saturday vibes (1 june) — now you know what to do!

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Find home within,

And your magic manifests.

Good morning, sweet babies! So. This is interesting because now we reach a very important culmination point based on what happened and triggered something in you that now you know you must do.

We all should see something that gets our bubble out of place and we now are finding the steam to set this straight. And what I feel is a sort of enlightened state for many of you, where the view is just clear now on something like, for example, you thought you were so heartbroken over this person who hurt you, but now it’s days, weeks, months later and you look back wondering how you could have put so much importance into them when suddenly now you are like, “DUDE – if it didn’t work, you aren’t the best one for me and I deserve someone who values and treasures me AS will be what I offer in partnership when I own that I deserve better.” 

So notice how your mind is starting to treat you with more kindness when things are not our best bubble position. Like, THAT’S okay that things don’t come together or don’t work out or are delayed. IT’S GOOD that they are. If it’s not easy, it’s not correct or it’s not time yet. It’s just 100% what’s going on. 

We CAN’T force things like we could in the old world because, as we change with these upgrades, our old programs no longer work! So we could make things fit, we could alter our natural timelines, we could force our way to the front and make things happen. And we can’t now. We can’t force things until it is their time, and the thing is, that if one thing is not ready to ripen in our lives yet, such as soulmate connected love, then OTHER THINGS ARE!! 

You will not be kept empty ever again – but as you fill up and attract your things, specific areas rise at certain times. Like, for me, my career blossomed when I was 41! And yes, until 41, I worked at cafes and coffee shops and I LOVED IT. I loved all the people I got to meet, all the NO responsibility I got to hold, all the fun I got to have.

So, we must also come to trust that we are still growing things in our garden, but our bubble goes into place when we think about them or work on them — so even if they have not manifested, we do trust that they will provide when the timing is correct. Holding that space will change EVERYTHING in your life. Find home within and your magic manifests. 

Now a lot of you have manifested something very special and magical already. It’s showing up to me as a purple AND red energy. And seeing that tells me things may be beyond belief for many of you but things are still moving along and they keep bringing you more. You can feel like life is on and one thing after another keeps falling into place. I feel like many of you are just in such a different space so that the illusion is not taking you prisoner and you will feel more in control of your outer world through this slowing down and learning a new flow of your inner world. 

But again, we got here from learning how to handle others better so that we aren’t expressing our own wounds in defense of others’ wounded ways. So again, this is really big and now we are seeing that the changes are showing. And this brings a special quality to the reading room as if now we know or now we know our purpose or now we know that something must be done. The veil is lifted and how we navigate our lives is going to change. Your senses are guiding you and you can trust what you are feeling you must do.

This also is a great day to dive into your creative gifts, and to do it without any thoughts of money, please – but do something because you love to do it and if you do, you will learn something today, out of the blue and it will lighten your load and get you excited for a future project and idea. So go meditate with your art and allow the inspiration to take you into an area that you are now ready to enter. 

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PULL BACK TO PROCESS. One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

moon of the day



Thinking about stability. Thinking of your value.

Slowing down. Feeling stubborn/stuck.

numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.



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