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thursday vibes (20 june) — see the best about this.

Good morning, sweet beauty! Today you are going to be asked to hold the peace and to find the ways to see all sides and to want the best for all parties. You may be making a decision that is hard to make or hurts another person, but you are to honor your own heart first in knowing you have to do what is best for you and what your heart lets you know is true.

This means some of you can have a hard time around this day because it’s about letting something go and believing that something can come again or renew itself and that all is not lost. If you let go with the feelings that all is lost then it’s sort of all that life can be for you right now. It can take you deep into feeling like things are so messed up and things are full of static electricity that bring friction and discomfort, which can bring a lot of anxiety for many of you.

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wednesday vibes (19 june) — Be a boss. Design your world.

Good morning, ma loves! TODAY IS BIG. So stick with me on this because you need to be in the know on a day like today. Also remember, with my years of research, the rare 1-2-8 day (this is our 2nd of the year) always brings something super big, but not what it looked like at first or how we instantly interpret it.

Kind of like how you get a flat tire in the middle of the mountain where there is no reception and then the person who stops to help you is the person you spend the rest of your life with. Connections are WILD right now because we connect with the people who are for our betterment and who are here to get us into prime position so that our energy is being used to save Earth and not keep contributing to the loss.

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tuesday vibes (18 june) — We open. We close. We open again.

Okay, heads up, here we go!! So today is exactly what I would expect after the enormous expansion of yesterday. I have a great example too, because this is NATURAL, but I had this experience with this guy where we were going super slow in getting to know each other and then accidentally went 0 to 100 mph when this thing happened.

Processing it afterwards, that I just went to 100 mph when we were just going at about 3mph, which was certainly fun, don’t get me wrong, but the next day I was turned off. Like, I sat with feelings that I wasn’t really into the dude as I took him back to negative 10mph, as in still in the garage with 2 feet of snow to plow before I get moving again.

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monday vibes (17 june) — Oh Moon! We love you in Saggie!

Hello Moon! Oh we LOVE you in Saggie! This is a huge time for ALL OF YOU where now you know, now you see, now you have a new piece to the story that lets you know you were doing it wrong and there is a better way to do this thing called life.

Your mind has been awoken to something and it is ready to run with this, to lay down the plans, to make this better, to get it going — while fully knowing that NOW IS THE TIME. This energy is as divine as they come and this is what we earned from all the pain of years past by diving so truthfully into our shadow selves and into the provocation that now gets us to change our lives in the most dramatic of ways.

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sunday vibes (16 june) — it sits but a breath away!

Good morning sweet beauty! This is an important day – so let’s pay attention!! Every single power in the universe is working today to bring you immersed into your dream and into something that further shifts your life in ways you never could have imagined before you land into what you are GOING to manifest SOON.

Many of you keep finding more as you open to there being more. And this willingness to be calm inside, strong outside, open all around and willing to seek out ways to understand things better will have you feeling GOLDEN in this space right now.

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saturday vibes (15 june) — do you put up walls?

So now we go into a bit of a different time, for a few days at least, where things are coming together VERY effortlessly, even though there may be a push or a shove to the energy that gets things moving.

So if someone comes and does something that shocks you or is not what you want or even IS, it’s clear that this one has movement to it and we will come closer or move away and this is FOR US – for our own sanity and for us having boundaries that make it clear on what we will or will not allow into our personal spaces.

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friday vibes (14 june) — you will go deep with this one

Okay!!! Here we are!! This is going to be a moment like when you look back and wonder where it was that things changed. It’s on a day like today where something from our past that was a pattern where we would nose dive into fear or some sort of limiting sort of perspective is NOW transforming. And it won’t have the same hold on you because truly you are ready to change and rise out of ways that just certainly don’t have to be anymore.

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thursday vibes (13 june) — you may get stunned today.

Today we go deep and it may be that many of you feel like you need to rest for a minute or process the moment you wake up. You may even feel off, like wait a minute is something off? But. Something is like gearing us up knowing we need to pay attention and to go into things for better understandings instead of giving them a superficial one over.

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wednesday vibes (12 june) — into a new pattern today!

Oh wow loves! So today we sort of have another huge event built on what is already huge going on with this week. But today we sit at a place where we have a lot going on in our heart and with our feelings and it’s where we see clearly now as we almost teeter at some middle ground point and there is a light that appears showing us the way out of limiting our future because of what happened in our past or what we feel held back by.

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tuesday vibes (11 june) — we now start fresh.

And then we move into the 11th of June where the moon is in Libra and it is a 0 2 day of peace and starting fresh in some way where you are shifting to a new side, a new perspective, a new angle where now your heart is REALLY opened and there is communication around talking about things starting or getting rolling along or where you feel changed and wondering how you could have felt a certain way years ago in life, or maybe even months – we are growing so quickly! Otherwise. Today is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! No matter where you are, you need to be focusing on the most far-out dreams for everything. This would be a great day to have a global meditation or to at least commit to giving more ritual to your life in the form of visions for betterment for our planet and all that breathe life here.

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monday vibes (10 june) — I welcome this change

Good morning! We have us a very special cosmic day, my loves! So many things are at the 19 degree mark AND its a 19 day. We have Jupiter, South Node, Saturn, (the Ascendant and Part of Fortune from the chart I pulled up for midnight), Neptune, the Sun, the North Node and the Moon. ALL AT 19 DEGREES. Its HIGHLY UNUSUAL TODAY!! This one is sort of like walking through some gateway or new level where a decision or something based on letting go of the past now brings entry to a new situation presenting.
Otherwise. Today is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! No matter where you are, you need to be focusing on the most far-out dreams for everything. This would be a great day to have a global meditation or to at least commit to giving more ritual to your life in the form of visions for betterment for our planet and all that breathe life here.

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sunday vibes (9 june) — focus on the most far out and wonderful

Oh loves! This is a really big day!! What a delight to step into this – although, it won’t be awesome across the board, as many of you are still working through some old material that is sticky and intense – but keep it up and continue on. Nothing is wrong if things still feel very out of whack in your life. That is your detox clearing healing thing going on and it’s getting you to a lighter feeling way. It IS a part of this.

Otherwise. Today is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! No matter where you are, you need to be focusing on the most far-out dreams for everything. This would be a great day to have a global meditation or to at least commit to giving more ritual to your life in the form of visions for betterment for our planet and all that breathe life here.

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saturday vibes (8 june) — now you get moving!

Good morning, my love!! Let’s get you up and going because it is ON today and this will be a great weekend for getting things done and really feeling like you are on top again. Do know, we really are on a circular motion and after on top comes on bottom – and, that’s just how life is. We go up and down over and over and over – but with this new energy, and what we are becoming in 2019, we grow calmer insider and therefore the downs don’t feel so down, or not at all like they used to. It will be yet another chore on the list to do, but not something that breaks you like it used to do.

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friday vibes (7 june) — you are a student in the game of life

Good morning sweet babies! Okay. So there are two camps to the day and some of you are embroiled in something that came up yesterday that you are now fully fixated on, to the point that if it was hailing out, you probably wouldn’t notice.

It’s like this thing came in and swooped in on a lot of you, maybe even pulling you into something you thought you were over or you didn’t do anymore. And this is important, actually, because whatever this is with you, is a pattern of a wound but one that you buy into or agree to or somehow accept less than because of something imprinted into you.

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thursday vibes (6 june) — show them the door with grace

We have a warning first thing with the need for us to follow a particular path in order to avoid others coming at us like with dodgeball, where they purposefully are gunning for us, but the name of the game is don’t get hit – because you don’t have to.

Today will bring a test where it is all on you to see this for what it is and to not allow it into your essence so that then you can’t concentrate on anything else and you feel stained by their aggression or fixated into how wrong things are being run in our world right now. People in power want to make it known that they are the ones in power – but remember that those who smelt it, often dealt it, and there IS something to us overemphasizing something when we lie or when we try to manipulate another to not catch on to what they are close to figuring out.

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wednesday vibes (5 june) — let the splash take you into a better place

Something begins today as a talk, where the heart is being expressed and many may be sort of over the top IF this has been held back and hidden for too long, but get ready, loves. We are suddenly feeling very emotional and as if we are not on solid ground – even though we are. This just feels like an attack from others in saying NO YOU CANNOT BELIEVE IN A DREAM! It’s passive aggressive though, so they may not say that, but their face does, and the little nuances do.

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tuesday vibes (4 june) — you’ll have to wait and see

So right after the new moon we have a 22-day and when they follow like this, it shows as an opportunity to one-up yesterday and to really take something to a new height, or higher vision.

One thing I have noticed in my business, since I designed it, starting in 1999 until I turned my open sign on in 2012, is that I have ideas for things, then I forget them, then they come back to me and I reject them, then later they come back again and I’m like, omg this is it!! Also in my life I said I would never live in Durango, and guess where I live?! I said I would never have a heeler, and guess what I have? I also said I would never date white dudes and look at what the universe loves to only bring my way??

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monday vibes (3 june) — hello new moon

Who is ready for some relief?! June brings it!!! Today we officially switch into a new gear that is being shown as boot camp training, where we are learning something hardcore, but when learned, it shifts overnight and we start manifesting new things as we are allowed into new areas to explore.

SO KNOW. This time may have been heavy for many for you but it served a purpose because it was the only way we could get to this new level. Just like how you can’t lift all those big barbells until you build your muscles. Do one first, then you get to do the other.

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sunday vibes (2 june) — say, what?!

This day is full of ideas!!!! Whoa. I got swept in the moment I stepped into this day and something has us chatty and full of sharing and wanting to learn and educate others. So it’s a day of movement where we can run into just the people we want to if we are out and about and being spontaneous. I am seeing things like people walking up and down streets and it’s like a new day in their faces. People are making more eye contact, wanting to help, to share, to be there for others – even if they are just strangers.

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friday vibes (31 may) — today will be dramatic.

The moment you wake, you will sense that something is coming your way and it may have you feeling a bit guarded in regards to what you will allow into your day – because you will feel that it’s important to choose wisely.

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thursday vibes (30 may) — bring voice to the NO

Good morning, sweet loves! Today is really important and one that you will notice a shift, as if a new season is here or something just really makes you know that the vibe has changed – and that you can trust this. There were some ripples the last few days testing many of you just a bit but now we are feeling ready to face things – and perfect, because things are coming our way for sure.

But no matter how this day goes down, the ultimate message coming through is that we need to try to cooperate and find ways to harmonize – even if it is a huge stretch on us– and also to position our minds to the sky with hope and curiosity and wonderment for some sort of understanding.

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wednesday vibes (29 may) — revolutionary day! BIG ONE.

Oh! I believe this is the first 1-2-8 day of the year and we haven’t even had an 11 day yet, by the way, but my research of the 1 2 8 is that something really big happens on these days and, at first, it feels very disruptive and NO!.. but then it opens to something being a YES – so we will see.

Okay, now into the energy. Oh. Wow. It’s a big day all around. So first thing is that you are going to wake up and something will come your way and even though you may be surprised at its intensity, it just makes you feel like a loser and that no one cares about you anyway.

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tuesday vibes (28 may) — expect things to slow down.

So today can feel a bit heavy for a lot of you IF there is something for you to really see about some situation with another person. The energy is about revealing something but still going into it with a positive attitude. This whole week we will be teaching on how to dance better with others so that we have more time for our own lives and are not always focused or consumed into the drama dances we AGREE to participate in with others.

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your readings amaze and empower me.

Sometimes it even scares me how right on they are! I look forward to getting them every week and reading the week in advance really helps me feel safe. I love my moon vibe guide! ~ Krista I, Herbalist In Training, Oregon

Every single day since I began following your (incredible) account, the interpretations you share are so insanely on point I can’t quite believe how blessed I feel to have found you and what you do. If there is anyway I can support your work pls let me know. ~ Grace L.

What I recommend about the Moon Vibe readings is that KV guides us continuously and consistently through the healing process in bite size pieces daily. Every day is a  movement forward on what we already are building upon. This guide is magic and I love how we always are learning! THANK YOU KV!  ~ Marcia P. San Diego, CA

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Your posts have been on point for me everyday! I recently am going thru a really tough break up and your posts have honestly made me feel alive again and stronger which I didn’t think was possible. So I just want to thank you for showing me that I can overcome any obstacle in my way. ~ Oliver B.

Every day is SO ON POINT!!  ~ Meg V.

I’ve been a faithful follower since I found you on youtube in 2014. You are the real deal and your work is like no other. Thank you for helping me stay on path with my true north. Because of what you wrote in readings I made decisions that now have me with the love of my life and working as a Counseling Astrologer! Your work played a monumental role in what I now feel so forturnate to have manifested! Thank you KV! You are a Queen. (Note: been a MVG member since issue #1) ~ Patricia E. 

I don’t know what I would’ve done over the last 6 months without these readings. You are truly a blessing! Thank you thank you thank you. ~ 

I’ve been reading your daily readings, everyday, for almost a year. Today, you truly have blessed me. ~ Queen S.

I’m so happy I found this tribe. Your words leave me speechless for a bit everyday. Thank you for bringing us to our light. ~The perfect Imperfections

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Love you so much KV. Please dont ever stop. As soon as I’m able I will be subscribing and supporting you as much as you’ve supported us for all these years, but thank you so much for making these life saving messages available to those of us who cant afford extra monthly payments!! You are so important! ~ Laychoo

The moon vibe guide is my religion and I’ve been a member since issue #33! I love how safe they make me feel and as if you are checking out the path before we enter. I appreciate you so! And I start my day with the guide and it’s changing me for the better. ~ Laura Stauffer, Life Coach, San Diego

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Many people are working with the collective energies in doing readings, but your readings nail it in a different way. It also feels like you are talking to me personally and touching on the things that no one else knows. I don’t much get on social media as it never resonated so I appreciate getting these weekly newsletters from my email! ~Dag G.

I have never read more accurate readings! I don’t know how you do this but it’s the real deal. I love the Moon Vibe Guide and get so excited sitting down with it Sunday evenings! ~ Jana S. Oakland, California

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NO! The Moon Vibe readings are for ALL SIGNS! This is the energy we all will walk through on the journey of the days ahead.

BUT for the Full Moon + New Moon, which each occurs once a month, KV does readings for each sign unique.

Aquarius Nation are the beings who are here bringing in the Age of Aquarius when our New Earth takes form. The songs of matriarchy sing in the Age of Aquarius.


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But the journey that led to this offering truly began in 1999 when KV channeled 700 pages of what she was told would be High Vibrational Astrology — what the planets really had to say about their message to us. And this is before people used the words high vibe!  And what came from her then were things she had no idea she even knew.


Before I knew I could go into any day past or future, I had NO IDEA I could do this. But how it goes now is that I am presented with this room that I walk into after I declare what day it will be. And once inside there is NO TELLING what I will see! But what I see is what I share in the moon vibe readings. All those unusual nuances I nail that prove accurate are merely what I am being shown. And I have NEVER been at a loss or find them challenging to do!