Action! Ready to go! Abrupt situations. Energy moving towards SOMETHING.


Thinking about stability. Thinking of your value. Slowing down. Feeling stubborn/stuck.

Retreat. Think it over. DO NOT ACT. Inward focus time.
2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace
what is going on around you.
6: Being compassionate is required today. Be LOVE no matter what comes up!
8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!


Well hello SATURDAY!


Okay BOOM! And crackle and snap. This is a WARNING DAY and you will have an excellent day if you DON’T engage, fight, share that comeback, put your 2 cents in, or debate about ANYTHING that would raise your blood pressure. If it could piss you off or get you going – STAY OUT OF IT.


This is an important day, as I talked about years ago with this energy I’m feeling, because if you make a wrong move, you do not gain what is clearly available for us all. It’s like NOT stopping on a road trip while driving through the southwest. It can be a long time coming for the next one, but if you STOP you will find out that they have your most favorite healthy treat and then you will bump into someone who you went to high school with and it will freak out your mind because like WTF how does that happen?? And then you will drive off and your mind will be expanded in thinking more about what IS THE POTENTIAL of it all. But if you don’t stop, none of that will happen and you’ll just drive on and then worry about having enough gas to get to the next stop.

So this energy ALWAYS presents a fork in the road and a choice to be made. Today it is about honoring yourself and not giving into these fight or war things that TRULY you will not be able to make an impact on or make a difference in the one who is triggering you. You won’t be heard!


I have learned so much from my friend who taught me about not engaging — because someone who has Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius and one degree off of the rising, but coming from the 12th house, ENGAGES upon any and all justice related situations that affect the underdogs. It’s my curse and my blessing. But my friend taught me to not engage with these crazy outlandish provocations and to not express MY SIDE, and that what happens is that the other person then eventually just drops the issue and starts acting normal again. And she is right!! I’ve tested it – I know. It works.


So if you can HONOR YOURSELF and do what your inner baby wants to do, but be WISE with how you use your words – then you can gain backstage access to an event where you will walk out of this time INSPIRED and ready to leave the old patriarchy, good riddance, good bye.


You can rise to the point of noticing your mind is no longer thinking in the fearful or hopeless ways — whereas now you will say THERE IS A WAY, let’s try to find it. Our energy is WAY in our consciousness now because things are coming to confirm that YES you thought that and then YES it manifested quickly. This is a gateway to us getting real – kind of like how we snap to attention when we realize there is a camera on us watching what we are doing.


So around this day we also take a DEEP PLUNGE into issues with money or mainly our ability to manifest it. And truly I KNOW it is all to do with the timing of our path but also with the value we hold with our self in believing if we CAN or CANNOT actually manifest a way to live and be supported from our creative gifts and the things we do that are special coming from us because it is so much a natural thing.


I know things changed in me when I finally KNEW I deserved to live a better life. I knew it from realizing value from within – and realizing this thing I do is my GIFT and I DO deserve to be supported from that. From loving ourselves and holding value within, the world DOES love us back! And keeping it real, we express outwardly how we feel about ourselves inwardly. What we struggle with inside shows in the relationships we have and it represents who we think we are. So if there is conflict on the outside, there is conflict within – there is conflict with loving the self and valuing the self in some way. So to have conflict on the outside is not to be judged!!  It means we don’t totally yet have reason to love ourselves inside. That is nothing to judge, rather it is everything to HEAL.




I love and value who I am.
I have a special gift to give.

And I know one day

I will be supported for this gift.


So I declare right now that

I will say this every day

Until finally the time comes

Where I am living the dream

And doing MY THING.


Until then,

I love and value who I am.

I have a special gift to give.

And I know one day …