tuesday (10 december) – Feel to heal. Heal to awaken your power.

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Feel to heal.

Heal to awaken your power.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

You may be sitting with some new information right now, or are about to be. We continue this chatty day where people are sharing things and revealing things that otherwise would not come out of them so easily. But these things NEED to come.

The other day this person came to my page with negative energy, letting me know that I needed to wake up because we are not in political agreement. And what I always say is that I won’t go to your pages, after learning that will get us nowhere, anyway, and I don’t read all the things that will instigate me and get me fired up in what I know is a manipulative, media strategy that keeps these people vibrating anger and spewing it on other people’s pages.

So I don’t even go there. I am VERY clueless about the media messages being shared, BUT — if you come to my page, my home, my space and act like I’m an idiot for what I believe, then I WILL snap you down so quick it will make your head spin, as they say. That’s my Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius, in the last degree of my 12thhouse, in a t-square with Pluto, Mercury, Black Moon, Athena, and my Sun!

Like, cross my boundary and you will get THAT. But don’t and you won’t. Threaten my safety or my sanity and you will get what hangs out a degree from my Ascendant. But don’t and we won’t go there. I have a rigid STOP built into me because I was allowed no boundaries growing up. I was free for the taking to anyone who wanted to take me. I was NOT of high value and was unable to even say NO to anyone because of it.

So I had to learn my value — and when we do, when you have to relearn how to give voice to declaring your boundaries and what does or does not feel good, you DO come out strong or with even more palpable energy. But only because of the wound that created the first imbalance – not because there is anything wrong with you.

You WILL show yourself in the way a good parent is FIRM about how you will NOT go into that room or touch that thing. There is no question that they are saying NO, and we also know that young children NEED a leader to guide them. So that NO is not mean. It was necessary.   

We need to relearn how to express our strong feelings, so that we listen to the message and not the intensity — and do the same for others. This message is coming to get you into better position so your body can express what needs to be shared, but also so that you can hear others and not have it trigger your own wounds or something that keeps this mounting and not coming to some sort of resolution or peace or moving on and letting it go space.

We all were hurt and most of us were not allowed to give that a voice. But over the last few years we HAVE been giving it a voice, we ARE talking about our wounds and the control and manipulation put upon us to just follow along and NOT be an authority and NOT use our body to understand things and NOT think for ourselves. When we find out we CAN and that we are the better authority – our voice gets REAL loud and REAL strong. And that is where so many people are right now.

So I think we should be grateful for what we see and what we are expressing because enough of hiding things in the closet, when the energy of them is so real. Do realize the manipulation is geared to keep things in the closet and keep you from coming out to wake up to your power. When you know what to expect you can do this better. So use your voice and say what’s been lingering. You have something to share today.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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