moon vibe guide


your essential weekly guide to the

cosmic forces and what guidance they have for you.

With messages sent to assist

The Rainbow Tribe

in rising into position and serving purpose in bringing in

the Age of Aquarius.

hello love!

I was given this gift so that we could accelerate our healing journey through knowing what is going to come our way in the form of what we will feel.

In the moon vibe readings is what you can expect each day.

When you know what to expect, you have the opportunity to make better decisions. 

Please join me on this amazingly healing journey.  

whats included in the guide:

  • THE DAILY MOON VIBE READINGS A WEEK IN ADVANCE. Never again will you say you wished you had read the readings earlier! Now you will have the readings for the week ahead sent every Sunday night!
  • EXTENDED FULL MOON READINGS for each sign– over double what we share publicly.
  • NEW MOON PODASTS for each sign– exclusive to the guide for over 2 years.
  • EXTRA DISCOUNTS IN THE SHOP — yes, that included Potion Drops! 
  • inner circle talk + story time with KV

The Moon Vibe Guide Story

In August of 2015, I was introduced to the 12 new High Council Galactic Guides and one other “energy”.  I was told that I would be learning the Galactic Vision Teachings and also would begin to channel

D  A  I  L  Y     E  N  E  R  G  Y      R  E  A  D  I  N  G  S

I thought for sure that the nuances of daily readings would not be strong enough to detect. And they said, “Just try.” So I did.  I discovered that I am able to step into the energy of any day: past or future, and FEEL what is going to happen.  I step into a room which holds that day’s energy and I interpret what is shown by how it makes me feel.

That inspired me to share my readings with thousands by combining them into a guide with extended  Full and New Moon Readings, and thus… The Moon Vibe Guide was born.

These readings are now a gift to you as your

E  N  E  R  G  Y    G  U  I  D  E  B  O  O  K

through ascension and into high vibes. When you change, your vibe changes, and what manifests outside of you changes.  These readings are your bridge to a better life.

Thank you for being a messenger in easing our souls. Our path is transformed by your wisdom.  ~Athena V.

Your readings contain more insight and are more accurate than any other!! ~ Angela K.

So grateful to have you help guide us through ascension! I have changed so much in the past year from soaking up the wisdom in your readings. I have never had readings hit me to the core like yours do. You are a gift KV and I cherish that I found you in my lowest days. I heard your call! ~ Louanne W. Long Beach, California


Why would I be interested in getting the  

Moon Vibe Guide?

you get the readings a week early!

I mean — you get the whole week of readings EARLY!  What more do you need to know? With membership you never have to say that you wish you had read the reading earlier and would have avoided something I warned you about. Well there you go, a week early.

you get extended full & new moon readings!

get BIG and WONDERFUL Full and New Moon Readings! with the mvg subscription you receive extended FULL MOON Readings that are OVER DOUBLE what we share publicly + New Moon Podcasts for each sign that are exclusive to the moon vibe guide and have never been public before

you get special discounts in our shop!

Yes that does mean Potion Drops! Whatever we offer as a sale publicly will be much bigger of a discount for the inner circle tribe.

more on the way!

We are soon to be stepping into our own private space on our website so that we can smother you with the love and tools and teachings that your body needs to be hearing!
We also are moving to a MONTHLY magazine! This means the readings will come a month at a time.
How much is the moon vibe guide?
$13 a month for 4 weekly pdf guides sent every sunday evening.
Do I have to sign up as a subscription?
at this moment we are only doing subscription while we figure out our new space. but soon we will take one off payments, subscriptions and bi-yearly discounts for purchasing months at a time. if you want to only pay one off currently you can just sign up and then cancel before the next payment. if you forget to cancel just reach out. we can refund you and cancel it manually too.
How long have the moon vibe guides been around?
KV has been offering the daily moon vibe readings since November of 2015. The moon vibe guide has been around since June 2016! So we have been in the scene for some time.
How does KV do these readings?
Before I knew I could go into any day past or future, I had NO IDEA I could do this. But how it goes now is that I am presented with this room that I walk into after I declare what day it will be. And once inside there is NO TELLING what I will see! But what I see is what I share in the moon vibe readings. All those unusual nuances I nail that prove accurate are merely what I am being shown. And I have NEVER been at a loss or find them challenging to do!
I don’t know what I would’ve done over the last 6 months without these readings. You are truly a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you. ~ Delightfullywild

You are gifted, my love! These readings are UNBELIEVABLY accurate almost every single day for me! I know that if life gets hard, all I have to do is race to Aquarius Nation and your readings will guide me back home. ~ Dr. Elaine W. ~ Portland, Oregon

In 2015 while traveling through this area of Colorado, where she recently even moved to, KV met a Higher Level of Guides and since then has been bringing through the Galactic Vision teachings which are here to make life easier for the Rainbow Tribe.

Another thing that came from this blessed meeting is that KV was activated in order to be able to go into any day past or future and FEEL what we are to expect. The moon vibe guide is your access to getting those readings EARLY and with MANY other tools to make your life run better.

I have been subscribing to the Moon Vibe for over a year now and this is the only thing that has gotten me through. Your voice is authentic and powerfully aligned.

I have never read more accurate readings! I don’t know how you do this but it’s the real deal. I love the Moon Vibe Guide and get so excited sitting down with it Sunday evenings! ~ Jana S. Oakland, California

How are your so tuned in to the energy? Sometimes it feels like you penetrate my soul. Thank you for these encouraging words. I literally feel like spiritually I was on the floor sobbing and your posts, especially today, gently lifted my soul. ~ Modest Betty

How do you do your readings? How did you discover your gift? I would love to hear your process. I have yet to meet anybody else as accurate as you. ~ Sanjasedlak

I’ve been reading your daily readings, everyday, for almost a year. Today, you truly have blessed me. ~ Queen S.

I’m so happy I found this tribe. Your words leave me speechless for a bit everyday. Thank you for bringing us to our light. ~The perfect Imperfections

The Moon Vibe Guide is the best gift to my world. ~ Alix B.

Your readings are spot on scary accurate. I look forward to getting them every week! ~ Petra

The Moon Vibe Guide is my religion! I find that life is much more manageable with the insight you provide each day. I notice that I don’t worry as much or beat myself up for not being good enough! Thank you for doing what you do! I would be lost without this guidance. ~ Nicole M. ~ Boston, Massachusetts

You are such a gift. Thank you for existing. ~ Gypsy L

Your posts have been on point for me everyday! I recently am going thru a really tough break up and your posts have honestly made me feel alive again and stronger which I didn’t think was possible. So I just want to thank you for showing me that I can overcome any obstacle in my way. ~ Oliver B.

Love you so much KV. Please dont ever stop. As soon as I’m able I will be subscribing and supporting you as much as you’ve supported us for all these years, but thank you so much for making these life saving messages available to those of us who cant afford extra monthly payments!! You are so important! ~ Laychoo

Many people are working with the collective energies in doing readings, but your readings nail it in a different way. It also feels like you are talking to me personally and touching on the things that no one else knows. I don’t much get on social media as it never resonated so I appreciate getting these weekly newsletters from my email! ~Dag G.

Every day is SO ON POINT!!  ~ Meg V.

Every single day since I began following your (incredible) account, the interpretations you share are so insanely on point I can’t quite believe how blessed I feel to have found you and what you do. If there is anyway I can support your work pls let me know. ~ Grace L.

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