The MOON is in GEMINI + then CANCER
Gemini: Feeling scattered. Many communications. Lively environments. Getting so much done.
Cancer: Feeling emotional. Feeling sensitive. Craving comfort. Pulling into yourself.
Retreat. Think it over. DO NOT ACT. Inward focus time.
0:  Notice that something is returning or coming full circle. You have been here before.
2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

Well hello Wednesday!


In comes something to help us see what was going on in the past – but this maybe won’t offer the complete picture just yet. But something shows a belief from your past or something that imprinted you greatly that still has you expecting a certain outcome or way for this to go down.

And in seeing how we play a part by seeing our past as a determination of what is to come in our future we can start to take the steps to unravel from that. We really have seen this for the past few weeks, but there is something more that we are missing and we need to see it now – so expect to have the heart strings touched upon.

We will be crying for days to come because there has been a settling down of things in motion and this finally hits us so fully that it’s hard not to feel emotional and sort of a mess. But these will not only be sad tears but also exhilarating ones like when the happiness overflows and we almost cannot contain how wonderfully it hits us.

How the waters flow is not clear for any of us, but what we will experience afterwards will be a much smoother process with which to ascertain what we need to do to protect ourselves in a way that creates a safe feeling no matter what the storm. And this may be that a storm comes and you need to think like the protective mama in figuring out what needs to be done to save the tribe and to get you all to safety.

I am seeing a tornado when I came back to reread what I just wrote here – but I didn’t see it the first time. THINK ABOUT THAT. If you can look at the shape of a tornado and how it focuses into one narrowed down point at the bottom you can see how things are coming in big forms all around you but ultimately they are bringing focus to something within your foundation that is not OKAY or blossomed or healed or in correction motion just yet. This is still a work in progress. But we are to be soft and strong with this. Soft in that we must deal and be there for it, but strong in that we KNOW we can handle it like a boss.

So, many of you will step into position from the overwhelm and now really guide things in a better way. But it also seems that we are facing our fears – even if we are shaking at each step – and discovering that we have this strength within to get us through anything. Some of you will be amazed at how your nervous system is able to handle this and you are able to focus on the jobs at hand.

And for many of us we need to first be shown that we GOT IT —  but thinking we can’t handle this, and then knowing we MUST put ourselves forward and DO SOMETHING – we then come out of it stronger from seeing we COULD DO THIS. So it’s mumbo jumboed energy that is not clear at all but that leads to things that are ultimately for our good. So know that!!

Another part of this is saying that we are changing with how we interpret what we think we can do – and to see this, we are put through these mini tests as they swoop in quickly and plant a lesson for us to see. And then we HAVE to apply movement to something and then it works out and all is okay – or at least we are safe and sound for now.

There may be a bit more space between all those steps but ultimately we SHOULD BE doubting that we can handle what is before us – or we SHOULD BE a bit nervous as we are about to step from the cliff into the water below, but this is not a punishment passage way right now. It’s not about making you feel wrong or flawed, it’s about pushing buttons or jarring your system in order to show you what you DO GOT, in fact. And how you CAN handle this.