wednesday vibes (10 april) — we are bound by our definitions.

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Don’t “place-ify” your life.

You were born to move.

You were born to evolve.

You were born to make better.

You were born to go WAY MORE

Outside of the lines.

So, let go of the boxes.

Let go of the addiction to define.

Good morning!!!!! OKAY THEN. So we are in even more of what yesterday was but now we have settled into something changed about our lives. And I LOVE THIS. But it still is beyond what we are seeing right now, so this is just like we see a baby at 8 weeks old but we can’t even imagine that baby at 88 years old. And what different things to imagine — the beginning of a process and the end. 

So we are at the beginning and just like the baby had to learn to walk and talk and do everything – we, too, will learn a brand new template that just started DAYS ago. So all things are being rewritten and from our ADDICTION TO CLASSIFY THEM. To “place-ify” (one of our new words) things into places where they ultimately fit into a box of a description. We place one thing description from another thing description. We are like postal service workers, filing the mail away.

ALL THAT that keeps us not paying attention to life and being out in nature and meeting new people and dating again and being happy again. If all day we pick up pieces of mail and see where they need to go and then put them in the compartment – life can get sad and boring and where we just NEED SOMETHING MORE than this.

So, where we are is no mystery or, rather, how we got here is no mystery — but now we unravel that which tangled and confused our magical ways from their true expression. I grew up like a weed and grew up doing whatever I wanted to do from like age 4. I would be out in the woods all day, and barefoot even – I NEVER wore shoes because my feet were so wide and all the shoes I ever had were so tight and painful – and I’m Pisces. So I was a dirty, barefoot kid at all times — until I grew up and got myself shoes that fit.

But anyway, I was not molded in any way, other than being trash, but not where I had to fit into any mold or any idea or anything. I really was a weed. But now I see it was such an advantage for me – even though I always thought it was a curse and I was so flawed, being the way I was. And my life was on empty in regards to so many others’ lives, but my life was on FULL, in regards to so many others’ lives, also. Who would let a young child just choose what they wanted to do and to just wake up and fend for themselves all day? We may want them to so we can be left alone, but…

What it did, though, was expanded my mind to ALL that was available; therefore, I got to personally know that all is pretty wonderful. I talk about when I moved to San Francisco at 24 and before the internet – which arrived the minute I left SF to go back to STL in 1999, to get to know my dad, after I had a vision that he would die. When I finally moved back to Cali, but it Berkeley this time, in 2003, the boom had just crashed! I missed its entire beginning to ending process and I was right there in the hub! 

But even that I moved there, left, and moved back is unique because it says I move to the outer reaches and keep going to things that expand my life and my awareness of what “really IS”. And that is what happened when I first moved to SF and was exposed to people from all over the world. Suddenly my little midwestern roots were expanded beyond belief at all the stories and sharing and learning and dating and meeting people from every place possible.

Back then in San Francisco NO ONE JUDGED YOU —- for anything. You were free to be and do and whatever, dude. It was all a celebration – and THAT is what we ultimately are moving towards. Where we de-classify, de-place-ify and just love whatever anyone wants to dish out – but we will only find this utopian way of being when we love ourselves – because then we have those eyes of compassion, remember, and we see that they are wounded in lashing at me, wanting to hurt me, wanting to disgrace me. wanting to destroy me. 

BUT if we are also defending our wounds, we are offended with their disrespectful ways and energy and, therefore, we take it personally and we combat with them. But when we love ourselves we try to not throw our lighter fluid on them because WE WANT THEM TO SEE who they really are inside. We hurt them further and ignite their anger when we, too, throw our wounded, defensive ways at them. 

When we show compassion, when we try to see their higher self or the one they were before the world let them down, then they open to their being the same thing inside. We wake them up by treating them kindly for once. But we can’t treat others kindly until we do to ourselves, first. 

And when we lessen our interpretations of things and then need them to follow suit or fall in line, when we need so much, down here, in the details and in things so very fleeting – we miss out on the life we could be living because we are place-ifying our life journey and defining it way too quickly. This is bad because it looks like this and therefore I put it in the postal service box that’s marked bad. And now I am sad because the bad box is so full.

I know that people seeing me as not just the neglect and pain and whatever I may show, now, in negative ways, because of what I walked and am defensive in regards to, is what actually opened me to having compassion for myself and to wanting to believe that I could be this other person who I knew I was inside. People being kind to me and seeing me is what got me this far in the healing journey.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we reach the New Moon where we suddenly have visions for new things we are ready to implement in our lives. This time now is for giving energy towards seeing yourself as your future self doing the things you dream of starting right now. So we begin a journey with the New Moon and over this next week we simmer with love over all that we dream of doing as we prepare to take steps forward from this new feeling starting in one week. This time is for simmering in hopeful dream visions.

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Feeling scattered. Many communications. Lively environments. Getting so much done.


numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towardsand igniting the themes of the other numbers.

7: You may feel misunderstood or will be around conflict with others. Find a way to blend the sides so that a point of understanding can be reached.

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!



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