well hello Monday!

But it is supposed to be this way. What I feel is that this will bring an extreme sensitivity where things will hit us in ways that surprise us because we either thought we were over something or that it was not an issue for us
As a lot of you know I always talk about people who feel they have to be a certain way because ultimately they want to make their father/mother/parents/someone else PROUD. I know friends who have not leapt or gone outside of the lines where they WANTED to be, because of not wanting to let their parents down. And I used to marvel at how I didn’t have that built into me because no one cared, so I just did my thing and did what my Pisces soul felt good about doing – which means I go outside the lines ALWAYS.
BUT. I was driving to Pagosa Springs the other day and suddenly I had a death feeling (Moon in Virgo in the 8th house – they happen often) and I felt like TODAY would be the day I died. Then out of the blue, as unexpended as it could be, my Dad came through and explained the reason I felt that death feeling, but explained it wasn’t true and to not keeping thinking about it and planting that seed. And then ——- he said, “I’m so proud of you.” And THEN —– I cried like I was releasing ripples of pain from 40 plus years of not being seen because he was not around to protect and take care of me. But it was a shock to my system to hear I AM PROUD OF YOU and to feel SO TOUCHED by those words!! I had NO IDEA I needed them or wanted them or that they would trigger an explosion from my heart – AS IF I had been waiting my whole life to hear those words. Who knew?
But we are composed of this sort of material!! We THINK we know. We THINK we are. We THINK it is a certain way and that is the end of the story. But we are so very often WRONG because our intellectualized ways of thinking through life is what has us believing we are one thing, yet life unfolds in the way of the mystery, and therefore situations tend to slap us in the face when they show us what we thought we did not think we needed to see.
There is a BIG COSMIC HUMBLING occurring and this is the best thing for us because it gets us out of the mind where there are all these work flows and things set up to be instantly categorized as THIS MEANS THAT and when those things happen it means this other thing. Its where we take our past and use it as the interpretation for what is happening now. So we can expect surprises and situations that open our hearts where they need to be opened in regards to being able to see for MORE. Hearing those words from my father filled something up in me that I didn’t know was empty.
And from this day, wounds are hit, water is expressed, emotions are HIGH and all over the place, people are bouncing in bi-polar ways, from sad and blue, to happy and high. From I am totally in control and got a grip on my life — to a mess of tears and thinking you are losing it. AND ITS OKAY.
This is the wobble that gets us to humble. And humble is where we have BIG POWER. We dont have power when we are in the ego. In the ego we compare, we belittle, we compete. In the ego, when we feel hurt, we try to hurt who has hurt us. And when we try to hurt the other, we hurt ourselves through us THEN having to live out what WE – our words, our actions, our thoughts — just put out there.
What we say, we ARE. What we do, we ARE. What comes out of us is what is inside of us. And the ego likes to think it has power – I’ll show you for hurting me!! AND we all are here to rise out of the old ways of being. We all have done and said and been low vibing beings while THINKING we are higher vibing.
And we are just to connect the dots and see that as above, so below. And eventually Rainbow Tribe, ALL YALL will connect the dots. We are here to be the generation that connects those dots so that we can access the MASSIVE POWER WE DO POSSESS. But we receive the activation when we walk with a humble heart – and we usually get this from pain or from something really showing us how we contradict who we think we are.

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