thursday vibes (11 april) — from the inner comes the outer

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You can’t outer hate

if you inner love.

You can’t inner love

If you outer hate.

If there is hate

there is a problem inside

that just really wants to know love.

So first let’s talk more about what I was trying to get out a few days ago. I had so much more to share but need to stop in these readings – and it amazes me that I do these daily and have to be like OKAY, TIMES UP. And not like, hhmmm, wonder what I should write… haha. I truly am never at a loss for words in these odd readings because they are showing me SO MUCH. 

BUT. What we are ultimately seeing in the world right now, with this energy rushing in, is that our masculine and feminine are switching in what we have intellectually defined them as – or rather they are HUGELY UPGRADING to the truth of who they were intended to be all along. 

TRULY, the feminine is the action one, with assertive decision-making that comes from the gut, and ideas for the tribe, for the whole of the community and all that brings life to it. They are the totality and sustainable thinkers and always at the outskirts making sure things are safe and running well. The Feminine is the guide and this is why it is the Queen Bee energy. While Masculine is the amazing powerhouse of energy that goes towards WHATEVER SETS IT IN ANY DIRECTION.

If you teach a man to be good, HE WILL BE. If he is shown the righteous path of love and value for women and finds ways to work to heal and make the challenging things better then he will walk that and be an example for that. Masculine energy is to be the go-getter that only goes where the Queen Bee points. So the masculine is the Worker Bee.

And we ALL KNOW no one is better or less than or anything through defining them to be. They are a part of the big picture that only runs when they all run together. But Queen Bee points, directs, creates, holds ultimate space for what is best to be done – and Worker Bee does so much work that constantly changes and moves and is based on working well within the other worker bees on the mission to do what they are pointed to do. And they will do it best if they are directed by a true Queen. Direct appropriately and the job will be top notch. It’s innate in these energies.

But —– Queendom is not just known in us because our feminine has been fucked the fuck up, nor are the skills of the Worker Bee in full effect, yet, because they also have been fucked the fuck up.

SO —- we have to fall in line with our true essence to discover these ways that we ACTUALLY RUN where our systems will feel better and where we don’t have so much strife in our lives because we are fitting into defined things that DON’T FIT who we really, really are.

So at this time the feminine starts to speak up and use the voice and ASSERT what you know is right or wrong and needs to be done. While the masculine takes that and does it and brings the reality to the dreams. So things will MOVE NOW when before they were still hidden or stuck. And things will RISE NOW because that movement is moving the Queen Bee to speak.

But listen to this. We have the feminine and masculine inside all of us and it just sits at some unique spectrum point and that is what we are referred to as holding/being, as we show that essence to the world. But to be at the middle is when we sit truly, in where all of us are to be, where we sit together, just like the yin and yang but then REACH INTO the dominant sides, when that energy is called forth. And most people may want to sit far off in their preferred expressive side and operate there. It’s on us to sit at wherever we feel comfortable.

But it is when we come from the middle point FIRST, or as our base, that we understand the other perspective or other sides of us — and if we understand it, we have compassion for it, so we aren’t always judging or defining or diminishing things different. It’s like inner love. You actually can’t hate if you inner love.

And that inner love sits at the middle, knowing and accepting the Queen Bee and Worker Bee energy that we ALL have within us. And without one, with the suppression of one, the other cannot thrive.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we reach the New Moon where we suddenly have visions for new things we are ready to implement in our lives. This time now is for giving energy towards seeing yourself as your future self doing the things you dream of starting right now. So we begin a journey with the New Moon and over this next week we simmer with love over all that we dream of doing as we prepare to take steps forward from this new feeling starting in one week. This time is for simmering in hopeful dream visions.

moon of the day



Feeling emotional. Feeling sensitive.

Craving comfort. Pulling into yourself.


numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towardsand igniting the themes of the other numbers.

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!

9:  Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.



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