monday vibes (3 june) — hello new moon

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This isn’t the only room

you have to stay in.

There are many more

for you to explore.

Your house of life is infinite.

Go get what excites you

Expand into what holds you

Believe and know

Healing and correction

Can take hold

If ready you are

To go find it.

Well hello N E W  M O O N!

Who is ready for some relief?! June brings it!!! Today we officially switch into a new gear that is being shown as boot camp training, where we are learning something hardcore, but when learned, it shifts overnight and we start manifesting new things as we are allowed into new areas to explore.

SO KNOW. This time may have been heavy for many for you but it served a purpose because it was the only way we could get to this new level. Just like how you can’t lift all those big barbells until you build your muscles. Do one first, then you get to do the other.

And on fire our minds go with ideas galore and the passion to want to do something about these things and not let life pass us by because of old world fears. We all go through an awakening around this day as if a light has just been turned on in a dark room. It’s like we live in these houses that have infinite rooms that we get access to, when we do our inner work, like membership tiers. This view right now isn’t the only room you have to stay in. There are many more for you to explore.

So today we comprehend something where we see that we are being allowed into a new space and that the old is not all that there is. This brings excitement to the day and you are encouraged to be out and about as we come together with our kin, finding each other, finding the ones who feel like we have known them before, or the ones we just feel so calm and in the flow with.

As we get older we forget that in high school – and before the internet – we had a handful of friends, of the people we most naturally felt in harmony with, and then there was everyone else, which was like 99.99999% of people. 

So like, we need to remember that we are not here to blend with everyone, to agree with everyone, to love everyone, to take everyone in just because they are there and our fellow humans. We can put voice to our NO and to acknowledging when things do not feel good to our soul. Staying quiet is what gets us in trouble, but staying quiet is what keeps us out of trouble, so we must learn to discern.

 We must be fluid in knowing we can change on a dime, if need be – but always we must seek out the level bubble, reaching its home. When it’s out of balance you SHOULD expect that suddenly you chirp in the same way the smoke alarm lets you know the battery is about to lose its juice.

There is also something today with a shift in relationships, where a new understanding with confirmation, shows that the path is as it should be or it needs to change. There are also choices and having several things in consideration but needing to go for the one that really brings the expansion to the heart and to the dreams for the future. You are to think future and not just this minute in regards to some of your ideas because the point of this new moon is that you are being taken to more so that YOU begin to dream, and work, for more. But you need the prize to see what you are working for. And even if we don’t have our hands around it yet, we all see a prize in front of us and we want it bad.

Our determination is ON to bring this far-out dream to our reality and to plan our way out of how the old way jacked us up from believing in what is our birthright. This makes me think of moving from St. Louis to San Francisco when I was 24 and before cell phones and the internet. 

I ONLY knew the consciousness of the environment I grew up in but when I moved my mind expanded 100 fold from where I had been — and I never could have predicted it. I didn’t know what it would be like meeting people from all over the world, where we all wanted to get along and understand each other.

I had no idea what I was walking into because it was a room I had never seen. And we NEVER DO when we walk into these new rooms in our lives. So. Be open and excited for what is to come because we are creating fairy tale dreams at this time. We are doing miracles. We are releasing the old world from our minds so that we don’t keep creating what we are so ready to let go of.

With paintbrush in hand, now we get to color this different. And it’s on you to see for the new room and to get to some new sort of design in your life. You deserve this. Now go think about it and watch it grow.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we reach the New Moon where we suddenly have visions for new things we are ready to implement in our lives. This time now is for giving energy towards seeing yourself as your future self doing the things you dream of starting right now. So we begin a journey with the New Moon and over this next week we simmer with love over all that we dream of doing as we prepare to take steps forward from this new feeling starting in one week. This time is for simmering in hopeful dream visions.

moon of the day


new moon in gemini.

Feeling scattered. Many communications.

Lively environments. Getting so much done.

numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

2:  Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

3:  Something is being shared or communicated today. Expect lots of movement, potentially positive or negative.



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