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Do you have it in you?

Let’s see.

Let’s see how big you can dream.

So now we click into this whole other gear where we firmly declare things and clear out our space for some serious healing to come. This makes me think of an animal or mama about to go into birth and how they do these natural things that draw firm boundaries and like now we must obey these next important steps. Everybody stop everything, baby is coming, get into position. 

But also that something is coming and it’s what you want, so the pain that may be felt is not anything to put negative glass half-empty visions into – instead, a patience and trust for the next precarious steps into the manifestation of a new space to explore.

This is important to remember. It’s essential that we don’t take painful situations and place-ify them into expectations for this being negative and something to fear and oh my gosh and oh no. Like, all of you should be feeling a bit done with that way of responding – done with taking “negative” situations coming your way as a sign that you are flawed, going to suffer, or are a loser.

This new masculine strength inside of us brings us courage to trust that queen bee is watching over and if there is danger it will be made known, otherwise, sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows. No matter, continue on and do what needs to be done with great hope in the heart of doing your part and just getting the jobs done.

You will start to get the great energy, that I told you was coming last weekend, where now we are a gusto with change in our lives. This is when we come together, we organize, we beautify, we put into order and we all realize, from the roots up, that things need to be kept clean.

We all realize that the clutter around us is the clutter we feel inside of ourselves and if addressing, if facing these things, our lives do take on a better view, too. Something about this makes us feel in control. And that is something many of you have not felt for some time. So praise be — which I never, ever say, so there’s something to that.

But right now, on this kinda sweet day, you are to plant your things with love and hope and THERE IS A WAY to bring this into a healed balance.  That really is all we have to do and focus on. We just need to see the details before us and settle into knowing the completion of them brings the blessings of what comes next.

The hard roads are lightening up and leaving us for a minute if we are really ready to let them go. You may think that is an obvious thing, but the stages of grief are real and the anger one is real and all of them are real as fuck until they shift into the next one, where you find yourself with another totally different view and perspective which takes over your whole body.

One stage of grief is anger and it is anger to the max. It is where I see most people still now as we all are faced with grief at all that has been revealed over the last few years where nothing is “real” anymore or calm or safe or anything but high drama and illusion to the most psychedelic.

It’s been a weird acid trip of the last few years, but fortunately, now that trip can take a turn into becoming a powerful one that changes us profoundly. We are in days where we can see into layers of things built up and programmed and manipulated and we can see them now in ways where there are solutions and hope and hey, let’s shift this, my loves. Let’s give this our all and just see. Let’s jump into the 90-day fast or healing journey and just see.

Let’s give this our all and just see. When we have hope, that ‘just see’ can open doorways for other possibilities that are kept hidden and out of reach from those saying, but I bet it won’t work out, I bet I can’t do it, I bet I’m too old, I bet the jobs are already taken, I bet there isn’t a way, I bet I lost that opportunity, I bet I’m too far gone, I bet I fucked it up too much.

All are things that you are allergic too now. Instead, say let’s see. Let’s do what your heart feels and let’s see. Let’s just see what amazing magic you can do when you own your value and just give it the opportunity to expand into something more wonderful than you have ever lived thus far. Let’s see.  You deserve to just try and see.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

START TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. One week after the New Moon we reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel as we shift into the left side. This means we now are in a two week period where we are encouraged to GET THINGS GOING. This is when you want to launch, share things, get out there and show them what you got. 

moon of the day




Feeling sensitive of your reputation. Wanting to be seen. Feeling colorful and creative.


Feeling critical. Putting things into order.  Thinking of details. Organizing your life.

numerology vibration

0:  Notice that something is returning or coming full circle.You have been here before.

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.



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