what it takes and that when I come from my heart leading the way, things DO work out. I am doing big things this year and will achieve long held goals, therefore I sit in patience as I climb this mountain. My wishes are on the way and that is where my thoughts remain. I will not doubt them away. I will dream them into my reality. And so it is.


You will love this time and the 6 months it foretells, my love! This is when you get to reboot in a way that you could never do without the powers of so many planet aspects birthing this new essence in you. You will not even be close to the person you are now come 6 months and what starts in these days are dreams for a new way to consistently believe in your creative dreams so that you feel seen in the world and not on the needy side where ultimately things that you are doing ARE for the purpose of getting something from something and therefore they backfire in regards to what you could manifest or attract if you were solid in that thing instead of needy in it.

And when you flow in this new way where you just are who you are and expect that all others will love that, then you are not coming from needy. I was out for dinner with my Shaman friend and she was commenting on my strong sexual nature, that has been pretty dormant for awhile, but back again, but she then said, but it’s not needy, it’s not needy. And that got me thinking because we do tend to have strong things we want to move forward about ourselves but we do it with needy and then we don’t attract the correct things. We need them to notice us to praise us to remind us that we are the sunshine in their lives – or whatever. But we also can just be so comfy in our bodies and in our lives that we just vibe these things with no needy aspect to them. I can tell you that I have no desire to be seen as sexy and no desire at all to get feedback from others that they think I’m hot. But I remember times that I did and I also remember the people I attracted.

So part of this is about you recognizing how your tentacles have these needs and you stand there and judge and tick things off in regards to if they are being met. But this is keeping you sort of out of body and focused too much on places where you do NOT grow. And your attention needs to be in your home and roots and with making upgrades and corrections to the things that nourish and comfort who you are. Like, kids who are supported and valued, do not act the same out in the world as kids who grew up in poverty, neglect, or abuse. They have eyes that look out in different ways with different needs. The first group goes right out and expects the world to manifest because they know that world. The latter group goes right out and expects the world NOT to manifest because they know that world. And we all have these things we go out and create.

For you, now comes a time where you get to rewrite it all. You get to go in there and create the support you need so that you can just be this organic and beautiful expression that rises to the top because IT IS top dog and not needing any of ya’ll to notice and agree with that. It is a knowing that says, if you don’t know I am top dog then I am just ahead of my time – and you will one day. I don’t NEED you to confirm my dreams and visions. And this is important because you HAVE to believe in your creative dreams. You have to trust in them and keep at it and build and build and build without letting go and fading into doubt land. This clarity of self from releasing the clutches and addictions to outcomes within your outer or career world is what opens you to create a better world to show yourself as, from a renewal or awakening, who you REALLY are. And you get to who you really are when you just let go completely of who you think you need to be to get what you think you need. You don’t need to have IV’s hooked up to your outer image to keep it moving along. You can instead be like with Pilates where you effortlessly move with all the movements and thus they end up being more powerful and totally elegant. With force they lose their power! SO you are learning this new walk that is more effortless and where life is actually going to reach out to you and stay right there with you as it moves you into a better way of walking and waking from a base energy.

Now you have to believe that you can start over and also that love can save the day. It’s important that you are allowing your feelings to be felt and expressed and examined, but also know that you tuning into your creative gifts and their 100% ability to sustain you and keep you grounded and safe is ALL around you right now. And without the focus of the need for these outside things to occur you are able to vibe something that just organically attracts what you need. It’s a real different way for you to flow – but it will feel natural because you do know this elegant path or this high-class path is really where you need to be. So believe it into reality. It doesn’t have to be as hard as it has been and you don’t need to only remember the scarce days or the dry times. Bring forward your renaissance and ground in this new supportive and solid life for yourself. You are worth it all.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the messages that push me beyond where things are organically taking me. I trust my life and I trust that I am only going to the highest position where I am valued and seen for the medicine I bring. My life is coming into position in the best way possible and THIS is in fact exactly what I need to grow a better plot of land around me. My heart knows what is best for me and when it feels warmed, I know I am home. And so it is.


Okay then! This eclipse is ready to fire you up in the very best of ways. This position is exactly where my Sun sits on my chart and it is the most wonderful thing because it’s when you learn to value yourself through taking care of yourself through sharing your creative gifts with the world that you then open to many more gifts and avenues that you couldn’t know were there until you took the first step.

This is not so much about money – but it LEADS to big money. For this one you are actually encouraged to forget about the money side of things and only really tune into the love you feel for the things you love and then whatever comes from that, so be it. It’s important that your force is driven in a way where it naturally flows and then from that something spectacular is born.  But it’s nothing you can dream into existence until you actually walk it. Kind of like giving birth or moving in with someone or running a restaurant.  One step leads to many unknown steps you only discover from walking the first steps.

And you are to be guided in a way that is effortless and as if you are riding the magic carpet ride through life. Like, no joke on that because there are things that are innate to you and they deal with your creativity and you sharing something of yourself with the world, and they may be changing right now as your voice is coming through in a new way, but you do need to go with this and also know that it’s time for you to share more of what you know best and in a way that works so that it only feels like the flow and like it nourishes you as you go.

Now. Here is the thing. You sit at the point of expansion that can transform things in the most magical of ways to the point you are a believer in miracles from some rebooting with having some compassion that moves things along where they have been stuck in regards to what you are attracting as support people.  So those who have not been able to hold you or take care of you or keep you feeling safe imprinted you more than you know and therefore you are being asked to BELIEVE your way into knowing there are changes with your own delivery system that can have people starting over again in your life. And maybe this is something inside of you that wakes up to knowing you can start over at any time and it is never too late. We are never too old or too far gone.

So believing that YOU and others can start over is CRUCIAL for this next thing to open which is a wide gateway where all things are coming at you to LOVE on you so that you start to expand back into your own energy field and actually bring your dreams forward, no matter what seems to be blocking that or demanding more of your time. You are not filling the whole field yet because of some hurt back in childhood. And what you don’t realize is that not having faith that things can change with your monetary security, or that you can get out of your childhood wounds and not keep manifesting things that affirm what most hurt you  -- or whatever is hitting you deep and causing down feelings – but not having faith, WHICH YOU ARE SO GOOD AT, is keeping opportunities away because people are not seeing you clearly because you are holding a base energy that is not so clear – because it’s confused.  And that’s okay! This is a big mother wound or feminine wound in your life and the lack of support of something DID change you. And it may have taken away some softness or something in you that still believes, trusts and values the feminine. And this will be a journey this next 6 months as you think about things nurturing, supportive, and true and how something can change ABOUT YOU to bring those things closer.

You have A LOT of power to dream your life into reality. Like, I would make that MOST important in this reading because like a stomach that is cut off to only be the size of an egg, so are you in regards to how you have changed because of what changed you from childhood. And you are so strong that you can just keep going on. But you deserve to enjoy a full stomach to expand into, and that expansion starts now. So get ready to know you HAVE to hit rock bottom first where you feel super scattered and lost and sleep deprived -- but now you are expanding back into the true nature of the life you are to breathe. And it starts with a dream for something magical and better than how it has been.

Love is on the way with big hearts all over this reading. You will be loved on or are about to walk into times where you DO feel supported and loved and there is laughter and things helping you to feel that you are not alone. Like people are swarming in to see you! But also there is something with a risk. It may deal with giving another chance or going back again, but however it unfolds, it comes from you believing we CAN start over and create something better than we have had before. So have clean thoughts and hold them on there BEING a solution to all that confuses you.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the ways I have accepted things less than because I was left less than in regards to support in my life. I am coming out of the cave and deciding to consciously create a life with a foundation of love and creativity and joy abounding. I believe a new day is coming for me and I look forward to all the love the universe is about to bless me with. I am supported, valued, and safe and therefore I expand into the true nature of my soul and how that wants to express in the world. And so it is.


Oh love, this is it. This is what you need and this will be a blessed eclipse in regards to what will bring you to awareness of your value so that you can flow your authentic style and then get down to business, creating some kick ass things that can sustain you and give you a comfortable foundation with supportive feeling things.

So at this time it’s all about releasing these things that are dampening you – especially near the weeks before this eclipse hits, in regards to how debt and fear DO keep you from living a valuable life. You DO go to those places and are waiting for something to arrive before you can feel content and happy and okay. But truthfully you are always turning off the lights when the rule is that rewards come to houses that leave the lights on. But like habit you go and turn off the lights because you think of the electric bill and how you COULD be saving somewhere -- thus always heading nose first into how to keep on the scarcity path. You aren’t yet ready to keep the lights on and receive the blessing, maybe, to believe that lights on really do get rewards?

You know better, but you do dive ever so gracefully into the fear of what can be. At this time we face this head on because you need to wake up. This one is deep in you and it has fully affected how others see you in regards to what sort of role they think you hold. And that view is dampened because you still don’t fully believe you are valuable or that you can fully trust the universe to truly provide a place for YOU in this world. You got one foot in each world -- you WANT to dream and be carefree like that, but you keep peering over the edge and thinking maybe you are destined to not have your dreams fulfilled. Maybe it will be a let down to dream so wildly as if you deserve the unlimited potential of what you see others attain.

You also may be comparing yourself right now and feeling like they are so much better and got things covered, so what should you do? And know, love, you are in reinvention mode and what WILL come from the pain of root cellar water leaks is that you will wake up and remember that you are valuable and that you do have every reason to be here now sharing your creative gifts with the world.  You do have purpose.

But this time is when you make the connections to the wounds or things that are deeply woven in your tapestry, but inflicted by others -- and in regards to shutting off the affection that you needed or in not providing things that you needed to feel safe in the world. That which put you on guard is what got you living a bit more crusty than is the true path of your soul. But over this next 6 months that changes because this eclipse is not going to let you escape from the healing process and in clearing out your garden of all the weeds and rocks and things you have just taken on and accepted.

So. This means you can cry a lot and be way more emotional over the next 6 months. Each episode is about you feeling something and just making it about that. It’s not about hiding or denying or drinking it away. It is just about feeling things. And the magic is that every deep thing felt will bring you synchronicity where things change like HUGE in the blink of an eye. This is only happening to keep you at feeling into the dark corners of what created and imprinted you.

After you feel, you transform. And this is it! THIS is the eclipse of your lifetime. This will be when you reinvent and from that, water will pour out of you and into ways to support yourself through your creative gifts and to welcome in what is destined to arrive in relation to the value you can remember and hold for yourself.

This also means you will be deep in BODY HEALING or things that tune into the emotions and unlocking feeling caves of tangles. But this is all to get you closer to deep and bonded love with others and where you share of yourself in new ways. Remember that childbirth can look violent -- and that some things can look REAL bad when they are actually real good AFTER they move through a process. So you will have to consciously remember that because I feel that many things will bring way more than you think you can handle because it will rock your nervous system or things relating to the basic ways you guard yourself about life – but it is 100% for your good.

All pain leads to amazing gain and the blisters will become a badge of honor of what you climbed yourself out of. So stay strong and get ready to build the best life yet. You are ready to dig in your heals and not let go of the dream. The Universe supports this. Co-create a better world to support you. Your feelings will guide the way. Allow them to.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release all the debt from my life and finally start creating from free and abundant lands where I suddenly only want to be creative and to be more connected to the natural flows of earth. I ground my truth in deeply and integrate the spiritual into my reality. If I dream it I can have it. Therefore I cut all cords that have me forgetting to dream for more. And so it is.


Oh yes baby! There are some excitement tingles coming to your life but you may not see them totally just yet – but within 1 to 3 weeks something shifts back into position where it was thrown out of balance, possibly when you least expect it. It feels there was a ripple to your life brought about through someone else who affected you where you now feel held back or cursed. This is on you because the stimuli comes from outside of you but where it takes you is straight to every single weakness you have hidden inside. For that reason I want to gear you up for the inner storm this eclipse can bring where you will feel dampened and will go to glass half-empty in regards to what you think this means.

BUT. That is only how this starts and you DO need to see these vulnerable aspects of yourself BECAUSE they are entirely the messages of others and material from the Age of Pisces – like floppy discs and you actually are the MacBook. So the floppy discs need to go. They told you you need those things but you don’t. You are a free flyer, fully equipped and all is on board already.

And this time is saying it’s important that you see how your role and position in life has not been given the sunshine it deserves and therefore you haven’t grown into your exalted role just yet. But you are side by side with getting something and waking up to something but it is kept completely hidden like in a code until you hit rock bottom in regards to your value -- and FROM THERE you discover some creative gift that is not the norm but it’s something you love to do and actually it’s something the world we are moving into wants more of.

I see creative gift! The reading is trying to show me that you need to love what you do and not keep doing it while you doubt if you do have a purpose here. You actually need to be a bit more fairytale in regards to knowing you are in some way here to save the day on Earth and there needs to be more magic or ritual or play around celebrating the journey of your climb up the mountain – and respecting that it is not always moving or on or light or sunshine. And something with nature and cycles helps you to see that your interpretation of your career in the world has never been healthy because you are the Mac in the floppy disc world and feeling inside that you are royalty kind of jacks your system when the floppy disc still says IT is the way.

So FIRST that value within needs to anchor deep and then you create from that space. Don’t create from your neediness or looking out at what others are doing first. You are too original to copy others. And as I wrote this I suddenly saw this aspect of the birth chart and was guided to look at something and now I am like OMG, I need to research that. And I got tingles of excitement because I haven’t been in research mode for years! That happens when I bring through a new book or new teaching in regards to astrology. So. I just woke up to something in this reading for you and KNOW if you can play it real and not want to desperately grab or compete in your career world, then the things of value that YOU, as the most unique conduit for the new world vibrations, can bring through will come through.

You are set to invent and be the first one to say and be and do. And you find that in deep retreat or depression or sadness or regret or loss. So you have the feeling spaces about to rush in on you so that you can go a bit flat for a minute but the GOOD is on the other thin side of that. And just like wisdom dropping into your mind out of the blue, so will be the things on your path taking you to next level. So you need to retrain your eyes to not look out and think all things are against you. You need to see that you don’t have to fight for life, you just need to find the flow and guide it from your inner core of value. That’s like ALL you need to do. Your life is to be an escalator ride to your dreams, but you were taught you need to climb on hands and knees. And we have to wake you out of that lie!

This is a pattern to change -- and with it will come a career expression rebirth as others will see you different from how you change the view of how you see yourself and your personal success. And with the rebirth, you will say, HELLO! And they will say, OH WOW! But with the rebirth comes aspects of you thinking you are this person that will be falling away. You may not even really know who you are right now and you may feel fractured in the membrane – but these wounds need to stay open to release the pain and toxins that have been held inside as foreign material that causes inflammation.

So you will need to be strong in trusting this process of an entirely new rebuild and upgrade so that you can really influence and impact the way you know you will one day be doing. Fortunately this journey won’t be brutal if you merely hold value for yourself. This means you need to surround with people who vibe like you and who celebrate who you are. Go back to friends you haven’t seen in a while and connect that groundedness, affirming you do have a home and you are loved by so many. You actually need a lot of pumping up and I would suggest you splurge on yourself and take risks of the monetary, if it in some way shows that you are worth it. Up your ante. You are the top dog. Stop believing in anything else.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release the messages that others planted in my world that I now see are holding me back and dampening MY BELIEF in my potential. I reinvent myself through remembering my value and that I am Aquarius – I am actually perfect, but in an imperfect world. Therefore I lead the way even if nothing confirms on the outside just yet that I am correct. Inside I know I am a guide for how things need to be. So I will lead when I feel CALLED. And so it is.


This is going to be the most transformative eclipse of your lifetime. Like, wow, what a big statement – but that’s how it was just worded to me. So this eclipse IS going to rattle you to the core and get you really questioning who you are and who that is in regards to what was neglected and deprived and how that changed the true flow of your path in life. That alone is big work and it starts around this week and will keep moving forward and will be changing forms by your birthday.

This time can feel very fragile where there are lots of tears and confusion and even feelings that you are cursed in regards to some aspects of your life. But you only need to know that all of this is just bringing you closer to who you really are and how you really are to operate in the world. You attract these pattern situations because something was done wrong in your past and now before someone or something can mess up, you, like, already have that seed planted.

So this is on you and it’s the same in how I say that there are no mistakes in who we attract and even though THEY may be the one we think has the problem, WE DID attract them, and we did send out our energy in a way that opened the playing field for someone to come in and do what we actually expect. So we are all in this together 100% and you are to see how you do contribute to the dead ends in your life and the things that feel like you have made a mistake or you are a mistake – as these are drawn in from feelings that you don’t belong or you don’t have a home here or there IS something wrong with you. Seeds planted long ago don’t need to remain if they are not an honoring match to who we really are.

And over these next 6 months, you not only get to figure out who you really, really are, but you get to start a new path from THAT value system – and THIS is the game changer. Once you get a bit more pumped up that you are everything the world needs, then you get to manifest totally new experiences that get you more out in the world so that you can experience more and feel more and share more and see that YOU DO got a grip on life, actually. You just were waiting for a process to unfold that didn’t want you rushing out of the gate as that false person still DOING in order to get some other falsely placed need inside met. And from there we see that the fractures within that you will be healing at this time deal with the mother or a falsely placed value system around women. These messages you hold onto dampen your ability to believe that you CAN live an amazing life or you CAN be seen and valued for the service and support you offer that is so near and dear to your heart.

This also says you are in your soul’s purpose work where you will realize those glass half empty thoughts about your importance in the world or you manifesting love and happiness and how you maybe think you are not deserving or not good enough. Those thoughts keep your soul’s purpose work a bit hidden away at this time. Know your thoughts are expressing EXACTLY in relation to how satisfied you feel with your career. So if you are dipping into low lands, your career space probably is, too. But that’s okay! You are HEALING right now and this is all about how you see yourself fitting into the world. All messages of others not understanding you before need to come to the surface so that peace can be made and you can start holding a more honorable, grounded knowingness about you being Pisces and what an HONOR that is. No more what a mistake or what is wrong with me? No. It’s an honor and the only reason life is not comfortable for you is because you have changed who you really are to keep others happy and to vibe in the ripple flow of what they put out there.

Now at this time you will start to get super pumped up about the honor that it is to incarnate as the Pisces. You will have things moving you closer to your truth from being around people who really know you or from letting go of regret, shame and blame, and just choosing to take the high road and move on in life.  You may even have things fall away that before would really affect you, but now you know to trust that if it is for you, it will come to you. The big gift of this time and how the first 6 month journey begins is that you are to be pulling back more into yourself and getting more meditative and quiet with life. So much of you finding yourself again comes from you just sitting with yourself in quiet moments. Your adrenals have been shot and you operate in these ways of the other telling you how to be. But you need to find your place, your spot, your power position, and allow that to then fill you with the remembrance of who you are and how you do have all the answers you need. You can overflow for others when you fill yourself up first. Don’t give what you don’t have. Let it grow and then give it wildly when you really do have it to give.


ECLIPSE 2019: I set into motion my plan for the next six months and this is when I will release all the shame, blame, and guilt I hold that keeps me from believing in myself and actually living my soul’s purpose. This year I bring energy to my career through remembering that I am valuable, that my creative gifts will benefit others and that what I love to do most is a gift that is here to support me. I am stepping out of the scarcity of thinking just enough is good enough. And from more quietude in my life, I find myself again, where the answers rise. I trust myself and look forward to walking the new world I am creating with love for self paving the way. And so it is.


  1. Lacey

    Thank you.

  2. Isabel Milburn

    I’m grateful for your insight and look forward to your wisdom every day. This resonates with me and I will continue to move forward with my intuition and not from my own doubt. Thank you for lighting the spark within me !

  3. Darienne

    Wow…I’m taken back by this reading (gemini). It felt like the entire thing was written directly to me and of course…it was wasn’t it? Why else would my soul lead me here. I want to print it out & read it everyday.
    Literally right before I saw this I was thinking about a guy who didn’t text me back last night & how my mind was immediately going to negative thoughts about myself when he probably was just sleeping or something silly. I also have a youtube channel where I’ve switched from mystic spirituality to witchcraft & eventhougg ppl are loving it I have lost subscribers & I’m feeling down on myself. I need to accept that ppl do love me & I can trust now. Ive come out of a 5 year abusive relationship with a narcissistic & its time to trust in love again. Thank you SO much for this.

  4. Lynette

    Thank you for your love, your insight, your wisdom. Your intuition is appreciated immensely. You’ve helped me through this process, opened my eyes, given me hope… I am grateful.

    • Patti

      Wow! Once again my mind is blown. I am in tears as you have nailed it 100%. Thanks for this!


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