tuesday vibes (21 may) — how are you creating your next?

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We must see across the broken bridge

and dream for a way to cross again.

We can figure it out.

We’re smart like that.

Now again, I am feeling something with the popped energy like we ended with in yesterday’s readings. So bottom line, no matter how you are feeling about what just came and broke through something you thought was stable, this IS FOR THE GOOD.

We pop in order to get another view and this view is something that comes from our own soul that we most likely have forgotten about because we have had more attention on a programmed way of being or view of things or path you must take or opinions you must hold about what is important about life. This is like growing up before the internet where you only knew about what was happening in your town or what the newspaper or news told you. 

So, if you learned to be something, you go out into the world naturally expecting that to be true. If you learned to believe a race of people are something bad, then you go out into the world naturally guarded around them. If you saw your mother being beat by your father, or your father being beat by your mother, you go out into the world imprinted with that image and are way more likely to attract that into your life, versus someone like me who has never seen it nor attracted it even 1%. So I don’t fear its arrival as I haven’t experienced it. 

We don’t understand these things with what we draw into our life because they also deal with past life learnings and bigger picture teachings that are leveling us up, but like bootcamp, we may never understand why we would be taken to such things in this life experience – because it certainly can’t be that we are to shame ourselves for attracting this right?? 

That’s key. We don’t have to shame and victimize ourselves because this is the universe leading us forward and if we must learn this thing, we must. I didn’t like having to learn to lose my baby girl Moon Bear. My dear friend Keri didn’t like having to lose her daughter to cancer. We don’t like having a mother who hates us or a father who denies us or a relative who abuses us or a violator who steals our sense of safety. We will never understand why that befalls our path. 

BUT if it did, it did. And in the same way a bad haircut can’t be undone, neither can the images that wound us the most. We CAN’T positive affirmation them away. When you see your partner cheating on you, you CAN’T shake it!!! 

And since it did happen, now it is way more likely that we can attract it because we believe it can come again. One time shows us it happened, and all times next, we sort of wonder, brace ourselves, or hold reason to believe it will happen again. 

If someone reaches out to us to give us the best compliment ever, like Harry Belafonte did with me, and I will eventually share that most beautiful story, but he told me what an honor it was to meet ME and told me how he couldn’t stop thinking about ME, which had him going out to find me later in the day to give me his messages.

He said the most powerful and encouraging words ANY human has ever said to me. And he went out of his way to deliver what got me through my most challenging times of sitting in the gutter for 14 years with not more that $5 to my name. I had Harry Belafonte telling me I was something special. And that was my guiding light that kept me going when no one else saw me. I was like, who even gets to MEET Harry Belafonte!? … this must mean I need to believe in myself, even if no one else did. 

So what we see matters whether it is divine and drenched in glorious syrupy magic or seething in disgrace and as close to a nightmare as we could ever imagine. What we see sticks and it plants seeds of potential for what may come again. 

And we don’t have total control, remember, as the universe steers, but this is why it’s important to be in the active, healing journey, where we face these things like an adult – like how my somatic trauma therapist said that my memories of how my father would say he would show up but then he wouldn’t and I would sit there, waiting for hours, believing he still would and then I grew into an adult who went after unavailable men and I would just sit there, waiting for them, believing they would eventually come, even though none of them ever did. 

By being in the active, healing journey I was awakened when my therapist said that an adult would tell a 7 year old child sitting there, waiting, “You need to let it go and go on with your day. He’s not coming and if he does you can stop what you are doing and go with him. But STOP wasting your day, sitting on the bench, waiting.”

Just because you saw something and it impacted you in a negative way, doesn’t mean your higher adult self can’t come in and steer you better into letting some thing go. Your older wiser self knows there is something more beautiful for you to create. And if you get off the bench and stop waiting for the unrequited then you can look around and see that something else is waiting there for you and it will probably be what you have wanted all along.

But first, find ways to let go of the images that have hurt you, and the only way is to make space for the corrective and peaceful image of how we would rather believe things be for us in this lifetime. If we have been hurt, we must hold space that NEXT we will be held safe and secure. And NOT, next time we will be hurt again. How are you creating your next?

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
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BRING IT FORWARD. Once we reach the bright light of the full moon IT IS ON. Now we are to put things out there, show them what we got and put your steps towards new aspects of how you want your life to be. Emulate the full moon and shine brightly.

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0: Notice that something is returning or coming full circle.You have been here before.

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.



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