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friday vibes (22 march) — Stay so that you can move forward.

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Good morning baby!

So we still are in the identical energy of yesterday as the reading room has not really changed – which is unusual because it’s never happened before. I actually went back out and called in the day’s energy again because it was the same. So we will continue on what I probably just didn’t have time to get to in yesterday’s reading. 

—- Or, now I see, I also am interpreting while holding the past, or the remembrance of how it has been – because my mind and nervous system are seeing something similar to me — while I must stay open to a new way or a new message beyond this that I have known. —- Much like what we are doing in our lives as we leave the old ways things have been and rise into the exalted beings we are here to be that CAN overcome ALL obstacles. But we have to face them with faith that we CAN rise and not the fear of how hard it was or how unloved we were or  how damaged we feel or how much time we lost because we escaped into things that we feel have ruined us or held us back. What about that climber who lost his finger and still accomplished what no full-fingered climber has done before? What about that other athlete that was paralyzed “permanently” but he found that doctor who told him HE COULD WALK AGAIN — and HE DID and he does and he has defied ALL the odds? 

We are here to do this and we must just remember that it takes walking through the MOST challenging of times to get us there — but we are changed and made more powerful beings when we hit the other side. We THEN can help save earth as our manifesting energy is not the same as before the struggle. Rising from a struggle means your power is off the charts – like, 100% truth. Every single struggle has escape exits where we can lighten the load in a way but don’t really ever get to the other side because we keep looping back into yet again thinking we are the ultimate loser and there IS NO PURPOSE. We so quickly use these words that affirm we should be scolded because we are too fucked up to succeed in the ways of our dreams.

moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. Once we reach the bright light of the full moon IT IS ON. Now we are to put things out there, show them what we got and put your steps towards new aspects of how you want your life to be. Emulate the full moon and shine  your things brightly.

moon of the day


Decisions. Decisions. Doing the right thing. Thinking of others. Wanting things beautiful.


numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

Do you remember how I told you I stopped eating gluten in about 2008 when I discovered my allergy to it — but if I do get contaminated, like it happens tomorrow, then for 5 days I will sit slumped over, with no mojo and only tears and sad feelings at what a mistake I am and how I should be dead because I am SO WORTHLESS? I will be convinced that there is no one more loser than me and I should kill myself because nobody would care anyway. I mean, if I can’t even have a mother that loved me as a baby then NO ONE will love me – so what’s the point in living? 

Then 5 days later (or 1 to 2 days if I water fast to clear it out quickly) – like the flip of a switch, I am back to normal and confident as fuck. I believe that 95% of what ails any of you is from food allergies. I am actually also allergic to lemon, tomato, vanilla, sesame and a WHOLE BUNCH MORE. And each one of them creates different inflammation symptoms in my body. Lemon and tomato make my cheeks bright red for about 2 to 3 days. And if I use shampoo or detergent with vanilla or lemon, I get broken capillaries on my cheeks from the contact. But I’ll be writing an article on this soon and we can talk more because I found out over a year ago and I have been really wanting to share this life-changing information with you. It’s EVERYTHING. It’s why you don’t feel good – and it’s how you get better. 

When you cut your food allergies out, you feel youthful and alive. Take out the words food allergies and add in any toxic thing that is making you wilt, keeping you from feeling powerful and true to who you are. Is it a person, a thought pattern, a place, a dream compromised? Releasing your hold will actually make you feel better.

Turning back only means

you have to come

to this same point again later.

Staying in this means

you get through this

and are changed for the better

because of it.

Stay so you can more forward.

But anyhoo, right now you won’t see your past or the struggle in the same way because, even if you still have to stay in the apprenticeship stage as the ones coming forward now just WERE, you now will start to feel a settling in your heart, like from hearing the messages in the readings recently where you can see you DON’T have to judge your journey like you do and you actually harm your journey when you do. You delay it all when you fight what is your birthright to be walking. THIS IS YOUR THING. You are not yet the teacher of this thing, you are not yet on the other side, but stop thinking you will never get to the other side. If you have 100 pounds to lose, or an entire house to clean, or 10 years of an addiction to make right, you start with the first step and you just keep moving forward. It is the ONLY WAY, but yes, the first steps are HARD because it sucks that we have to even do this, but no, we cannot escape again because the challenge feels too big. We were born to rise above it all, but that means we need to actually walk through the fire to get to that other side of wisdom.

Sending you heap loads of blessings for good life shifts to come to you soon!