thursday vibes (18 april) — walk your talk and choose what feels right to you.

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Your feelings matter.

Imagine them transparent

because in this new energy, they are.

So how do things FEEL to you?

Honor your feelings

and your scene will change.

Well for sure today there is movement – and we are talking about it, sharing it, and realizing there is the need for us to do something about what we talk — so today it really is when we are to step up and walk our talk. 

And now, what is spectacular, is that things are making it real easy to do so – AND we are at a culmination point so we close the door of a cycle that began 5 to 7 years ago – and even look how the numerology vibration today sings of the 2, 5, and 7. The 2 is all about finding the peace and walking the bridge and going to the other side and finding the ways to create balance so as to move forward gracefully – and basically be done with things so that they don’t have a lingering negative essence – holding us in lingering negative spaces – manifesting lingering negative futures. 

We walk our talk today, but it comes with the 7, where there tends to be some strife with another person or where you are in the front seat and they are in the back seat and YOU will need to be the person who turns around to be the peace and to somehow make the situation or communication easier.

So know that about the 7 days. It tends to come up in some way where we just have to watch our step so as to not make something worse, KNOWING that we do actually have the power to put out fires and to not add to things that just need a calm and mature, okay, whatever sort of response. Instead of, well, OH YEAH… and then an ego fight. 

If you have some weakness in your boundary, then someone MAY be able to break you and get you snapped along with them. BUT if you got a boundary sealed, and in the know, then you are steps ahead and you can see through these awkward clashing moments when what is really being asked of you is to just be the higher person and like, do it better than you did in your past. It’s what we always want with our hindsight vision, so might as well walk our talk today and leave hindsight for feeling awesome about how brave and courageous you WERE in going for more life or going outside the lines. 

Like, I tell you what. You know my story of when I left St. Louis to move to San Francisco when I was 24 and how this was before the internet and I had never been there before, just felt called to go since I was a kid, and a lot of people had big fears about things like earthquakes, making money, and other silly things I can’t remember, but I DID have to be brave and do this thing that went against their grain and to just trust that it would work out – which I felt it would! I felt called, like I needed to be there.

And now to think that I could have not done it – thus not met all the people I did and walked all the amazing situations from that choice decided upon and I could have these hindsight regrets of just wishing I WOULD HAVE given that a chance and believed in the dreams I felt inside my body. But instead I pushed through and knew my heart spoke those words and this need to do this thing because it WAS my thing and it WAS part of a path I was to choose for. And I got there and it was home.

SO today walk your talk and choose for what you know is right, what is the correct thing to do. Do not waver, even if things or people oppose. Get comfy being slowed down or stopped, but don’t make it into a negative thing.

You are switching roles by leaving this old pattern of a wounding. And this new role knows things are on the up for you and that there is NO reason to think glass half empty about the potential future that you now attentively create. Be here now. See to the other side and also see into the truth in your heart about what YOU feel needs to be done. Your voice matters.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

START TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. One week after the New Moon we reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel as we shift into the left side. This means we now are in a two week period where we are encouraged to GET THINGS GOING. This is when you want to launch, share things, get out there and show them what you got. 

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Decisions. Decisions. Doing the right thing. Thinking of others. Wanting things beautiful.

numerology vibration

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

5: You are seeing into your past and also into your future. You are moving forward with a new STRENGTH FROM what you have experienced before.  

7: You may feel misunderstood or will be around conflict with others. Find a way to blend the sides so that a point of understanding can be reached.



THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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