The MOON is in VIRGO and then LIBRA
VIRGO: Feeling critical. Putting things into order. Thinking of details. Organizing your life.
LIBRA: Decisions. Decisions. Doing the right thing. Thinking of others. Wanting things beautiful.
Dream huge. Visualize future moves.
Map it out. Start a process.  
plant the seeds.
2:  Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.
6:  Being compassionate is required today. Be LOVE no matter what comes up!
8: Hold the Galactic Vision! Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!

Well hello TUESDAY!


There is something really strong to this energy that lingers through several days but it is about things coming into our life that help us to rise into a position of strength from that which we feel is a negative or something that has held us back in life.

So we look into our wounds around this day and see that — HEY maybe this wasn’t such a negative because it taught you these other things. As an example I didn’t have any rules or boundaries, EVER. And at 4 I would be out wandering the forest and neighborhoods all by myself. I would come home when I was hungry. And the reason was that my mama didn’t really want to be a mama so when I was out of sight she wasn’t annoyed by me. And for most of my life I looked at this as a deficit because I wasn’t a loved baby that was cared for. BUT as I got older and have seen myself develop, I actually think this is sort of a blessing in why I am the way I am. Being ignored actually allowed my true nature to express as there were no rules or attachment to how I was EXPECTED to be. I just grew like a weed – and turns out it gave me great social skills and the ability to just roll with life and move on when things are not making me happy.

When I think of my greatest traits, they came from what I once interpreted as the most damaging things done to me – and the very things I was MOST MAD at others for neglecting with me. Now, in a way I say, thanks — or at least I no longer pound them with how much they ruined me.

So already this week we can see we are going into something that is just having us think this stuff over and look again and take on another piece that is older and wiser and higher up on the mountain.

We also are seeing how WE hold ourselves back because of the interpretation we hold. Like, until I was in my mid 30’s I could only see how fucked up I was because I was so damaged. I only thought – you are NEVER going to have in your future because your past clearly stated that you have no value and that no one thinks you are special – actually.

And at some point I just decided to not treat myself as I had been treated. I was kind of like, ENOUGH of that. I was like, YOU may have diminished me but I won’t do that to myself anymore. And I really never have allowed it again. I don’t break myself down. And how I changed this pattern is that when the thoughts tried to come in, I would go, REALLY???  I really am too flawed to enjoy happiness or success? I really am too damaged to be loved? I really was too unsupported so I can never expect to have others support me? I really am such a failure and EVERYONE ELSE is so much more worthy of being seen and honored? I really don’t have gifts that are special and will serve a purpose? I really am not good enough? Really?

So when that inner voice gets to battering you for what A LOSER you are, start asking the REALLY questions. I stopped beating myself up and so can you. It’s like dog training though. You have to keep reinforcing things and you never really rest on your laurels. But where I am now in my own personal training is that a negative thought diminishing my worth tends to stick around for about 3 seconds before getting slapped down into truth.

Today also has a lot of confusion to it in that you won’t know what to do. But that’s okay. Again it’s a day where just keeping our hands or bodies busy is what it will take to settle the nervous system and just allow things to process. If we are in the mind, we can go CRAZY right now. We can loop around and find ourselves in massive pits of doom. So if you found yourself there, go DO something that is not scrolling social media. THAT is where we will be hurting ourselves from what we see.  There are land minds and when we find them, our faith in self will plunge. So be aware and get to asking the REALLY questions, pronto. SHOW yourself that ACTUALLY you are not your past – nor are you destined to repeat it.


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