Hello my babies!! So here we go as we reach the very top of the moon mapping wheel and we move into the right side as we shift into PULL BACK TO PROCESS. Now is when we take the events from the past 2 weeks and sit with what has made its way to our consciousness. The thing about our minds is that intellectualizing something is not even close to what it means when that knowledge settles down into the body and becomes actualized knowing, which translates to wisdom. But it has to settle FIRST because the mind likes to keep you out of your heart and gut!! Your mind, which holds fixed air, does NOT want the say of your heart or intuition because those things are fluid and changing and demanding that your mind interpret them in new ways! The best example of what it means to intellectualize is me saying I could understand what it is like to give birth to a baby, which I, in actuality, have never done. I DO NOT KNOW what it feels like, but I certainly can intellectualize what it means and say, OH I GET IT!!! -------- but do I? No.
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