Good morning! We have us a very special cosmic day, my loves! So many things are at the 19 degree mark AND its a 19 day. We have Jupiter, South Node, Saturn, (the Ascendant and Part of Fortune from the chart I pulled up for midnight), Neptune, the Sun, the North Node and the Moon. ALL AT 19 DEGREES. Its HIGHLY UNUSUAL TODAY!! This one is sort of like walking through some gateway or new level where a decision or something based on letting go of the past now brings entry to a new situation presenting. Otherwise. Today is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! No matter where you are, you need to be focusing on the most far-out dreams for everything. This would be a great day to have a global meditation or to at least commit to giving more ritual to your life in the form of visions for betterment for our planet and all that breathe life here.
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