Feeling scattered. Many communications. Lively environments. Getting so much done.
Retreat. Think it over. DO NOT ACT. Inward focus time.
1:  Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.
9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

Well hello Tuesday!


Notice that we are BACK in the 1, 9 numerology energy! We have gone from 1, 9 to 0, 2 to 1, 9 to 0, 2 to 1, 9. So we are going back and forth, like trying to get a stuck car out of the mud. So we go from LET GO and then something from our past appears again to see if we really did let it go and are transformed into a new way of being.

And this day brings a big shift. Yesterday actually was rather all consuming in how it felt that there was a big message we needed to see about what WE are doing, what WE are saying, what WE are REALLY putting out there — and to start paying more attention to ourselves rather than others, or to the positive rather than the negative.

We are trying to get out of these old habits that lead us to not the best future steps to walk. We are trying to see ourselves from this wide angled outside lens that shows what we really are doing and how it really leads to these other things.

So often we do things through our wounds because we NEED something, or we are unsettled over something so we act in a negative way about the one not giving us our need. And this time is about us seeing this. It is imperative that we see what WE are doing — and we certainly do see! Your attention should be going into a very narrowed-down focus of WHAT is still in the way – what doesn’t feel good — and how you are voting for this through what you do or say.

What I love is that at this very moment your body is geared to make improvements that deal with new plans for better health and organization of what it takes to run your life and get things so that you have more time for doing the things that nurture your soul, and bring growth to your garden fields.

There is a strong connection between our minds and how things hit our hearts and have us feeling things in new ways. This is why you can feel that the moment is special or that you have a part in what is unfolding so you want to take care in creating something wonderful.

We also are buzzing around like hummingbirds and this means quick movement and where things can change out of the blue. Be in control of your future and believe that something special is on the way. Believe that the positive comes next. Believe that the struggle had to be in order to create this next wonderful thing you hope to manifest. There is something with us needing to really keep it high vibe right now and to not go back into the old ways. The message is so clear that we must look up into better visions, but we must BE THE PEOPLE of that vision in order to vibe it in order to manifest it.

Our minds need to grasp fully that they are MANIFESTING THOSE THOUGHTS and those things you say and do. I would also expect that something comes quickly today FROM what you just thought or said and because it manifests so quickly, you really get the power you possess. And it can snap you back in line so that you go OH – THAT MATTERS … wow.

For example, you may say, “People are so horrible – they litter on the streets and it’s so gross!” and then almost instantly someone in a car throws a bag of fast food out the window. Or you may say, “I’ve noticed that people are getting so much nicer! Like, I keep meeting really sweet and kind people.” And then while in line somewhere, someone lets you go in front of them and then you run into some sweet little old man and he reminds you of your grand papa and then you witness others doing kind deeds for others and then the checkout girl gives you 10% off because she just felt called to.

So let’s lead our destiny forward today. Let’s go out there and lead with positive thoughts for hopeful ideas for how this all will be. Let’s believe people will show up or will do what they say. Let’s do what we can today to believe things are going in the direction we WANT them to go.