Thinking about upgrading. Feeling detached. Wanting to improve. Discovering solutions.
Launch. Reveal something. Broadcast it. Get it out there.
1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.
9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

the short of it …

It’s a 22 day love! This means we need to pay attention because what happens to you today IS A TEST and with this one you just need to think of how your higher self would respond in this situation. This means think about those times you WISHED you had the chance to say it better and to handle it better — and now, DO THAT. Walk it now. If you do, you will RISE as if walking through a gateway that takes you to an elevated land. But you only get there when you pass what is going to be presented to you today!


the long of it …

So I haven’t shared too much numerology research with you but I am still always collecting data on what things mean – and I can tell you that us going from a 0, 2 day yesterday to a 1, 9 day today and tomorrow we go back into a 0, 2 day is REALLY spectacular and makes this a special moment. Let me tell you why…

So where we sit right now is that we had something come at us that is repeated material and we were asked to loop through it in a way so that we could really learn how we contribute to this, how OUR THOUGHTS and old beliefs ABOUT OUR VALUE played a part in us manifesting this — while also accepting that NOW we are done buying into that pathway.

We stand at a crossroads as we know something is working and something is not. This is clear here. There is a yes and there is a no. There is an open path and there is a closed gate.

And because of how these days are lined up we are having a sweeter ride show us that the door is closed — so that we can really see it and REALLY get it and really make a change based on it. We have more dedication to just go to where the water is flowing and to where there is grass to chew on. The cow will not just stay on a dry patch because it is expected to or others are doing it. The cow will meander and will continue to meander towards where there is grass to eat and water to drink. This sweeter ride is turning us into cows so that we GET IT and we MOVE, if need be.

So we walk through something and really witness it from afar, then we make a strong statement on declaring that we are letting this go, and then we walk through a VERY SIMILAR thing and will naturally move through it with this sweet support, like the guiding hands of someone more experienced and older, like someone who’s crossed over but feels to be there now with you, helping you, leading you a bit into fully coming out of a pattern and seeing with new eyes that are available when WE are ready to see through them.

Now with the holographic thing, you don’t need to know too much because your mind may want to go into it and that is what was being warned of – like wait, wait, the thing is still cooking! Don’t open the oven door yet!! So know that there is more that will be shared so you (and I) fully grasp what this means for us now. BUT what I am being shown is that we all have to do this movement now with our body where you sort of ripple it in an up wave, like the break dancing wave – but standing. So you just ripple your body out – lifting your heals to really swing things into that wave.

You will feel sort of high when you do it and it should bust right through old things still hitting you – kind of like getting them to roll off your back! So if you are on the internet and it fragments your system, just do the wave movement and it will sort of flip it off your body because of that new holographic shield keeping it from soaking in and then you losing your balance and falling back into thinking there is something wrong with you and your timing in the world. We aren’t totally shielded from things absorbing, so we can feel rocked by things, but this WILL take a load off – it’s like a walking stick that can help you maintain your balance while out hiking throughout this thing called life.

Now, we will still be hit, and hit, and hit, but WE are changing, our responses are changing, and now these special sort of tools are coming to help make things easier on the Rainbow Tribe as we plunge one more step into the dark cave of the patriarchy in order to saturate Earth with the love of the matriarchy. So we know now, we are not alone and this time is when we are to pay attention and to bring everything we can into correction — or at least to a willingness to want to understand how to correct. That willingness opens dimensions with which new solutions can become the reality.


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