wednesday vibes (22 may) — giddy up! this is the change you want.

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Water your flower seeds

With hope

That you DO believe

They will one day sprout into

What you dream

For them to be.

That is how we grow our dreams.

Good morning, sweet beauties! So. Our lives are about to change and numero uno of importance is that you are helping to move things along through being clear in your throat, firm in your commitments for betterment, and dedicated in the knowing that things can feel real hard as we clear out the old – but that doesn’t mean you are to give up on your dreams.

So get ready loves — NOW we are in it and we are going to do everything we can to win it. Now you know you will not give up on yourself because you DO deserve the gold. You deserve things beautiful and easy and soft and harmonious and there for you. 

Does this hold you or does this drop you? Does this feel soft to you or cold and dead to you? Listen! Your better story comes from following the sweetest of feelings and just trusting blindly into the unknown. 

We ARE miners right now and things can take us down and deep but this is ALL for our betterment and the emphasis keeps showing up as us needing to not be distracted or worry or think this is the end of it all. It will never be the end of it all as that is how powerful earth is, as are we.

BUT. We must still not look into the dark and give it our full belief because it is SO EASY to feed the darkness and have our own selves merge into that energy we don’t want to be in. It’s what I have seen and told you about before where it’s like possession or how chemicals can alter how our brains work and we can be manipulated so very easily. This is highly unusual to see in the readings but it’s being shown to me so we must know it means something important for us. 

AND this is saying the darkness that abounds will suck us in and possess us with its toxins. So —- we must do what we can to not go there mostly because the energy up ahead needs us starting out good today where we don’t fall into a tar pit and then lose our potency for an awakening or blast of insight that comes later in this week and moves us forward .

Just know that awareness of this fact that the veils are thin in a way AND awareness of your current moment is truthfully your life jacket that is attached to a boat attached to an anchor. Like, you are okay 100% —– but it won’t necessarily look like it in the world out there around this day. It may look another way through the lens of the media and because of men behaving badly – but, still, we are okay and it’s important you hold that and know you have your anchor, your safety, and that the rough and ugly waters are part of rustling up the things that were settled on and hiding things that need to be changed.

The dust was covering the imbalance and now the dust is in the air and the imbalance is there for us to see and heal. 

Therefore —— all that keeps our visions/hopes/beliefs for something better and new for our lives at bay is in your attention now in order to face it and clear it — like breaking through that cold concrete to get to the soil below so you can water some flowers and have them grow into something that dazzles your senses. 

But did you hear all that and see all the steps? First break apart concrete. Then make the soil healthy. Then plant the seeds. Then water and wait and water and wait. Then believe in, hope for, dream for, envision how those flowers will delight your eyes and senses. Then you pull back weeds that could choke your flower, facing them when they arise, protecting your dream that is yet to be realized.

It is a process. But it is one that is worth the work and the wait. As is our healing journey and finding our true way. There is a better way. We will find it. Water your flowers with hope that we believe they will one day sprout what we dream for them to be. 

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. Once we reach the bright light of the full moon IT IS ON. Now we are to put things out there, show them what we got and put your steps towards new aspects of how you want your life to be. Emulate the full moon and shine brightly.

moon of the day




Making a plan. Thinking about your career. Feeling determined. Feeling a bit down.

numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

3: Something is being shared or communicated today. Expect lots of movement, potentially positive or negative.



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