friday vibes (26 april) — This is building up. This is the foreplay.

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Today is the foreplay

of getting a second chance.

So play in the visions of

How you will take life by the horns

This next time to come.

Good morning, loves! So here we are at the very top of the moon mapping wheel and today is when we get real tired and start to pull more into ourselves as we have something big to process over the last two weeks.

There is something unique about this time because this is not a lazy or selfishly inward two weeks we now enter, as I feel it will be moved by us in a new way, with these new eyes that we have, and how we want to make the most of what something is and to not always form it into this permanent thing that we think we want. 

Like the moon goes bright and then it also goes dark and it keeps doing that, it keeps moving around and lighting our sky and bodies with new views of its energy.

And this current cycle into the other side feels like we are good and ready and just want to come together and find ways to make things better and to BE THERE for things.  So a lot of you are energized in your mind and heart, with ideas for starting again and creating something new, or sharing messages that focus on the betterment of the group.

What this feels like to me is being up at night with a mind alive with ideas when you really need to sleep. And that is how it will feel for many of you but the shift is that something within your body knows to honor the way that the cycles are and to know that when we go inward we are to use it, to the max, and to realize that being inward means we are not to move anything outward — so all these ideas DO need to percolate in us, they do need to simmer and become even more sustenance of what they are.

We understand our cycles better and won’t be fighting them so much or even pushing them before their time. And this is happening in this way right now because you are to slow down and rethink how you’ve been living your life, what choices you have been making, what things you have been supporting, how you have been spending your time, and what you have been investing in.

So it is a good two week cycle we enter today where we are ready to be like the mercury retrograde and go back in order to make it all better. We go back to look at things again from this older and wiser perspective and we use what we learned to upgrade things to another level. 

It’s like you go on vacation to a place for the first time and it is this certain experience, but when you go back the 2nd time it’s this totally other experience because you know what to expect. Next trip you can do it better, hit those cafes, stay at that other place, soak when the moon is full, go visit those people you met. The 2nd time around is when we have more confidence because we walked it already.

And right now we should be thinking about that 2nd trip we are about to make to that place, or that 2nd launch, or that 2nd marriage, or that 2nd opportunity, or that 2nd chance. We are to take this 2 week cycle and sit in the juices of what it will feel like to be in this 2nd chance where we are good to go, with the knowledge of a journey walked, and ready to live it all to the max – and to really take life by the horns this time. So this is why I think the energy is exciting! It’s the building up. It’s foreplay. So play in the visions of your 2nd chance to come.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PULL BACK TO PROCESS. One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

moon of the day



Thinking about upgrading. Feeling detached.  Wanting to improve. Discovering solutions.

numerology vibration

2:  Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

4:  This is a day that a lesson will be learned!  This number tends to bring tests and situations that don’t feel all that wonderful. You are learning something here.

6:  Being compassionate is required today. Be LOVE no matter what comes up!



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