The MOON is in CANCER + then LEO
CANCER: Feeling emotional. Feeling sensitive. Craving comfort. Pulling into yourself.
 LEO: Feeling sensitive of your reputation. Wanting to be seen. Feeling colorful and creative.
Dream huge. Visualize future moves.
Map it out. Start a process.  
plant the seeds.
2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.
4:  This is a day that a lesson will be learned!  This number tends to bring tests and situations that don’t feel all that wonderful. You are learning something here.
22: Today you are reaching a higher level in life in regards to the tests you are passing.  VIP day! This one is rare to see but carries a gateway energy into us stepping UP or having to step DOWN.

Well hello again New Moon in Cancer!


OKAY WOW. So we have a New Moon that is exactly opposing Pluto, on a 22 day, with other big cosmic energy that is laying the foundation for years to come AND it’s Friday the 13th.

This IS a crossroads right here and this day is especially big in that we are letting go of how things outside of us are affecting us emotionally and then rippling out into the life we create. So we are gaining a better take on ALL THAT and how it affects us to the point that we can’t sleep or we are snappy with those around us or we just get overly consumed by things that we KNOW we shouldn’t be involved in.

I stay pretty much out of the internet unless it is with clear direction like I want to research something. I don’t go to make time pass or to just do something. I DID for a minute and I didn’t like how it made me feel – how I put myself into position to suddenly see or hear something that gets a rise out of me or deflates my feelings of value or makes me think that I need to be going quicker than I am.

Being a Pisces I FEEL that so to the core and thus it has me doing quick corrections because I also know there is a really good way we can feel when we experience these feelings in ways where we SEE the message it brings instead of just thinking it IS the message.

We go to social media and it has us feeling worthless – the feeling is the warning that we don’t need to be here and the message is STOP BEING HERE so much. NOTHING is about you being worthless. NONE of that is the truth. You are in the wrong place so your body lets you know.

And seeing that I was going along and all was okay, then I went to instagram and suddenly felt that there is not room for me in the world and the jobs are being DONE so there is no purpose for me to even be here. So that shift was always quick enough to get me to steer my attention better because fuck if I am going to hold THAT perspective in my body. I REFUSE to give attention to any thoughts saying I have no purpose and I might as well kill myself because no one cares anyway. We are never to hold belief in those thoughts! Those thoughts COME for you to snap them back down and show them who is boss. We MUST remember that WE ARE boss. WE CAN handle. WE WILL get through this. WE ARE protected. IT IS okay. THAT is what needs to awaken in us again. That actually we are perfectly equipped to handle what is before us.

And what I do now – in not being on social media or news or all that — is I sit at times, just sitting there and listening to birds and allowing more of my natural intuition and thought processes to rise again. Off the internet I get back to yes, maybe feeling a bit bored at times and wanting to just escape, but when I keep sitting through it, much like with meditation, I end up happy with what rose from my depths from forcing myself to not be distracted by things that actually are not for my good.

So you are going to be thinking about these things during this new moon. You will think about what you create around you and how it comes to be from what you believe is possible and you get that from what your body tells you on the day to day.

But if we only get the messages from internet, we are walking a tightrope and not really accessing our skills to find that safe feeling from within. When we got that, we are badass to the core and no matter the storm, we RIDE it like a boss – even if we do scream through the scariest parts.  From stepping away from the internet I now don’t sponge up what comes my way, and if I do I only sponge up 1/100th of my sponge before I put the car in reverse and get out of there. When always on the internet, I found myself sponging so much of it up that it became uncontrollable and I needed to hurt myself even more and look at more – as if eventually, after enough, I would feel better again.

This is an INSIDE THING we are growing.  So choose your space wisely. What are you filling it with? Be okay with silence and just the thoughts of your mind. Don’t hurt yourself by filling your space with things that hurt you.


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