tuesday (15 october) – You deserve something better! Call it in.

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You deserve something

hella better

and YOU got to be the one

to call this in.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Good morning, loves! Get ready to experience a huge reboot today where something will have you standing up for yourself and remembering that you ARE valuable and you DO have a place here. There is some sort of jolt coming through or a huge answer to some long-awaited problem that is now like THIS IS IT.

And getting the answer or the money or the thing that affirms what you have been working on is EVERYTHING. This will provide the grounding so that you can focus on other things that DO NOT NEED your scarcity thoughts applied to the tapestry threads of their creation.

We are realizing that we need something we can count on and something that grounds us FIRST so that we can send our dreams out there and actually believe, in our body, that they will come true. We wake up around this time to realizing that if we are worried about money or put fears of failure into creative gifts, as we make them, then they have a really hard time making it to the light and to others’ awareness in this energy that is staying around.

So we have to be pure and trusting and holding grace with all our “future things” that are in seed spaces and not our reality just yet. This energy blesses us with something that grounds us and gets that first step going so that we can hold “relaxed faith” with what we want our lives to take the shape of.

Now, before the thing we need falls into place, first the empty space may feel bombed or violated or intruded upon. It will be different for all of you but, ultimately, it’s just that AWARENESS is being brought somewhere and THAT is what needs a new plot of land to grow a dream where, in the past, you accepted less than or good enough – and it wasn’t, actually. Patterns and people and life things have manifested your way because of accepting that you deserve these less desirable things and now all powers are working to clear some slate and get YOU choosing for a better way.  

And what we choose for, as we hold feelings of self-worth, deep inside, is what is manifesting people miracles of the highest magnitude. Like, we turn corners now, my loves. So if you feel like you just want to die because no one sees you or you are never the chosen one or you can’t others attention on your things or no one will ever love you, then see how YOU can do something first to change all of that.

See how YOU are not giving yourself those same things and you are looking for another person or thing to fill that. See how YOU can DO and work to change some feeling in your body that says you aren’t good enough. Don’t sit in the wound or the pain and think you are to feed it. You are to learn from it and to see a transformation take place FROM it but you are not to stay with this. It’s like going to another country and crossing border patrol. You don’t stay in the verification process; you do what you need to and then you go free into this new thing. And we have some verification process of a situation that WE are choosing to stay in or move through and transform to the other side.

If we want to remain in the pain and believe that we are worth nothing and will NEVER be loved or NEVER be seen or NEVER get what others manifest “so easily” – all willy nilly – then we WILL experience a 10 fold sort of feeling that has us SO LOW. You may be fighting away the tears at what A LOSER YOU ARE and all because of how others have hurt you and done you wrong.

So feel into the pain but don’t go too far into buying into the bird claw negative thoughts because it’s not reality. It can be a reality that you choose to live but it’s not the reality of your soul’s purpose. You are transforming OUT OF THIS OLD PATTERN and you deciding that you are worth it, is the code to crack the lock that ushers in a new Earth Walk. So do this for YOU! You deserve something hella better and YOU got to be the one to call this in.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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