The MOON is in TAURUS + then GEMINI
Taurus: Thinking about stability. Thinking of your value. Slowing down. Feeling stubborn/stuck.
Gemini: Feeling scattered. Many communications. Lively environments. Getting so much done.
Retreat. Think it over. DO NOT ACT. Inward focus time.
2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.
7: You may feel misunderstood or will be around conflict with others. Find a way to blend the sides so that a point of understanding can be reached.
9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

well hello monday!


We are about to turn a corner and I feel this New Moon coming at the end of the week is going to usher in some sort of big labor push that really gets us out of something that is not working and into something that actually feels like it is helping us to build again and feel like we are getting somewhere.

So do know that this is sort of why most of you have felt EPICALLY stuck or feeling as if you have gotten something wrong and you are heading for doomsday land. BUT you know I been telling you for weeks that it was gonna get real challenging up ahead and I’d guide you every step of the way and since when are we not up for a challenge — I mean, really?

And please look now and see that there is a firmer hold you have on your ability to interpret or process the things coming at you where you are learning to NOT SO QUICKLY break yourself down or diminish whatever it is you THINK your life should look like.

There is something today that says you cannot control another – so you must trust the path you and THEY are choosing to walk. This can be an area where you are confused and where you wish someone would not do something detrimental or damaging – but really, who is choosing to live that life? It is not yours to live. And we can look at people and think — MAN! You are messing it up!!! You are going to have to pay back what you are doing and how hurtful it is and how it will ripple out because it will travel from person to person –—– or something.

But this is where you can be frustrated with others — BUT TRULY, what can you do? You probably are frustrated because you know you can’t do anything – when truthfully even if things that others do DO come back to hurt you — it still is on them – the action was made by them – the karma inflicted by them. You then have the potential to create karma from how you handle what they deliver – but this first thing is on them.

And sometimes things don’t seem fair — look at most of our childhoods! Often we just have to accept what is before us — but to always still keep hoping for a loophole, a miracle, something to make this better.

We must not do nothing and accept defeat – rather we must accept shitty road conditions, at times, and do what we can to get through it. It’s like if you know there are potholes up ahead that can give you a flat tire, you will drive gently through the area, making sure to pay attention so as to not just allow this detrimental thing to occur. You still are in danger but your head is aware of how you can influence the best outcome. If you race through this area without paying attention you 100% will hit a pothole that could give you a flat tire and set you back.

So. Release your attention on what others do and pay attention to how good of a human you are. It’s what really matters! What we walk is the vibe of our talk.

So we are feeling done with the places that are so heavy in their exchange. You may even notice that you are wanting to purposefully get together with others where it is more pleasant and where there is an exchange of kind thoughts and ideas.

We may really notice fertile land versus dead land at this time. There are patches where you can come together and, when there, you just feel alive and so connected and like all is okay. But if you sit in the dead land you can really question it all and things can get negative and judgmental where we pick each other apart.

And what we need to pay attention to is what the vibe of our conversations are. Are we breaking ourselves or others apart? Are we using our words to speak negatively about others or to influence others to think negatively about others? Are we doing this to ourselves, speaking negatively about what path we have walked, the mistakes we have made, the things we think have held us back

The Rainbow Tribe has got to wake up out of this. It is never good to do because everything is energy and it WILL slap back at you. It will. If you have a problem with someone (even if just yourself) is there a way you can work with it in a different way so that you process it without being hurtful or mean spirited? Is there a way to deal so that you don’t go low?