wednesday vibes (3 april) — Enough of walking yourself over the cliff.

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ENOUGH of walking yourself

over the cliff.

What happened was going to happen

in some form —

and healing from it

is your journey.

What does it hurt to trust that?

It’s time to stop walking yourself

Into the gutter

And into expecting that you

Deserve to and will suffer.

Time to believe in your rise and shine.

Oh wow! Big, emotional day in store for us, my loves! You will be crying over things today and what you most need to take from this is that your heart is finally opening and becoming tuned to what it really is. So, to feel is to heal, and you need to be very grateful for every tear that you get out of you. Like, sweat and all body fluids – they are to leave our bodies, not stay stuck up in them. What if we held in our other body fluids? Think about how people have tried to cut off their sweat glands at the arm pits and could this contribute to all the cancer around those areas? I don’t know, but I know that no natural body fluid coming out should ever be stopped or altered because it CREATES something of an imbalance, just as we see from mainstream upbringing that says men don’t cry and that when women do they are weak, proving with each tear how fragile and unstable they truly are. 

And what I most know about these times and the discovery we make of all the darkness that has been ruling our world, is the things that have power are the things that are laughed at and diminished. The truths are called fake news to keep you from looking and to keep you judging, without questioning. If you watch even 5 history movies or documentaries about the political past you will see that we hear the same messages and lines that are trying to keep the people confused, in fear, and fighting each other but that things never do come to pass with all the boogeyman fears that are broadcast, and what does happen, is that horrendous things behind our backs instead, as we were focused on the fears of the boogeyman talk.

So we didn’t look around and see that other things were happening because we were staring at the finger puppet shapes on the wall. Because we were taught to abide and to do as we were told. We were not conditioned to be original thinkers or to question authority if it doesn’t feel right. We were bred to be followers and to walk ourselves right over the cliff.

And we do. WE walk ourselves. We WALK ourselves. We walk OURSELVES – right over the cliff. And it’s nothing to shame and blame because it’s all a part of the umbrella we are under but our hearts and love natures are showing us this now because our feelings MATTER. Things hurt because they are hurtful. But we don’t have to create more hurt and we aren’t supposed to and we only do when we are still bashing around in our lives, so upset, still, about the pain we have had to walk.

I just met this Navajo woman, who, through a wild chance of ‘truth or dare,’ at age 16, being a Libra and not wanting to get caught in what truth could be, chose the dare which was to steal a purse from this event where many people were. And in doing so, she by another chance took a purse that only had a gun and food stamps in it. Nothing more. And that gun ended up being what killed her 11 year old sister a few days later.

Forty years later I meet this woman while waiting in line, under an hour after I had posted this thing that got this person upset about me using the words Rainbow Tribe being that I am white skinned. By the grace of synchronicity, I introduce myself to this woman BECAUSE of that person questioning me — and I see the wear and tear of what this burden has done to her; hear the stories of how her mother hated her after that point, and beat her down every second of her life, saying she wished it had been her, instead. 

One of the first things she shared and what must have been the most painful is that her mother would always pull her hair real hard — like furiously.  And let me tell you she has the most beautiful curvy and soft hair!! It was soft like baby hair and with big sassy curls. —- Another big thing she just walked is that her 3rd husband committed suicide by laying on the railroad tracks in Albuquerque a couple years ago. Her Pluto is at 12 degrees Virgo, right where my Moon sits, but she has a Mars/Saturn opposition that was EXACT and EXACTLY on her nodes. So Mars sat at her destiny and Saturn sat at the past-life karma she was bringing in. Saturn at the South Node in Aquarius is a big responsibility to bear. 

And not to go any further on that but that, right there, is everything she told me. I invited her over to hang out and we looked up her chart and I gave her a reading (which oh my gosh I have to start doing readings live or on video!!! It was really natural and fun for me!) — but as I was able to tell her everything I could, she just snapped awake that how could you know that — that wait, this was written in the stars? And ya know, I told her that the great mystery and the magic that surrounds CAN stop things. Miracles DO happen. And when timing things like this happen, we HAVE to surrender to the higher power, knowing this is the journey for us to walk even if it is the most horrendous thing we could ever imagine. We have to trust for the whole process and cycle to play out in order to bring us to the other side.

But I want you all to sit with what I shared about this woman because I bet none of you would trade what you had to walk for that – or if you have something just as horrendous, you can relate to how hard it would be to walk that sort of situation and not ALWAYS be walking yourself over the cliff. This woman had no self-love because she beat herself to death – as we all would. How do you not stay constantly in the questioning of the details? And I’m like, WOW, that you DID stay alive is a miracle and blessing for us all. That she did not kill herself from the pain and guilt she felt in 40 years is outstanding and — I can’t imagine. And I know 2 of you at least here HAVE walked this losing the younger sister in a similar shocking and sudden way. 

So you all will relate in some way, whether it releases the pressure you hold on yourself from your own journey or because it is so similar to what you know, so your heart goes out, feeling someone who knows this same thing, too.

Just let your heart open. It will heal us and we have to express these things of pain that are SO UNFAIR. But when we come together, we help heal each other and I GUARANTEE my new friend is already manifesting new things. Because ENOUGH of walking yourself over the cliff. What happened was going to happen in some form and healing from it is your journey. What does it hurt to trust that?


Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
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PULL BACK TO PROCESS. One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

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