monday vibes (22 april) — when we find our value, we create revolution.

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The revolution means

You will now start creating

The life of your dreams.

What do you have to lose?

Nothing anymore.

Good morning, sweet loves!! What a beautiful day, I feel from this energy, and I do know that one of the most beautiful humans alive is born on this day – happy birthday, my Kris! – and she was also born on the very first Earth Day – so Earth Day is 49 years old, today!

What is interesting is that 49 is revolution, when we revolt in our lives and make big changes, as we step into 50 and get real serious about life and how quickly it passes and how much more we want still and now feel willing to work for.

When we are in our true form, we grow through our decades and when we hit about 48 to 56, we shoot off in a really big way with this new upgraded system that is not so fragile or unstable in regards to the many, many, many – true that – things to give us strife on the Earth Walk. Things are bigger to us when we are younger and as we get older we have seen and overcome so much so that new things don’t hit us in the same way. Like watching the same movie over and over. Even if it’s trauma to the max, it hits us less with each decade that passes as we experience more and more on the Earth Walk. 

But. It is around the years old that Earth Day IS that things go into revolution, where there is truly wind beneath the wings of the dreams to save Earth and keep this place alive and thriving as it was, like clockwork, until about 22 years ago. Nothing is stable on Earth anymore, as we know with the big weather changes — and this will bring a swift decline so that we KNOW we have to step up and speak up and make the changes and do what needs to be done and release the old ways if they are sucking the life out of us.

We must now walk and create a world from our own fingertips and the imaginings of our visions for how this new peace and thriving way can be established. It starts so small but it still has power beyond what you can comprehend. So around this day expect to rise with new levels of thinking in regards to what you consider to be important in your life.

We are moving forward and out of something that held us in the gulf oil spill tar, but it requires us going step-by-step, moving forward in new ways where we realize our value. 

Like, if there is a nurse in the waiting room with 55 patients waiting to get in, if a call is sent out for help the only person who will stand and jump into action is the nurse. And she steps forward – I’m seeing my stepmama, Randye — because she KNOWS her value and her place in the world. Hearing that call, as the patients, of course, do not stand up because they do not hold value that THIS is their place in the world to say, I GOT THIS, I trust myself and value myself to do the job of excellency. Instead, they step back and look to others to fill in the call to action.

With this, understand that we ALL have A PIECE that is unique where we are to value ourselves extreme in some sort of creative gift that comes oh so naturally and that we really do love to do. We find value when we spend more of our time doing the things we love to do. Randye Mama spent lots of time learning to value and invest in herself so that she COULD be the person standing up for that particular call to action.

So where is it that you do want to be the person standing up and offering something that is your forte and natural thing? What sort of thing is so unique to your soul, EVEN IF you can’t understand how to generate income from this – don’t even go there. That is old world thinking. Just like the nurse, she KNOWS she can get a job anywhere because she knows her shit – because she invested. Because she knows her place and her value in regards to THIS THING. So find your things and plant home and love into their creation. Break free from the old ways in order to create a sustainable future that holds and supports you soon.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. Once we reach the bright light of the full moon IT IS ON. Now we are to put things out there, show them what we got and put your steps towards new aspects of how you want your life to be. Emulate the full moon and shine brightly.

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Feeling happy. Feeling hopeful. Thinking about dreams. Wanting to grow.

numerology vibration

0:  Notice that something is returning or coming full circle.You have been here before.

2:  Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.



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