tuesday vibes (28 may) — expect things to slow down.

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Don’t count on others to do

What you need to do.

Lead by example

You know best.

So today can feel a bit heavy for a lot of you IF there is something for you to really see about some situation with another person. The energy is about revealing something but still going into it with a positive attitude. This whole week we will be teaching on how to dance better with others so that we have more time for our own lives and are not always focused or consumed into the drama dances we AGREE to participate in with others. 

Now, we also have been in this and I kept meaning to bring it up but then ran out of space, but because of the masculine upgrade that happened around Nipsey’s death, now an upgrade of the feminine occurs. And this one is really confusing because the shape things are to take is not what we think they will. As, still, the old way influences the new paradigm. But the new way based on doing things good and just and with the honor of all life, looks different. 

And this new piece of the feminine means that we will all get a bit wiser in how we dance with others so that energy is not stolen or manipulation does not happen but rather, we flow and work and cooperate more, even if someone is out of balance and acting out.

Still, there are ways for US TO CHANGE to make all situations better. I always say how I do really good around old patriarchy humans, not because I resonate, but because I give them what they want to get on their level and then, in some way, I do something to lead by example and show them a new way. Be nice and then educate or inform or show by example. But being nice is essential.

We have learned to fuck you in a blink of an eye and without a second thought of correction or go back and make better. We are all speed demons on the highway just wanting to move faster. But that keeps us out of this moment because we are pissed in this moment because it doesn’t look like the moment we want RIGHT NOW. 

So this new feminine upgrade SLOWS THINGS DOWN in order to be the wiser self who takes the big picture in before blowing off and doing something that is only 1/8th of the full picture anyway. It’s being in London and saying it’s dark out, while being in San Francisco and saying it’s sunny out. We only focus on one piece and our piece and its tiny view.

And to release this from humans, this new upgrade slows us and maybe has us swimmy in the head for the purpose of changing how we interpret the day to day things of life. FACT: the older you get, the less you worry about the things that consumed you when you were younger. Like, it’s unbelievable how different you worry when you are 22 and 44. But this is why the older you get the calmer you get and the less reactive you are to things in life – because you have seen so much and it changed you. But, like eating pizza every night for a year, it won’t be as tasty as it was on day one. And day 366 to forever, you may never crave it again.  

Like fighting with people/proving them wrong/putting them in their place may be something that you enjoyed from the needs of your ego but eventually you will want to put that to rest and, instead, protect your own sanity by laying down YOUR arms and doing what you can to get the person off the ledge or to put down their dangerous weapon.

We have power this week to steer things in our favor but it is NOT by doing things how they have been done before or matching the energy coming our way. And we can’t count on others to do what we need to do. So know they are not going to change until you do. But when you do, if they want to, they will follow suit. If they don’t follow, don’t chase them. That is a waste of your valuable time.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PULL BACK TO PROCESS. One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

moon of the day




Feeling emotional. Feeling out of place. Wanting alone time. Rejuvenate. Recharge.


Action! Ready to go! Abrupt situations. Energy moving towards SOMETHING.

numerology vibration

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

7: You may feel misunderstood or will be around conflict with others. Find a way to blend the sides so that a point of understanding can be reached.

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.



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